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Why The Indominus Rex Is The Real Tragic Figure Of &#;Jurassic World&#;

Jurassic World takes place 20 years after Steven Spielberg’s hit film Jurassic Park and revolves around the bioengineering company InGen creating a hybrid dinosaur called the Indominous Rex.

Due to genetic tampering, the Indominous is very aggressive and managed to get out of her cage. She then wreaks havoc and even manages to convince the velociraptors that were being trained by Own Grady to turn on the humans.

At first glance, the Indominous Rex appears to be the villain of the piece. After all, she killed other dinosaurs for sport and had no problems chowing down on humans. However, upon closer examination, the Indominous Rex is actually the tragic figure of the film and InGen is revealed to be the true villains.

Near the end of Jurassic World, Dr. Wu admits the Indominous Rex was specifically engineered to be aggressive because Hoskins was interested in designing weapons for the U.S. military.


Psychology Today points out that genetics play a huge role in determining an animal’s temperament. In the real world, responsible dog breeders only breed animals that are physically healthy and mentally sound in order to avoid any behavioral issues, such as fear or aggression.

The genetic tampering performed by InGen unwillingly caused the death of the second Indominous Rex. The older hybrid killed and ate her younger sibling right after they hatched. Essentially, the Indominous was the product of bad breeding and InGen’s lack of caution when designing the hybrid led to the deaths of dozens of people.


However, even though the Indominous was not mentally sound, InGen still could have managed her potential issues. If InGen and Masrani Global were smart, they would have socialized the young Indominous with either Rexy or Blue and the other Velociraptors. After all, the Indominous was created using a wide variety of DNA, including from the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Velociraptors. The older dinosaurs could have taught the young Indominous social skills, which may have helped to curb her aggressive tendencies.


The late animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin pointed out that puppies who miss the crucial socialization period tend to be fearful with unfamiliar environments.
Given the Indominous’s unstable temperament and lack of socialization, it is very likely that she killed the other dinosaurs and humans sent to contain her because she was terrified.

Finally, InGen could have avoided the entire incident if they also allowed Owen to train the Indominous the same way he trained the Velociraptors.

&#;Much like working line dog breeds, such as the Belgian Malinois, intelligent animals need plenty of positive reinforcement training in order to keep from becoming destructive.&#;

In the film, Owen respected the Velociraptors and was always gentle with them because he knew they were not domesticated animals. Even when the Indominous convinced her new allies to attack the humans, Blue and her sisters never hurt Owen or his fellow trainer Barry because they remembered how both men were kind towards the pack. Claire even admitted at the beginning of the movie that the Indominous grew up in isolation, which worried Owen because animals that grow up all by themselves often have behavior problems. To make matters worse, the only positive interaction the Indominous ever had was with the crane used to feed her.

If Owen had been allowed to train her, that would have kept her from being bored and she might not have been so desperate to escape if she had something to occupy her mind.

Much like working line dog breeds, such as the Belgian Malinois, an intelligent animal needs plenty of positive reinforcement training in order to keep from becoming destructive.


Celebrated dog trainer Victoria Stillwell notes that using positive reinforcement on aggressive dogs is the best way to manage a dog with behavioral issues. If Owen had used positive reinforcement on the Indominous, he could have successfully managed her aggressive tendencies and she would have been a happier, healthier animal.

At the end of the day, the blame for the second incident on Isla Nublar lies firmly on the shoulders of InGen. They were the ones who disregarded the link between genetics and temperament and insisted on breeding an animal to be a living weapon.

The Indominous Rex is the most tragic figure in the franchise because she never had a chance to be a normal animal due to the odds being stacked against her. InGen is the real villain because they decided to breed animals willy-nilly without thinking of the consequences to both the human visitors and the dinosaurs. Somewhere amidst the action, violence, and CGI, Jurassic World was sending us message: be careful how you train your pets.

Death Count Victim Murderer/Assassin Cause of Death 1 Ellis Indominus Rex Picked up, chomped, ripped apart 2 Nick Indominus Rex Chomped 3 Hamada Indominus Rex Crushed by the Indominus's hand, before stepping him flat 4 Trooper Indominus Rex Smashed against a tree 5 Craig Indominus Rex Thrown against a tree branch 6 Lee Indominus Rex Crushed by tree 7 Trooper Indominus Rex Whacked by tail 8 Trooper Indominus Rex Whacked by tail 9 Trooper Indominus Rex Eaten on a tree 10 Trooper Indominus Rex Chomped while shooting at Indominus 11 Ankylosaurus Indominus Rex Skull crushed 12 Apatosaurus Indominus Rex Scratched, then died 13 Apatosaurus Indominus Rex Scratched, then died 14 Apatosaurus Indominus Rex Scratched, then died 15 Apatosaurus Indominus Rex Scratched, then died 16 Apatosaurus Indominus Rex Scratched, then died 17 Apatosaurus Indominus Rex Scratched, then died sadly 18 ACU Dude Pteranodon Picked up 19 ACU Dude Pteranodon Stabbed in the chest by beak of Pteranodon 20 Simon Masrani Flock of Pternodons Blown up in a helicopter crash 21 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 22 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 23 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 24 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 25 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 26 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 27 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 28 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 29 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 30 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 31 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 32 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 33 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 34 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 35 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 36 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 37 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 38 Civilian Pteranodons and Dimorphodons Killed 39 Zara Mosasaurus Caught on tongue and devoured in one bite 40 A Pteranodon Mosasaurus Chomped down, dragged into the lagoon 41 Dimorphodon Claire Dearing Shot several times 42 Dimorphodon Trooper Shot 43 InGen Soldier Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo Eaten 44 InGen Soldier Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo Eaten 45 InGen Soldier Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo Eaten 46 InGen Soldier Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo Eaten 47 InGen Soldier Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo Eaten 48 InGen Soldier Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo Eaten 49 InGen Soldier Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo Eaten 50 Charlie InGen Soldier Blown up by a rocket launcher 51 InGen Dude Delta Eaten 52 Vic Hoskins Delta Right hand bitten, mauled 53 Delta Indominus Rex Thrown into a burner 54 Echo Indominus Rex Thrown away 55 Indominus Rex Rexy, Blue, and Mosy Knocked into various buildings, dragged into the water
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How The Spinosaurus Was Supposed To Die In Jurassic Park 3

