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Salem White Shaker - Pre-Assembled Cabinets

ColorWhiteFinishUV coating paintDoor and drawer profileShaker styleWood speciesBirchSides colorMatches cabinet front, no skins required.OverlayFull overlayDrawer slidesSoft closing, under mount, full extension, 6 way adjustable. Video  PictureDoor hingesEuro-style, soft closing, concealed, 6 way adjustable. VideoInterior colorClear coated natural wood color. Glass door cabinets come with a matching (same as cabinet front) interior color.Toe kick colorMatches cabinet frontParticle boardNo particle board is used in this cabinet line constructionDoors and drawer fronts3/4" thick HDF (High Density Fiberboard) with wood veneer door and drawer front frame and center panel. Doors and drawer fronts are 5-piece construction. Why do we use HDF?Side, top, and bottom panels1/2" thick furniture grade plywood with wood veneer. Side, top, and bottom panels are dadoed into the face frame.Back panel1/2" thick furniture grade plywood with wood veneer, full height, solid. Back panel is dadoed into side panels.Installation railNoneFace frame1-3/4" wide x 3/4" thick solid woodDrawer box5/8" thick dovetail solid wood frame, 5/16" thick plywood bottom, natural color finishShelves3/4" thick furniture grade plywood with wood veneer, adjustableShelf pinsMetalToe kick thickness1/2"Base corner supportsWood corner bracesCenter stileNo center stile on wall and base cabinets up to 42" wideDoor and drawer stoppersClear adheisive bumpersHinge sideHinges on single door wall and base cabinets are located on the right side by default. In most cases they can be reversed to the opposite side. Reversing cabinet hinge position may require pre drilling small holes.CARB compliantYes About CARB complianceKCMA compliantYes, for pre-assembled cabinets About KCMA compliance
Sours: https://www.rtacabinetsupply.com/pre-assembled-cabinets/salem-white-shaker.html

Shaker Style File Cabinets

Create Your Custom Shaker File Cabinet

All Shaker office furniture at AmishOutletStore.com is made to order. When creating your Shaker file cabinet, you can customize the wood type and stain color to your unique needs. Choose from premium kiln-dried hardwoods like oak, cherry, Q.S. white oak and maple. You can also choose from our large selection of stain colors. Whether you prefer a light, dark or medium stain color, we’re sure to have a solution for you.

Thanks to our wide range of multi-drawer Shaker file cabinets, you can find one for every space. Choose a 2-drawer file cabinet for next to your desk, or choose a larger multi-drawer file cabinet for increased storage capabilities. We also have units with glass-front cabinets. With so many options, you don’t have to settle for a mass-produced file cabinet produced on an assembly line. Rather than purchase flimsy file cabinet made from particleboard, check out our sturdy file cabinets made from solid hardwoods.

Purchase Shaker File Cabinets From AmishOutletStore.com

Our Shaker file cabinets are crafted from the highest quality materials by our expert Amish crafters. Every piece is constructed using techniques their families have passed down for generations. The superior quality and durability of handcrafted Amish furniture will ensure your file cabinets last for years to come.

Purchase a Shaker file cabinet from AmishOutletStore.com today and get up to 33% off the regular retail price!

Sours: https://www.amishoutletstore.com/shop/furniture/amish-file-cabinets/shaker-style-file-cabinets/
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White Shaker Cabinets - One is flat panel

If it was ordered by mistake, I'd say ask them to replace it. But I imagine at 9 inches you're in danger of not having any room for space between the stiles of the Shaker cabinet. How wide are the edges of your other cabinets (i.e., before the end of the trim, where it goes in to a lower plane)? if you have 3-inch stiles, then there's room to have them with a reasonable gap on a 9-inch door. if you have, say, 4-inch stiles, then the gap would be one inch, which would look more like a slit than like a cabinet with trim, and it's a better choice to go flat. Do you know what you have?

These cabinets to the right of our stove are nine inches. We have pretty narrow stiles, though -- maybe 2-2.5 inches? and you can see that the space in the middle is still pretty slim, so it would be easy to end up with a ridiculous result with wider framing.

The kitchen designer should have discussed this with you when deciding on a small cabinet. Did you see a vertical rendering of how your cabinets would look? I saw something like this, which, since it was loaded with the specific style of cabinet being used, should reflect what the faces would look like. It did a pretty good job!

I'm sorry if you weren't give sufficient preparation to know what doors you were getting. But if you have wide stiles (geez, I'm hoping that's the right term! hah), then a flat face may be your best solution. Probably after a little while you won't notice it, any more than the flat drawer faces.

Sours: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/4741503/white-shaker-cabinets-one-is-flat-panel

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Cabinet white shaker file

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White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets With Grey Island

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