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Amazon launching new &#;Vesta&#; domestic robots in report

Retail and Web services giant Amazon is said to be working on a new breed of domestic robots, in a project codenamed ‘Vesta’ – after the Roman goddess of the home.

While details of the project are unclear, the most likely scenario would be an evolution of its Alexa personal assistant AI, coupled with computer vision, mobility, and connected home functions.

Many low-cost domestic robots already include functions such as home security, diary reminders, and chat, which in Amazon’s case could be linked with text-to-speech and infotainment functions, via its vast Kindle, music, and app libraries.

According to Bloomberg, the project began a few years ago, but there has been a recent spike in hiring activity in areas such as robotics software engineering and sensors, which suggest that formal announcements may be imminent.

Rumours suggest robots could be made available to Amazon staff this year, and released to the public next year.

Former Apple executive Max Paley is leading the work on computer vision, reports Bloomberg, and Amazon has also hired specialised mechanical engineers from the robotics industry.

• In related news, Amazon has teased the imminent debut of the Alexa-powered Fire Cube TV set-top box, suggesting that Alexa will be core to most, if not all, Amazon consumer hardware in the near future. Amazon is also releasing child-friendly updates for its Echo smart speakers, according to this report, suggesting that the children&#;s market is an important one for the company. Story-telling apps for robots would be on obvious extension.

Internet of Business says

Internally in its warehouses, Amazon is one of the most highly automated companies in the world, via its Amazon Robotics subsidiary, using technology acquired from Kiva Systems in

However, the domestic and/or humanoid robotics market is a different matter: it has long been an uneasy mix of promise, fiction, and disappointment. While humanoid robots such as NAO and Pepper – originally developed by France’s Aldebaran Robotics, now owned by SoftBank – have proved popular in Japan, they are far too expensive for most home budgets.

NAO, Pepper, et al, are impressive engineering feats, but there are too few apps for them, and – although they can be connected to platforms such as IBM&#;s Watson in the cloud – much of their onboard speech/recognition functionality revolves around trigger phrases and pre-programmed actions, rather than true natural language conversation. As a result, their initial promise and capacity to entertain hides limited functionality and, often, disappointment.

The lack of natural language AI within most humanoid robots has been a drag on their wider uptake, as – outside of specialist applications in education and retail, or research and development in robotics labs – it has been unclear what their real purpose might be.

However, into the breach in recent years has come a generation of low-cost domestic robots, which are little more than smart toys in some cases, or home hubs on wheels in others – many of them produced by electronics companies such as LG and Bosch, and startups such as Blue Frog (whose Buddy robot is pictured above).

While other manufacturers, such as Sony, have brought out domestic robots over the years, these have again been expensive. The Aibo dog had its fans as a pricey lifestyle accessory in the Noughties, while Sony&#;s impressive QRIO humanoid – which predated Aldebaran&#;s NAO – was perhaps too early to market, and was not developed further as a commercial project.

As a result, a major opportunity still exists for a company to produce robots that are accepted en masse into the home – which demands that they have a clear purpose, and can perform tasks that a smartphone, smart speaker, tablet, or Echo/Dot device are unable to. Apps and content will be the critical factors – beyond the world of single-task devices, such as robot vacuum cleaners, of course.

Amazon&#;s advantage over others in the Western market is that it can regard its hardware – such as the Echo, Dot, Kindle, and Fire ranges – as loss leaders for its subscription and retail services, drawing customers into an ever deeper relationship with the company. This could keep prices low and overcome the core problem with home robots, which is that they are too expensive for their limited functionality and intelligence.

This is why it seems inevitable that whatever emerges from the Vesta programme will be linked to Amazon&#;s retail platform and other services, such as Prime. Meanwhile, for developers, the hidden promise would be integration with Amazon Web Services and related technologies.

Even so, the commercial viability of the domestic robot market remains uncertain, and – to a large degree – a hostage to years of science fiction stories. Countless humanoid and domestic robots exist throughout the world, but their purpose is largely unclear, apart from the popular trend in Japan for cute companion robots, such as Toyota&#;s Tomotaka Takahashi-designed Kirobo Mini (video link).

When Google bought Boston Dynamics in , it appeared to herald the coming of the robot age as envisaged by a century of lore: intelligent robots linked to all of Google&#;s services. But within three years, Google had decided that it would take years of ongoing investment to see a return – if any – on the deal. By , it had abandoned its ambitions for the company and sold it on to SoftBank.