The mighty Spinosaurus just kind of vanishes from Jurassic Park 3's narrative, but it was originally planned to have a grand death scene.

The mighty Spinosaurus just kind of vanishes from Jurassic Park 3's narrative, but it was originally planned to have a grand death scene. Each Jurassic Park and World movie has featured dinosaurs not seen in prior installments, and that makes perfect sense, as things might get boring if there weren't any new dino species around to supply additional threats. That was of course upped even further in Jurassic World and its sequel, in the form of genetically created hybrids like the Indominus Rex and Indoraptor.

The big addition to the dinosaur gene pool in Jurassic Park 3 was the Spinosaurus, a creature fully capable of hunting prey both on land and in the water. The largest known species of carnivorous dinosaur, the Spinosaurus earned lots of derision from franchise fans for engaging in what amounted to a one-sided squashing of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the world's most famous dinosaur, and the mascot for the Jurassic Park brand. Fans love the T-Rex, and to see the Spinosaurus beat a T-Rex like a pushover made many resent the new dino.

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Making matters worse was the fact that the Spinosaurus doesn't get any kind of death scene to serve as catharsis for those who weren't happy about its new status at the top of the dinosaur food chain. The massive creature just got spooked by some fire and made a tactical retreat. It turns out though that the Spinosaurus was originally going to be taken down by another kind of fan-favorite dinosaur.

In Jurassic Park 3, the Spinosaurus makes a final attack attempt on Alan Grant and the Kirby family while they're attempting to travel to safety on a boat. The angry beast does major damage to the vessel, and nearly kills the humans it's after. Eventually, Grant is able to shoot it with a flare gun, which doesn't hurt the Spinosaurus but does cause the fuel that had leaked out of the wrecked boat to catch fire. The Spinosaurus swims away and isn't seen again. However, a deleted scene gave the creature a much more violent death, in which Grant used the Velociraptor Resonation Chamber he'd found earlier to summon a pack of raptors, who attacked and killed the Spinosaurus.

While that might sound unlikely, as helpfully laid out by Klayton Fioriti on YouTube, Grant is able to use the device to make a call that effectively tells any raptors in the area that the Spinosaurus has stolen raptor eggs. This leads a huge group of raptors to arrive, numbering more than 20, and attack the Spinosaurus all at once, ripping and tearing at its flesh, and eventually killing it. One raptor briefly considers the escaping humans but decides to keep chowing down on Spinosaurus steak. Sadly, it seems this death scene was never shot, getting changed in a later script revision. It definitely would've given the Spinosaurus subplot a more satisfying ending, and Jurassic Park 3 a thrilling additional moment.

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Deviljho vs Indominus set

Season 4, Episode 3! The Final Nine, Episode 2! Monster Hunter vs Jurassic World! When the untamable tyrants finally clash, who shall be the terror who remains standing?

Bringer of Darkness: Alright, the combatants are set, and we&#;ve run the data through all possibilities!

TheMHFan: It&#;s time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!


PRELUDE HERE: Prelude: Untamable Tyrants


Forest near Jurassic World, Isla Nublar

To say that &#;all hell had broken loose&#; would have been an understatement.

A rogue dinosaur had broken loose from its containment, and was currently wreaking havoc on everything that dared cross its path, whether it be monster or man. Three years of solitary confinement had left the dinosaur confused as to what its place was in the food chain, and it was just now trying to find out—by slaughtering everything in its path.

The beast in question was the latest creation of International Genetics Incorporated, an amalgam of the DNA of many dinosaurs and modern animals. It was created in order to boost ticket sales for the theme park on Isla Nublar, aptly named &#;Jurassic World&#;.

But the folly in that act was thinking that man could just master the life he created. No, this hybrid dinosaur very much had a mind of its own—and judging by its breakout, it absolutely despised being held in captivity just for human entertainment. And now, it was going to maul the fools that dared contain it, as well as everything that stood in its way.

Which was why a team was dispatched to the forests outside Jurassic World. This asset containment unit was armed to the teeth with an entire assortment of non-lethal weaponry, to take down the creature in question and bring it back to containment.

