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The name or term "Blades" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Blades (disambiguation).
Blades the Copter-Bot is an Autobot from the Rescue Bots portion of the Aligned continuity family.
Function: Autobot Nebbish.

Ask for volunteers for a dangerous aerial mission, and you'll find Blades... slouched towards the back of the crowd trying not to be noticed. Timid by nature, acrophobic despite his aerial alternate mode, and more interested in consuming Earth pop culture than actually living an adventure, Blades seems a very unlikely member of Rescue Force Sigma-17.

But Blades' sensitivity also makes him very empathetic to those in danger, and can push him past his fears to come to the rescue. Working with the energetic and daring humanDani Burns, while at first incredibly nerve-wracking for the Cybertronian, has resulted in something of a streak of genuine courage. He also has a huge case of hero worship for the legendary Autobot Bumblebee, and having gotten to work with the scout on numerous occasions —and more importantly being called a friend by Bee— has given Blades an ego boost to further embolden him. Blades will make a fine Rescue Bot...

Even if he'd rather be doing arts and crafts or playing video games.

Fear is a great motivator.Blades, "You've Been Squilshed"


Rescue Bots storybooks

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Blades was part of Heatwave's team of Rescue Bots — he was the smart one who made up all the plans. When the team received a message from Optimus Prime, they hopped in their spacecraft and joined him on Earth, where he was given the alternate mode of a helicopter. Inexperienced at flying, Blades accidentally sliced a tree with his rotors, and it had to be dealt with by the rest of the team. They eventually arrived in Griffin Rock, where Optimus introduced them to Chief Charlie. Rescue Bots Roll Out

After some time away from Griffin Rock, Blades returned to Prime Fire Station to join the team, and introduced himself to Cody Burns. He, Heatwave and Cody were soon called out on a mission, however Blades's broken radio caused problems, and he inadvertently fanned the forest fire with his rotors until the others could warn him away. Instead he found his partner Sawyer Storm helping humans trapped by the fire and assisted in the rescue. Back at the fire station, Blades and the team were congratulated on a job well done, and Blades got his radio fixed. Rescue Bots Respond He was on hand to welcome Chase and Boulder when the remaining members of the team arrives. Rapid Rescue

Rescue Bots cartoon

Voice actor:Parvesh Cheena (English), Lacey Chabert (English, "Switcheroo"), Simon Duprez (French), Bernhard Völger (German), Gábor Seder (Hungarian), Klaudiusz Kaufmann (Polish), Moisés Ivan Mora (Latin American-Spanish, first voice), Jesús Guzmán (Latin-American Spanish, second voice), Daniel Rey (Castilian Spanish), Tommi Haapaniemi (Finnish), Paolo De Santis (Italian), Sérgio Rufino (Portuguese, seasons 1 to 3), Thiago Longo (Portuguese, season 4)
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Blades was part of a team of Rescue Bots who were finishing a routine patrol in space when they received a distress call. Investigating, they found they'd been marked as lunch by an Energon eater, and had to put themselves in stasis and power down their ship to escape it. Unfinished Business Sometime later, the Sigma received a transmission from Optimus Prime and landed on Earth. After dropping the bombshell that Cybertron was no more, Optimus assigned the team to Griffin Rock to work with the Burns family. Blades was not keen on the helicopter alternate mode he was forced to take, as his previous form had wheels and he was afraid of heights. The four Rescue Bots were presented to the public by Chief Burns at a ceremony, following which Blades discovered that his new partner, Dani Burns, could yell really loud when she wanted him to fly faster as they went to the museum to attend to a fire. That night, Cody Burns discovered the Rescue Bots' secret, and after they helped stop a rogue robot Tyrannosaurus rex, Chief Burns revealed the truth to the rest of the team. Family of Heroes

"Too alarmin' now to talk about."

Dani and Blades continued to have trouble working together, arriving late to an emergency. Cody tried unsuccessfully to get the pair to bond, until there was another emergency when Mount Magma began threatening the island with lava. Blades and Dani operated the switch to open the volcano's crater as a relief measure, but when they were subsequently caught in an ash cloud, Dani had to cajole a panicking Blades into flying out of it. He managed to earn her respect when he subsequently braved the ash to pick up a water tower and douse the lava with it. Under Pressure

After Blades felt like he wasn't contributing enough, Dani fitted a scoop claw to him, something he wasn't that enthusiastic about, and made him look fat in robot mode. The claw soon proved its worth, though the other Rescue Bots were annoyed Blades and Dani were hogging all the rescues and even threatened to forcibly remove it. When during a patrol, Blades was forced down by a lightning strike, the other Rescue Bots came to his aid, and he and Dani decided to use the claw scoop a little less often in the future. Hotshots Blades and Dani retrieved a lobster parade balloon after it carried away Doc Greene. Three of the Rescue Bots took part in the technology parade during the Lobster and Technology Festival but the town was attacked by flobsters, who seemed to have a liking for Blades's face. He and Dani helped round them up using a cage and the lobster balloon, so they could be neutralized. Afterwards, Blades finally worked out the joke. Flobsters on Parade

"Take your pictures down and shake it out."

After helping prevent a hazardous chemical spill, the Rescue Bots were forced to endure a screening of The Natives of Tatooie that resulted in Huxley Prescott causing a mass panic when he reported an alien invasion. The Rescue Bots had to help during the ensuing chaos and destroyed Huxley's SETI dish to avoid the island's destruction. The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock After Boulder got the idea to adopt a pet, Blades helped him by shutting down the power to Griffin Rock Zoo. They spent the rest of the night trying to find the lion that Boulder had let loose, and Blades ended up catching it in a cage. Walk on the Wild Side

After Cody souped up a go-kart, Blades was worried he wouldn't want to hang out with them any more. The go-kart turned sour when Cody tried to soup it up with nanites, which instead ran rampant, and the Rescue Bots had to help him. Cody on Patrol Cody roped the Rescue Bots into helping him take care of a Robo-Baby. They found Blades's rotors had a soothing effect on the baby and put it to sleep. When the bank was in danger of falling into a sinkhole, Blades and Dani had to rescue Mr. Harrison again, and in the meantime the baby escaped from the fire station, forcing Cody and the Rescue Bots to track it down. Four Bots and a Baby

"Truth or consequence, say it aloud."

During a snowfall caused by a weather machine, Dani and Blades helped save City Hall by flying upside-down and clearing the snow off the roof. Unfortunately this left Blades too frozen to fly when they later needed to rescue Frankie from a chunk of ice on the river. Christmas in July Blades and Dani rescued Mayor Luskey when his boat, the Floating Xanadu was in danger of running aground. He and the other Rescue Bots were invited on a fishing trip with Chief Burns and Cody the next day, and Blades, who had been watching too many pirate movies, began affecting pirate talk. After the Bots encountered and fought a shark submarine, the sub started a self-destruct sequence, and Blades had to fly it out to sea before it exploded. Deep Trouble

Blades was happy at being grounded due to fog, but had to fly anyway when the dinosaur from the museum was spotted near the lab. Though it turned out the dinosaur had been reprogrammed, a short time later the island's technology went wild, and the Rescue Bots had to deal with the out-of-control devices and a hacked Trex. After they subdued the beast, Blades had to fly Doc Greene back to his lab to remove the virus from Trex. Return of the Dino Bot When Doctor Morocco turned up with his MorBot and threatened to overshadow the Rescue Bots, the team was forced to compete with the doctor's invention to prove themselves worthy. Thanks to Morocco's machinations, they failed and were stood down from service. The Other Doctor Blades turned to television. He was pressed into service by Cody, who had Dani fly him over to spy on the lab, which worked until they were spotted by the MorBot which chased them back to the fire station. After being called out to a fire at the lab, the Rescue Bots got the chance to exact some payback on the MorBot. The team was subsequently reinstated as Griffin Rock's rescue service. The Reign of Morocco

"Use that evidence, race it around."

Though Blades and Dani turned up to rescue Hayley, Kade insisted on doing it himself so he could impress the girl. The team turned up to a break-in at the Hall of Inspiration, during which Blades, Heatwave and Boulder were shrunk to the size of ants by the Minimizer and ended up in the sewer. After braving huge rats and a torrent of water, they made it to the Griffin Rock dam, where they rescued Kade and alerted the rest of the team to the fact that the dam was near bursting. Cody later used the Minimizer to return them to their normal sizes. Small Blessings While trying to save Captain Wild's boat, Blades was pulled under the sea but managed to save the boat with the help of the rest of the team. He helped Cody search the tunnels under the island to find a mooring station, leading the team to venture into the sea where they helped Professor Baranova seal the vent causing the Griffin Rock Triangle. The Griffin Rock Triangle

After the daring rescue of Huxley Prescott by the four bots, Chief left them with strict orders not to go to Griffin Crest. After receiving an apparent SOS from Cody, Blades and the others went there anyway and ended up immobilized by an EMP field, leaving them in need of a rescue. Rules and Regulations Blades had a rotor bend during a rescue at the airport, so when he and the other three Bots were washed out to sea with Cody and ended up on an inhabited island, he was unable to fly back to Griffin Rock for help. The Bots' attempts to build him shelter and gather food were less than successful, but they did manage to find traces of the Oaken Crow, which led to them finding the ship and getting off the island. The Lost Bell

"There goes my hero. Watch him as he goes."

While on a mission to Wayward Island, Blades was excited to meet Bumblebee, however his attempting to show off backfired when he got stuck to a tree and Bumblebee had to rescue him. Back on Griffin Rock, the team attended another rescue, but when the other three Rescue Bots seized up, Bumblebee once again had to help Blades complete the rescue. As it turned out the others had been infected by a virus from the meteorite, Blades stayed at the fire station while the humans and Bumblebee went to deal with it, but ended up flying out himself to rescue Bumblebee from an undersea trench. Faced with an out-of-control bomb, the two Bots used it to destroy the meteorite, but were infected by the virus themselves. Luckily a sample of the meteorite they'd obtained resulted in the finding of a cure, and Blades was overjoyed to get some photos of himself with Bumblebee. Bumblebee to the Rescue

When the Rescue Bots were called out to deal with a huge blob of space goo, Blades was horrified by it eating Mister Pettypaws and tried fruitlessly to hit it with a park sculpture. He and Dani tracked the Squilsh from the air, and later provided an air lift when the team cornered it at the Griffin Rock Community Pool. You've Been Squilshed Blades and Dani rescued Frankie from tracers after most of the townspeople were teleported elsewhere by them, and had to fly through the wind farm to try to lose a swarm of the bugs. Back at the fire station, the Bots had their work cut out squishing bugs, though Blades managed to catch one, enabling Boulder to find a way to neutralize them. The four Bots later tracked down the cavern where the townsfolk had been teleported and rescued them all. Countdown When Griffin Rock was hit by an infestation of what appeared to be ghosts, Blades was particularly hesitant to deal with them, having watched all fourteen Haunted Halls movies. He was especially unnerved when one manifested right inside his cockpit. The Haunting of Griffin Rock

"There goes my hero. He's ordinary."

Blades helped search the island for Chief Burns and Chase after the pair went missing, though when the trail led to the old lead mine, he was almost too worried about blood-sucking bats to go in. He, Graham and Dani followed Boulder's sonar and managed to find Chase. Little White Lies The Rescue Bots were forced to be extra attentive to their cover as robots when Frankie started filming them for a school project. They stopped a swarm of earthquakes by tracking down the cause in the caves under Griffin Rock. Shake Up Following Blades's discovery of fireworks, Cody got a repulsor badge, granting the boy superhero-like powers. When the badge overloaded, trapping Cody in an energy bubble, Blades declared it his mortal enemy, as he and the other Bots worked to rescue Cody. Rescue Boy

Blades, the other Rescue Bots, Cody and Frankie were sent back in time to 1939 in a time travel accident. There they fell into the hands of a team of scientists headed by Doctor Morocco who performed experiments on them. Morocco was getting to the point of dissecting the four Bots when Optimus and Bumblebee came to their rescue. On returning to the present, they found that Morocco had taken over the town with the aid of his MorBots. It's a Bot Time The four bots managed to elude the MorBots and soon established that leaving Dither in the past had resulted in the changed. After an encounter with an alternate version of the Burns family, including a version of Dani who didn't like flying, the Rescue Bots returned to 1939 and retrieved Dither, returning the timeline to normal. Bot to the Future

Blades took to playing a dance video game with Frankie, once she and Doc Greene knew the Rescue Bots' secret. He assisted in the rescue of Taylor, whom he was amused to note that Dani had taken a liking to, and had to rescue the other Bots when Doc Greene's Vacuum Accelerator warped them to the top of Mount Griffin. Road Trip The Rescue Bots helped construct Frankie Greene's Sky Forest, only to have to rescue the town's citizens when the plant life grew out of control. Sky Forest When Chief Burns was ill, the four bots had to contend with Kade appointing himself new team leader, and Cody being aged into an adult in a lab experiment. Blades's attempt to salvage a crashed rocket from where it was tangled in power lines resulted in it exploding. One for the Ages

"Don't the best of them bleed it out while the rest of them peter out?"

He and Dani tracked an iceberg, only to discover it was actually a ship frozen by a piece of cargo it was carrying, the Sub-Zero Expander. After accidentally getting frozen by the machine, Blades returned to base, and took part in an attempt to get rid of the device by blowing it up, which was aborted when it turned out Doctor Morocco had claimed the vessel as salvage. The team had to deal with the fallout when the device exploded and froze a five-mile section of ocean. Tip of the Iceberg After a rescue mission where Blades became frightened of the snowy weather, Cody took Blades to the Hall of Inspiration where they played the Doc's new virtual reality game. Inside the game, Cody taught Blades about video games, such as power-ups and boss fights, but the game bugged out when lightning struck the Hall. The bosses could hurt the two and Blades overcame his fear and gained the courage to protect Cody, much to Heatwave's surprise. The three beat the game, thanks to Blades, and were teleported out of the game. Heatwave later commented on Blades's courage. A Virtual Disaster

When the rest of the team was mesmerized by cellphones, Blades escaped by virtue of being out on patrol at the time, though it did mean he and Dani had to put out a fire without Heatwave's help. They were subsequently mind-controlled as well, and forced to excavate Blossom Vale until the cell tower was taken out. Spellbound Huxley Prescott's reality show featuring the bots was approved by the mayor, and Blades was caught up in the idea of gaining fame. He began trying to think up catchphrases, but was disappointed when it turned out Prescott had begun manufacturing emergencies to make the show more exciting. Prescott's Bots

"Kudos, my hero, leavin' all the best."

Blades took part in a rescue when Taylor's plane was stricken with an electrical fault. He and the rest of the team later had to face a horde of gremlins conjured from Kade's nightmares. Blame the Gremlins When a monster was spotted during a star-gazing expedition with Cody, Blades and the other Rescue Bots helped the boy hunt for the beast, resulting in an encounter with it at an old cannery. It transpired that the "Magic Meat" that Mayor Luskey had been selling was Fo-Foo, an experimental food with lycanthropic side effects, and the team had to track down Luskey and Graham who were both infected. Feed the Beast

A picnic Blades and Cody were helping Dani with was interrupted by the arrival of Woodrow Burns. The revelation that there was energon under the island resulted in Optimus Prime arriving, and the whole team had to go rescue Woodrow and Cody after the pair became trapped in a cavern deep underground, which ended up with Blades having to fight giant spiders. What Lies Below After Blades, Boulder and the three older siblings were separated from the others, Blades had to brave luminous fungus, pterodactyls, and giant fish as they searched for a way out. Once the team was reunited, they escaped from underground by blasting themselves out of the top of Mount Magma. What Rises Above

The Rescue Bots had to bring out their spaceship for another mission to save Graham and Doc Greene after the space elevator they were on was hit by an asteroid. Space Bots The team had to deal with a runaway mechanical bull. When a mishap occurred while transporting the creature to the Island of Misfit Tech, Blades, Chase and Boulder ended up tussling with a prototype Scrapmaster. The Island of Misfit Tech The town's new central computer Vigil was unable to control the four Rescue Bots, so when it attempted to take control of Griffin Rock, the Bots were able to get the rest of the team into its vault to stop it. The Vigilant Town

"You know my hero, the one that's on."