Before the Japanese company stepped in, Amazon had been suggested as a possible buyer.

Sours: https://internetofbusiness.com/amazon-launching-new-vesta-domestic-robots-inreport/

Living with Moxie, the robot companion for kids

If the death of Jibo taught us anything, it's that it doesn't take much for humans to become emotionally attached to their robot companions. But I suppose that's something we learned when Roomba owners started dressing up their vacuums and kids became obsessed with Tamagotchis. We're already living with robots, they're just mostly dumb and utilitarian. Moxie is a bit different.

Developed by Embodied, a company co-founded by former iRobot CTO Paolo Pirjanian, Moxie is a companion robot made specifically for kids to play with every day. During a to minute session, your child can chat with Moxie, play some games or read alongside it. Unlike most bots, it's not just a glorified household appliance. It can learn to recognize a child's face and their particular learning needs. In many ways, Moxie brings kids one step closer to having a Star Wars Droid of their very own. But is it worth $1, and an eventual $40 to $60 monthly subscription? That remains to be seen.

Moxie Embodied Robot

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Moxie's influences are clear from the start. Its round head, flipper-like arms and overall frame resemble Eve, the futuristic robot love interest from WALL-E. (A shame Moxie can't float freely in the air yet.) Its "face" is a bulbous screen brought to life with expressive facial animations. That's a bit of a cheat, but it's reminiscent of Sonny from the (surprisingly entertaining) I, Robot movie. Seeing Moxie in action also reminded me of Anki's fascinating Vector and Cozmo robots, except it's not just palm-sized. And yes, it bears a disturbingly close resemblance to the Ashley Too home robot from Black Mirror (pictured below).

Black Mirror Ashley Too


Even though it's stuck in one place, Moxie still looks like a real-life Pixar character. It can rotate around its base to keep an eye on playmates with its built-in camera. Its torso smoothly bends up and down, while its arms sometimes resemble an over-excited child. Practically every element of Moxie is meant to convey a strong sense of personality, from its friendly voice to its enormous puppy-like eyes. To its target audience of kids aged 5 to 10, Moxie practically seems alive.

When Pirjanian first demoed Moxie for me over a year ago, he beamed like a proud papa, showing off a creation he believed could actually change children's lives. But that meeting occurred right before the pandemic forced much of the world into lockdown. Since then, Embodied has been dutifully working on the blue bot.

After officially launching over two months ago, Pirjanian tells me customers have been very satisfied, averaging around 25 minutes of engagement every day. (Thirty-seven reviews on the company's store has given Moxie high marks: an average of out of 5 stars. Of course, there's nothing stopping Embodied from squashing damning reviews.) I haven't seen any complaints popping up online, though, which is typically the first thing that appears when an expensive new product has issues.

The best way for me to judge Moxie would be to see it in action myself. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter wasn't yet ready for Moxie's charms. She's both fascinated by and terrified of robots. (A quirk that sometimes makes it tough to test products at home, but at least it gives me faith she'd be a valiant soldier in the inevitable robot wars.) She was terrified of our Roomba when she was a newborn; it literally took years of treating that vacuum like a friend before she warmed up to it. So there went my dreams of testing Moxie with a real-life child.

Instead, I spent a few weeks with Moxie on my own, doing my best to relive my grade-school days. When I first turned it on, Moxie dramatically woke itself up and performed a self-driven systems check. Normally, Moxie buyers would slowly unlock new experiences and chat paths by interacting with it over time. But in the interest of seeing how a mature Moxie performs, I leapfrogged that step with some help from Embodied.

My Moxie was a talker. When it asked me about the day, it would follow my every word with its eyes. If I said I went to the park, it would mention that it loved going there as well. If I mentioned having an apple as a snack, Moxie was quick to say that's one of its favorites. And if I mentioned something it wasn't familiar with — like a lamb gyro — it would just say it's never heard of that before. Moxie has no chance of passing the Turing test, as it always felt like talking to a machine, but I was still surprised by how natural the conversations sometimes flowed. It was certainly more organic than shouting commands at my Amazon Echo.

