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Voodoo exhaust / kickstand clearance issue

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When I put the tips on, the stand was hitting pretty good and not engaging the kickstand switch at all.
I went ahead and cut the stand just above the heel knob.
Cut in abou 1/3 of the way.
Heated up the metal with a torch to more easily bend the stand to the proper angle.
Tack welded then test fit the stand back on to make sure of the clearance.
Took it back off and finished the welding.
Smoothed the weld down with an angle grinder a bit to look a little better.
Spray painted it black then refit back on the bike.

As you can see it does work.
However the new angle of the stand acts like a lowering stand and puts the bike on a bit more of an angle when parked. It is noticable.

I bought a new stand off ebay and will modify that one almost the same, but with a small gusset across the weld area, about a 1/2 inch extention to put the bike more upright when parked and possibly cut and reposition the stand foot so it lays flat on the ground.

Hope this helps!!

Busa Exhaust 008.JPG

Busa Exhaust 006.JPG

Busa Exhaust 005.JPG


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Thread: Got the Voodoo exhaust, now what?

  1. 02-15-2015, 12:56 AM#1

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    Default Got the Voodoo exhaust, now what?

    I was super excited to get my new exhaust for my 2008 GS then I started riding it more. All was well and LOUD then she seemed to stop liking the new air flow. Dealer said I may need to look into getting a juice box or power comander. She seems to be running lean but it might also be trying to get use to the new mod. I don't know, that's why I'm here! Does anyone else have the voodoo exhuast?

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    Default Don't know..!!

    some exhaust pipes do need a fuel controler. I do not have the voodoo so can't say. Had a hindle and now the Yoshimura77 niether needing controlers. There are some Two Brothers that do. You could see if the computer does adjust enough but if not you will have to install one...

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    Default Have you reset the computer?

    Sometimes it pays to reset the ECU (or whatever BRP calls the engine control computer) when you change things like exhausts &/or air filter systems... easy enough to do, just disconnect the battery for a few minutes, reconnect, then start the engine & let it idle for 10-15 mins while the computer does its reset thing before taking the Spyder for a ride.... might make a difference, might still need a juice box or other fuel controller, but it's probably worth a try!

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    When I had my 2010 RS I did just a pipe and she ran good.I then installed a hi-flow air cleaner and I thought she might be running lean so I added the Juice box.If you did just a pipe I would not worry just dis connect the battery like above post said and you should be fine

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    Default Thanks guys!

    Yesterday I wanted to cover all my bases so I pulled panels for the first time!! Eek!! I checked my air filter, over all looked good. Pulled a spark plug to know what they look like as far as color on them. I also unplugged the negative from the the bike for a good 5 minutes. I put all the panels back on and turned her around. Think I shoud disconnect the battery again and let her run for the 10-15 minutes or think I would be ok just starting her up now for the 10-15 minutes? I plan on upgrading the air intake later and know some kind of fuel management system will be needed but I have a road trip coming up and would like her running 100%, the boyfriend and I are bike tripping it from Eugene OR to Salt Lake City and back! Thanks all

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    Default Ecu

    If re- setting the ecu doesn't do it, just put your stock pipe back on for your trip. Deal with it when u get back. I recall the voodoo pipe being very loud, that equals low back pressure. It could be that the back pressure is not within the range that the ecu can tolerate. Some pipes are just TOO free flowing. It wouldn't hurt to un hook the battery again for 30 min. And see what happens

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    Yeah I thought about putting the OEM back on but getting the pipes were part of the trip :-/ I've been hit by a car on a different bike and loud pipes are my safety blanket. Ugh.

  8. 02-16-2015, 02:11 PM#8

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    I've got a Juice Box you can borrow to check it out (if you have time before your trip). It was on a 2008 for a short period of time. See PM.


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  9. 02-22-2015, 10:02 PM#9

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    Well!!!! I have the juicebox installed now. Fyi it's a pain in the ass!!! Tiny hands are a must! I also ordered the speakeasies for it so I won't go deaf even when I do wear ear plugs. Haha I also want to do a better intake after the trip. But for now I need to make friends with the juicebox! If anyone knows the best settings for such a free flow exhaust feel free to send them on over!
    Thanks everyone.

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Voodoo Exhaust Install and Changes

Ok so I ordered the Voodoo system for my Gen2 last week I already had the cat eliminator pipes on it with stock mufflers But For $399 what the hell lets try it out..
the voodoo system eliminates the converter and gives you dual mufflers its made pretty good all the welds all look good and the fit was good .. Is it loud? Yes but does sound bad ass But I knew this already and I knew I could repack them with Fiberglass packing and remove the the thin layer of steel mesh packing that comes in them Had already ordered some 1/4 fiberglass packing for another project I was doing so cost around $30 but it was enough to repack these mufflers 2-3 times if I want.
Been alot of talk of this system so I decided to install it today and repack the mufflers.. Now is it still Loud well kinda but not near what it was and its a lot more bass to it now I kinda like it sounds much better than the way they came to me :punk:


Sours: https://www.vmaxforum.net/threads/voodoo-exhaust-install-and-changes.32509/

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How To Install A Voodoo Shorty Slip-On Exhaust On A Yamaha R6

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