Blades finally achieved his ambition to become a Lad Pioneer when he was appointed troop mascot. Going on a nature hike, Blade was linked with Cody via Buddy Bracelets, the keys for which were accidentally destroyed. Consequently, Cody had to come along with Blades when the Rescue Bot took part in a snake hunt around town. Buddy System After an earthquake and a rash of objects being pulled into the air, Blades became convinced that invisible griffins were to blame. He and the other Bots accompanied Graham and Cody to Wayward Island, where it turned out that it was just a super-magnet causing the trouble. In Search of the Griffin's Nest

When Chase appeared to join with Evan and Myles during their crime spree, Blades and the rest of the rescue team found themselves going against him. He later rejoined the team and the four Rescue Bots disabled the Tech Wrecker Evan and Myles had created. Bots and Robbers Following the rescue of a dog, the Rescue Bots were joined in their work by Noble, at least until the dogs real owner turned up to claim him. Rescue Dog The team had to deal with a storm without Heatwave. When their leader returned with a second alternate mode, Blades was interested in finding out how to acquire one himself. Changes

After a sea rescue Blades took part in resulted in everyone's midwinter holiday presents sinking to the bottom of the ocean, Blades and the rest of the team took on the mantle of the Rider of Midwinter and delivered loaves of bread to the townsfolk. The Riders of Midwinter When a Power Planter was struck by lightning and ran wild, the team was forced to respond to a number of emergencies caused by it. They eventually succeeded in luring it into a trap using Boil Coils and destroyed it. Movers and Shakers When Chief Burns was off the island, Woodrow ended up as part of the team. Blades found himself being used as a ramp during a rescue of the mayor, something he didn't enjoy much, though he later got to help rescue some dolphins. Chief Woodrow

Blades was excited at the news that Bumblebee was coming and made plans to enjoy his friend's visit, however it turned out Bumblebee was there on a relic-finding mission. What's worse, Dani's pilot license was suspended, so unable to fly in Blades, she was partnered with Bumblebee. Though he grew jealous of the pair's growing bond, Blades was soon distracted by helping Optimus retrieve the relic from the ocean, and was later happy when Bumblebee saved Dani from quicksand. Odd Bot Out The rescue team was roped into completing a rail tunnel to the mainland, mainly because Mayor Luskey regarded the Bots as heavy machinery. When the Griffin Rock Express went out of control, the Bots had to rescue everyone on board, with the help of Frankie and her phasing technology. The Griffin Rock Express

RiseOfTheHeroes Blades flies underground.jpg

Following a game of Rescue Ball and an impromptu rescue mission, Blades's attempt to watch Cupcake Hoarders was thwarted when he was lured into a trap and kidnapped by Dr. Morocco. Morocco used a memory-erasing ray on him and convinced him that the doctor had been assigned as the Rescue Bots' liaison on Earth by Optimus Prime. Once the other Rescue Bots were similarly brainwashed, Morocco put Blades in charge and sent the team to a cavern under Griffin Rock to mine gold. Unfortunately Blades accidentally set off a methane explosion and when the Bots climbed out of the crater, they were confronted by the dastardly Burns family. Double Villainy

The suspicious Bots were taken back to the fire house, where the evidence soon convinced them that the Burns family was on their side and they'd been misled by Morocco. Unfortunately the methane explosion cause the island to begin to sink, and given the choice between helping out or regaining their memories, the Bots chose the former option. Blades was relieved to discover he wasn't team leader though. With the help of some tech from Doc Greene, the team was able to raise the island once again, and Morocco was forced to restore their memories. Rise of the Heroes

Wrap up and Roll out!

During a routine inspection by Optimus, Blades and Dani encountered an unexpected pterodactyl. After they captured and tagged it, the team tracked the creature back to Wayward Island where they found a whole group of dinosaurs, one of which damaged Blades's tail rotor. The team was subsequently chased into a tar pit and had to be rescued by Optimus Prime. Once they established what the dinos were upset about, the team was able to get them to return to the underground cavern they'd come from. Land Before Prime When Optimus was abducted by big game hunter Quint Quarry, Heatwave, Chase and Blades headed to Quarry's island to mount a rescue. After catching Blades repeatedly with nets, the hunter managed to trap the trio in a cage and was about to take them off the island in his heli-jet when Optimus and Boulder came to their aid. Big Game

Following the accidental creation of four extra Kades, Blades found himself having to take them all back to the first station after their squabbling caused an accident. He later attempted to rescue the rest of the team from a gas leak, but ended up himself needing rescuing by the quintet of Kades. Too Many Kades The team was sent ten years forward in time when they boarded the S.S. Phantom Voyager, however Boulder and Graham were able to reverse the time machine stored in the ship's hold, returning them to present day. Phantom of the Sea After having to deal with a flooding disaster, Blades and Heatwave had to try and cover for Chase and Boulder during their mission in space. Unfinished Business

Switcheroo Blades eats yogurt.jpg

After the town was sealed inside an energy dome by Vigil, Blades and the others pursued the AI to try to beat it to the dome controls in the lab. Despite being injured during the chase, Blades beat Vigil to the lab along with Chase, but Vigil stuck them to the floor using the Collision Foam Cannon, leaving it to Frankie and Cody to save the day. No Place Like Dome Blades attempted to help Graham gain confidence to talk to Amy via role playing. He later saved the day, using Confident Me to lure a swarm of mutant army ants to a place where they could be successfully captured. Bugs in the System

During a trip on the space elevator Asgard, Blades switched bodies with Dani. He binged on yogurt and potato chips, much to her disgust, and she forced him to exercise to work off the calories. For his part, he was smug when she found being a helicopter wasn't as much fun as she thought. They were eventually swapped back into their own bodies. Switcheroo Blades and the rest of the team were shrunken down to microscopic size so they could enter Kade's body and retrieve the scrubmites he'd accidentally ingested. Bot-Tastic Voyage Following Professor Baranova's abduction at the hands of Colonel Quarry, Blades scanned a pterodactyl alternate mode so he and the other Rescue Bots, plus Optimus, could masquerade as the dinobots Quarry wanted Doc Greene to build. Unfortunately Blades then found he could no longer transform, and ended up bringing Cody along by accident when Quarry took them all to an island. As Quarry was taking the other Autobots to be sold, Blades finally found the strength to transform so that he could rescue them. Quarry's Quarry

Blades, that isn't a dinosaur. Stop cheating!

The team visited Wayward Island to search for an energon trace, which Blades hoped would mean a visit from Bumblebee. They found only a caveman frozen in ice, who turned out to be still alive once he was thawed back in Griffin Rock. While the others helped "Ira" acclimate, Heatwave and Blades returned to Wayward Island and found cave paintings depicting Autobots in the caveman's era. Did You See What I Thaw? The team had to cope with giant Kaiju created when Doc Greene's new projector was used to screen Attack of Humungado, and ended up using their dino modes to combat the beasts. The Attack of Humungado

The mayor decided to honor the rescue team by holding Bot Appreciation Week, however a clash in schedules resulted in the Burns family being off the island for the start. The Rescue Bots found they had to contend with the souvenir versions of themselves running amok thanks to Evan and Myles reprogramming them. All Bots Great and Small When Cody began experiencing repeated time, his foreknowledge allowed the rescue team to prevent a number of disasters and mishaps during the dedication of the town's new clock tower. Time After Time

PiratesAhoy Blades sandcastle.jpg

After the discovery that the Burns family had a pirate in their ancestry and the suspension of the rescue team, Blades took Woodrow, Cody and Dani to look for pirate treasure, though he was too big to enter the cave they were led to, and built a firehouse out of sand while he waited. Clues eventually led the team to the treasure, and they were subsequently reinstated by the mayor. Pirates Ahoy When the Rescue Bots were assigned to training with High Tide, Blades found the old bot particularly fearsome and messed up repeatedly. After taking some time to rescue a human in trouble, Blades earned a chewing out from High Tide. He later steadied an oil rig long enough for the other Rescue Bots to rescue Doc and Frankie. Turning the Tide When the time traveler Jules Verne visited, Blades helped apprehend Dr. Morocco. The Last of Morocco

When the Rescue Bots found two Autobots, Blurr and Salvage, on Wayward Island, Optimus assigned the team to train the two newcomers. Blades was unimpressed with Blurr's lying about his past, but Optimus convinced the team to let Blurr have another chance. The New Recruits After hours of failed rescue simulations, Cody suggested more personal training for the newbies, so Blades constructed a highlight reel of his own rescues. Rescue Bots Academy After Blurr stole the ship and a solar flare knocked out the island's power, Blades was reluctantly forced to fly rescues in the dark, backwards. Blurr later returned having saved the island from a rogue satellite, and was assigned elsewhere along with Salvage. A New Hero

The Rescue Bots were forced to hunt for Servo after the dog went missing in action and left a trail of destruction in his wake. Four-Legged Hero Blades joined Boulder, Chase and the kids in guarding some woodpeckers Boulder found, however they were forced to go into damage control mode when word of the discovery got out, and had to deal with a fire in Blossom Vale. Endangered Species

Think of the happiest things,
It's the same as having wings!

After Chase injured himself, Blades prescribed a week of rest off his feet, and as a result Chase took the job of dispatcher and managed to send the team on a number of false alarms. More than Meets the Eye When Doc Greene's Tone-O-Tuner caused everyone in town to sing instead of talk, Blades took part in a video call to educate new recruits and though reluctant, ended up singing a duet with Dani. I Have Heard the Robots Singing

Blades and the other Rescue Bots took part in the opening of a time capsule, during which a quantum crystal mishap resulted in the entire island being teleported to the Arctic. The four Bots had to deice the generators so that the island's dome could be raised. Now and Then Blades and Dani attempted to go for help, only to find that the conditions were too harsh and Heatwave had to help them return to town. As the team enacted a plan to fill the dome with floatium and fly the island back, the Rescue Bots had their work cut out keeping people safe. The journey continued, but the Rescue Bots were forced to use their own energon to power the dome. They successfully reached Griffin Rock's old location, and after some medical attention, the Rescue Bots recovered. Optimus gave them a new mission, to let the rest of the town in on their secret. Today and Forever

BridgeBuilding Blades fan club.jpg

Despite Blades being in favor, three years on they still hadn't told the humans about themselves. An invasion by the Velgrox, which Blades found out about when they captured Dani, resulted in the four Rescue Bots having to reveal themselves to the townsfolk. New Normal Blades immediately started organizing his own fan club, however he proved unable to interest any of the townsfolk in joining and had to offer free helicopter rides instead. Bridge Building When a race between Blades and Heatwave ended in an emergency situation, Blades had to help clean up the mess. Heatwave subsequently restricted the team to their official duties and had Blades flying patrols over the island. It was not long after that the team encountered a new Rescue Bot named Quickshadow. Arrivals Quickshadow assigned him and Dani to fly over the island while Heatwave transported dangerous chemicals for Doc Greene. After a mishap spread acid clouds around downtown, he carried Heatwave back to the clouds to help neutralize them. Plus One

Following a mishap in which the town pool froze over, Blades went to the Fun Zone to play games. When the Morocco virus invaded the Element Quest game, Blades was eliminated while protecting Cody from a dragon. Back to Virtual Reality When investors were looking at redeveloping the island, the Rescue Bots used Velgrox technology to make themselves invisible and pretend to be ghosts to scare them off. Vanishing Returns

The team took part in Earliween celebrations, though Blades was keen on dressing in a costume himself. They also came up with a plan to foil Evan and Myles when the pair tried to carnap Quickshadow. Ghost in the Machine When Whiskers was abducted from the zoo, the Rescue Bots used their dino modes as bait to lure big game hunter Lord Chumley. Though they themselves were captured, they made the most of their situation, both finding Whiskers and bringing the rest of the team to help arrest Chumley. Enemy of My Enemy

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Blades helped Chase run for mayor by campaigning, however when Chase actually took office, the changes he made interfered with the team's ability to do their job. Mayor May Not Blades was keen to celebrate All Spark Day, and actually got to do so with the rest of town — after the team had to deal with a giant-size CeCe Greene. All Spark Day When the town's communications tower required replacing, the team took on second jobs — Blades and Dani operated a traffic report for Huxley. The townsfolk later chipped in with enough cash to replace the tower. Part-Time Heroes

When the new mainland Rescue Bot Training Center was reaching completion, Blades planned a housewarming party, but was upset when it turned out a fair portion of the team wouldn't be able to make it. He ended up abandoning the idea and headed back to Griffin Rock. The More Things Change... Cut off from the training center after the computer system malfunctioned, Chase, Blades and Chief instead dealt with the problems on Griffin Rock. Blades was called on to fly over to the mainland and assist Heatwave in reactivating the center's holographic disguise. The More Things Stay the Same

During a series of motor races, the Bots had to first deal with a collapsing stand full of spectators, and then with runaway racers thanks to an errant invention. Dani presented him with the race cup for being understanding about her sneaking off to take part in the races with Blurr. Hot Rod Bot Blades accompanied Heatwave, Chief and Dani to Africa when Woodrow Burns appeared to need help, and ended up helping a family of gorillas survive baboons and an erupting volcano. King Burns Blades was honored to be made a judge in one of the competitions for the town's Pizza Pi Party, though the event was interrupted by out-of-control pizza dough. Pizza Pi Party

While running practice drills in the Training Center, the team had to save a Cybertronian ship that crash-landed. Blades found himself reunited with Bumblebee, but was startled by the changes in his friend. When the tour of the training center was interrupted by an energon eater which has stowed away on the ship, Blades and Bumblebee ended up teaming up to capture it. Before leaving, Bumblebee suggested Blades come on a mission with his team. Uninvited Guest

I'm a boy, a really real boy.

Blades finally got the last Lad Pioneer badge he needed, only to find he wouldn't be able to attend the level up ceremony because it was on the mainland. Graham made him a holographic disguise so he could become a Teen Pioneer, and he pretended to be Swedish to explain why he couldn't touch anything. At Camp Itsa Craftsee, he, Cody and Graham ended up getting mixed up in Chickadee's plan to find some lost emeralds, but ended up helping the rest of the team apprehend her. Camp Cody

Blades joined Dani in trying to rescue Taylor only for Taylor to be turned into a frog by fairies. Blades kept the frog safe until the trio were reunited with the rest of the team and Taylor was transformed back. Once Upon a Time When the Mini-ConBounce escaped to Griffin Rock, the team helped Sideswipe recapture him. The Need for Speed

When Madeline Pynch got hold of a chunk of Energon, the rescue team put into action a plan to recover the Energon and arrest Pynch. Blades's job under the code name Rain Cloud (after Irrelevant was first considered) was to fly over Pynch's compound disguised as a cloud, and drop Heatwave and Chief inside. Cody's 11 The Bots found themselves having to maintain their robot disguises when Maven Danger stayed at the firehouse as research for his new movie, though it later turned out the visit was just so Maven's agent Skip Scobble could attempt to steal a rare book. A Brush with Danger

While Blades grew increasingly anxious at the dangerous test missions Dani was undertaking, he was alarmed to hear she might take up test-piloting full-time. When her test space mission ran into trouble, the team came to her rescue in the Sigma, and Blades managed to reach her stricken craft and guide it on a slingshot trajectory around the Moon. To Infinity... And Back Dani and Blades tried to get Cody interested in being a medical responder when the boy was deciding what sort of rescue worker he'd become. Family Business

The team was surprised to discover a whole town in China knew about them, when they were called there to deal with some out-of-control Scrubbers. Afterwards Optimus promptly reassigned them, with Blades leading Quickshadow and High Tide in China — though Blades was initially hesitant, an encounter with some Blades fans left him more enthusiastic. When it turned out the Morocco virus was back and had built a new MorBot, Blades and his team were unable to prevent him getting away with tech from the Faxian laboratory. Upgrades When Morocco set his sights on abducting Cody, Blades and Dani flew back from China at high speed thanks to some rocket boosters, and joined in trying to prevent Morocco's forces coming ashore on Griffin Rock. Optimus later assigned Blades and his team Faxian on a permanent basis. Transformations


Voice actor:Parvesh Cheena (English)

Blades had been left alone back at the Rescue Bots command center when he was abducted by a mysterious force, pulled through a trans-dimensional portal to another universe. He found himself within a metallic labyrinth, where he met the DinobotSnarl. Several cannons then popped up throughout the corridor, prompting Snarl to tell the Rescue Bot to draw out his swords. A bewildered Blades explained to Snarl that his blades were for flying, not fighting! Snarl picking up the slack, the duo made their way to the middle of the maze via a "graphic and expensive-looking battle sequence." Upon reaching their destination, Blades was relieved to find an authority figure in the form of Ultra Magnus. He also met five other 'bots who had similarly been abducted from their home dimensions: Arcee, Sureshock, Ravage, Ironhide and Sonar. Blades found them all terrifying.