Every day with Moxie was a bit different. Sometimes it would ask if I wanted to listen to music, and if I said yes, it would download a cute song and shake its gyro butt. Occasionally, it would point out some robot tips and tricks, like the best way to put it to sleep when I wanted to take a break. On other days, it would ask if I wanted to read to it out loud. I decided to read the opening paragraphs of — not exactly kid friendly, I know. While Moxie didn't know the story, it was able to ask some follow-up questions about my favorite character, and things I'd do to change the ending.

As I got to know Moxie, it would pipe up with things it's been learning and "thinking" about. I forget what prompted this, but at one point it mentioned that it really liked the movie Ender's Game, and it thought the author was a genius. (Oh Moxie, you sweet summer child.) Moxie's own preferences aren't yet consistent, according to Pirjanian. One day it may say it likes basketball, and on another it could say it's not a fan. The company is working on ways to make its personality more persistent, so your Moxie actually feels like a friend you get to know over time.

It struck me that Moxie could be exactly what many kids need during a pandemic, especially those without siblings. "A lot of children had to suffer from social isolation [amid the pandemic], which led to stress and anxiety," Pirjanian said. "Families are reporting that they see their child is a lot calmer, they are more thoughtful. And they are much more expressive in talking about their feelings. That helps because parents can intervene if necessary."

Sours: https://www.engadget.com/moxie-robot-kids-hands-on-embodiedhtml
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Best Home Robot: Zenbo vs Jibo vs Buddy vs Pepper vs Lynx vs Kuri vs Hub &#; More

To sustain this free service, we receive affiliate commissions via some of our links. This doesn’t affect rankings. Our review process.

Couple with smart robot on counter (caption: Best Home Robot)Are you a smart-home tech junkie just waiting for your next fix? Can’t wait to kick up your Alexa-enabled home a notch? Read our take on the best home robot products.

Best Home Robot Startups

Robots for the home continue to steal the show at annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) exhibitions. Here are a few of the best home robot products on the market today.

At our reader’s requests,  we are continuing to include discontinued robots as well, with details of how they worked.

Ubtech Lynx (Amazon-Alexa Friendly)Ubtech Lynx

View on Amazon

China-based Ubtech’s Lynx home robot is the most human-like robotic product close to hitting the market. Lynx’s mobility beats similar products with its nimble movements. A huge plus with Lynx is its integration with Alexa, which will give you a host of smart home connections.

Lynx connects you directly with your smart home devices, Amazon music, Spotify, and more. And it can even set up your schedule reminders, read your emails aloud, and teach you yoga poses. Price: Check Amazon for availability

JiboJibo robot

Visit Website

As of , the Jibo is no longer available.

Jibo’s original release was due in the fall season in , but continual setbacks ensued, and it was finally released in late . MIT social robotics expert, Cynthia Breazeal, designed this $ smart home tabletop bot solely for domestic use (with a hearty dose of empathy added to the mix).

Buddy by Blue Frog Robotics Buddy by Blue Frog Robotics

Visit Website

Developed by Blue Frog Robotics with crowdfunding backing on Indiegogo, Buddy looks promising as a future contender on the home robotic market. Blue Frog touts Buddy as, “The first social robot that connects, protects, and interacts with each member of your family.” Buddy, another bot resembling ET on wheels, can speak and hear, recognize faces, sense its environment and navigate your house.

Blue Frog also says he’s able to connect and control most of your smart home devices, manage your calendar, set alarms, make Skype calls and play games with your kids. And Buddy also doubles as a security camera and smoke and fire detector with real-time alerts on its companion mobile app. Buddy is an open-source platform — the company will offer an SDK so developers can add and remove applications and develop new ones for this expressive and functional bot.

Zenbo by Asus Zenbo by Asus

Visit Website

Asus’s Zenbo is one of the more promising smart home robots soon to hit the market. Zenbo resembles ET, with a long, articulated neck and bulbous head and body.

Designed to be a smart-home assistant, Zenbo can wheel itself around your home while controlling your smart home gadgets, interacting with your family members via its touchscreen face, speakers, and microphone, and serving as a remote-control security camera. Asus claims it can even watch over elderly home members and alert you in the case of accidents.

LG Hub Robot LG Hub Robot

As of , the LG Hub Robot is no longer available.

The LG Hub Robot’s design isn’t as humanoid as some other soon-to-be household robots, rather, it utilizes a screen for its “face.” This squat, tabletop bot uses Alexa for voice activation, which allows it to connect with LG smart home appliances, play music and videos, read to your kids, and more.

