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Browse through our expansive selection of excavator final drive assemblies, or travel motors. We have after-market replacement options to suit most makes and models of excavator from 1 &#; 30 tonnes in stock. With over a decade of experience, we’re highly experienced in supplying the most premium quality drives to the Australian earthmoving industry.

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Australia&#;s #1 Undercarriage Specialists, Tuff Stuff supplies machinery owners and fleet managers with top end replacement drives from manufacturers such as Eaton, Hydash, Kyaba, Bonfiglioli, Kawasaki, Nachi, Nabtesco, Rexroth, and Bobcat Drive Motor.

In fact, Tuff Stuff is Australia&#;s exclusive agent for the OE spec range of Eaton final drives.

With the challenging site conditions earthmoving machinery is exposed to in Australia, only the most reputable manufacturers are used to ensure that the TuffDrive product offers a level of reliability and value that is hard to find anywhere else.

With our travel motors, your excavators will be back to conquering tough tasks quickly and easily. By choosing to purchase TuffDrive, you get the peace of mind that you are tracking with the best.

If you have any questions about our TuffDrive, call our sales and technical hotline. If you want to order our TuffDrive final drives or travel motors, we can ship anywhere in Australia, from our company-owned warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney &#; Brisbane. Our priority delivery service will ensure you get back up and running as fast as possible.



A lot of people use terms like final drive, travel motor, track drive, and hydraulic motor interchangeably but are they really the same?

Are Final Drives, Hydraulic Motors, and Track Motors all the Same

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In this Shop Talk Blog post, we'll go all the way to some of the early patents for things like hydrostatic vehicle drive systems to bring you some solid answers.

Hydraulic Drive Systems

A good place to start this discussion would be with explaining what a hydraulic drive system is. In a typical hydraulic drive system, you have

  1. A power source (usually an internal combustion engine) that powers a hydraulic pump
  2. A hydraulic pump that provides the fluid that actuates the hydraulic motor
  3. A hydraulic motor provides power to a planetary gear system
  4. The speed-reducing planetary gear set (sometimes called a planetary hub or gear hub) transforms the power into torqueand transmits it to a sprocket (in the case of a track driven machine) or to the wheels (or through a system that results in wheel motion, as in a skid steer loader)


Final Drive Motors

Strictly speaking, the final drive motor is the combination of a hydraulic motor with a planetary gear system. The hydraulic motor may be referred to as the hydraulic hub or hydraulic side while the gear system is the gear hub. The final drive may also be referred to as the planetary gear final drive unit or the planetary final drive.


Texas Final Drive Products Montage

The term final drive (by itself) is often used to refer to final drive motors, but, strictly speaking, actually refers to the speed-reducing, torque-multiplying gear system.

Travel Motors

Technically, the term travel motor is used to differentiate the motors that power the wheels or tracks from the swing motor in machines such as excavators. By that definition, a final drive is synonymous with a travel motor, although the term travel motor may be used more often with excavators.

Wheel Motors and Track Motors

The terms wheel motor and track motor refer to two different type of drive system: wheel-based and track-based, respectively. They do both refer to final drive motors, however.



The good news is that when you call us at Texas Final Drive (or Final Drive Parts), we know what you mean even if you don't use the right technical jargon. We know our parts and systems well enough that we can help you figure out what you need -- whether its a final drive motor for a skid steer loader, a wheel motor for your tractor, or a track drive for your mini-excavator.

Visit the Final Drive Shop for all of your hydraulic final drive motor needs!

Want some help figuring out what's wrong with your final drive? We've got you back with an eBook

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Final drive motors are what keeps much of your equipment running -- skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, excavators, tractors, and more. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss the basics of how one type of final drive motor works -- the axial piston hydraulic motor.

How Does an Axial Piston Motor Work_

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Basic Hydraulic Motor Concepts

In a hydraulic motor, pressurized hydraulic fluid enters the motor at a certain rate of flow (usually measured in gpm or L/min) and pressure (measured in psi or bars). As the fluid enters the motor, it is generates rotational motion (measured in revolutions per minute). The hydraulic motor is dependent on that flow of pressurized fluid in order to operate.  How it generates that rotational motion depends on the type of hydraulic motor.  

Axial Piston Hydraulic Motor

An axial piston hydraulic motor has a set of pistons that lie parallel to the axis of the shaft (hence the term axial piston).  The part of the hydraulic motor that is in charge of generating the rotary motion is typically called the rotator group, and it serves as the heart of the hydraulic motor. It consists of the lower shaft, piston block, valve plate, pistons, piston block, retaining plate, and swash plate. You can see some of these parts in the figure below.



The pistons are held in position against the swash plate by the piston retaining plate, which you can see below. This image is from a Bobcat final drive motor and you'll notice that it has nine pistons.  You can also clearly see how each piston has a piston shoe on the end.  The piston shoe is what comes in contact with the swash plate.



The next figure shows the various pieces assembled. This rotator group is from the final drive of a Bobcat skid steer loader. This makes it easier to see how the different parts fit together. You can see the valve plate laying against the piston block, from which the pistons extend. They are in turn held in place by the retainer plate, and the piston shoes are resting against the swash plate. The lower shaft extends through this assembly.



How the Rotator Group Interacts

In an axial piston motor, the pistons are are extended by the high pressure fluid. The valve plate controls the flow of hydraulic fluid through the piston block and to the pistons. As the piston shoes come into contact with the swash plate, a rotating force is generated.  This reciprocating motion of the pistons causes the output shaft to rotate. The video below illustrates how an axial piston motor works. You will notice that the hydraulic fluid is red.

Torque Multiplication

Hydraulic motors can generate fairly high rotational speeds, but what machines like skid steers and excavators need is torque, not speed. That’s where the final drive comes into play.  The final drive consists of a set of gears that reduce the speed but multiply the torque. This is typically achieved using a planetary gear set very similar to what you see below.  This gear set has an outer ring gear and three planetary gears.


This section of the final drive motor is sometimes called the gear hub or the planetary hub. It connects to the hydraulic motor via a drive shaft, which is laying on top of the gears in the image above. An oil seal keeps the hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic portion of the final drive motor from the gear oil in the planetary hub.


Axial piston motors are a common category of final drive motor, and are used on many different types of machines. When combined with a torque-multiplying gear set, they become a final drive motor.

Texas Final Drive is your partner in providing new or remanufactured final drive hydraulic motors from a single mini-excavator to a fleet of heavy equipment. Call today so we can find the right final drive or hydraulic component for you, or check out our online store to find your O.E.M. manufacturer brand motor now

Visit the Final Drive Shop for all of your hydraulic final drive motor needs!

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