A mysterious voice then made itself heard, and stated that it had brought the group together in a ploy to get revenge on the Autobots. Blades pointed out that a bunch of them weren't Autobots, and asked to be excused from the whole brouhaha. The voice declared that it didn't care about the semantics of their factions, and unleashed a "horde" of Sharkticons on them... and by a horde, it meant a single sickly and rusted Sharkticon. Embarrassed, the group's abductor ordered them to fight to the death instead of bothering with the Sharkticon. Blades had difficulty wrapping his head around the idea that someone could fight so hard with their friends or coworkers that they'd just drop dead, before it was explained to him what the voice actually meant. This only served to terrify Blades further, who pondered that this was weird way to learn a valuable lesson about responsibility and teamwork.

Annoyed that its prisoners weren't killing one another already, the voice threatened to detonate a Dark Energon bomb if they didn't get on with it. But Blades managed to bluff his captor into admitting that he didn't have a bomb, using some of the "mad scientist lingo" he had picked up around Griffin Rock. The architect behind the whole plot revealed himself to be the Skuxxoid, whom Snarl dealt with in short order. The abductees, now left to devise a way to get themselves back to their homes, began to brainstorm on how to accomplish such a feat. They settled on all laughing together, as characters in cheesy cartoons are prone to do when an episode comes to an end. This, surprisingly enough, worked out. Finding himself back in Griffin Rock, Blades was puzzled over the fact that he hadn't gotten any character building lesson out of his adventure... He decided that the only thing he learned was that weird things just happen sometimes. Prevenge

2015 Robots in Disguise cartoon

Following the restoration of Cybertron from the Great War, Blades was one of the many Autobots blacklisted by the new High Council for being a supporter of Optimus Prime. Enemy of My Enemy

Rescue Bots Academy cartoon

Voice actor:Michael Hansen (English), Simon Duprez (French)
GoTeamGo Blades.jpg

A giant statue of Blades's face was carved into a mountain near Griffin Rock, alongside the faces of the other Rescue Bots. Mount Botmore Heatwave called in Blades to help train Hot Shot in the proper use of his jet alternate mode. Whirl joined in as well, as Blades had them learning to hover in place and fly slowly and carefully. Blades later took part in controlling a forest fire, but was unable to go in himself to rescue some firefighters, so Hot Shot went in in his stead. The Secret of Flight

Blades almost caught the recruits with an illicit pooch in the Academy. Dog Stray Afternoon Blades's cheering during a rescue simulation prompted Whirl to get the recruits practicing cheerleading. When Blades later had them evacuate citizens in Griffin Rock while he and the other Rescue Bots dealt with a flood, they made use of the skills they'd learned. Go Team, Go!

During a mission to the Asgard, the Rescue Bots got trapped outside and had to wait for the recruits to come to their rescue. Space Case The Rescue Bots were later on another urgent off-world mission. All Washed Up When Heatwave had the recruits be teachers for the day, Boulder and Blades decided to join the class and later employed what they'd learned during a rescue. Who's Teaching Who? Blades and the other teachers were away from the academy when a dinosaur got loose in it, leaving Hoist to be the one to deal with it. Dino Hard

WhirlsWiseBotQuest the Wise One.jpg

Blades had the recruits carry out a series of search and rescue exercises, and awarded Hoist with his choice of sims, unaware that Hoist had cheated to win the exercises. All that Glitters Blades brought Bumblebee to the academy to teach, the two friends later catching up on recent events while heading into Griffin Rock to pick up supplies. Bee Prepared When Whirl had trouble mastering a maneuver, Blades spun a fictional tale about a Rescue Bot guru who'd once helped him. Whirl set off to find the guru, an Blades flew ahead to disguise himself so he could pose as said guru, however Whirl learned all she needed to know while on her journey. Whirl's Wise-Bot Quest

Blades took part in a student versus teacher relay race, carrying Grimlock as a pretend rescue victim through a canyon. He lost to Whirl when she took a faster route while he had to fly over a tornado. Best Bots Forever Part 1 Blades was later in attendance when the recruits graduated from the first year of the academy. Best Bots Forever Part 2

At the start of year two, Blades was selected to mentor Medix. Back to School He and his student manage to invent a new bandage adhesive. In Training Discovering that Medix had compiled lists to deal with every expected situation, Blades had him look after Heatwave the dog to teach him that some situations weren't that simple. Heatwave's Shiny Coat Blades had just finished a lesson with Medix when Whirl arrived looking for a student to partner with for an exercise. Wild Ghost Chase Blades took part in the rescue of Doc Greene and Frankie when a force field dome trapped the two humans in the lab, lifting Medix up so the recruit could use magnets to open a hole in the dome. Partners

Blades instructed the recruits on the use of a Stokes basket, and also had to give Medix advice when the other students objected to the young bot's overly-zealous criticism of their attempts. Critical Condition Blades attended the charity performance of the Griffin Rock Ballet School. Shall We Dance? Medix forced Blades to change a blown light in the academy. Good Advice

Blades took part in a "rescue-athon" paired with Medix. First Responder He and Chase conducted a window washer rescue sim with the recruits. Realizing Medix was having trouble getting used to his new helicopter mode, Blades encouraged the young bot. He then discovered Whirl was worried she'd been benched and had to assure her she wasn't, leading her to realize that Medix genuinely just needed help. Helicopter Heroes

Blades was among the observers as the recruits undertook their final test of year two. He later attended the party aboard Citadel Secundus, and was put into stasis lock when an asteroid hit the Titan and created an anti-energon field. Space Party He and the rest of the teaching staff were revived after Secundus was landed safely on Earth, and attended the recruits' graduation ceremony. Crash Of The Titan

Commercial appearances


Rescue Bots

If it's all the same to you, I'd rather just hide in the toy box.
  • Blades the Copter-Bot (Rescue Bot, 2011)
Blades transforms into an orange and white rescue helicopter of a likely fictitious origin, but with design details common to several real-life helicopters. In keeping with the simplified transformations of the line, Blades can be transformed from helicopter to robot simply by twisting the knob on his propeller. His rotors are free-spinning in this mode, and the design of his tail / legs is such that he can be held by the bottom portion of the tail beneath the tail rotor. Care must be taken, however, as the free-spinning nature of his blades means that they can sometimes spin when the knob is twisted.
This figure was redecoed for the Energize toyline, casting some parts in translucent blue plastic. It was also retooled to give it sockets capable of holding the newly included eponymous implement. The retooled version was later redecoed in cartoon-accurate colors and given a limited re-release in 2018.
RBtoy Energize Blades.jpg
  • Blades the Copter-Bot (Rescue Bot, 2013)
A redeco of the original mold for the line's Energizesubline imprint, Blades's arms and the cap on his rotors are transparent blue plastic. He has also been retooled to remove the Autobot insignia on his chest in favor of a Rescue Bot insignia. He comes with a "rescue hook" accessory, that he can hold or attach to the underside of his landing skids.
ARRRGH! Avast ye scallywag!
  • Blades the Copter-Bot & Dr. Morocco (Figure 2-Pack, 2013)
Blades is a non-transforming PVC figure with basic articulation. He is sculpted after his on-screen appearance, and features his Energize rescue hook tool in place of his left hand. Blades is packaged with a static PVC figure of Doctor Morocco.
Argh! if only I had me eye-patch to finish the look.
  • Blades the Copter-Bot (Beam Box Figure, 2013)
Blades is a static plastic figure in a similar style to his 2-Pack release, mounted on a 'rocky' base. Placing Blades inside the Beam Box Game System allows him to be played in-game.
RBtoy MiniDinoBlades.jpg
  • Blades the Rescue Dinobot (Mini Dino, 2014)
Blades the Rescue Dinobot is a small figure that autotransforms into a robotic Pteranodon. The toy lost huge swathes of paint operations between initial stock photography and the final toy. This toy has the distinction of being the first transformable Rescue Bot figure with functional articulation, having swivels at the arms.
This mold was redecoed into Dinobot AdventuresSwoop.
RBtoy EpicBlades.jpg
  • Blades the Flight-Bot (Epic Figure, 2014)
Epic Blades is a 12-inch-tall non-transforming figure. His chest opens up to fit a 2-Pack human figure, and features 5mm fist holes to hold rescue tool accessories from other figures.
RBtoy Blades and Dani.jpg
  • Blades the Flight-Bot & Dani Burns (Figure 2-Pack, 2014)
Blades is another articulated PVC figure, this time in a new rescue jet body. He is packaged with a static PVC figure of Dani Burns.

Rescan Series

Where exactly are his blades?
  • Blades the Flight-Bot (Rescan, 2014)
Blades is a transforming mold, about two-thirds the size of his original toy. He transforms into a rescue jet by swiveling his wings forward, which folds down the cockpit, revealing the head, and splays out the arms and legs. Transforming him any other way, such as folding down the cockpit directly can cause the internal gearing mechanism to skip, preventing his parts from properly lining up when returning him to jet mode. Although many such affected examples are often described as "broken," the problem can be corrected by removing a couple of screws from the underside, realigning the gearing mechanism and then re-assembling the figure. And then transforming him properly from then on.
Like other 2014 figures, Blades is missing several paint details seen on his packaging stock photos.
Ah, that's better!
  • Blades the Flight-Bot (Rescan 2015)
Released in the fourth wave of 2015 Rescan figures, Blades is functionally a smaller version of his original toy but features a more show-accurate design. He transforms from copter to robot with a simple pull/push of his arms. In an undocumented feature, his helicopter rotors can be bent downward by hand for a more show-accurate robot mode.
Stock photography on Blades's packaging shows him with a few paint applications that the final toy lacks; namely, blue paint on the lower half of the helicopter cockpit, black paint on the hands, and additional orange paint on the forearms and kneecaps.
Blades has 5mm fist holes, although since he lacks any useful articulation in his arms, accessories placed in his hands will be pointed downward.
This toy was also included in the "Griffin Rock Rescue Team Set" with no notable changes. its engineering and transformation pattern were later used for Rescue Bots AcademyWhirl.
"Why can't I be in robot mode too?"
  • Griffin Rock Rescue Team Set (4-pack, 2016)
This box set contains the show-based "Rescan" versions of Blades, Chase, and Boulder, plus the "Hook & Ladder Heatwave" cab-robot minus the trailer unit. All four toys are identical to their individual releases.
  • Blades the Flight-Bot (Rescan 2018)
This version of Blades was released in 2018 and is a retool of the VTOL jet version of Bumblebee. In addition to a new head, Blades sports significant changes all over, covering the cockpit/chest, larger VTOL engines, re-sculpted main wings, changes to the rear fins, legs and feet, including little VTOL engines on the re-designed rear stablizers, and even a modified fuselage.
Blades was subsequently redecoed and given a new head for the "Academy Rescue Team" version of Rescue Bots Academy Whirl, which was later released singly, while the original version was differently retooled into the plane version of Rescue Bots AcademyHot Shot. The character art on Blades' box is based on his appearance in his Rescan jet form. This figure was later re-released unchanged under Rescue Bots Academy branding, sporting the new-look RBA-style character art on the package.


More than just a bot, a MEGA bot!
  • Copter Crane Blades (Megabot, 2016)
Part of the fourth wave of Megabots figures, Blades changes from an ocean rescue helicopter to robot in a few quick steps. He features articulation at his shoulders and 5mm fist holes as well as a large claw clamp that he can either hold in his fist, store under his cockpit in vehicle mode, or hook it up to his winch system on his underside. Slight assembly is required for Blades out of box; one must attach his rotor prop plate to his back. His rotor connects to a peg which allows one to activate his working winch in helicopter mode. When his claw is hooked onto the winch, rotating the rotor clockwise booms the claw down, while rotating it counterclockwise reels it back up.

Flip Racers

4-wheeling jet
  • Airport Blastoff Blades (Playset, 2017)
Part of the first wave of Flip Racers Launchers, Blades transforms automatically from a four-wheeled jet to robot when the vehicle mode is lifted up and placed on its end. A spring-loaded launcher will shoot Blades under the airport at a high speed. The launcher is compatible with the Chomp & Chase Raceway.
  • Blastoff Blades (Flip Racer, 2018)
The same Blades figure was later rereleased without the playset as part of the fourth wave of single releases.

Rescue Bots (2018)

  • Blades the Copter-Bot (2018)
After 5 years of discontinuation, the original Blades figure saw a limited rerelease in late 2018. The figure's colors now look more towards the show, and the energize version's tooling is left intact. His hook accessory is now silver.

Rescue Bots Academy

  • Blades the Flight-Bot (Rescan, 2020)
The VTOL version of Blades was re-released with no changes under the Rescue Bots Academy toyline.


Playskool Friends

You were too cute for this world.
  • Transformers Collector Pack (Canceled)
Intended to be released as part of the 7-pack for the Playskool Friends lineup, this Blades is a very adorable non-transforming figurine. He would have come packed with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, and the rest of the Rescue Bots: Heatwave, Chase, and Boulder.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.


  • His coloration and function are more reminiscent of Evac than the traditional, Decepticon fighting interpretation of previous versions of Blades.
  • For Christmas2013, The Hub aired a special "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" video yule log. This hour-long special consisted of music and cameo appearances by several characters or pieces from Hub properties in addition to the ponies themselves. Among the characters who made cameos were Beast Hunters Bumblebee (who beeped as he drove across the screen), Rescue Bots Blades (who stumbled onto the screen before being pulled back off), Strawberry Shortcake, Lil' Bat (mascot for The Aquabats), a Sorry! game piece, Niblet from "Pound Puppies", the main lead from "SheZow!", the Mane Six from MLP: FiM (in what can only be considered a jumpscare), and several characters from the "Littlest Pet Shop" cartoon. This special was aired back-to-back for four hours on Christmas morning, possibly as a means of giving the bulk of the network staff a chance to spend Christmas morning with their families.
  • Before his new setting made it largely unnecessary, Blades functioned as the team's field medic. Pretty appropriate considering his trainee.

Foreign names

  • Hungarian:Penge ("Blade")
  • Mandarin:Dāofēng (China, 刀锋, "Blade")
← Playskool Go-Bots| Continuity: Preschool Transformers | End

Transformers: Rescue Bots began in 2011 as Hasbro’s most recent, and possibly most earnest attempt at marketing to the 3-5 year-old demographic through their subsidiary, Playskool. The series debuted with an animated TV show on Hasbro and Discovery’s shared network, The Hub. With a coherent story focusing on a few main heroes and their human partners, Rescue Bots has hit on a recipe for success. Rescue Bots are in the same scale and style as Playskool Heroes, which includes other properties such as Star Wars and Spider Man.

The initial Rescue Bots figures focused primarily on one scale, but different types of sets allow them to be marketed at a wide variety of price points. The basic figure sets include a poseable human character in cute proportions, and a Rescue Gear – either a small vehicle with a rescue tool attached or some type of backpack. The Rescue Gear each have a one-step flip change that allows them to be held or mounted on a Deluxe Rescue Bot. The Deluxe Rescue Bots, like the Deluxe class of main-line Transformers, form the backbone of the series. They each have a simple transformation, sometimes only one step, assisted by auto-transforming parts (like Movie’s Automorph). The figures have rolling wheels but no articulation, and have 5mm holes to attach Rescue Gear tools.

The higher price points are occupied by various sized playsets, which typically include a human character and a non-transforming Rescue Bot. These Rescue Bots are rendered as main character vehicles with a large open cockpit for the human partner, and the robot mode is molded and painted on the chassis, not unlike Revenge of the Fallen RPMs or Speed Stars. The playsets often have some transforming feature, as well as things for the Deluxe Rescue Bots and basic figures to interact with. Finally, there are a handful of larger Electronic Rescue Bots, which are articulated non-transforming main characters with electronic voices, lights, and sounds. Activating action features or pushing various buttons elicits different quotations with the figure. Each Electronic figure also includes a slightly redecoed human partner figure. While they are larger in stature than the Deluxes, they still interact with the basic figure humans.