Unlike Echo, the Hub will be able to recognize individual voices, removing the need to switch between user profiles. The Hub will also have baby bots that work in tandem with the base bot to give you additional connectivity and functionality and connectivity. Although for now, the Hub only syncs with Alexa and LG’s smart technology, called SmartThinQ, LG will likely pair with more manufacturers to make this cute, little bot a major market contender.

Pepper by SoftBanks Robotics Pepper by SoftBanks Robotics

Visit Website

Pepper resembles a slightly smaller version of C-3PO — probably the most “robot-like” bot on wheels on the market (in Japan). Originally designed to be an in-store and business assistant, Pepper made its U.S.debut in June in shopping malls in San Francisco and San Jose, California.

Its makers say it’s also capable of serving as a home robot, working with smart home devices, and even serving as a bartender. Fluent in 20 languages, Pepper can hold conversations, read emotions, and entertain you via its camera- and sensor-filled head, articulated arms, and a touchscreen on its chest. Pepper’s estimated price is $1,

Kuri By Mayfield Robotics Kuri by Mayfield Robotics

Visit Website

As of summer , Kuri is no longer available and manufacturing has ceased. None will be shipped to customers, and all pre-order deposits will be refunded to our customers.

This inch-tall home robot on wheels blinks, glows, chirps, and tilts his head when you first address him by name. From there, he’s on the move around your house, using a laser precision system to remember a digital, room-by-room map of your home. Kuri has a built-in camera with video recording and can identify each person it meets.

So, Kuri can alert you once your kids are home from school or if an unknown person is in your house. Mayfield Robotics claims that Kuri will work with smart home devices and doubles as a Bluetooth-enabled speaker. And you can remotely control Kuri via smartphone apps.

Best Home Robots: The Waiting Game

Dog next to robot vacuum, caption: Best Robot Vacuum ReviewsOkay, we may need some more time to catch up to The Jetsons’ Rosie the robot, who does chores for the family, but we can still dream! Nevertheless, the best home robots that will be on sale soon can make life a little easier for busy families. You may want to keep this in mind while prepping your holiday wish list this year! We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on how these home bots progress and will keep you updated. Check out all of the latest smart home products including robot vacuums and robot lawn mowers.

Why are you interested in getting a home robot?



Sours: https://www.safesmartliving.com/smart-home/robots/home/

Best Personal Assistant Robot

If you are looking for a personal intelligent assistant for yourself and your home, you are the right page. We selected top 20 personal assistant robots, researched them for good 80 hours, and consulted 7 robotic experts to get the list of best of best personal assistant robots.

A personal robot assistant can take up your daily tasks and catch up with the never-ending to-do list in your mind. They combine the best features of security, smartphone, and a pet. In this post, you will get to know about the top best personal assistant robots available in the market. So, without further ado let&#;s get started.

Our Choice

Best Personal Assistant Robots

1. Lynx Amazon Alexa Enabled Robot &#; Editors Choice

Lynx Amazon Alexa Enabled Robot
Lynx Amazon Alexa Enabled Robot
  • Lynx combines the latest advancements in robotic technology with the ever-expanding skills of Amazon
  • Access your favorite Amazon Alexa features by enabling the Lynx skill in the Alexa app. Ask for a
  • In Avatar Mode, you can see, hear, and speak all through your Lynx robot, so you can be present,

If you are looking for the best home robot assistants than this can be the perfect choice. Lynx is the most advanced personal home robots from the Amazon. As this robot is from Amazon, it is compatible with their very own Alexa Home device. This one is the versatile autonomous robot that can be a personal assistant, security guard, and a very own entertainer.

Lynx is equipped with the newest trending robotic technology and the ever expanding Alexa skills. What pleased us the most were the multiple modes to assist you in your daily tasks. We loved the Avatar mode the most. In this mode, Lynx can see, hear, and speak for you. It can say hi, dance, or hug on your place in your absence. You can make Lynx perform any task for you using the Lynx mobile app from your phone.

Additionally, the other exquisite feature of this very own Robotic device is the surveillance mode. In this mode, Lynx will be the security guard of your home. It guards your house using its p camera along with facial detection. While testing, what amazed us was the voice activated command. Once Lynx, sees any burglar entering your home in your or any anomalies in your absence it immediately alerts you on your smart phone using the voice activated command. The work doesn&#;t end here, Lynx take the photos/recording  of the abnormal activities/intruders when in surveillance mode. It does all this using its Capacitive Human touch sensors for responding to human touch and PIR sensor for detecting the change in motion and light.

