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JECO Supply

SquareCase IH 1015

2000 Case IH 1015 Pickup Head, 13', JD Pickup.

SquareGleaner 8200

2010 Gleaner 8200 Flex Header, 30' Crary Air Reel, Does Not Include Cart.

SquareGleaner Series II Header

Gleaner Series II Header, Narrowed To 20', Love Pea Bar, Cart.

SquareInternational 810

1981 International 810 Header, 22.5', Love Pea Bar, Cart.

SquareInternational 810

1985 810 Large Auger Header, 24', Cart.

SquareInternational 810

1982 International 810 Header, 22.5', Pea Bar, Cart.

SquareInternational 810

(2) International 810 Headers, 1983 22.5', & 1980 20', Pea Bars, Small Augers, Cart.

SquareJohn Deere 630F

2011 John Deere 630F, Stoess Cart.

SquareJohn Deere 635F

2017 John Deere 635F, Auto Height, Auto Reel Resume, Stoess Cart

SquareJohn Deere Contour Master

John Deere Contour Master, Removed From John Deere 9760 STS. Hydraulic Cylinder Has Been Replaced By Turnbuckle.

SquareJohn Deere Pickups

(2) John Deere 4 Belt Pickups, 1 Skid, 1 With Front Wheels.


Combine Settings Guide

Wheat (0-30 bu/ac)Wheat (30-50 bu/ac)Wheat (>50 bu/ac)
Combine Feeder House Chain Position UpperUpUpUp
Feeder House Face PlateTilted back towards combineTilted back towards combineTilted back towards combine
ConcavesSmall WireSmall WireSmall Wire
Concave PositionCentred / 0-2Centered / 0-2Centered / 0-2
Filler Bars1,2,3,41,2,3,41,2,3
Combine Rotors550650750
Return SystemTo CylinderTo CylinderTo Cylinder
Cleaning Fan100%100%100%
Top Chaffer1/2"1/2"3/4"
Bottom Sieve1/4"1/4"1/2"
Combine Feeder House Chain Position LowerHeaders with retractable fingers in the auger, chain should be up. Heads with NO retractable fingers, fully flighted auger, chain should be down.
Header Rotor Speed (rpm)Stripping rotor should be run as slow as possible and still stripping the grain from the head
Header Auger Speed (rpm)Header auger speed is fixed and is determined by auger drive sprocket, should always be under 200
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I would love an explanation of the different gleaner grain heads for a M series ( M, M2 and M3 ) combines.

Everyone refers to series 2 and series 3 heads...

Then flex heads... How do I identify all the differences?


Let me try. The series 2 is a wobble box drive flex head, these were HART-CARTER cutterbars. These would have been available roughly when the series 2 combines were made. Before these, the fleible cutter bar would have been made by Hart -carter, love, etc. Most of these would have been pitman knive drive. The gleaner series 3 heads came out, in the series 3 combine production, not eactly sure when, but they had a gleaner wobble box, and gleaner cutter bar. The augar is bigger in these heads, and the plates over the sickle are fasten onto the head, not just angled back like the series 2 and before.

New Castle, PAdirtguy pretty much nailed it . I might add the series 2 heads were basically a rigid head with add on floating cutterbar they were not a full flex head, however series3 or 300 heads were factory production flex heads,and they were much better balanced from side to side maybe I can add some pics latter hope this helps

Statesville, NCSeries 3 flex heads were height controlled electrically, and the combine has to have the control box for them. I think all the series 3 combines (M3) would have the control box. If the combine doesn't have it, one can be bought off a salvage combine and added on.

OntarioSeries 2 heads had mechanical header height control. Series 3 had electric over hydraulic height control. The cutter bar being so far away from the auger can affect feeding but with some simple mods they work quite well.

Sanilac Co. MichiganSeries 2 heads used "whisker switches" on the end of the rock shaft that ran under the sheets with sensor arms, to tell the hydraulic system to raise or lower the head. So yes, it uses electric over hydraulics to maintain header height, pretty much like the series 3, but without the range of sensitivity found on newer heads.

Another difference is that in order to bring the knife in register with the guards on a series 3, there's adjustment in the knife head to make that adjustment. On the series 2 heads, you must shift the wobble box left or right on its mounting in order to bring the knife into register. That can be a bit more difficult to do accurately.

The amount of ground pressure on the skid plates on a series 2 was controlled by a long leaf spring tensioned by movable clamps on the spring and the spring attachment to the vertical members on the back of the head. Knife pitch has only 3 positions, up, neutral and down. Series 3 uses compression springs to control ground pressure on the skid plates, as well as a screw on the back end of each arm to adjust the pitch of the knife. Additionally, each arm is attached to its skid plate by an upper and lower threaded ball joint that provides further pitch adjustment if nessesary and allows the bar to flex more freely.

I think most series 3 heads had a hydro reel drive, while the series 2 had mechanical drive.

Overall, the series 3 is a bit more complex with more wear points to maintain. Series 2 heads, being floating heads, don't follow contours nearly as well. However they do float over stones and such quite well. They're somewhat easier and less expensive to maintain and on relatively level ground they can do a very nice job of clipping soybeans.

Yes some photos would be great!!
Did all series 3 heads come with the long crop dividers?
An no series 2 heads came with the long dividers?

All series 2 heads were black?

I'm shopping for a gleaner combine..and a head..
How does one tell the differences in the heads without detailed photos?

What series is a head with an LM serial?
Like lets say LM15?


Sanilac Co. MichiganOK, an LM15-18-20...are all series 2. Both series had long dividers and both series had the painted parts colored black. If the head is orange paint and pitman driven it's a generation 1 floating head.

The easiest way to tell the difference between series 2 and 3 is by how the distance from the cutter bar to the pan of the header is covered...this is the item that allows for the bar to move independent of the head.

The series 2 will have non flexible sheets @ a foot wide, hinged directly off the cutter bar. When the heads raised there's a very visible ledge between the bar and the pan. Those sheets are typically 18 gauge galvanized steel.

The series 3 uses stainless steel feather sheets arranged in two horizontal rows across the width of the head. Together, they're much wider than the single sheet on the series 2 and form a much more gradual transition between the bar and the pan.

Sanilac Co. MichiganOh, and a little caution. Series 3 tend to be much more expensive than series 2. Also, series 3 heads for conventional (L and M) are somewhat harder to find than R's and also tend to be more expensive. They are also usually in poorer condition.

All that said, both series are a bit long in the tooth. Conventional heads of any series haven't been made since the mid 80's. Finding one in excellent condition is getting much harder to do!

As much as I like Gleaner, those series heads left quite a bit to be desired in comparison to competitive brands, specifically in regards to the distance from the knife to the table conveyor...the distance is too darn wide!

There's a lot to recommend in adapting a Deere 200 series or later to your conventional Gleaner. There's a lot more of them to choose from, they're really better heads from the get-go and they seem to be less expensive to buy. Only downside is buying an adapter and fooling with the header height control.

Good luck.

E.Central MNAlso the heads for the rotaries(R, R50, R60,etc) have the opening offset(one side of the head is shorter than the other side) compared to the heads for the conventional combines (F's, M's, L's) which have the opening centered on the machine. As was mentioned make sure the drive mechanism fits the combine you're going to put it on.

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Header 2 gleaner series

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Gleaner Header Calibration

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