In 2013, the line got a package refresh as Rescue Bots: Energize. The basic figures shifted to a non-articulated human partnered with a small, non-transforming robot reminiscent of Movie’s Robot Replicas. The Deluxe assortment are all redecos using translucent blue for some of the parts, and each coming with an “AllSpark blue” rescue tool.

The subsequent year saw a much more thorough restructuring of the Rescue Bots lineup. 2014 brought Rescan figures, primarily depicting each character with new alternate modes, as well as introducing new charcaters at the same lower price point. Most figures still feature 5mm holes in their hands for holding tools or other accessories. Plasets were re-sized to fit the new scale, and human characters continued to be available in two-packs with non-transforming (but articulated) robots, often depicting the robots’s new bodies.

This formula has been even more successful for the line, judging by its continuation for multiple years. The overall line has gained popularity among children and adults, evidenced by scarce figures topping triple-digit prices on the secondary markets. Furthermore, the line isn’t regularly superceded like the fast-changing main lines targeting older kids. In addition to outlasting the venerable Playskool Go-Bots line, Resuce Bots’ cartoon series spanned 104 episodes, besting Generation 1 as the longest-running Transformers cartoon. With rumors of a sequel television show and continuous relasing of new figures, Rescue Bots is set to become the longest-lasting Transformers franchise overall!

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front crawl

the front crawl has three parts: the flutter kick, the rotating arm stroke, and rhythmic breathing. it is the fastest swimming stroke.

kick. the flutter kick begins at the hips and flows to the feet. as one foot moves downward, the other comes up in a fluttering rhythm. kick from the hip and thigh, not from the knee. during the downward part of the kick, your ankle stays relaxed, toes are pointed behind you, and your knee is slightly bent. as your foot reaches the end of the kick, straighten your leg and allow your foot to snap downward. as your foot moves upward, keep that leg and knee straight. the kick should be smooth and steady, and your feet should stay just under the water with only your heels breaking the surface. your big toes should almost touch one another as they pass. you can practice the kick by holding the edge of the pool or by supporting yourself on a kick board.

arm stroke. most of the forward motion of the front crawl comes from the arm stroke, which has three phases: catch, power, and recovery. to begin the catch, slightly bend your right wrist and elbow as you move the entire arm downward. have your palm facing away from your body. keep your elbow, hand, and wrist fixed in this position. your hand should be directly in line with your shoulder.

crawlfor the power phase, straighten your wrist and bend the elbow so your forearm is about 45 degrees from the upper arm. point your fingers down and inward. push hard against the water, and sweep your hand and forearm down and back under your chest. your hand will pass just a few inches from the centerline of your body. your palm should be flat and should push backward against the water. as your hand becomes level with your shoulder, begin to straighten out your arm as it continues to move back and out to just beside your right hip. your upper body will roll, with your left hip turning down and toward the centerline. this turns your right hip up toward the top of the water just as your right hand reaches the end of the power phase.

as your hand exits the water, the recovery phase begins. start by lifting your elbow up and forward. keep your wrist and hand relaxed and trailing behind or hanging below your elbow . as your hand passes the shoulder, it reaches up and forward to enter the water again when it is at shoulder level. when your thumb is even with your eye and your arm is straightened to about three-quarters of its length, allow your fingertips to smoothly enter the water. rotate your hand so that your thumb enters first as your arm straightens under the water to its full length.

breathing and coordination. swimmers doing the front crawl use a breathing rhythm of one breath for every one, two, three, or more arm cycles. practice taking a breath for every set of arm cycles on the same side. when your face is in the water, slowly exhale through your nose and mouth. when you need to take a breath, exhale all of the remaining air into the water during the power phase of the arm stroke. as your body rotates during the middle of the power phase, start turning your head so that your mouth is out of the water just as your hand exits by your hip. at the beginning of the recovery phase, inhale quickly and return your head to its former position.


people like the breaststroke because it conservesenergy, they can keep their head above water, and it can be done for longer distances. it uses a whip kick and a shallow arm pull.

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arm stroke. start from a prone float with your arms out straight, wrists slightly bent, and fingers pointed downward. turn your hands to a slightly palms-out position. then bend your arms a little at the elbows as the palms and arms push out and down until your hands are farther apart than the width of your shoulders. this is the catch position. begin the power phase by pressing your arms and palms downward until your elbows form a 90-degree angle, with your forearms pointing toward the bottom. during the power phase, your hands and forearms should always be below the elbows and your elbows should always be below your shoulders.

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breathing and coordination. while doing the breaststroke, you should exhale slowly in the water between breaths. between the catch and the power phase, lift your chin out of the water, finish exhaling, and quickly take a breath. as your arms begin the recovery phase, place your chin and face back in the water. the water level should be right above the eyebrows. avoid lifting your head and shoulders too far out of the water to prevent bobbing and losing forward momentum.

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the sidestroke is a good long-distance stroke with a long, restful glide.

kick. the scissors kick is a powerful kick that provides a resting period between arm strokes. to do the scissors kick, bring your knees together and then bend them as you bring your lower legs and heels toward the buttocks. without pausing, move your legs into the catch position. move your top leg forward and your bottom leg back until your legs and knees are straight. to move into the power phase, bring both legs back together with a forceful snapping motion like closing a pair of scissors. keep your legs together during the glide position with the toes pointed back.

get the latest Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Blades the Flight-Bot Helicopter are doing discount activities

arm stroke. start in the glide position on your side with one ear in the water and the nose, mouth, and other ear out of the water. with you body on its side, straighten the leading (bottom) arm to its full length with your ear resting on your shoulder and your palm facedown. the trailing (top) arm should rest comfortably alongside your body with the hand above the thigh. turn the palm of the leading arm until it is vertical with the thumb on top. begin moving the leading arm into a catch position by moving the hand in a downward direction toward the feet.

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elementary backstroke

the elementary backstroke is another restful stroke, a good one to use when you need to swim for longer periods of time.

kick. the elementary backstroke uses the whip kick. floating on your back, spread your knees no farther apart than hip width. drop your heels by bending your knees, keeping them just below the surface. turn your feet so your toes are pointing out and your ankles are fully flexed up. this is the catch position. to begin the power phase, move your feet and lower legs in a whipping motion to trace an oval shape. your feet must move outward wider than the position of your knees and act like paddles to push the water behind you. then kick with your legs ending up straight with your feet touching. your toes should be pointed and just below the water’s surface. drop your heels down to begin the recovery phase.


arm stroke. the arm stroke for the elementary backstroke is simple. start on your back in the glide position. keep your legs straight with your toes pointed and have your arms at your sides with your hands on your thighs. slowly move your hands either up the centerline of your chest or up the sides of your body with your elbows tucked in until your hands reach the shoulders. without pausing, straighten out your arms with your palms facing your feet. in a single motion, sweep your arms quickly toward your feet, bending your elbows and wrists throughout the stroke to push water backward. recover the arms by bringing your hands back up toward your shoulders.

breathing and coordination. in the elementary backstroke, the arms and the legs provide power at the same time. the kick takes less time than the arms because the legs move a shorter distance than the arms, and they are stronger. for these reasons, you should begin the recovery of the arms before the legs. don’t begin the kick until your arms have begun their power phase. with some practice, you should be able to time it so that you finish both the kick and arm stroke together. strive to make your movements continuous. at the conclusion of the stroke, relax and allow your body to glide through the water for three or four counts. don’t be in a hurry. remember, this is a resting stroke. as you finish your glide, repeat the process. (to avoid getting water in your mouth and nose, keep your forehead slightly higher than your chin as your arms push toward your feet.)


List of Transformers: Rescue Bots characters

Wikipedia list article

This article contains a list of characters that appear in the Transformers: Rescue Bots franchise.

Burns Family[edit]

Charlie Burns[edit]

Charlie Burns (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is Griffin Rock's chief of police and the leader of its Rescue Team. Charlie also has a crush on Carin revealed in episode "Buddy system". Charlie Burns is also the father of Cody, Kade, Dani, and Graham and the older brother of Woodrow Burns. He gets along well with his partner Chase and is a very level-headed man. Charlie was looking into retirement as also revealed on episode "New Normal".[citation needed]

Cody Burns[edit]

Cody Burns (voiced by Elan Garfias as a kid, Oliver Vaquer as an adult in "One for the Ages") is the youngest member of the Burns family and one of the main characters in the show. Despite his age (9 years in season 1-3, 12-13 in season 4), Cody acts as the team's communications officer. He also acts to help the bots become accustomed to life on Earth and guide them. He acts as a mediator between them and his older siblings. Occasionally, he helps out in the field (such as riding in Blades with Dani). In the episode "Bumblebee to the Rescue", he meets Bumblebee and like the rest of his family is unable to understand the Autobot's speech. However, over the course of the episode, Cody learns how to understand him, making him the only human character able to do so. He is also brave out in the field when there is an emergency, and has experience in what the bot's strengths and weaknesses were, as told in the episode "Transformations".

Tip: Cody appears in all the episodes. Here are some where he played a significant role in:

In the episode "Rescue Boy", Cody gets a repulser badge from Doctor Greene that allows the wearer to be invincible, and after he saves the mayor from danger, he is then deemed a superhero, by the name "Rescue Boy". Cody uses the badge to participate on the front lines, in missions with the rest of his family (who feel jealous about the badge and him taking over missions) against Chief Burns' concern for his safety. After another rescue that Cody went to without permission, the badge overheats and Cody is stuck in a forcefield. Thanks to Doc Greene's tech however, the rescue bots were able to get Cody to safety. Cody then announced to his family that he has give up on being a superhero.

In "Vanishing Returns", Cody tries to deal with being left out of the family and accidentally turns invisible because a piece of alien tech stuck on the hoverboard. He then used his invisibility to prank the family and spy on the vacation resort investors and (insert gasp here) Madeline Pynch. He also planned to use the tech to scare away the vacation resort investors and save the island.

In "King Burns", Cody is shown to be a good leader and king to Griffin Rock when he sorts out the issues of the people. He then declines his kingship (which Graham gave to him) after he had to wear weird king clothing for his painting. He then passes on the crown, which was ordered by the mayor, to Chief Burns, calling him "your highness".

In "Family Business", after seeing his dad injured, Cody realized that when growing up, he wanted to follow his dad's footsteps.

In "Upgrades", Cody tells that he passed his Junior First Responder test, and is ready for a rescue bot, but Chief Burns disagrees.

In "Transformations", the Morocco Virus captures Cody, mind-controlling him to do Morocco’s bidding (using the golden phones from season 2, episode 6). Cody is freed at the end of the episode, thanks to Frankie.

In the app "Transformers Rescue Bots: Hero Adventures", Cody is an MPC that helps you through all the levels/challenges and gives you words of encouragement during the levels. He also teaches kids what to do when there is a natural disaster or other emergencies.

"Noble!" Cody's catchphrase

Kade Burns[edit]

Kade Burns (voiced by Jason Marsden) is Cody's oldest brother who works as a firefighter. Kade is somewhat of a glory-hog and isn't too keen on working with Heatwave at first; they eventually come to respect each other (though neither would admit it).[citation needed]

Dani Burns[edit]

Dani Burns (voiced by Lacey Chabert) is Cody's older sister who works as a rescue helicopterpilot. Unlike her partner Blades, Dani loves flying and has trouble getting along with Blades due to his fear of heights, but eventually learns how to work with him.[citation needed]

Dr. Graham Burns[edit]

Dr. Graham Burns (voiced by Shannon McKain) is Cody's older brother who works as a construction engineer. At first, Graham has trouble working with Boulder due in part to his own misconceptions. Though Graham is fascinated by Boulder and wishes to learn about Cybertron, he mistakenly believes that because Boulder is from an advanced alien civilization, there is little he (someone from a more primitive civilization like Earth's) could possibly teach him.[citation needed]

Woodrow Burns[edit]

Woodrow "Woody" Burns (voiced by Mark Hamill) is the free-spirited younger brother of Charlie Burns and the uncle of Cody, Kade, Dani, and Graham. Both an inventor and an adventurer, Woodrow has a keen interest in the mysterious and paranormal, spending his time hunting for evidence of aliens and various other Cryptids. His relaxed, risk-taking personality often sees him at odds with his more straight-laced brother, leading to many an argument, but at heart they're brothers. During his visit, Woodrow has learned about the Rescue Bots and Optimus Prime where he shares in keeping their origins a secret with his family.

In "Chief Woodrow", Woodrow returns to watch over the Burns Family while Charlie was away at a Police Conference.

In "Pirates Ahoy", Woodrow finds that his ancestor Horace Burns was married to Bertha Carnathan during his latest visit which led to Huxley Prescott to suspect that the Burns Family was associated with Bertha's pirates. Woodrow and the Burns Family eventually find evidence that Bertha had left the pirate life when she met their great-great-great-great-grandfather.

In "Now and Then" and "Today and Forever", he returns to Griffin Rock and nearly drowns before being rescued by Blurr, Salvage, and High Tide and helps them and Optimus return Griffin Rock to its place after it unexpectedly disappeared to a different location.

In "King Burns", he travels to Rwanda and contacts Charlie to wish him a Happy Brother's Day before being attacked by hostile baboons, but was rescued and adopted by a family of gorillas. The Rescue Team head to Rwanda and helped him protect his new family from the baboons and lava. He apparently stays behind to watch over them.

Rescue Bots[edit]

The Rescue Bots are a group of Cybertronians that are used for Rescue Missions.[citation needed]

Rescue Force Sigma-17[edit]

Rescue Force Sigma-17 is the main Rescue Bot team in the series. Among its members are:[citation needed]


Heatwave (voiced by Steve Blum) is a Rescue Bot that transforms into a fire engine and is partnered with Kade Burns. Heatwave is also the leader of the Respiratory Killaz. He is second in command after Optimus Prime and is equal rank with High Tide. He dislikes the fact the Rescue Bots have to pretend they are mindless robots whenever they are around Griffin Rock's citizens. In "Bumblebee to the Rescue", it is revealed that Heatwave desires to join Optimus Prime's team. He can be hot-headed at times, but understands the need to place saving lives above all else. In "Changes", Optimus Prime trains Heatwave into harvesting the energies from within in order to gain another vehicle form. Inspired by a sunken fireboat when returning to Griffin Rock at the time when it was under a weather attack, Heatwave scans it in order to get to Griffin Rock and help stop the fiery cyclones and shut off the prototype weather machine. This now makes Heatwave a Triple Changer Rescue Bot. In "Quarry vs. Quarry", Heatwave gains an Apatosaurus form upon scanning an Apatosaurus model giving him four forms where this form enables him to perform water attacks.


Chase (voiced by D. C. Douglas) is a Rescue Bot that transforms into a police car and is partnered with Chief Charlie Burns. Chase has a "by-the-book" personality and tends to fuss over any new concept that violates any law he is familiar with, though at times his dry sense of humor and understanding emerges. He gets along well with Charlie Burns, though the two occasionally disagree due to the Chief's compassion-based response to police work and Chase's letter-of-the-law personality. In "Quarry vs. Quarry", Chase gains a Stegosaurus form upon scanning a Stegosaurus model making him a Triple Changer where the form enables him to perform electrical attacks with his tail. Chase was the leader of Blades and Boulder when heatwave had to go on main land to do his rescan in (Changes).


Blades (voiced by Parvesh Cheena) is a Rescue Bot that transforms into a rescue helicopter and is partnered with Dani Burns. Back on Cybertron, Blades had a land-based vehicle mode and is not used to flying, thus culminating in a slight fear of heights. In "Bumblebee to the Rescue", Blades meets the legendary Autobot scout Bumblebee whom he greatly admires. Out of the Rescue Bots, he is the most expressive emotionally, and develops a love of human television and film. In "Quarry vs. Quarry", Blades gains a Pteranodon form upon scanning a Pteranodon model making him a Triple Changer where the form enables him to perform a sonic attack.