The members of the containment unit craftily snuck around the bushes of the forest, their rifles primed to shoot at their target. They knew what the creature that they were dealing with looked like—but they had no idea how to deal with it, exactly. They had to subdue it as quickly as possible and return the beast to its paddock before it could cause any more harm.

The commander of the containment unit scanned the dense jungle, looking out for the target monster. He knew that they had to be prepared for anything, hence he kept his gun close. The dinosaur they sought could emerge out of any of the thickets in the jungle, and the containment unit did not yet know how to deal with such phenomenal power.

Commander Hamada&#;s ears perked up, as the trees rustled. His finger snaking around the trigger, Hamada tensed up, raising his gun in front of him. The beast they were searching for could already be here&#;

The earth shook slightly. This sent the whole team on alert, and had them ready their weapons as well. The earth shook, and shook, and shook again, with each rumble making the asset containment unit tense up more, and more, and more&#;

The leaves by Hamada rustled violently&#;

&#;and the tree in front of the commander shattered into tiny splinters and a cloud of sawdust. And the animalistic roar that came with it, as well as the dinosaur-like shape that emerged from the cloud, was enough to instill fear into the hearts of all of the containment unit.

Copious amounts of saliva dripped from the beast&#;s maw as it opened its jaws wide and lunged forward. Commander Hamada didn&#;t even have the time to scream in fear before the monster snapped its jaws around him, lifted him into the air with minimal effort, and tossed him down on the ground, snapping his spine and undoubtedly killing him instantly.

The monster roared as it lifted its leg and crushed the dead ACU commander into a fine paste. As the rest of the unit beheld the monster, with its hungry eyes, rows of jagged teeth, and forest-green scales, one thing was made clear to them&#;

This was not the monster they were looking for.

As the ravenous new dinosaur thundered towards them, completely shrugging off the unit&#;s tranquilizer rounds and tasers, the containment team would soon lack the time to run away, as their inevitable doom approached&#;


Somewhere near that same forest

The dinosaur lifted its head, its snout and foreclaws streaked in the blood of its freshest kill. The beast with chalk-white scales roared, before lumbering away from the corpse of the Parasaurolophus that it had just slaughtered. Apart from the claw and bite wounds on its body, the herbivorous dinosaur was largely left untouched and uneaten.

This was the dinosaur that had broken loose from captivity in its paddock. Brought into existence by science, the creature was born—or rather, created—out of the multiple DNA signatures of varying dinosaurs and modern animals alike. It was supposed to be the new attraction that would have breathed new life into Jurassic World, but right now it was a monster that relentlessly slaughtered whatever stood in its way. And if it wasn&#;t stopped, everyone and everything on this island was a potential meal to it.

This was the aptly-named Indominus Rex—the untamable king.

The hybrid dinosaur let out a growl as she walked across the forest, remaining careful so as not to be seen. Indominus was on the prowl, searching for the next potential victim to kill. She didn&#;t care what or who it was—her rampage would not be impeded.

The dinosaur suddenly stopped in its tracks as she heard a new, foreign roar not far from her position. What was this? A creature that had stumbled upon this jungle? A predator scouring the forest for its next meal?

The hybrid dinosaur need not wait long for an answer. As soon as she approached a clearing in the forest, the source of the roar soon revealed itself before her eyes.

It was a dinosaur, whose thick hide was littered with jagged spikes that ran down its back and tail. It had large, powerful hind legs, but small, useless forelegs. Its forest-green scales did little to hide the various battle scars that adorned its body. And judging by the way it ravenously devoured the scores of dead humans around it, the monster was very, very hungry.

The beast in question—known in its native land as the World Eater, Deviljho—ignored Indominus&#;s presence, as it continued to wolf down on the human carcasses that littered the forest like its life depended on it. Indominus, seemingly excited at the prospect of getting to sink its claws into this new creature, opened its jaws and caught Deviljho&#;s attention with an ear-piercing shriek.

The hungry Brute Wyvern did not take seem to take this interruption lightly. Blood still dripping from its mouth, the Deviljho snarled at the monster that cut its meal short, anger and hunger in its yellow eyes. The indignation that the Deviljho now bore towards Indominus Rex was only matched by the overwhelming hunger that it held—when this was all over, this new creature would wind up being the Brute Wyvern&#;s next meal.

Indominus Rex seemed to meet the Deviljho&#;s ferocity with excitement of her own. The Brute Wyvern that stood in front of her was a new creature entirely, and she was thrilled to find new game to kill. The Deviljho, however, only responded to her glare with a glower, wanting nothing more than to rip this dinosaur apart flesh from bone, and eat every single bit.


The Deviljho stomped forth, raised its head to the heavens, and let out a savage roar.


The Indominus Rex, in kind, responded by letting out a piercing bellow of her own.

After the exchange of roars, the two sprinted at each other, the desire to rip the other apart clear in their eyes.

Whoever the victor would wind up to be, it would be the undisputed ruler of this island&#;


The hungry Deviljho was the first to make a move. It clamped its jaws down on Indominus&#;s neck, and swung its head to the side, tossing the dinosaur in its jaws towards a tree, the impact snapping the plant in half. Indominus was quick to regain her balance, sprinting forward and slashing at the Deviljho&#;s face with her foreclaws.


