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Grew up… alongside childhood friends Haruka, Nagisa, and Rin. While all four of them were members of the same swim team as children, it is Haruka that Makoto has always been closest to: the two of them have known each other since kindergarten, and Makoto is used to taking care of his best friend.

Living… in Iwatobi, a small coastal town in Japan. It's near the ocean, which gives Makoto and his friends plenty of opportunity to go swimming in the summer.

Profession… high school student and captain of Iwatobi's fledgling swim club. As a new club, the swim team has a lot of hurdles to overcome, from recruiting members to proving their abilities in competitions. Makoto's not too worried about winning, however, saying, "What makes me happiest is that we can all swim together."

Interests… cats, his siblings, and his friends. In addition to reining in Haruka's more abrasive eccentricities, Makoto tends to mother his other friends as well. It's an attitude that's won him the affection of his younger sisters, as well as many of the neighborhood strays.  

Relationship Status… single. Between classes, clubs, hanging out with friends, and taking care of his socially-challenged best friend, Makoto's schedule is too busy for romance. Haruka, especially, takes up a lot of Makoto's day, since he constantly has to stop his classmate from skipping school to swim or jumping into any pool he sees. Though Makoto doesn't seem to mind, telling Haruka that, "If you're not there... it's meaningless without you!"

Challenge… leading his team to success. Makoto is a talented swimmer, but unless the Iwatobi swim club starts winning races, they might lose their status as a school club.

Personality… kind-hearted, considerate, and nurturing, if occasionally fearful. Makoto is the captain of Iwatobi's swim club for good reason: he's caring, selfless, and levelheaded enough to deal with his more eccentric teammates. While he can be easily frightened by haunted houses or the ocean, if it means helping his friends out, then Makoto is more than willing to face any of his fears. 

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Name Makoto Tachibana
Kanji Name 橘真琴
Romaji Name Tachibana Makoto
Occupation Student
Age 17
Birthday November 17
School Iwatobi High School
School Year 2nd
Hair Color Olive Green
Eye Color Green
Height 183 cm (6 feet)
Weight 73 kg (161 lbs)
Japanese Voice Tatsuhisa Suzuki
English Voice Johnny Yong Bosch

Makoto Tachibana (橘 真琴, Tachibana Makoto) is a main character of the anime series Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club. He is a second year student and Iwatobi High School, alongside his best friend Haruka Nanase, and first year friends Nagisa Hazuki and Rei Ryugazaki. He is in the same class as Haruka, as they were in their first year.

Makoto was in a swimming club with Haruka, Nagisa and Rin Matsuoka in their earlier years, but after the closure of the club, Makoto only remained close to Haruka, with Rin moving to Australia and Nagisa going to a different school. The four of them are reunited, but not in the way they were expecting. Nagisa had transferred to Iwatobi High, and Rin had moved back from Australia, only to attend Samezuka Academy, and become their rival.

He, Haruka and Nagisa take the initiative to start up a school swimming club, the Iwatobi Swim Club, Makoto becoming the captain, in hopes that they can return their childhood friend Rin.


Makoto is a kind, well-mannered individual. He is relatively outgoing and considering, often speaking up for Haruka due to his quieter demeanor. He is easy to talk to and get along with, however it is also noted that he is a bit of a scaredy-cat, and can be frightened with ease.


Makoto is tall in stature, the tallest of his friends, giving him a leaner appearance. He has a slightly tanned complexion, along with olive brown hair and green eyes. He has an excellent physique from his swimming, seen being well muscled.

Alike Haruka and other members, he is seen as a bishōnen character.

He is depicted as a kind individual. He watches over others but insist they don't worry about him. He is Haruka Nanase's best friend and confidant.


Makoto, Haruka, Nagisa and Rin were all friends when they were younger, and all in the same swim club. They competed in and won a relay together, burying the trophy on the grounds of their club pool, promising to dig it up when they were older. Not long after that, Rin moved away and Nagisa attended a different school than him and Haruka. He’s got backstroke for days.

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Tachibana Makoto - Free!

Tachibana Makoto

Character voiced by:
- Suzuki Tatsuhisa
- Yukino Satsuki (Makoto in Elementary school)

Character PV:

Makoto is Haruka’s best friend and classmate. He’s more outspoken than Haruka and tries to speak up for him when people have a hard time communicating with Haruka. He is afraid of the ocean because of a fisherman he idolized drowned in the ocean during a typhoon. He’s the captain of the Iwatobi High School Swim Club and specializes in backstroke.

source: Zerochan; written by Bootan
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