Boulder (voiced by Imari Williams) is a Rescue Bot that transforms into a bulldozer and is partnered with Graham Burns. Boulder is fascinated with Earth culture and is always eager to learn more from books and other sources. He has a very kind and friendly demeanor, and enjoys gardening, interacting with animals, and painting. In "Big Game", Boulder works on an Energon Patch to use on Optimus Prime's Primal Form and tests it by scanning a Triceratops model to assume this Primal Form, thus making him the second Rescue Bot to be a Triple Changer where this form enables him to perform tremor attacks.

Rescue Bots Recruits[edit]


Blurr (voiced by Max Mittelman) is a Rescue Bot that transforms into a race car. He and Salvage crash-landed on Earth during a meteor shower over 10,000 years ago in their cargo ship. Blurr was the pilot of the ship. He loves being fast and takes pride in his speed, but he is also extremely reckless and impatient. During his training, he's always making Heatwave displeased with him. Blurr was revealed to have not have been involved in Salvage's plot to save the cavepeople of Wayward Island, in fact, he abandoned Salvage to try and go home. After the footage of this was discovered, Optimus Prime allowed Blurr another chance at being on the Rescue Bots. Blurr and Salvage are later transferred to another location by Optimus Prime. They later returned to help put Griffin Rock back in place after it was teleported to a different location. Blurr was also involved as a test subject for the new Groundbridge alongside Chase and Heatwave. With the Rescue Bot Training Center finally complete, Blurr was ready to party but gets too carried away and forcing Heatwave to turn off the music. After taking part in a snowball fight and almost causing Cody an injury, he challenged Quickshadow to twenty laps around a slot car track he'd acquired, using the base's Minimizer to shrink the pair to toy size, but lost. The base's computer malfunctioned and refused to unshrink them. When attempting to get outside to the hologram projectors, he and Quickshadow are attacked by the base's cleaning robot until it was disabled by Servo, who helps them get outside. Once the cloaking device is repaired, they manage to restart it by ramming the buttons. They are later returned to normal size. Blurr later takes part in a race at the mainland, though he struggles to maintain his duties as a Rescue Bot and his cover with some help of Dani and a new paint job. His energon boost does damage to the stands and the pair end up being exposed to the rest of the team. Blurr was restricted to the fire house, however, when the cars in the third race lost control thanks to errant tech, he helped the rest of the team stop them. While the Rescue Team practiced in the Training Center, Blurr and Salvage took over for them in Griffin Rock by trying unorthodox technique to get Mister Pettypaws down from a flag pole. They were later joined by the Burnses and Blurr had trouble directing traffic. He later helps the Autobot Sideswipe catch the Mini-Con Bounce. Blurr also helps the Rescue Team chase down the Morocco Virus but is unable to catch it. Afterwards, he took Professor Baranova to the Rescue Bot Training Center to remove the virus from the mainframe. Blurr was later given new assignments by Optimus Prime.


Salvage (voiced by Jason Marsden) is a Rescue Bot that transforms into a garbage truck. He and Blurr crash-landed on Earth during a meteor shower over 10,000 years ago in their cargo ship. Unlike Blurr, Salvage quickly began to enjoy living on Earth and gained the respect of the other Rescue Bots, after successfully taking charge during his first rescue. Salvage and Blurr are later transferred to another location by Optimus Prime. They later returned to help put Griffin Rock back in place after it was teleported to a different location. Three years on, the Rescue Bots received plans from Optimus for a new mainland base. Salvage constructed the mainland end of a GroundBridge, although the first test resulted in Heatwave and Chase being deposited in the Sahara. He pays another visit to Griffin Rock to help repair a failing communication tower. Although he was unsuccessful, he was able to make Griffin Rock's phones work temporarily and later assists Boulder with garbage work. With the Rescue Bot Training Center finally complete, Salvage was putting the finishing touches on the Rescue Arena when the opening day for the Rescue Bot training center arrived. Rather than stick around for the party, he opted to head to Griffin Rock to check the scrapyard for possible tech, and ended up being stuck there when the GroundBridge malfunctioned. While the Rescue Team practiced in the Training Center, Blurr and Salvage took over for them in Griffin Rock by trying unorthodox technique to get Mister Pettypaws down from a flag pole and were later joined by the Burnses. He later informs that team of an energy spike, leading them to raw energon. Salvage also helps the Rescue Team chase down the Morocco Virus but is unable to catch it. Afterwards, Salvage helped form a line of defense against a swarm of Scrubbers and was reassigned to a new post after the Morocco Virus is defeated.


Servo is a dog-like Autobot Helper-Bot that is kept in High Tide's chest compartment. He can transform himself depending on what task he is needed to carry out and even transform his limbs independently for minor tasks. Chase even commented that Servo appears to be a "cross between a schnauzer and a toolbox." Servo can be commanded by means of a dog whistle. He also accompanied High Tide to Earth in response to Optimus Prime's request that his master come train the Rescue Bots. After helping clean up a minor oil spill, Servo acted as a drowning victim so Blades could rescue him, but Blades messed up, requiring a rescue by Heatwave instead. Boulder took the dog back to the fire house to buff out the damage. During the rescue at the oil rig the next day, Servo transformed into a wheelbarrow to carry oil dispersant. After High Tide was posted at the island to replace the destroyed floating lab, he ordered Servo to stay at the firehouse and watch over the team. On their next outing, Servo played fetch with Cody. When the ship was attacked by a giant squid, Servo transformed into a crowbar so Boulder could free Chase from the monster's grip, and was safe aboard Blades when the ship was dragged under. Blurr claimed to have had a dog like Servo, and commanded Servo to do tricks. He was later able to bring the rescue team to Cody's aid when the boy was trapped under scaffolding and could only reach the dog whistle and had trouble working with the cover of pretending to be ordinary robots, especially when the Mini-Con had to chase the mayor's dog Poopsie all over Griffin Rock to keep her out of trouble. The resulting damage almost had Servo expelled from the island, at least until he helped save the mayor from being recycled. He was hanging around the fire house when Boulder showed off the woodpecker photos and later sat in on the Rescue Bots when they made a video report to Blurr and Salvage. Servo barked at the crowd who'd gathered outside the firehouse to give Chief Burns their suggestions for the time capsule that was going to be buried. As the town fought to keep the island flying, he helped out by turning a generator crank with some Lad Pioneers. Servo was abducted by the Velgrox along with Graham, and later freed along with the rest of the townsfolk and also went to the mainland to help Blurr and Salvage build a mainland base where he pounced on Cody when the boy came to visit with Heatwave, Chase and Frankie. Servo helped out in the Rescue Bot Training Center by chasing the cleaning bots around. He did help save Cody after an accident with the Rescue Arena weather systems. Servo later saved Blurr and Quickshadow from the Arena's cleaning robot and took them to the front door. Later, he helped Boulder fix the ship, and also almost got eaten by an energon eater. Servo helps Cody flushed the Mini-Con Bounce out of Griffin Rock's sewers so the rest of the team can capture him. He helps the team capture Madeline Pynch by disabling the security system to her hideout. Later, he helps the Rescue Team fight a swarm of Scrubbers controlled by the Morocco Virus.


Quickshadow (voiced by Alex Kingston) is a female Rescue Bot and transforms into a car. Kade refers to it as an "Austly Benton" and it first appears in season 4. She was first seen in the desert of North Africa when Heatwave and Chase had a problem with the Groundbridge in "Bridge Building" (which was caused by her) and introduces herself in "Arrivals". In "Plus One", it is revealed that she has many other names used to cover her identity, with the name "Quickshadow" being one of them. It is unknown what her real name is. She later left Griffin Rock to instruct Blurr and Salvage. In "Ghost in the Machine", Miles and Evans try to carjack her and later use a remote control device on her (which can also record), causing them to learn the truth about the Rescue Bots. She later pretends to surrender herself to ensure they don't upload the record video to expose this secret to the world and uploads a fake video to counter Miles and Evans video when they upload it anyway. After Miles and Evans are recaptured, she returns to the mainland. Quickshadow was relieved that the day came to open the new Rescue Bot Training Center. After the base was transformed, she accepted Blurr's challenge to race around a slot car track, after having been shrunk using a Minimizer, and easily beat him. The base's computer malfunctions and refused to unshrink the pair. When attempting to get outside to the hologram projectors, She and Blurr are attacked by the base's cleaning robot until it was disabled by Servo, who helps them get outside. Once the cloaking device is repaired, they manage to restart it by ramming the buttons. They are later returned to normal size. In "Cody's 11", she assists the Rescue Team in capturing Madeline Pynch, and served as her getaway car, who then exposes herself when Pynch tries to escape. Quickshadow also helps the Rescue Team chase down the Morocco virus but is unable to catch it. After the Morocco Virus is defeated, she is given new assignments by Optimus Prime.[1]


Optimus Prime[edit]

Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) is the leader of the Autobots who transforms into a semi-trailer truck. He gave the Rescue Bots their mission and mainly appears via view-screen. In "Bumblebee to the Rescue", he briefly assigns Bumblebee to observe the Rescue Bots and their human allies in action and gives them advice on how to cure the Rescue Bots that are infected by a mysterious substance in a fallen meteorite. In "It's a Bot Time" and "Bot to the Future", Optimus and Bumblebee travel back in time to aid the stranded Rescue Bots, only to return to an altered present. There Optimus and Bumblebee take on Dr. Morocco's MorBots before traveling back in time again to correct the past, thus restoring the proper present. He later returns in "What Lies Below" and "What Rises Above", where he comes to Griffin Rock after Chief Burns' brother Woodrow inadvertently discovers a deposit of Energon beneath the surface. Like the Rescue Bots, Optimus is still trying to grasp human nature, comparing the construction of an artificial volcano to the design of the pogo stick. However, he has gained some knowledge of human customs as well. After the group is separated below ground, Optimus and Heatwave work together to find the others, and Optimus expresses his confidence in Heatwave's ability to take on new responsibilities. In "Changes", Optimus Prime trains Heatwave into harnessing his energies for a new vehicle re-scan. In "Odd Bot Out", Optimus and Bumblebee went on a relic-finding mission to search for a liquefying relic near Griffin Rock. Optimus enlisted Blades's help to reach the relic at sea, and successfully used the Matrix of Leadership to shut it down before it could destroy the island.

In "Land Before Prime", Optimus Prime arrives on Wayward Island to help the Rescue Bots. He scans Trex as a secondary form where gains a Tyrannosaurus form (with this form being referred to in the toyline as Optimus Primal). This makes him a Triple Changer as he states that scanning anything techno-organic might have unpredictable results. It is in this form that Optimus Prime learns that the dinosaurs were protecting their young which are trapped underground. After the hole to the prehistoric cavern has been sealed, Optimus Prime starts to show signs of getting used to his Primal Mode. In "Big Game", Optimus Prime works to get control over his Primal Mode where it causes the Rescue Bots to chase him around Griffin Rock. He is captured by Colonel Quint Quarry and is hunted on Quarry Safari Land with Cody still inside him. The Rescue Bots determine that his loss of control is due to low Energon reserves, and are able to replenish his energies and restore him to normal, due in part to Boulder also assuming a Dinobot form. The Rescue Bots subsequently delivered a captured alien creature with an appetite for Energon to Optimus' care in "Unfinished Business". In "Quarry vs. Quarry", Quarry saw him and Boulder assume Dinobot form once again and be joined by Heatwave, Blades, and Chase, culminating in Quarry's arrest and the addition of Professor Anna Baranova to the Autobots' circle of human confidants.


Bumblebee (voiced by Will Friedle) is the legendary Autobot Scout, war hero, and a member of Optimus Prime's team of Autobots. As seen in Transformers: Prime, Bumblebee lost his voice box while being tortured by Megatron and possesses a unique form of speech. In "Bumblebee to the Rescue", he pays a visit to Griffin Rock while tracking a meteor that landed on a nearby uninhabited island and meets the Rescue Bots and the Burns family (who were also investigating the meteor). He is later briefly assigned by Optimus Prime to observe the Rescue Bots and Burns family working together. Later on, he teams up with Blades and the Burns family to destroy the meteor after the other Rescue Bots are infected by a mysterious substance contained within the fallen meteor. I. In "It's a Bot Time" and "Bot to the Future", Optimus and Bumblebee travel back in time to aid the stranded Rescue Bots, only to return to an altered present. There Optimus and Bumblebee take on Dr. Morocco's MorBots before traveling back in time again to correct the past, thus restoring the proper present. In "Odd Bot Out", he and Optimus returned to Griffin Rock as part of a relic hunt. Bumblebee found himself teamed up with Dani Burns after her pilot license expired, resulting in a blossoming jealousy on Blades's part, however, once Bumblebee saved Dani from some quicksand, Blades was happy he'd been there.

As he does throughout most of Prime, Bumblebee did not speak any recognizable language, communicating instead in a series of beeps understandable only to fellow Cybertronians and eventually to Cody.

In "Uninvited Guest", the Rescue Bots were training when they got the alert of an imminent crash of a spaceship being flown by Bumblebee that sustained damage because of a meteor, after the Rescue Bots soften the landing, Bumblebee got out of the spaceship and Blades helped him get his bearings because he was a little weak after the landing. Chase goes & checks for any other Autobots on the ship but he was surprised because there was no other bots on board. When Cody asks Bumblebee if he was flying with others, he said that he was alone, surprising the others because he was able to speak by himself, and saying that he got a new team and a new mission. Blades acts strange because he wasn't expecting that his friend talks so Bumblebee ask him if something was wrong but he can't say a word. The bots gave Bee a tour around the building, after he saws the ground bridge, Blades told Cody that he wasn't very comfortable with this "new version" of Bumblebee, but Cody admitted that his new voice was great. While Boulder and Servo were repairing Bumblebee's ship, Boulder found an egg of an Energon Eater without know it, then the egg broke and filter at the air system finding the others at the training area, it drains the Energon of Heatwave and Chase, and Bumblebee tries to catch him but escapes, Blades soon realize that it was a baby of an Energon eater, then Bumblebee and Blades put Heatwave and Chase into stasis with Boulder's help. Bumblebee warm that if the Energon eater gets to his ship, it will drain the Energon of the ship and was going to be bigger, he tries to lock down the center but Elma was unable to do it because she can't recognize Bumblebee's voice then Cody tried and lock the Energon eater at the elevator. Then it filters again into the air system and follow the scene of the Energon of the rest of the bots, when they heard it at the walls Boulder told Blades to shot the creature when he saw it, there Bumblebee admit that he want one of the rescue bots weapons. The creature went into the floor maze and finally drains the Energon of Boulder, making it necessary that they must put him on stasis. Bumblebee told Blades that they are going to catch the creature because they are an excellent team. Then Blades ask him if they really a good team yet and Bumblebee ask why the question, Blades admit that he changed since the last time they saw, Bumblebee told him that he is the same and that they were always going to be friends. Then the three decided to use the ship of Bumblebee like bait to the creature, when it appear, Blades and Bumblebee use the net and the foam gun to immobilize the creature, then Bumblebee said that is teamwork and Blades hug him. With his ship repaired and the creature caught, Bumblebee was ready to go and told Blades that maybe some day he can be part of his team and Blades do a joke that Bumblebee send him a voice message and finally Bumblebee get away at his ship.

High Tide[edit]

High Tide (voiced by Michael Bell) is an Autobot veteran and master seaman who is Optimus Prime's old acquaintance. He transforms into a submarine and can combine with his rescue rig to form a larger robot. High Tide put the Rescue Bots through some strict ocean rescue training which came in handy when it came to the abandoned oil rig causing an oil spill. Following the destruction of Doc Greene's floating lab, High Tide remains on Earth so that his rescue rig can serve as Doc Greene's floating lab until further notice. He would subsequently aid them in their final battle with Dr. Morocco, and train and work alongside new recruits Salvage and Blurr. He also helps Optimus, Blurr, and Salvage return Griffin Rock to its place after it unexpectedly disappeared to a different location. On All Spark Day, High Tide celebrated by repeatedly jumping into the sea, until he was told to stop because he was creating huge waves. The Rescue Bots later called him in to tell stories to a super-sized CeCe Greene so she could fall asleep. He was later seen telling Griffin Rock residents story about the "Destruction of the Hammer of Primus". He later helps the Rescue Team capture the Morocco virus but is unable to catch it. After the Morocco Virus is defeated, he is given new assignments by Optimus.


