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Minimal waste, maximum cutting performance, perfect balance of strength and flexibility, more precise, cleaner and even cut and last but not least a better look of cutted surface. All these can offer products from Dakin – Flathers company - we can offer you RipperS and Bimetal (Ripper37B M42) bandsaw. 

You can choose from two types of material - RipperS and Bimetal (Ripper37B M42). We take it from a producer of saw blades, the English company Dakin-Flathers, which is represented worldwide. Our company is the exclusive representative for the Czech and Slovak market.
We can produce for you a bandsaw blade with a width of 32, 34, 35 or 38 mm and a tooth pitch of 22 mm.
The history of Dakin-Flathers company has been written for over 100 years, since 1890. It was founded in Yorkshire, England. They provide world class products, export to more than 100 countries. The company has an unrivaled reputation in providing service, technical support, performance. In the last 15 years, it has invested annually in equipment, research and development. Continued development and joint growth is the driving force behind the company's activities. Quality of bandsaws are based on quality of used material. That's why Dakin-Flathers takes high quality steel from Western European manufacturers. The bandsaw blades of this supplier has higher performance than competing products on the market.

Narrow bandsaw blades are suitable for smaller mobile band saws, both for cutting smaller logs, soft, hard and very hard wood. They are suitable for everyday use and their use reduces energy consumption and significantly increases yield. These bandsaws are suitable for Wood-Mizer, Pilous, Švoma - Stroje s.r.o.,Baker, Forestor, Timberking, Logmaster, Noorwood, Hudson, Cook, and so on., most portable sawmills and many multi-head sawmilling machines.


Quality primary timber processing sawmill blade. Made of one type of steel, with hardened teeths. It has a high portion of carbon in steel. Each tooth is precisely cured with induction technology. With our lifetime warranty welds, they have the perfect balance between strength and elasticity of the bandsaw. Every tooth has a perfect profile, ensuring high accuracy, cutting speed, less waste and clean cut. These bandsaws are already sharpened by Dakin-Flathers. They can be used immediately after receiving and cut with them. Subsequently, we can offer you service in the form of re-sharpening on professional grinders.


Bimetal (Ripper37B M42)

New member in the Dakin-Flathers product line.
The narrow bandsaw Bimetal (Ripper37B M42) has a cut profile, the body and teeth are made of different materials.
The teeths are made of cobalt steel. As with RipperS, we will be happy to provide you with the following service.

Bandsaw advantages :

  • special metallurgical properties for longer life
  • manufacturing technology designed by Dakin-Flathers
  • made of best materials
  • significantly faster cut
  • patented design
  • minimal noise and vibration
  • excellent heat and wear resistance
  • greater durability than its leading rivals
  • loyal and supportive partner
  • reduce waste during cutting
  • accuracy in tooth distribution
  • technical support
  • improved quality of finish on sawn timber
  • in the fatigue tests, hardness analysis and strip distribution, they are more successful than competing products 

We offer and provide after-sales service for bandsaw RipperS and Bimetal (Ripper37B M42):

For your comfortable cutting we are able to offer you professional service of narrow bandsaws. Our representatives will help you to eliminate problems with both cut quality and stripping. We provide grinding - tooth distribution - sharpening - cleaning the band.
Grinding -We ensure accurate and precise grinding of the saw blades with the Shark 600 grinder from the German manufacturer Kohlbacher. The machines are specially adjusted according to our experience in servicing narrow bandsaws.
Tooth distribution- we will provide our specially developed machine, which works on the principle of machine processing of the camera image, where we can guarantee precise distribution of teeth with accuracy to hundredths of a millimeter.


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Ripper 37 Band Saw Blades

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Razor Sharp Ground Teeth

Unlike punched and sharpened or milled blades, each individual SHARK Ripper tooth is ground using computer-controlled machinery.

Punching teeth puts unacceptable levels of stress on the blade, before it ever gets used. The result can be reduced life, inconsistent performance and blades that often need to be re-sharpened before they can put to work.

To ensure that every tooth has the same perfect profile, a specially designed diamond-grinding process is used, which is why the SHARK Ripper blade offers unparalleled `out-of-the-box` performance. Grinding teeth is a more time-consuming and exacting process, but the results are sharper, more reliable and longer lasting blades.

Computer-Controlled Teeth Setting

Uncompromising levels of uniformity in the set of the teeth allow for a blade that cuts straighter and cuts more efficiently. Even imperceptible differences in the set will result in a wider, less straight cut – creating a rough finish, more waste and less finished product.

We use a proprietary dual-contact action to create the optimum degree of set on every SHARK Ripper blade. Each blade then passes through a highly accurate digital photometric gauge that automatically checks for any misaligned teeth. It is then subjected to further testing that includes digital tooth profile checks, straightness testing, hardness testing and microstructural analysis.

As a result, SHARK Ripper blades cut straighter and faster than any blade that's gone before it, handling higher levels of feed pressure with ease. Each blade will work straight out of the box, with no further need for resetting before it can be used.

Superior Materials

The finest finished product starts with the finest raw materials, SHARK Ripper blades are crafted from the highest quality carbon-rich Western European Steel, developed with unique metallurgical properties to meet our exacting standards. It is also precision hardened and tempered to give the optimum balance between strength and flexibility. This results in a stronger, straighter blade, that will tolerate higher feed pressures, and cut more wood in less time than has ever been possible before.

Ultra Strong Welds

SHARK Ripper band saw blades can be supplied by the coil or pre-welded in any length band you require.

When supplied factory welded, our process ensures that every band is perfectly joined and a pyrometer is used to ensure the optimum level of hardening and annealing is achieved, ensuring a super strong, yet flexible weld.

Deep Hardened Teeth

SHARK Ripper teeth are induction hardened. Induction hardened is proven to be the most effective way to harden teeth, to ensure outstanding performance we harden teeth to an optimum depth, which means our SHARK Ripper blades can be re-ground up to 100% more times before its hardness and cutting performance are compromised.

As a result of the high carbon content of the raw steel, an optimum dispersion of carbide is created in the teeth during the induction hardening process, increasing cutting power and durability even further.


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37 blades ripper

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Axcaliber Ripper Bandsaw Blade - Product Overview

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