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The word ‘meme’ was derived from the Greek word ‘mimema’ which means ‘to imitate’ as defined by Richard Dawkins regarding evolution. Taken into the world of the internet, it simply means a viral idea and today, the most common revolve around humor.

For training Jiu-Jitsu, humor is important. From the start you are put in situations that if taken out of context can be rather awkward or not make sense– that’s where a good laugh comes in. The benefits of training combine physical, social, emotional, mental rewards but in a light-hearted sense, it’s just fun. Training, competing, spending time with training partners, it’s driven by positivity.

So we bring you some of the best Jiu-Jitsu memes that will make you laugh, nod in agreement, and most likely share with your friends. Some are very real occasions that you can’t help but laugh about, some are epiphanies that you most likely haven’t thought about until now but most of all, you can relate. You’re welcome:

When those in the crowd are looking out for you:

When the only time you can afford to rest is during a roll:

Because world champion Angelica Galvao doesn’t mess around:

Anger management for girls:

It takes magical powers to hold off Lucas Lepri:

We all know where Jiu-Jitsu sits in our priorities:

Some get it, some don’t:

Even kids know Jiu-Jitsu is good for them:

What happens when white belts learn from YouTube:

Yes, learning to break grips is important:

Kimura anyone?

It’s the little things:

No excuses:

Which is why we need to get them to stick to their guns and get on the mat:

What are some of your favorite Jiu-Jitsu memes? Let us know.

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Everything you need to know about the Micro Adjustments BJJ Meme

If you’ve been on social media in the past few days then you may have heard of the phrase ‘Micro Adjustments’ which has been used in force when it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In short, this meme came to light after an overly-enthusiastic white belt bragged about using ‘Micro Adjustments’ which enabled him to tap out a purple belt with a choke from the back.

Specifically, he claimed to be a two stripe white belt who tapped out a two stripe purple belt who ‘reluctantly’ tapped after taking the back ‘kind of sneaky like’. Since his Facebook brag on the official BJJ Fanatics group page, these terms have become a meme with ‘Micro Adjustments’ and ‘kind of sneaky like’ being the most common from the post.

The result is that hundreds of memes have been created that feature the phrases. In some cases, mock DVD covers showing a white belt using ‘Micro Adjustments’ on a purple belt have even cropped up, whereas other people have told stories of mythical white belts tapping them as a purple, or vice versa.

In fairness to the white belt in question, he is taking it in good strides and has fully embraced the meme. The white belt in question is called ‘Isaiah Aguayo’ and even hosted a mock seminar at his gym, showing the micro-adjustments in question whilst wearing a white belt with over 10 stripes on it. In fairness to Aguayo, whilst many people in his position may double down or disappear from social media – he is taking it well. This can be seen with his charity page where he has even started selling apparel based on ‘Sneaky back takes’ and ‘Micro adjustments’ with profits going to charity.

It should also be noted that whilst many are quick to laugh and judge, there are many newcomers to BJJ who think like this and it’s actually quite common. As long as you can eventually recognize your ego then it’s not particularly a bad thing, especially if it gives you the confidence to continue training. Further, it’s memes like this and the Pineapple tradition that has also caused BJJ to grow down the years in comparison to other martial arts. With this said, the story of Isaiah Aguayo should be celebrated as much as it is mocked and laughed at as it has a positive ending for everyone involved.

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The Top 10 Places To Go For Funny Jiu Jitsu Memes


An Internet meme (/ˈmiːm/ meem) is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu memes have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. It is to the point now that it is nearly impossible to have a successful BJJ blog unless there is a talented meme maker on board. Because of this, funny memes pop up every single day! It seems that the memeing possibilities are endless in our sport because of the perplexedly confounding nature of BJJ. Mostly though, BJJ memes are popular because they express our shared experience. We all go through the same growing pains and rights of passage (and usually it is a funny and ironic experience!).