Indominus forced the Deviljho to take three steps back with each successive hit. However, just as the hybrid dinosaur thought of pinning down her larger foe, the Deviljho suddenly shifted its weight to the side, took a few steps away from Indominus, and lunged towards its prey, slamming the full side of its body at the dinosaur and sending her staggering.

Snarling in indignation, Indominus Rex spun and slammed her silver tail at the Deviljho&#;s face, making the Brute Wyvern flinch slightly from the impact. However, the Brute Wyvern made use of its newfound position to rear its head and lunge forth with another bite attack, one that grazed Indominus&#;s hip and made the hybrid dinosaur flinch in pain. Indominus seethed, before she regained herself and sprinted forward, meeting the Deviljho&#;s charge with her own.

Indominus raised her left foreleg into the air and delivered a heavy slash across the Deviljho&#;s eye. The dinosaur&#;s sharp foreclaw raked across the Deviljho&#;s face and grazed its eye, and while it wasn&#;t enough to destroy the organ it was enough to make the larger Brute Wyvern flinch in pain. Taking advantage of this moment of vulnerability, Indominus Rex lunged forward, in a bid to pin her prey down. The hybrid was able to knock its quarry into the ground, and clamped her jaws down on the Deviljho&#;s neck. The nomadic monster roared in pain, and rolled to the side, making use of its superior size and mass to shake Indominus off of itself. The Brute Wyvern&#;s action tossed Indominus against a bunch of trees, uprooting them with its impact.

While Indominus still flailed on the ground in a bid to return to her feet, the Deviljho raised its entire body up high, before slamming its jaws down on its victim like a hammer. The hybrid dinosaur roared in pain as the Deviljho&#;s bite slammed into her neck, but the hungry Brute Wyvern wasn&#;t done; with a snarl, the Deviljho tossed its victim forward, and Indominus roared in protest as she skidded across the dirt.

Frustrated, the Indominus Rex returned to her feet, only to witness the Deviljho bearing down on her. The Brute Wyvern slammed its lower jaw into the soil and heaved upward almost immediately afterward, hurling a massive boulder at Indominus. The hybrid dinosaur was quick to act and spun around, batting the boulder aside with her silver tail, but this moment of vulnerability allowed the Deviljho to sprint forward, rear itself up, and slam its full body weight into the Indominus again, staggering the dinosaur and opening her up for a quick tail-whip to the face.

The Deviljho snarled as it repositioned itself to attack once more. The Indominus Rex, indignant at the fact that she was being pushed back like this, rushed forward and raised her long forelegs. Before the Deviljho could lunge forward, Indominus instantly raked into the Brute Wyvern with a vicious flurry of claw swipes, adding fresh wounds on top of the myriad scars already present on the Deviljho&#;s hide. To conclude its vicious combo, Indominus reared her right foreclaw and delivered a heavy slash across the Deviljho&#;s face, carving a fresh wound over the Brute Wyvern&#;s forehead and sending it staggering.

The Deviljho roared in pain as the hybrid&#;s claw raked across its eye, but this only served to build up the Brute Wyvern&#;s anger. With an indignant snarl, the World Eater lunged forth and unleashed a swiping bite to the side, grazing the Indominus&#;s hip and causing her to flinch. The Deviljho didn&#;t stop there; it repeated the process four more times, its saliva splashing onto Indominus&#;s scales with each snap of its jaws and letting out small lines of smoke the moment they landed.

With a roar of anger, the Deviljho lunged forth and seized Indominus Rex with its jaws, causing the hybrid dinosaur to let out a screech of pain as the Brute Wyvern&#;s jaws applied pressure onto her throat. The Indominus attempted to claw herself free from the Deviljho&#;s jaws, not minding the larger Brute Wyvern&#;s teeth digging into her skin with ease. However, before she could reach the Deviljho&#;s jaws, the ravenous beast slammed her against the nearest batch of trees, uprooting them with the force, and slammed its bulky tail into the staggering Indominus&#;s face for good measure.

As the Deviljho regained itself, Indominus screeched to let out her mounting rage, before lunging forward and slashing at the Brute Wyvern&#;s right hind leg with its claws. The Deviljho screeched in pain as it nearly lost its balance, opening it up for a tail whip towards that same leg, causing the Violent Wyvern to fall over. Roaring in fury, the Indominus Rex lunged forth and pinned the Deviljho down, making sure that she was close to its face for what it was about to do next.

Before the Deviljho could attempt to kick its smaller prey off of it, the Indominus Rex immediately barraged the Brute Wyvern with its razor-sharp claws, raking into its face, its chest, and basically anywhere that was squishy. With one final slash, the Indominus carved a fresh wound over the Deviljho&#;s chest, causing the Brute Wyvern to flinch.

Indominus didn&#;t miss her chance. With the Deviljho pinned to the ground helplessly, the terror of Isla Nublar made to finish off her prey by snapping its neck&#;

&#;but what happened next was far too fast for it to comprehend.

Before the Untamable King&#;s fangs could sink into its neck, the Deviljho instantly turned to face the dinosaur pinning it down, and unleashed a stream of dark energy from its maw, right at Indominus&#;s mouth! The hybrid dinosaur screeched in pain as the Deviljho&#;s dragon breath surged into its mouth, the heat and the intensity threatening to burn her tongue and throat into ash.