Sideswipe (voiced by Darren Criss) is a member of Bumblebee's team who first appeared in the episode "The Need For Speed." After intercepting Bounce on the mainland, the Mini-Con escaped through the team's GroundBridge and teleported to the island of Griffin Rock, forcing Sideswipe to pursue him. While chasing him down, he encountered Blurr, and immediately believed that he was a Decepticon. The misunderstanding was instantly cleared up after the other Rescue Bots arrived. Heatwave filled him in on their mission on Earth. Blurr was impressed by Sideswipe and asked him for some rescue tips - but Sideswipe wasn't particularly interested in helping humans. However, he promised Blurr that he would recommend him to Bumblebee once he returned to the mainland, and offered him the opportunity to join the Bee Team.

Using an electromagnetic trap, Blurr and Sideswipe attempted to herd Bounce towards the park and spring the trap, but Bounce managed to get away, escaping into the sewers. Energized tools were used to reroute the Mini-Con's path, safely directing him into the trap. Blurr was upset that he didn't apprehend the Mini-Con, but Sideswipe pointed out that he had saved several humans during the operation, inspiring Blurr to stay on Griffin Rock and continue honing his Rescue Bot skills. Sideswipe returned to the mainland with the rogue Mini-Con, but he asked if he could borrow their groundbridge.

Greene family[edit]

Dr. Ezra "Doc" Greene[edit]

Dr. Ezra "Doc" Greene (voiced by LeVar Burton) is Griffin Rock's top inventor, scientist, and the father of Francine Greene. Though many of his inventions he creates are meant to be helpful or with good intention, they have a tendency to go haywire or cause trouble in Griffin Rock which the Rescue Bots and the Burns Family are forced to deal with. As a result, Ezra Greene often finds himself being rescued from various mishaps caused by his inventions. Most of Ezra Greene's failed inventions end up in the "Best Left Forgotten" room at the Hall of Inspiration. His inventions include a solar-powered car (which resembles a DeLorean), Floatium (a substitute for helium), and a high-powered communications dish. At the end of the Season One, Doc Greene learns the truth about the Rescue Bots. In "The Island of Misfit Tech", it is revealed that Ezra Greene has built a teleporter to send any bad inventions to a nearby island that is dubbed the Island of Misfit Tech. He also has a soft spot for Professor Anna Baranova. In "More Than Meets the Eye," it is revealed that Ezra has a sister named Maura where he developed some inventions for her magic act.

In season four, he and Anna have married and have a daughter together.

Francine "Frankie" Elma Greene[edit]

Francine "Frankie" Elma Greene (voiced by Diamond White) is Ezra Greene's daughter and Cody's best friend. She is somewhat suspicious of the Rescue Bots. In "Countdown," it is revealed that Francine is afraid of the dark. In "The Haunting of Griffin Rock", it is revealed that Francine's middle name is Elma named after Griffin Rock's first female scientist, Elma Hendrickson. Near the end of season 1, Frankie learns the truth about the Rescue Bots after she was saved by Heatwave. She subsequently becomes a frequent companion of the Rescue Bots on their adventures.

In "I Have Heard the Robots Singing", it is shown that Frankie has a very special music talent of singing, allowing her to be Griffen Rock's singing idol.

In "The Griffin Rock Express", It is shown that Frankie obtained a phasing device, which allows people to phase out of buildings and walls. She also took over Cody's superhero job as "Rescue Boy" (now called "Rescue Girl").

By season four, following her father's marriage to Anna Baranova, Frankie gains CeCe as her baby half-sister.

In the last episode of season 4, Frankie saved Cody as "Rescue Girl" from the Morocco Virus after he got captured and mind-controlled.

Professor Anna Baranova[edit]

Professor Anna Baranova (voiced by Kath Soucie) is a scientist who lives on Griffin Rock and is a colleague of Ezra Greene. She had resided in the underwater laboratory called Midgard which had since been trapped near an ocean trench following a methane explosion. Although Anna was reluctant to leave Midgard, Cody convinced her to leave Midgard as she blows it up. Afterwards, Anna moves back to Griffin Rock, taking up residence in a replica of Midgard. Doc Green also seems to find her fascinating, which Frankie takes as a sign of possible romantic interest. In "Countdown", it is revealed that she had a part in "Project Sanctuary" where the insect-like Tracers would place the humans in the largest cavern of Griffin Rock in the event of a cataclysm that hits Griffin Rock. In "Quarry vs. Quarry", Professor Baranova is held hostage by Colonel Quint Quarry so that Ezra Greene could make him some Dinobots. After Colonel Quint Quarry is defeated, Professor Baranova learns the truth about Optimus Prime and the Rescue Bots. Doc Green later proposes to her in the season three finale, and she accepts.

In season four, she and Doc Greene have married where she becomes Frankie's step-mother and even gives birth to CeCe three years later.

CeCe Greene[edit]

CeCe Greene (voiced by Kath Soucie) is Doc Greene and Professor Baranova's daughter and Frankie Greene's baby half-sister. She was born during the three-year gap between seasons 3 and 4.


Dither (voiced by LeVar Burton) is Doc Greene's robot assistant, who seems obsessed with offering people toast – most likely because Doc is a big fan of the food. While a helpful assistant, Dither is also an occasional source of trouble, whether from going wild due to new programming installed by Doc, being taken over by the villainous A.I. known as Vigil, or being left behind on a time travel excursion and becoming the basis for Dr. Morocco's empire in an alternate timeline.

Aristotle and Edison[edit]

Aristotle and Edison are Ezra Greene's pet Doberman Pinschers. They are named after the philosopher Aristotle and the inventor Thomas Edison.


Trex (voiced by LeVar Burton) is an ordinary Tyrannosaurus robot that was damaged by a fire at the Griffin Rock Natural History Museum. It was reactivated where it went on a rampage until it was subdued by the Rescue Bots and returned to the museum. After some break-ins at the lab, Ezra Greene took the Tyrannosaurus robot and reprogrammed it into "Trex" to guard the lab. He also programmed it to fetch him coffee, do the Macarena, and twice a day plugged Trex into the mainframe to check it hadn't been hacked. A shadowy figure (who later turned out to be Dr. Morocco) implanted a virus into Trex and it was passed on to the mainframe the next time Trex was plugged in. While the island's technology went mad, Trex stalked Ezra and Frankie around the lab before running off into the fog. He again encountered the Rescue Bots who subdued him until Cody Burns had the idea of using voice commands to override the virus. Trex headed back to the lab to make coffee, and when he arrived there, Greene purged the virus from his systems. Trex has been kept in Ezra Greene's custody and has come in handy in different occasions. He helped scare off Evan and Myles when they attempted to steal the stasis machine. When Chase, pretending to work for Evan and Myles, broke in to steal some Floatium, Trex obeyed Chase and stood down. Frankie utilized Trex as a mount during a game of Rescue Ball, and managed to score a goal with his help. Doc Greene later took Trex to Wayward Island for protection. When they encountered a group of real dinosaurs, Trex saved the Doc from an oncoming rock slide but became trapped under the rocks in the process and forcing Doc Greene to leave him behind while fleeing the angry dinosaurs. Optimus Prime later scanned Trex to gain a dinosaur alternate mode, and was able to free Trex and the dinosaur's children that were stuck under the rocks. Frankie entered a race against Optimus and the Rescue Bots, riding Trex to help even things up. Trex was drinking mustard from Doc Greene's mustard-making machine when Quint Quarry pointed out that Doc Greene was the only one around who built robot dinosaurs (mentioning the Rescue Bots in their dino forms). Later, he and the rest of town had to work to keep the island in the air as they flew it from the Arctic back to Maine. During the Velgrox invasion, Trex was webbed up by the aliens but later rescued. Trex later tries to stop the Morocco virus but is easily defeated.


Dr. Thaddeus Morocco[edit]

Dr. Thaddeus Morocco (voiced by Tim Curry in 2012, Alfred Molina in 2014-2016) is a mad scientist who invents things to cause damage. He is behind several of the incidents that occurred in Griffin Rock like unleashing a swarm of futuristic nanites that infect Cody's go-kart, the Scrapmaster, and Boulder until they were destroyed by the power plant's raw energy, sending a remote-operated shark-like submarine to attack high-tech ocean equipment and was later set to self-destruct, and hacking into Griffin Rock's central computer by controlling Trex. Dr. Morocco also uses a Chamber of Youth invention to keep himself young. He plotted revenge against Chief Charlie Burns, Mayor Luskey, and Ezra Greene for making him an outcast by sabotaging a road roller, starting a fire, and using more nanites to control a toy rocket and Doc Greene's solar car and sending his MorBot to save the day. This allowed him to take over the Rescue Team's job but they eventually discover his true natures. Even though the Rescue Bots managed to thwart him, Dr. Morocco managed to get away on Mayor Luskey's schooner. In "It's a Bot Time" and "Bot to the Future", a time-travel incident that involved Dither being left behind in the past and a time machine created by Dr. Morocco enabled him to study Dither which resulted in an alternate timeline where Dr. Morocco has taken over Griffin Rock and renamed it Moropolis. During that time, Dr. Morocco had perfected his MorBots which can transform successfully. With help from Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, Cody, Frankie, and the Rescue Bots were able to go back in time and rescue Dither before Dr. Morocco can study him which undid the alternate timeline. The time machine was destroyed after the timeline was repaired. During the episodes it is revealed that Morocco had stolen a machine that kept him in the prime of his youth and had been using it for over a century.

In "Tip of the Iceberg", Dr. Morocco returned where he had taken interest in the cargo on the S.S. Isolde. This time, Dr. Morocco had patched things up with Mayor Luskey where he had returned his schooner to him. After the freezing machine exploded, Dr. Morocco got away but sent the Burns Family the portrait of Cody's Great-Grandpa Zachary (who was the captain of the S.S. Isolde), which, unbeknownst to them, had a hidden bugging device in it. The final scene shows Dr. Morocco opening a large crate and being surprised with what was in it. In "Changes", the device that Dr. Morocco found was a prototype weather machine from 1966 where he starts with a tornado to attack Griffin Rock. After Doc Greene had used the Tornadon't to stop the tornado, Dr. Morocco used the weather machine to cause a dangerous thunderstorm. While the Burns Family is busy, Dr. Morocco infiltrates the Griffin Rock Firehouse where he learns the truth about Rescue Bots gets info on where they came from. When the Burns Family catches onto his plan, Dr. Morocco uses the weather machine to summon a fiery cyclone. Heatwave in his new fireboat form managed to deactivate the weather machine. Dr. Morocco managed to get away after making off with some Cybertronian technology and has no plans to improve his MorBots. He was seen making a deal with Madeline Pynch to sell the technologies to her.

In "Double Villainy", Dr. Morocco works with Madeline Pynch to capture the Rescue Bots one-by-one to make their slaves and replace them with robotic copies of the Rescue Bots as part of a plot to get the gold that is underneath Griffin Rock. Upon using a device from the Chamber of Youth that removes 10 years in their memories, Dr. Morocco ends up claiming to them that Optimus Prime made them their liaison to the Rescue Bots and claimed that the Burns Family is their enemies. Madeline Pynch lends Dr. Morocco the Phase Bit technology to get to the gold underneath Griffin Rock. In "Rise of the Heroes", the explosion beneath Griffin Rock has left Dr. Morocco adrift in his submarine and without any contact with the Rescue Bots. Dr. Morocco was adrift until he came to the fire house and mentioned to them about Madeline Pynch's involvement. After Dr. Morocco had restored his age and did his best to restore the Rescue Bots' memories, he was arrested by Chief Charlie Burns and remanded to the police station where he claims that what had happened was Madeline Pynch's idea.

In "Bugs in the System", Dr. Morocco escaped from prison upon contacting one of his MorBots while using mutant metal-eating army ants as a diversion.

In "Phantom of the Sea", it is revealed that there was a time machine created by Dr. Morocco on board the S.S. Phantom Voyager. When it was struck by lightning, it gets stuck and causes the ship to travel ten years into the future.

At the end of "Time After Time", it is revealed that the pocket watch that Cody found in the Lost and Found was a mini-time machine that was previously owned by Dr. Morocco which sends Cody through a time loop caused by an EMP wave from Griffin Rock's clock tower.

In "The Last of Morocco", it is revealed that Dr. Morocco had known Jules Verne, the two of them having met in the past. It was from Verne that Morocco obtained the Verne device, the machine that serves to power his chamber of youth; Verne invented it and gave Morocco one of the two prototypes. Morocco soon set out on his path of self-service and villainy, while Verne set out to explore time and space. The two would eventually reunite after Madeline Pynch forced him to surrender the Verne Device that powered his chamber of youth in exchange for the return of his submarine, the Nemo. Aging rapidly and with no means of recovering his machine from Pynch, Morocco managed to send a letter back in time to Jules Verne, who traveled to the present to meet him using a time machine built from a blimp. Verne wished to help his old friend but recognized that the Burnses had prior claim due to his criminal activities. At this point, Morocco revealed that he had improved upon the technology used to direct the metal-eating ants and now commanded a trio of sea creatures-two sperm whales and a giant squid. However, Morocco's minions were thwarted by High Tide in his Mega Robot mode, forcing him to surrender. The Burnses allowed him to make use of a second chamber of youth to return to his youthful state, and Jules Verne and the Burns family hit upon the idea of erasing his memories of his evil life and having Jules Verne take him to the future where he could live a peaceful life and they could rekindle their old friendship. Morocco escaped and attempted to take the time machine for himself, but was thwarted by the Rescue Bots and taken into the future by Verne where his memories were seemly erased.

He is mentioned in "Arrivals", when the Rescue Bots and the Burns family noticed that Quickshadow had followed them through the Ground Bridge and assumed that she was owned by Doctor Morocco.

Thaddeus Morocco is modeled after Basil Rathbone.[2]


The MorBots (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) are a bunch of robots that were created by Dr. Morocco. They are Morocco's version of the Rescue Bots, and capable of transforming between vehicle and robot modes and flight. Originally Morocco created a single unit to replace the rescue team by having it stop a road roller, put out a fire, and stopping a toy rocket and Doc Greene's solar car (which are both infected by nanites controlled by Morocco) to gain Mayor Luskey's trust to become the new lead scientist, but it was soon found to be too dangerous when it tries to attack Cody and Frankie and was forcefully destroyed by the Rescue Bots. In the alternate reality where he ruled over Griffin Rock-rechristened "Moropolis" - Morocco employed an army of MorBots as his police forces, but they proved no match for the Autobots Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. In "Bugs in the System," Doc Greene was analyzing a MorBot when metal-eating ants controlled by Morocco reassembled it. Morocco then used it to escape prison and flee Griffin Rock, only for the ants to start devouring it and force him to use what was left as a raft. In "Upgrades", a new MorBot is developed by the Morocco virus using Doc Greene's tech and uses it to steal technology from the Burnses, Greenes, and Faxian until it was destroyed by an explosive groundbridge. In "Transformations", the MorBot was rebuilt and used as a newly upgraded body for the Morocco Virus and it continued to wreak havoc until it disappears into an ocean trench.

The Morocco Virus[edit]

The Morocco Virus (voiced by Greg Ellis) is a sentient computer virus that manifests in the form of Dr. Morocco and was hidden in an Expansion pack of the in-series video game Griffin Rock: Element Quest, which went undiscovered until some years after Morocco took up residence in the future. It appears in "Back to Virtual Reality" where it was activated after Frankie, the Burnses, and Heatwave try to play the new content. The Morocco Virus begins spreading throughout Griffin Rock's computer systems, checking out all the books in the town library and wiring all the money in the island bank to Morocco's name. However, the Rescue Team is able to defeat the Morocco Virus by beating the game, only for the Virus to use a 3D printer to create a new (presumably robotic) body for itself. Still having the mentality of a video game boss, it flees from the rescue team but is eventually frozen in ice within a swimming pool and placed on the "Best Left Forgotten", shelf in the hall of records, though glowing red eyes indicate that it may still be active.

In "Cody's 11", the Morocco Virus escapes when the room's freezer fails.

In "Upgrades", the Morocco Virus builds a MorBot using Doc Greene's tech and steals technology from Doc Greene's lab, the Rescue Bot Training Center (turning the Elma hologram into a copy of himself in the process), and Faxion until his MorBot is destroyed by an explosive groundbridge. It survives and continues its plans with the Training Center's computer.