In my opinion these are the top 10 places to go for the best in Jiu Jitsu meme entertainment. The list is in alphabetical order to avoid bias in rating.


1. BJJ Girl – Emma Valdez has blown up in popularity! She brings her personality and style to her page and she has also been experimenting with BJJ memeing. Her memes have a unique style and are recognizable at a glance. Her memes are both funny and inspirational.




2. BJJ Hour – These guys have a great Jiu Jitsu podcast and also make hilarious memes. The BJJ Hour team is comprised of Stephanis Koukis, Michael Mihas, Kody Tuttle and Tommy Costa. I encourage you to check out all of their content!




3. BJJ Mojo – Joe is from southern California and makes funny memes on a daily basis. Mojo is among the first to get into making video memes about Jiu Jitsu. Definitely worth checking out!




4. BJJ Problems – The original BJJ meme maker. BJJ problems is who I drew inspiration from years ago. The frequency of their memes might not be as high as others but the quality is always very high!




5. Jits Grips – Their photographic memes are super funny but they really shine with the video memes! Really good stuff here. These guys sell a product designed to develop your grip strength as well. Definitely check that out if you haven’t already.






6. Jiu Jidiots – The super funny Karl Penn has a trademark style of meme that is more nutty and “idiotic”. The result will surely make you chuckle during your social media prerusings.




7. Jiu Jitsu After Dark – Another great podcast with great memes as well! As the name implies you will get that “after Jiu Jitsu beer” feeling, even if you don’t drink! The comedy is that good!




8. Jiu Jitsu Times – Veteran meme maker Todd Shaffer brings a big dose of flavor to the hottest BJJ page on the internets. The most BJJ news out there, with a daily dose of hilarity!




9. Verbal Tap Podcast – Kevin Phillips and Raf Esparza also have a “grade A” podcast and great memes! Those guys are growing in popularity and the recognition is well deserved!




10. White Belt BJJ – Yours truly. Nothing more than a blue belt posing as a white belt. I assume that if you are reading this you know my memeing style!




Please check out all of the 10 BJJ meme makers above! I’m sure they, like myself, take great pleasure in taking the edge off of our difficult sport through meme entertainment.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


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Sours: https://wbbjj.com/the-top-10-places-to-go-for-funny-jiu-jitsu-memes/

The Truth Behind The Jiu Jitsu Memes

26 Nov The Truth Behind The Jiu Jitsu Memes

Memes are funny but there is truth behind everyone of them. How many are you guilty of?

Patents asking the instructor when their child is going to get promoted. As a child I always got embarrassed if my Parents got involved. Even in tournaments after 5 years of trying to win a trophy ? my Mom bought one for me on my return from Toronto. The intention is good but it’s not the trophy I wanted, it was the winning it part I wanted. On my return from Toronto I won my first one which stood 4 feet tall so it was nice to put it beside the 1 foot tall trophy she bought ?. I no longer know where that trophy is today but I still recall the day and every second of every moment.

Everyone trains on the mats and the last thing we want is bacterial infection from someone bringing germs and urine onto the mats. Wear shoes at all times when your off the mats to keep everything cleaner and safer. Never walk on the mats with the same shoes you walk outside in. The only shoes allowed are wrestling shoes that are only worn on the mats.

Also known as the student with bad cardio or who shows up late to skip out on the warm up. Most likely they will just jump in for rounds and wonder why their body is busted up. Take pride in your art and strive to show up on time and ready to go.

Going light is like unicorns…people talk about it but it doesn’t exist. Basically what they are saying is I want to feel you out and if I think I’m better then you I will just go hard. Going light means take a little, give a little, but quickly you find out that your giving and they keep taking so you have to step your game up to match their intensity. Watch out for the popular let’s go 30%(or number of choice) as if they have a dial on their body that they can set at 30%.