Once it finished spewing dragon energy, the Deviljho then made use of its powerful legs and kicked its aggressor off of itself, and Indominus stumbled backwards, sparks of draconian energy still dancing around her maw. It was a miracle that her tongue and throat had remained intact, but the stream of foreign energy burning against her mouth still stung like hell.

When the dinosaur recovered, she saw that the Deviljho had returned to its feet, and its back and shoulders were now swollen and glowing a dangerous red. Thanks to its swollen muscles, more of the Deviljho&#;s old scars revealed themselves to the Indominus Rex, and its nostrils were practically letting out dark fumes.

The Deviljho had not taken the prior assault kindly at all. It was now enraged.

The enraged Deviljho raised its head into the heavens and let out a furious roar, shaking the trees and causing any perched bird to flee for their lives. Eyeing her opponent with a new layer of caution, Indominus Rex steeled herself for what was coming next.

Upon the sight of its enraged foe, Indominus Rex retreated, scurrying off into the cover of the woods. The Deviljho gave chase, tearing down the trees with its jaws as it went, before lunging at Indominus in a bid to pin her down. The hybrid dinosaur weaved to the side to evade such a fate, but the tremor from the Deviljho&#;s succeeding landing was enough to nearly throw her off balance. The Deviljho reared its head, its maw crackling with dragon energy again, and threw its head forward, spewing dragon breath in a sweeping motion. The dragon breath attack singed Indominus&#;s tail when it made contact, causing the hybrid to flinch in pain; it also served to burn the surrounding trees into ash.

When the trees crumbled, they revealed a clearing in the forest, inhabited by a herd of four armored dinosaurs, Ankylosaurus. The roars of the Deviljho and Indominus caused the herbivorous dinosaurs to panic and scurry off into the woods, but one particular Ankylosaurus was unfortunate enough to be too slow to escape, and found itself at the mercy of one of the invading predators.


The Deviljho raised its head and seized the Ankylosaurus by the neck, completely ignoring the herbivore&#;s armor plating, and then, with minimal effort on its part, the Brute Wyvern seized the downed Ankylosaurus and hauled it up into the air, ignoring the herbivore&#;s cries of protest. The World Eater then faced its initial target, the Indominus Rex, with the helplessly flailing Ankylosaurus still in its jaws.

Using the Ankylosaurus in its maw as a makeshift bludgeon, the Deviljho struck above Indominus&#;s head, the impact actually leaving cracks on the Indominus&#;s skull and causing the beast to flinch. The Deviljho then slammed the dinosaur in its maw into the ground, then dragged it across the ground and smashed into the side of Indominus&#;s head. This time, the hybrid dinosaur spun around, smashing the Deviljho&#;s bludgeon attack aside and causing the Ankylosaurus to moan in pain.

Indominus slashed out with her right foreclaw in a bid to remove the enraged Deviljho&#;s new weapon, but the Brute Wyvern was swift to meet the attack by swinging the Ankylosaurus in its mouth right in front of itself, causing the Indominus&#;s claws to rake against the poor herbivore&#;s armored hide instead. Undeterred, the Deviljho swung again, this time smashing against the Indominus&#;s side with the armored back of the Ankylosaurus.

Indominus was sent staggering towards a thicket of trees by the attack, but was quick to regain herself and lunge forth in a bid to seize the larger Deviljho&#;s neck in her jaws. However, the Brute Wyvern, seemingly having seen this coming, raised its left hind leg into the air and slammed it onto the ground, causing a massive tremor to ripple forth and nearly topple Indominus. As the hybrid dinosaur struggled to regain her balance, the Deviljho immediately bludgeoned her in the face, smashing into the side of the dinosaur&#;s skull with the Ankylosaurus in its mouth.

The Deviljho didn&#;t stop there; it raised the Ankylosaurus high into the air, and then proceeded to slam it down on the top of Indominus&#;s skull like a hammer. The Untamable King stepped back and avoided the hit, but the Deviljho didn&#;t end its attack there; in a swift, uppercutting motion, the Brute Wyvern swung the poor Ankylosaurus upwards, smashing against Indominus&#;s chin and sending the hybrid behemoth toppling to the ground.

As the Indominus flailed wildly in a bid to recover to her feet, the Deviljho reared back, and hurled the Ankylosaurus in its mouth towards the downed hybrid, causing her to roar out in pain and indignation as it was knocked further backwards. As for the Ankylosaurus, the angle at which it was thrown ensured that it landed on its face, and the force of the impact was enough to snap the poor herbivore&#;s neck, ending its life in an instant.

The Deviljho roared, and at that moment, the red glow on its back and shoulders faded out and its muscles had stopped swelling, signifying that its rage had passed. Saliva was now dripping from its maw, and it was now letting out small pants of breath. It had consumed most of its stamina fighting, and now it needed sustenance once more.

Seeing the Brute Wyvern at this state, the Indominus returned to her feet, aided by her forelimbs, and scurried off to the nearest thicket of trees to disappear from the Deviljho&#;s sight. Upon seeing the Indominus vanish before its eyes, the Deviljho growled, indignant at the thought of its prey escaping its jaws.