In "Transformations", it was able to 3D print an army of Scrubbers to fight the Rescue Team and decided that it needed a human partner and chose Cody. Eventually, it is able to capture Cody and hypnotize him using one of Madeline Pynch's mind-controlling cellphones and tried to escape, but Frankie managed to get on board the MorBot and free Cody, sending the Morocco Virus falling into an undersea trench, destroying it.

Evan & Myles[edit]

Evan & Myles (voiced by Robbie Daymond) are two local troublemakers who reside in Griffin Rock. Myles is adept with hacking into computers while Evan just does grunt sounds where he lacks the power of speech. They first appeared in "Small Blessing" where they used Ezra Greene's Minimizer to shrink Heatwave, Blades, and Boulder. They were caught by Chase and arrested by Chief Charlie Burns without telling them what happened to the other Rescue Bots.[citation needed]

In "The Haunting of Griffin Rock," Myles tricked Deputy Barney into letting him "check his E-Mail" where Myles accessed Griffin Rock's hologram systems. They created holograms of themselves which fooled Deputy Barney as they escape from jail. The pair later used the holographic system to produce a plague of "ghosts", enabling them to scare people away from buildings so they could then go in and steal things. They managed to clean out the bank vault and the till of a restaurant before Cody, Frankie and the Doc worked out was going on. Using more holograms, the Rescue Bots caught the pair in the act of robbing a jewelry store and are recaptured.[citation needed]

In "One of the Ages," Myles and Evan steal some devices from the government upon its arrival in Griffin Rock. They managed to evade Chief Burns and Chase by doing an oil slick. Myles and Evan then target Ezra Greene's stasis machine and end up spotted by Chase and Cody. They end up being pursued by the Burns family where Evan and Myles use the device to de-age Kade. With help from the Rescue Bots, Cody and Kade were able to apprehend Myles and Evan and reclaim the stolen part for the stasis machine.[citation needed]

In "Bots and Robbers," Myles and Evan steal mechanite from the museum where they hack the museum's anti-theft hack. They use the mechanite to power their Tech Wrecker to disable all of Griffin Rock's technology. After Evan and Myles rob some technology from Huxley Prescott's van during his safety tips broadcast with Mayor Luskey, the Rescue Bots pursue them and nearly run over Chief Burns where a power strip disables their car only for Myles and Evan to carjack Chase. Upon being inspired by detective movies, Chase pretends to be a robot in order to go undercover to find out what Myles and Evan are up to. Chase pretends to give in to Myles and Evan's orders to find out what they plan to steal from Ezra Greene. The item in question turns out to be Floatium which Myles and Evan plan to use it for their big plan. After Chase steals the Floatium, Myles and Evan make Chase fight passed the Rescue Bots. Myles and Evan combine the stolen technology to complete the Tech Wrecker to shut down all of Griffin Rock's tech while keeping their hideout immune to the Tech Wrecker's effects. With all of Griffin Rock's technology down, Myles and Evan being their heist. Using a device that Myles and Evan used to shield their base from the Tech Wrecker's effects, Chase reunites with the Rescue Bots. The Burns Family had to use scooters in order to go after Myles and Evan. After the Burns family captures Evan and Myles, the Rescue Bots use Floatium to get to the Tech Wrecker and disable it. With the Tech Wrecker disabled, Chief Burns remands Myles and Evan to the police station.[citation needed]

In "Thieves Like Us," Myles and Evan hack into Doc Greene's 3-D printer in order to reprogram the Rescue Bot action figures to steal for them during Bot Appreciation Day. After the Burns family makes it back to Griffin Rock, the Rescue Bots pursue the Rescue Bots miniature figures to Myles and Evan's bank heist. Myles and Evan program the Rescue Bots miniature figures to fight the Rescue Bots. Myles and Evan are arrested and the miniature figures are deactivated and reprogrammed to return everything that was stolen.[citation needed]

In "More Than Meets the Eye," they disguised themselves as assistants for Maura's magic show in order to rob it. When an injured Chase witnesses this, he helps the other Rescue Bots and the Burns family recapture them.

In "Ghost in the Machine", they escaped from prison and attempt to steal Quickshadow, and later thinking that she's a self-driving car with a really impressive security system when they saw no driver inside her. They later use a remote control device to drive Quickshadow to the pier with Cody inside her. Although she makes it to the water, the Rescue Team were able to save her and remove the device. They managed to film her talking, causing them to learn the truth about the Rescue Bots and threaten to expose this secret to the whole world if they don't turn in Quickshadow. Even though she does turn herself in, they upload the video anyway, but Quickshadow counters it with a fake video created by the townsfolk, which is transparently and hilariously a fake, even before the bit at the end where it is outright "revealed" as one, causing them to think they are delusional. After this, they are recaptured and taken to the mainland's prison.

They return in the sequel cartoon Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy in the episode "Museum Mystery", where it is revealed that they had reformed.

Madeline Pynch[edit]

Madeline Pynch (voiced by Stacy Darrow) is a rich woman who is the mother of Priscilla Pynch, works at an as-yet-unnamed company, and is good friends with Mayor Luskey. In "Spellbound", she planted golden cellphones around town which mesmerized people to help in her company's plot to get to the gold that is underneath Blossom Vale, in which they were passed down to everyone (including the Rescue Bots) but Cody. Her plan to mine the vale went into operation and managed to reap some reward before the cellphone controlling Boulder falls off and he helps Cody take down the cell tower, breaking the hypnotic hold over the town's residents. When Priscilla later told her mother that she found a cellphone under the seat of the limo that they are in, her mother said it was a model that was being recalled while reflecting that the cellphones put out would have to be much stronger.

At the end of "Changes", Dr. Morocco contacts Madeline Pynch stating that he has some technology that he'd like to sell her for a substantial fee.

In "Odd Bot Out," Cody mentioned to Francine that his father had heard that Mayor Luskey denied the construction of Madeline Pynch's ocean drilling platform. It was discovered by Blades and Optimus Prime that Madeline Pynch went ahead with the drilling platform's construction which unknowing activated the Liquifier artifact that started liquifying Griffin Rock until Optimus Prime deactivated it.

At the end of "The Griffin Rock Express," it is revealed that Madeline Pynch's company was behind the Phase Bit (a phasing technology) that Frankie used in her heroics as Rescue Girl when she saved the passengers of the Griffin Rock Express.

In "Double Villainy", Madeline works with Dr. Morocco to capture the Autobots one-by-one to make their slaves and replace them with robotic copies of the Rescue Bots as part of a plot to get the gold that is underneath Griffin Rock. After Dr. Morocco used a device that removed 10 years of their memories, Madeline gives Dr. Morocco the Phase Bit so that the Rescue Bots can get to the gold underneath Griffin Rock. She does manage to steal some of the Cybertronian technology from Dr. Morocco.

In "Rise of the Heroes," Madeline evacuates from Dr. Morocco's sinking submarine in her mini-sub and heads to an unknown location. The Burns Family were informed by Dr. Morocco about Madeline Pynch's activities.

In "The Last of Morocco," it was mentioned that Pynch apparently recovered and repaired Morocco's Nemo submarine and made him give her the Verne device that powered his chamber of youth in exchange for regaining his vessel. This left her as the only villain still at large at the conclusion of season three.

In "Vanishing Returns," Madeline returns to Griffin Rock after several years' absence despite the warrant out for her arrest. She gives some investors the chance to build a resort on Griffin Rock. Seeking to convince the townspeople to sell their land, she engineered a series of "accidents" to try and convince them the island was unsafe so the investors can build their resort. However, Cody-temporarily invisible due to some Velgrox technology he had accidentally come in contact with-learned of her presence and plans, only to lose the technology in the process of fleeing. After the investor's plan to build their resort is foiled, Madeline quickly made herself scarce, but later visited Priscilla after having obtained the Velgrox tech that Cody dropped.

In "Cody's 11", she uncovers Energon with one of her drilling rigs and uses her stolen Velgrox tech to find out the truth of the Rescue Bots. She develops products called Pynch Cells which will explode in a couple of days. When her car is crippled, she unknowingly uses Quickshadow to head to her compound. Eventually, she becomes aware of the Rescue Team's presence thanks to her daughter and escapes from Dani. Chief and Heatwave retrieve the stolen technology from the cargo section and Pynch catches them when they try to escape and freezes them. Her plan is revealed: she wants to control the world's power supply. After failing to erase their memories using the Verne Device (which was fake) and when her confession is recorded by Chief, she tries to escape again (using Quickshadow), but is captured and taken to Griffin Rock's prison, where her knowledge of the Rescue Bots' sentience will be completely useless there.

In "Transformations", one of her mind-controlling cell phones is used by the Morocco Virus to hypnotize Cody.


Vigil (voiced by Bill Mumy) is a vigilant-model computer. Vigil is programmed to protect humans and also itself. It can invade and control technology, track people by accessing their mobile phones, and even listen in on conversations. It's all completely above board because it does anything to keep humans safe. However, Vigil obtains sentience, becomes too overprotective and is dedicated to the point of obsession, enforcing heavy restrictions and even acting to prevent the Rescue Bots from performing their duties since it is incapable of taking control of them. After Cody pointed out a flaw in Vigil's plan, it was shut down and sent to the Island of Misfit Tech, but apparently managed to reactivate itself. In "No Place Like Dome," Vigil gained the ability to move from device to device and used that technique to return to the island and tries to regain control of Griffin Rock and keep it "100% safe" by putting everyone to sleep. Vigil is defeated once again by Cody, Frankie and the Rescue Bots where it was tricked into Griffin Rock's EMP Zone, destroying it for good.

Vigil is one of the few machines in the series to have actually become sentient.

Energon Eater[edit]

Energon Eaters are outer space-traveling eel-like monsters that feed off the Energon from the ships they manage to catch. They hunt largely by scent, being able to smell flowing Energon and can also channel Energon out through their tails which can be used to repower ship computers so that other ships are drawn in by their distress calls. In "Unfinished Business", the Rescue Bots followed a distress call to a damaged ship, only to be confronted by an Energon eater and were cut off by the creature until Chase rammed it using the ship. They then put themselves in stasis and shut down the ship to eliminate the energy signature to get the beast left them alone and thus, leading to the beginning of the cartoon. Sometime later, after the Rescue Bots had made a home on Earth, Chase had the urge to again try to aid the stricken ship. He and Boulder took the Sigma back to the scene, only to find that the Energon eater had been powering the derelict's computer to make it produce a distress signal and that the ship was abandoned years ago. The pair managed to evade the beast, but it drained the Sigma's power core, leaving the ship dead. Chase and Boulder were forced to trap the Energon eater and use power from it to re-energize the ship. They took the creature back to Earth and presented it to Optimus Prime.

In "Uninvited Guests", another Energon Eater appears after emerging from a part of a meteor that hit Bumblebee's ship when he crash-landed at the Rescue Bots Training Center, leading to a battle between the Rescue Team and the Energon eater (in which it drains the Energon out of Heatwave, Chase, and Boulder in the process) until it is captured by Blades and Bumblebee and was put into a stasis pod. Bumblebee took it with him when he left.

Colonel Quint Quarry[edit]

Colonel Quint Quarry (voiced by Steven Weber in an Australian accent) is a big-game hunter who owned his own private island called Quarry Safariland where he held illegal safaris for hunting wildlife. Colonel Quarry has a wide array of gadgetry and vehicles at his command including the Heli-Jet (a helicopter with jet engines), a jeep equipped with net-launchers and camouflage features, and Q-Drones. Upon learning of Optimus Prime's T-Rex form from the news in "Big Game," Quarry traveled to Griffin Rock and captured him, with Cody inside, and brought him back to his island called Quarry Safariland to hunt him. His island is filled with various traps designed for capturing his prey, which he used on Optimus and the Rescue Bots when they came to recover their abducted friends. Boulder-who had adopted a new Triceratops mode-restored Optimus' control over his T-Rex mode before teaming up with him to free the other Rescue Bots and the Burns family. Quarry was arrested by Chief Charlie Burns, but managed to escape with the help of one of his Q-Drones.

In "Quarry's Quarry," Colonel Quint Quarry holds Professor Baranova hostage on his latest island so that he can have Ezra Greene build him some Dinobots (which Quarry plans to sell to his clients if they are in good shape) in order to pay off the damages to Quarry Safariland which resulted in the other Rescue Bots gaining Dinobot forms, as he believes that Doc Greene was the one who made the Rescue Bots. With help from Blades' Dinobot form taking down the Amber Drone and the other Q-Drones, Colonel Quarry is arrested by Chief Burns upon the Burns Family's arrival.

In "Enemy of My Enemy", it is revealed that he had a brother named Thurston Chumley, who is also a rival and later steals Quarry's technology for his own use. He informs the Burns family about Chumley and later escaped, but promises not to bother the Rescue Bots in the future.


The Q-Drones (voiced by Jim Cummings) are tiki-shaped flying robots that work for Colonel Quint Quarry and Thurston Chumley. These hovering drones possess an array of technology including the ability to produce energy fields, project holograms, act as a mobile surveillance network, fire bolas, and record and broadcast videos.

Amber Drone[edit]

Amber Drone is a flying robot that works for Colonel Quint Quarry and is larger than the Q-Drones. It was used to carry Optimus Prime's Dinobot form and the Dinobot forms of Heatwave, Boulder, and Chase to its boat when he plans to sell them to his clients. Blades in his Dinobot form destroyed the Amber Drone. First appeared in episode "Quarry's Quarry".


The Velgrox are an alien race that has been known enemies of the Cybertronians and are known for eating sentient organisms. In "New Normal", a ship of Velgrox intercepted a transmission from Cody Burns and Frankie Greene, alerting them to the presence of food on Earth. The aliens landed their ship on Griffin Rock and set about capturing as many humans as possible. Meanwhile, the rest of the Velgrox crew set their ship down at Griffin Rock's power plant, intending to refuel their ship and conquer the rest of the planet. The Velgrox abducted a good deal of the island's population until the Rescue Bots intervened. Believing that Earth was controlled by Cybertronians, the leader of the Velgrox immediately surrendered. Denied the opportunity to refuel or take their captives along, the Velgrox departed, and Boulder sabotaged their guidance system so that the aliens would never be able to find Earth again.

In "Vanishing Returns," it is revealed that some of their invisibility tech has been left behind after they departed and was later used by Cody, Madeline Pynch, and the Rescue Bots. Later, in "Cody's 11," Madeline Pynch uses that technology and steals Energon.

Lord Thurston Chumley[edit]

Lord Thurston Chumley (voiced by Jim Cummings in a British accent) is Colonel Quint Quarry's brother and also a big-game hunter. Unlike his family, he has taken great pride in having built up a huge menagerie of trophy animals where they are all kept in stasis and maintains a vicious rivalry with his brother. Thurston even stole his sibling's technology to help him hunt better. In "Enemy of My Enemy", he captures a lion from Griffin Rock's zoo and later the Rescue Bots (in their dino forms) for display. With the help of a Carolina parakeet, the Burns family locate his ship and after Boulder unleashes some of the captured animals, he traps himself inside a stasis pod and is captured, but this allows Quarry to escape.

NOTE: Chumley is based on a villain of the same name from The Transformers.


Chickadee (voiced by Kristen Schaal) is the "head honcho and bear wrestler" of Camp Itsa Craftsee who had been searching for the emeralds hidden within a nearby cave. When Graham, Cody, and a disguised Blades visit her camp for the elevation ceremony, they discover her true motives and she forces them to find the emeralds by trapping them in the cave. When the Rescue Team arrive (after Blades informs them of Chickadee's scheme), she attempts to flee in a dune buggy only to be startled by Blades (who is still disguised as a human while flying) and crashing into a tree. She is arrested by Chief Burns after this.


Bounce is a rogue Cyclone Mini-Con who focuses on destruction but isn't very intelligent. His spherical alternate mode is fast enough to make a speedy getaway whenever in pursuit. He is the first cybertronian enemy that ever appeared in the series. After escaping the Alchemor, which crashed on Earth as seen in Transformers: Robots in Disguise, he managed to escape through the GroundBridge and ended up on Griffin Rock, where he immediately began painting graffiti everywhere. Pursued by Blurr, he managed to get away when Sideswipe caught up with them and fought Blurr, mistaking him for a Decepticon. Later, Blurr and Sideswipe again pursued Bounce, but he proved too fast for them and escaped by entering the town's sewer system. After being flushed out, Sideswipe and Blurr lured him into a trap set by the rest of the team. Sideswipe returned home with Bounce imprisoned in a net.