When the instructor is showing a guard pass and you drill it you but have to follow up with 3 or 4 submissions on your partner. Or your partner goes into teacher mode and tells you 10 counters that may happen and when it’s your turn to practice to Coach yells time. This is where the popular expression was created “Shut Up And Train”

Adults are guilty of this also. It’s basically telling your instructor that you think you are entitled to something which you are not. If they thought you were ready you would be wearing your new belt already. Everyone is on their own time and their own journey so don’t compare yourself to others. If you are a competitor, you will be held to a higher standard as that is the path you have chosen. If your 50 years old, work full time, have a family,  don’t compare yourself to the 20 year old that trains full time and lives at home.

Fancy moves look nice but with out the solid basics to get you into that fancy position you will just find yourself getting smashed. Stay focused and build a solid foundation first and listen to your Instructor.

Oh I forgot aka I was desperate and getting tired so I just wanted a way out. If you see something taped up or with a brace on it , don’t attack it.

Rolling is fun and we are guilty of this one. Drilling can be boring and repetitive but it’s the only way to build Coordination and learn how to properly execute a technique. Rolling every class can be hard on the body and to be doing it 365 days of the year you will stress your joints. Learn to rest and listen to your body and your body will last longer.

Ego will slow down your progress. Choosing only partners you can beat or smaller and lighter than yourself or when tried you stop rolling out of fear of getting submitted.

It does take time to learn moves and the ability to stay calm but Try not to use brute force that may cause injury to your training partners. Use common sense when you are a lot heavier than your training partner and don’t crush their ribs with your knee on belly.

Confidence is good but feeding your Ego about how great you are is not the Martial Arts way. Being humble and working hard will earn you respect among your peers and you will receive all the complaints your ego can handle. Never let it go to your head and don’t be the person at competitions where you have people hoping you loose. They are just random people not even associated with your competitor they are just people sick of your social media bragging or how you carry yourself after you win or lose a match.

Basically  a different way to say let’s just go light. Flow rolling if a non stop roll with no power and all submissions that are applied are meant for your  partners to  escape them to keep the flow going. It’s a great way to drill and warm up and if you get a nice flow going you have just found yourself a great training partner..Aka…oh you said flow not full ?‍♂️

If you keep playing it safe and don’t experiment with new positions you will just plateau. Never pushing yourself to fight lower belts when your tired out of fear of tapping. Remember Dojo wins don’t mean anything as it’s training. If you want to really test yourself out sign up for a tournament.

Just covering up the infection doesn’t stop it from spreading. Show respect to your team and stay home until it’s cleared up. This also includes when your sick so you don’t pass it to your training partners. Use this time to write down some training goals or watch some YouTube videos.

My arm is really sore so I just tapped early. I didn’t get much sleep last night. I had a long day a work today, I should of just stayed home. These are also the excuses people will tell you before the match starts so they can justify why they might lose.

Always getting beat up as the new guy is normal but seeking out the new guy just so you can go hard and get the win shouldn’t be more important then making them feel welcome at the club.


If you wash your belt you wash away all your hard work. In that case don’t wash your Gi…or even better don’t take a shower. You will keep your powers but no one wants to training with the stinky student.

Denial of injury…you just heard a pop in your knee so you try a few squats and running around convincing yourself it’s fine. The next day when the adrenaline is gone you realize the pain your in but you show up to train anyways. Being tough is one thing but not letting your body heal properly to prevent long term pain will keep you on the mats longer in the end.


This student only wants to fight tired people so they have a better chance of winning. This is a mental weakness and disrespectful towards your training partners demonstrating that you all care about winning. You need to fight when your tired so all your strength is gone and you now have to rely on your technique.

After receiving a belt they do not think they deserve, the thought of taping to a lower belt keeps them from coming back. It’s normal to get caught sometimes by a lower belt and you should use this as motivation to get better and work towards your next level.


Sours: https://brazilianjiujitsutoronto.com/2019/11/26/the-truth-behind-the-jiu-jitsu-memes/

Meme jiu jitsu

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Double Leg Takedown Goes Wrong - 1000515

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