Escape, however, wasn&#;t part of Indominus&#;s modus operandi. Thanks to the cuttlefish DNA that was used to make it, the hybrid was able to cleverly change the color of her skin to match those of the surrounding greenery. She had to be careful, though, for the slightest noise could attract the Deviljho&#;s attention.

As the now-exhausted Brute Wyvern turned its head left and right in search of its elusive prey, Indominus quietly snuck around it, disguised by the trees and its own camouflaging ability, until she had positioned herself behind the Deviljho. And just when it appeared that the Deviljho was beginning to lose interest in its prey&#;

Indominus immediately lunged from the cover of the trees and attempted to pin the Deviljho down! The suddenness of the move, plus its greater body mass, made it so that the Brute Wyvern actually toppled to the ground&#; but not without taking Indominus with it.

Brute Wyvern and hybrid dinosaur rolled along the ground, each of them desperately trying to get a bite in. When Indominus sank its teeth into the Deviljho&#;s neck, they would roll further, forcing the hybrid to release its jaws. Likewise, when the Deviljho clamped its maw around Indominus&#;s neck, their continued roll threw off its concentration. Still, though, the copious amounts of saliva that were now dripping from the Deviljho&#;s hungry maw now found themselves on the Indominus&#;s neck, and were making the gene-warped beast&#;s scales crumble. The Indominus felt a new pain enter her system as the Deviljho&#;s acid saliva got into her wounds and broke down the cells in them. This allowed the Deviljho to use its legs to kick the Indominus off of itself, and recover to its feet.

The Deviljho whirled around and struck the recovering Indominus with its large tail, but the hybrid monster, in her anger, seized the appendage with her foreclaws. The Deviljho snarled in anger and attempted to pull its tail off of Indominus&#;s grip, while the dinosaur struggled to keep her grip on the tail.

A few seconds into the veritable tug-of-war, the Indominus soon tired of her foe&#;s struggles, and sank her fangs on the Deviljho&#;s tail. The Deviljho snarled in pain as Indominus&#;s jaws clamped around its tail. It attempted to pull its tail off of the hybrid, but Indominus increased the pressure on the Deviljho&#;s tail each time the Brute Wyvern struggled. This continued on for an agonizing three seconds longer, until&#;


The Deviljho roared out in agony as Indominus, with a mighty struggle, had managed to tear off a rather large lump of its tail! Copious amounts of blood spilled forth from the stump of the Brute Wyvern&#;s tail that remained, some of it splashing onto the Indominus. The hybrid didn&#;t seem to care much, though, as she used the Deviljho&#;s new moment of vulnerability to leap forth and slash across the Brute Wyvern&#;s face with her foreclaw.


The Deviljho screeched out in pain as Indominus&#;s claw raked across its left eye, gravely wounding it. The Indominus, excited, lunged forth and attempted to pin her foe down and tear it apart at last—!


—Only for her to screech in agony as a straight stream of dragon energy struck her square in the chest, sending her flying backwards! Indominus skidded along the forest soil as she landed, and stopped a good distance from a nearby ravine with a waterfall running down its side.

When she returned to her feet&#; what Indominus saw was enough to instill a bit of fear inside her for the very first time.

The Deviljho was still alive. Its muscles had swollen again, restoring the red glow from earlier&#; but the difference was that there now ran a dark, red haze of dragon energy down its face and neck, and its eyes were now glowing an ominous crimson. Saliva dripped down its hungry maw, now thicker and in more copious amounts than before.


The violent World Eater had finally given itself over to its overwhelming hunger. Nothing else remained in its mind than to devour everything that it saw. This Deviljho&#; was now a brutal, unhinged Savage.

(if rooting for Deviljho)

(if rooting for Indominus Rex)

(play starting from )

The Savage Deviljho was the first to strike. It leaped forward with its maw wide open, in a bid to chomp down on Indominus&#;s neck. The hybrid dinosaur took a step back to dodge, thus the Deviljho landed on the ground jaws-first; however, before the Untamable King could see it coming, the Deviljho had swiftly turned its violent landing into a roll, slamming its full body weight on Indominus and sending her stumbling as a result. Quick as it landed, the Savage Deviljho regained its footing and charged towards the downed, flailing Indominus.

With a roar, the Savage Deviljho slammed its jaws, wrapped in dragon energy, at Indominus, and hauled her into the air briefly before slamming her back down, dragging the hybrid dinosaur along the ground as it did so. Using its developed forelimbs, Indominus returned to her feet and charged forward, attempting to claw at the Savage Deviljho as she got close. However, thanks to its now-swollen muscles, the unhinged Savage didn&#;t even so much as feel the scratch, and was swiftly able to retaliate by slamming its full body weight at the Untamable King.


The Indominus Rex roared in pain as the Savage Deviljho slammed its hip against her snout, undoubtedly leaving behind an array of cracks on her nosebone. The Savage Deviljho swiftly followed through by spewing copious amounts of dragon energy on the ground beneath Indominus&#;s feet, leaving behind a haze of that energy to burn at the hybrid dinosaur&#;s feet. Indominus screamed in pain as the dragon clouds on the ground burned into her scales, and stepped away from the clouds before they could do any more damage.

This moment allowed the Deviljho to charge in and slam its jaws downward once more, seizing the Indominus&#;s neck with a deadly bite. The hybrid dinosaur roared in pain as the forceful bite, coupled with the acidic saliva and the sparks of dragon energy that were currently burning through her scales, increased in intensity.