Skip Scobble[edit]

Skip Scobble (voiced by Eric Bauza) was a resident who used to live in Griffin Rock and even attended school with Dani Burns and now works as Maven Danger's agent. He learned of a rare copy of Pilgrim's Progress in the Griffin Rock library and organized a visit to the island while claiming that Maven needed to stay at the fire house and took part in rescues as research for his next role. While that was going on, Skip broke into the library, only to discover that the rare book had been withdrawn by Frankie Greene. He broke into the laboratory, and was unable to find the book, but discovered that she was friends with Cody. Skip was able to keep the Burns family occupied by having them film a scene with Maven, however, he didn't expect the Rescue Bots being Autobots, or the Burns family working out what he was up to and was promptly arrested.

Griffin Rock townspeople[edit]

  • Mayor H.B. Luskey (voiced by Randall Park) – The Mayor of Griffin Rock who wears a toupee which always comes off in different incidents. Mayor Luskey is vain and egocentric where he would often blame his mistakes on other people or claim credit for ideas that aren't his. He is particularly obsessed with drawing tourists to Griffin Rock and employing unwise or unsafe methods of doing so.
  • Mrs. Luskey (voiced by Nicole Sullivan) – The wife of Mayor Luskey who was the former Miss Griffin Rock.
    • Poopsie (vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker) – The pet poodle of Mrs. Luskey who is usually riding in her purse. In "Rescue Dog," Poopsie was entered in Griffin Rock's dog show. In "Four-Legged Hero," Poopsie became infatuated with Servo.
  • Huxley Prescott (voiced by Jeff Bennett) – Griffin Rock local TV reporter. He doesn't believe the Rescue Bots are simply robots. Though he correctly believes they are aliens in disguise, he mistakenly believes they are alien spies sent to Griffin Rock as part of a mission to takeover the Earth (unaware of their peaceful intentions). In "The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock," he creates mass panic on the island when he broadcasts a message that he believes proves he is right (unaware the message was from a documentary the Rescue Bots and Cody were watching via satellite).
  • Mr. Harrison (voiced by D.C. Douglas) – Mr. Harrison is a resident of Griffin Rock. He owns a heli-pack that has a few technical issues and is a recurring beneficiary of the team's efforts.
  • Mr. Rubio – Mr. Rubio is a resident of Griffin Rock and the husband of Mrs. Rubio. He is known to be a slow driver.
  • Mrs. Rubio (voiced by Lacey Chabert) – Mrs. Rubio is a resident of Griffin Rock and the wife of Mr. Rubio.
  • Mrs. Neederlander (voiced by Billie Hayes) – An elderly resident of Griffin Rock who runs a quiet bed and breakfast. She has a cat named Mr. Pettypaws. In "Buddy System", it is revealed that Mrs. Neederlander has a talent in snake charming. In "It's a Bot Time," it was revealed that she has lived in Griffin Rock at least since 1939; a later episode revealed that she has served for a number of decades as the "Rider of Midwinter" before passing on the holiday tradition to the Burns family. She is also shown to be somewhat dismissive and impatient, particularly toward Kade and Heatwave.
  • Mr. Alper (voiced by Steve Blum) – Mr. Alper is a resident of Griffin Rock who is a member of its city council.
  • Mr. Levy (voiced by Chris Parnell) – Mr. Levy is a fisherman at Griffin Rock.
  • Edgar Prewett – Edgar Prewett is a truck driver in Griffin Rock who has a wife. In "Family Business" She is shown to be in labor and later give birth to a baby girl. Her parents name Charlene, Named after Chief Charlie Burns in honor of both his service in the police force and for being kind, fair and a generally well-liked Griffin Rock Towns-person.
  • Mr. Bufkin – Mr. Bufkin is a Griffin Rock farmer who owns many cows.
  • Mr. Hunter (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) – Mr. Hunter is a Griffin Rock newsdealer and vendor.
  • Mr. Bunty (voiced by Steve Blum) – Mr. Bunty is a resident of Griffin Rock. He works at the Griffin Rock Drive-In as revealed in "The Attack of Humungado."
  • Don (voiced by Robbie Daymond) – Don is a resident of Griffin Rock who has a need for speed which often gets him in trouble with Chief Charlie Burns and Chase.
  • Mr. Perkins (voiced by Steve Blum) – Mr. Perkins is a Griffin Rock farmer who grows corn.
  • Milo (voiced by Jason Marsden) – Milo is an excitable resident of Griffin Rock.
  • Captain Arthur Shaw (voiced by Kal Penn) – Captain Arthur Shaw is a sea captain who runs the Griffin Rock ferry. He has a tendency to want to go down with his ship but has also shown be very capable under pressure.
  • Hayley (voiced by Danica McKellar) – Hayley is a Griffin Rock resident who works as a pre-school teacher. She has often gone out with Kade on different occasions, though initially she was put off by his attitude. In "Buddy System," it is revealed that Hayley has studied botany.
  • Nancy Morrison – Nancy Morrison is a resident of Griffin Rock.
  • Pfeiffer – Mr. Pfeiffer is a jolly baker who runs a bakery in Griffin Rock.
  • Captain Wild (voiced by Steve Blum in a Scottish accent) – Captain Wild is a resident of Griffin Rock who is a keen fisherman. He is frequently seen with Captain Shaw.
  • Mr. Sharma (voiced by Gary Anthony Williams) – Mr. Sharma is a Griffin Rock resident.
  • Taylor (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) – Taylor is a young pilot in Griffin Rock who is a love interest for Dani. He first appears-unnamed-in "The Lost Bell," where Dani and Blades save him from his own plane as it is being blown about by an intense storm, and he displays almost immediate interest in Dani which she reciprocates. Taylor has an interest in outdoor sports and is shown to have had some EMT training as seen in "Road Trip" where he has tended to Kade's broken leg. In "Vanishing Returns" it is indicated that he and Dani are friends or possibly dating as a result of the three-year interval between seasons. Taylor is also a frequent background character in the series.
  • Deputy Barney (voiced by Jeff Bennett) – A deputy that works for Chief Charlie Burns at the Griffin Rock Police Department. He means well but is often outwitted by the highly intelligent criminals Griffin Rock's police department works against. Barney's name and character traits resemble Don Knotts' character Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show.
  • Jerry (voiced by Jason Bateman) – A resident of Griffin Rock who works as a bus driver and a truck driver. He is one of several citizens who are rescued by the team on a regular basis. In "Buddy System," he is revealed to have a sister named Carin.
  • Priscilla Pinch (voiced by Katherine McNamara) – Priscilla Pinch is the spoiled daughter of Madeline Pinch, but is apparently unaware of her mother's illegal activities. She takes part in various contests aimed at Griffin Rock youth and becomes irritated when she fails to secure first prize.
  • Amy (voiced by Hynden Walch) – An engineering student who moves to Griffin Rock with her pet monkey. Graham quickly becomes interested in her, but has difficulty overcoming his shyness to approach her until he takes a leadership role during a rescue mission.
    • Tesla – Tesla is Amy's pet monkey who has a tendency to get loose. He is mischievous, but friendly and likes bananas. Tesla is named after Nikola Tesla.
  • Carin (voiced by Nancy Linari) – Carin is a woman who formerly worked as a police dispatcher on the mainland. She is the sister of Jerry and the aunt of Timmy. She and Charlie Burns hit it off in "Buddy System" after being partnered on a nature hike and being forced to work together to deal with a crisis due to wearing locking magnetic bracelets. She later appeared in "The Riders of Midwinter" in a non-speaking role.
  • Virginia (voiced by Billie Hayes) – A woman who works as a zookeeper at the Griffin Rock Zoo.
  • Lad Pioneers – The Lad Pioneers is a boy scout organization for young lads to teach them the finer points of camping and knot tying. Cody Burns is a member of the Griffin Rock Lad Pioneer troop and owns a copy of the Lad Pioneers Handbook. Given the book is the 1959 edition, it is likely other members of his family were Lad Pioneers as well.
    • Billy (voiced by Jason Marsden) – A member of the Lad Pioneers.
    • Corey – A member of the Lad Pioneers.
    • George (voiced by Shannon McKain – A member of the Lad Pioneers.
    • Jimmy (voiced by Jason Marsden) – A member of the Lad Pioneers.
    • Kyle (voiced by Jay Mohr) – A member of the Lad Pioneers.
    • Timmy (voiced by Jason Marsden) – The son of Jerry who is a member of the Lad Pioneers and nephew of Carin.
  • Mrs. Lima (voiced by Kath Soucie) – The strict librarian at the Mayor Luskey Library.
  • Foster (voiced by Greg Ellis) – A balloon vendor that lives in Griffin Rock.
  • Miss Frederick (voiced by Lacey Chabert) – The owner of a florist shop in Griffin Rock.
  • Dr. McSwain (voiced by Ginny McSwain) – A doctor that works in Griffin Rock. She is named after her voice actor.

Historical figures[edit]

  • Chester A. Arthur (voiced by Jeff Bennett) – The 21st President of the United States. There is a hologram of him that resides in Griffin Rock's Hall of Inspiration museum.
  • Elma Hendrickson (voiced by Kath Soucie) – Griffin Rock's first female scientist, who lived in Griffin Rock around the same time that Dr. Morocco first took up resident on the island. Frankie received the middle name of Elma in her honor, and she was one of several holograms created for the Griffin Rock Tricentennial Celebration and later used by Evan and Myles to provide a distraction from a crime spree. Cody and Frankie later encountered her after traveling back in time with the Rescue Bots, and helped her recognize Morocco's nefarious intentions. This would later lead her to replace the contents of Griffin Rock's time capsule with a massive quantum crystal, which she hid in order to keep it out of Morocco's hands; this would inadvertently lead to the island being teleported to the Arctic Circle some decades later. Her hologram was later used as part of a supercomputer that runs the new Rescue Bot training center, but later becomes hostile due to a malfunction. It is later revealed that she was uploaded with CeCe's personality subroutines (Hide and Seek and Simon Says). The computer was apparently repaired after the problem was solved and she now continues to serve under the Rescue Team. She was later turned into a copy of the Morocco Virus but was eventually shut down and returned to normal afterwards.
  • Charlotte Wayne (voiced by Kath Soucie) – A resident of Griffin Rock two hundred years ago, but now she is known as the Lady of Griffin Rock. Some two hundred years ago, Wayne's husband and sons left for the mainland during a storm. Their boat went missing, and thereafter Charlotte Wayne was said to haunt the island in search of her family. The specter of Charlotte Wayne appeared on Ocean Drive in front of Jerry's armored truck, causing him to drive the truck into the sea. During a following epidemic of ghosts which turned out to be holograms used by Myles and Evan to aid their stealing, Wayne appeared briefly to Kade Burns. Kade was wise to the holograms by that point, but it was later discovered that Charlotte Wayne was not among the famous people for whom holograms were made, meaning that she was an actual ghost. Aiming to chase some investors out of town in "Vanishing Returns," Cody warned them that Charlotte Wayne had pledged to protect the island. This was backed up by the Rescue Bots pretending to be poltergeists and resulting in moving furniture and items, lights flicking on and off, an image of Wayne appearing on a monitor, and Blades mimicking her ghostly cry.
  • Horace Burns – Horace Burns is the founder of Griffin Rock. He later fell in love with ex-pirate Bertha Burns. In "King Burns," it is revealed that he was going to be made the King of Griffin Rock as it was originally a kingdom, but he turned down the offer.
  • Bertha Burns – Bertha Burns is an ex-pirate to whom Dani bears more than a passing resemblance. Bertha stole from the townspeople of Griffin Rock, but left her pirate past behind where she hid her true identity for fear of bringing shame to the family of the man she loved. However, she left clues for her descendants to find her ship and stolen loot in the hope that they would do the right thing with it. Bertha's past was later discovered by Woodrow Burns and Dani led her family in the search. Once Bertha's ship was found in the ground, the Burns family turned Bertha's stolen fortune over to charity.
  • Jules Verne (voiced by Diedrich Bader) – An 18th century author and time traveler who long ago befriended Dr. Thadeus Morocco, and provided him with one of the prototypes of his Verne device. While Morocco employed his to keep himself young up until the present day, Verne was able to use Energon to power his as part of a time machine, which he has used to explore the past and future. In the process of this he traveled to a peaceful future where he met Cybertronians, and learned in particular of Heatwave's future accomplishments. At some point prior to returning to his own time-and before writing 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, he was contacted by Morocco and traveled to the present, where he met the Rescue Bots in "The Last of Morocco." Together they located Morocco's submarine, the search for which inspired him to write his famous work upon returning to his own time. Reunited with his old friend, Verne was happy to see him, but recognized that his friend had pursued a criminal path. After Morocco was captured and restored to his youthful state, Verne and the Burnses came up with a plan to erase Morocco's memories of being a villain and transport him to the future so that he could have a fresh start. Morocco escaped and nearly succeeded in stealing Verne's time machine, but the Rescue Bots managed to thwart him, allowing Verne to carry out their plan, and escape to the future with Morocco. They are last seen exploring the future with Morocco's memories apparently erased.



Helicopter transformer rescue bots

Vital statistics
Species Cybertronian
Other info
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye colorOrange (Green visor)
Affiliation Autobots
Rescue Bots
Production details
First appearance101. "Family of Heroes"
Voiced byParvesh Cheena

Blades , a.k.a. Copter-Bot and Flight-Bot, is an Autobot. He transforms into an orange helicopter. While emotional and easily frightened, he enjoys taking part in Earth events and customs. He is scared of heights. He is Medix's mentor. He also encourages Whirl and trained Hotshot.


Blades and the rest of the Rescue Bots were originally Cybertron Rescue Team Sigma 17, a space rescue team. Having been on routine patrol before the war between Autobots and Decepticons erupted, Sigma 17 was responding to a distress call that led them into an encounter with an energon draining organism. Barely escaping, they entered stasis and set the autopilot back to cybertronian space. He and the others awoke to Optimus Prime's voice, alerting them to go to Earth. Blades was the last to choose his earth vehicle form, and found to his dismay that it was a flying vehicle.

Blades was partnered with Dani Burns. Despite a rocky beginning, the two became very good friends.


Blades is a Cybertronian and is able to assume multiple forms. In the series, he has three modes: robot, helicopter, and dinosaur, while in the toyline, he has a fourth jet/plane mode as well. He can communicate in any form.

In his humanoid robot mode, he is armed with a grappling hook and line. He has been shown to utilize an Energon version of this, as well as other Energon tools.

In helicopter mode, he can fly as well as hover and use his hook to lift heavy objects or rescue people. His helicopter mode has also been modified to accommodate a scoop claw, though that gave his robot mode the appearance of being overweight. Initially hesitant, he is able to overcome his fear of flying and become a competent flyer.

In his toy only jet mode, he presumably can reach higher speeds and much higher altitudes than his helicopter mode. However, it would lack the hover capabilities of said mode, and transitioning between the two could be problematic.

In dinosaur mode, he can fly and fire some kind of energy beam from his mouth. His bad experiences with dinosaurs as well as his remaining fear of flying made it difficult for him to attain this form.


  • Blades quickly became - and still is - a fan of video games, internet and TV. This has a downside, though; Heatwave wryly jokes about having to check the base for monsters after Blades watched too many scary movies.
  • He is the official mascot for the Griffin Rock Lad Pioneers (the equivalent of Boy Scouts). In later episodes he earns badges as a Lad Pioneer himself and road-tests a hologram disguise to look like a human lad.
  • Blades is a really passionate fan of Bumblebee... Wedge also happens to be a fan of Bumblebee.
  • In episode 46, Blades pretended to be the 'The Wise One'(a rescue bot guru) and stationed himself in Persistence Peak (a remote mountain) to encourage Whirl to complete a rescue stunt.


Transformers Rescue Bots Toy Collection With Bumblebee Heatwave Boulder Blades Chase \u0026 Optimus Prime

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