Pain turned into anger. Indominus viciously clawed at the Savage Deviljho&#;s face, attempting to break free, but the Brute Wyvern paid this little heed, further increasing the pressure of its bite in a bid to break the hybrid dinosaur&#;s neck. As the Deviljho increased its pressure, the Indominus&#;s flailing became more wild and unfocused, her talons clawing against every area of the Brute Wyvern&#;s skin.

Eventually, the hybrid dinosaur was able to free herself in the split second that the Savage Deviljho unhinged its jaws. In angry retaliation, Indominus opened her own jaws wide and clamped them down on the Savage Deviljho&#;s skull. In a haze of anger, Indominus repeated her attack.


The Savage Deviljho tried to wriggle free as Indominus viciously chomped down on its skull repeatedly, with each bite drawing black blood from the Brute Wyvern. As its own blood was beginning to splatter over its eyes, the Savage Deviljho, in desperation, shifted its massive weight towards the Indominus&#;s direction, causing the hybrid dinosaur to topple and lose her balance.

The Savage Deviljho reared back, its mouth overflowing with dragon energy, and the moment Indominus regained her balance, she was met with a straight beam of that energy to the face! The hybrid dinosaur roared in pain as the dragon beam burned away most of the scales on her left hip, exposing muscle and sinew. The Untamable King&#;s screech of pain undoubtedly could have been heard all across the forest.

Her vision hazed over by agony, the Indominus whirled around and smacked the Savage Deviljho across the face with her tail, and then lunged forward, seized one of the Brute Wyvern&#;s small forelimbs with its jaws, and ripped it off with a mighty tug, eliciting a roar of pain from the Savage Deviljho as black blood spilled forth from the small stump. However, the World Eater was extremely quick in its retaliatory strike, lunging forward and carving a gaping wound on Indominus&#;s shoulder with a lunging bite attack.

The lunging bite attack struck with such insane force that Indominus was sent toppling to her side, and the pain from the hybrid dinosaur&#;s injuries ensured that she could not recover to her feet in time. The Savage Deviljho, far from content, seized the downed Indominus Rex by the neck, with the dragon energy and corrosive saliva amplifying the pain from the bite. Then, with little effort, the World Eater hauled Indominus up into the air, and all the the hybrid could do was flail her limbs helplessly, its body having already taken too much punishment from the Brute Wyvern&#;s successive attacks.

And then, with a mighty grunt, the Savage Deviljho flipped the Indominus Rex over and slammed her into the forest floor! The impact broke the mighty hybrid&#;s spine, as well as many of her ribs, and left the hybrid in immense agony as she lay helplessly on the soil. Far from content, the Savage Deviljho placed its left hind leg on Indominus&#;s body, and opened its maw&#;

dragon explosion

The wail of pain that emerged from Indominus&#;s throat was drowned out by the stream of dragon energy that erupted from the Savage Deviljho&#;s mouth. The violent Brute Wyvern pumped and pumped more and more dragon energy onto its prey, until&#;


A massive explosion of that very energy erupted, vaporizing any nearby flora and leaving behind a burnt patch of soil! The Savage Deviljho was blasted two steps backwards by the recoil of its own attack. The Indominus Rex&#;s cry of agony was completely masked by the explosion of dragon energy, which left behind a massive cloud of smoke that obscured both the Savage Deviljho and the Indominus Rex.

When the smoke cleared, it revealed that Indominus Rex was still alive, yet very, very barely. Her consciousness was slipping away, and her muscles had lost all of their strength. And as she saw the Savage Deviljho and its hungry visage, a weak yelp escaped her throat—not one of defiance, but one of fear and panic.

For the first time in her life&#; Indominus Rex was experiencing fear. She had thought herself the apex predator of this island, but she was quick to be proven wrong.

No longer having the strength to move, Indominus Rex could only watch helplessly as the Savage Deviljho placed a foot on her hip to pin her down. The Brute Wyvern, spurred on by nothing but its hunger, immediately bit on Indominus&#;s neck, and pulled!


The hybrid&#;s head was instantly separated from the rest of her body, landing a few feet away from whence it came. Indominus Rex, the Untamable King, the demon of Isla Nublar, was completely and utterly defeated.

(stop music)

After feasting on the flesh that hung from the Indominus&#;s neck, the Savage Deviljho turned to the rest of Indominus&#;s corpse. Not caring about its injuries in the slightest, the Brute Wyvern began to feast on its newest meal, making sure to eat every single bit of the corpse. Its prey had made herself a nuisance for far too long&#; The Savage Deviljho was going to make sure to savor this new meal for as much as it could.

A minute later, nothing had remained of the Indominus Rex but a pile of bones and microscopic bits of flesh. The Savage Deviljho had finished savoring on its latest prey, and while it wouldn&#;t be sufficient to sate its overwhelming hunger, this meal would have to do for now.

Once it had finished feasting, the Savage Deviljho raised its head to the heavens and let out a savage, primal roar of victory, letting anyone and anything nearby know that none could hope to conquer it. The Deviljho had taken the island&#;s apex predator out of the picture. And now, Isla Nublar was going to be the newest feeding ground for the World Eater.

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TheMHFan: &#;well shit, it looks like the suits over at InGen got a new devil dinosaur to worry about. And it looks like the park itself is fucked.

Bringer of Darkness: Indominus Rex was a ferocious dinosaur, well deserving of her title as the untamable king. However, she simply could not stand up to the overwhelming might and hunger of the Deviljho.

TheMHFan: I mean, yeah. The best that Indominus has shown in terms of physical might is smashing through the wall of Jurassic World&#;s aviary and surviving an indirect blast from an anti-tank rocket. Both feats are pretty solidly Wall level, and pretty impressive considering the fact that the rounds of an AT4 anti-tank rocket launcher are made to destroy armored fighting vehicles and penetrate the defenses of fortifications, but when compared to the Deviljho, she just couldn&#;t compare! I mean, this angry pickle dinosaur can fight Elder Dragons to a standstill!

Bringer of Darkness: For reference, Elder Dragons have performed some of the more impressive feats in the Monster Hunter series. One such Elder, Kirin, can cause storms over areas as large as the Coral Highlands, which would take megatons of TNT to make, which would be Mountain level. Another, Kushala Daora, dispersed a snowstorm over the Frozen Seaway, a feat equivalent to teratons of TNT, Small Country level+. Considering that Deviljho is able to fight on even keel with Elder Dragons and Elder-level monsters that are comparable to or superior to the aforementioned Kirin and Kushala, like Rajang and Ruiner Nergigante, it&#;s safe to say that the Deviljho should scale to these feats.

TheMHFan: In terms of speed, Jho had Indominus beat. Yeah, running at 30 miles per hour and outrunning machine gun fire is good and all, but the Deviljho can casually tag supersonic monsters like Rathalos and Astalos, and keep pace with Rajang! And Rajang are the natural predators of Kirin, who can move at the speed of lightning!

Bringer of Darkness: It&#;s also worth noting that the Deviljho held the size advantage over its opponent. Even the smallest recorded Deviljho are around 1, centimeters—over a whopping 59 feet—long, which makes them at least 9 feet longer than the Indominus Rex!

TheMHFan: Not to mention, out of these two devilish dinosaurs, only Deviljho had the means to attack its foe from a distance! Sure, throwing rocks and using dragon breath are the only ranged attacks that Jho has, but they hit with pretty devastating power, and Indominus has no means to counter them!

Bringer of Darkness: And aside from her massively inferior physical power, the Indominus couldn&#;t really do anything significant to stop Deviljho&#;s rampage. Remember, a Deviljho is capable of fighting normally despite grave injuries to its body (e.g. its tail being severed), and its overpowering tenacity would ensure that nothing will stop it from attacking until its target is dead.

TheMHFan: To throw Indy a bone here, she was the smarter one for sure and had the ability to camouflage herself. But being able to hide yourself means jack shit if you can&#;t bring your opponent down in the long run, especially when said opponent is as vicious and ruthless as a Deviljho! Not to mention, enraging the Deviljho means it becomes stronger, faster, and even more ruthless! Also, an exhausted Deviljho is just as dangerous, since it&#;d constantly be dripping acid drool that would do a number on Indominus&#;s defenses.

Bringer of Darkness: Indominus Rex was a mighty dinosaur, and was certainly very intelligent for its kind. However, the Deviljho&#;s physical might, ranged options, tenacity, and rage were hurdles that the Untamable King just could not overcome.

TheMHFan: Sorry, Rex, but it looks like you just got in-dominated!

Bringer of Darkness: The winner is the Deviljho.

Deviljho wins


+ Utterly outclassed the Indominus in a physical standpoint

+ Larger

+ Could attack Indominus from a distance with its rock throw and dragon breath

+ Greater pain tolerance

+ Could further get through Indominus&#;s defenses with its acidic saliva

+ Overwhelming hunger means it is far more tenacious

+ Rage mode boosted its already superior physical stats

&#; Less intelligent



+ More intelligent

+ Could camouflage herself

&#; Completely outclassed in all physical stats

&#; Smaller

&#; Had no means to attack from a distance

&#; Deviljho&#;s saliva lowered her defenses

&#; Less tenacious and vicious

&#; Is screwed if she enrages the Deviljho


Deviljho and Monster Hunter (c) CAPCOM

Indominus Rex and Jurassic World (c) Universal Pictures

Like this:




Rex death indominus

Indominus Rex


Indominus Rex (I-Rex/Indominus)


Jurassic World attraction


1 sibling

Indoraptor (Son)

Cause of Death

Devoured by Mosasaurus

The Indominus Rex is the main antagonist in Jurassic World.


The Indominus Rex was intended to be the next big attraction at Jurassic World, having been genetically engineered by Henry Wu to be "bigger, scarier, more teeth".

She was capable of hiding her thermal signature and camoflaging.

During an evaluation of her paddock in she managed to escape killing and injuring numerous people and other dinosaurs. She also caused the escape of the park's Aviary inhabitants causing havoc on main street.


The Indominus Rex is killed while fighting the T-Rex and Blue the raptor. She is backed up during the battle the edge of the park's lagoon and is snatched and dragged in by the jaws of the Mosasaurus and was devoured off-screen.

Why The Indominus Rex Killed Its Sibling - Jurassic World Theory

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