If you have Alexa at your home, Lynx can be your personal entertainer. Lynx can crack a joke for you, ask a riddle, play your favorite music, check traffic, give you news and weather reports. All in all, the best home robot assistant for every home who have hard time catching up with the daily tasks.


  • Alexa enabled
  • Has p camera with facial detection
  • Has PIR sensor to detect motion and light
  • Capacitive touch sensors to respond to human touch
  • Can record videos and take pictures
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Control methods: APP or voice control
  • Integration with iOS and Android
  • Versatile functions
  • Facial detection and video recording to warn you of strangers
  • Can say hi, dance, or hug
  • Play music or tell news
  • Fully controllable via phone
Things We Don&#;t Like

2. UBTECH 1S Intelligent Humanoid Robotic &#; Runer&#;s Up

UBTECH 1S Intelligent Humanoid Robotic
UBTECH 1S Intelligent Humanoid Robotic
  • Alpha 1 Pro stands 16" Inches tall and features 16 advanced digital servos that enable your robot to
  • Connects easily to your smart device With the free Alpha app (for iOS and Android) through Bluetooth
  • The included 3D desktop programming software makes the Alpha 1 Pro a powerful addition to any STEM

UBTECH is yet another astonishing personal human-robot. The robot is equipped with programs that aid humans in their daily tasks and also entertain them when required. This one is the first entertaining humanoid robot that connects via Bluetooth to your PC Android or iOS.

UBTECH the best home robot comes un-assembled. We found the best way to assemble it by downloading the free software or UBTECH robotics website. They have detailed well pictured instructions to program the robot. Anyone who is new to programming can do it. While researching, we found that the3D visual PC software is for the complete beginners and also for the advanced programmer. There is also a user-friendly GUI interface to maximize the personal experience. The biggest advantage of assembling is that this way you can learn how to program a robot. So, it&#;s a good option for the teenagers to try their hands on robotic programming.

Further on exploring a little more, what we loved was the high flexibility. The Alpha 1S will entertain you in every way. You can move its part up to degrees of rotation for maximum agility. We found that using the premium content provided on the website the robot can perform yoga demonstrations, exercise moves, kung-fu move, zumba dance, and can follow your each and every command.

Lastly, you can also play your favorite music using your Android, iPhone or PC while you are dancing. The speakers are far most the best quality, they play well for all kinds of music.


  • Revolutionary Humanoid Movement
  • User Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Intelligent Bluetooth App
  • 16 Patent Digital Servos
  • 9 Major Humanoid Features about your Robot
  • Aluminum alloy with Pure White Servo Armour
  • Quick Charge and Long Play Time.
  • 3D Visual PC Software for Beginners to Advanced Programmers
  • APP Control Program Feature.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and PC.
  • Can learn programming
  • Follow commands
  • Play music
  • Do multiple humanoid movements
  • Controllable from phone or PC
Things We Don&#;t Like
  • Battery dies quickly when playing music

3. Jibo The Social Robot &#; Best Robot For Home

Jibo The Social Robot For Home
Jibo The Social Robot For Home
  • He looks, listens and learns - Jibo experiences the world and reacts with expressive movements and
  • He's wired differently - Jibo is powered by face and voice recognition technology, so he remembers
  • He's smart, but not a know-it-all - Celebrating a birthday? Want a pic with your pal, Tim? Looking

If loneliness and relationship crisis are taking a toll on you than this best household robot can be of your use. Jibo is the world&#;s first social robot that guides you maintain your relationship especially when your life&#;s getting too busy. In such busy lifestyle, a message with photo to the parents, grandparents, friends, or the spouse means a lot. Jibo will work to secure and maintain these cherishable relationship memories in your life.

Jibo is an excellent household robot that helps you manage and build relationships in your life. The bot is programmed in such a way that it can recognize the faces of family and friends, so it can start talking to them once they enter your home. Further, it also takes and share photographs on the social media. This way you will never forget to capture and share your family and friends memories. All this is done using the most advanced face and voice recognition technology.

In addition to this, the personal assistant robot looks, listens, and learn with the experiences. He&#;s smart enough to remind you of a occasion, find a coffee shop for your, and might surprise you anytime with a &#;hi&#; when you enter your room. Overall, Jibo is one of the best home robot and the best room partner that&#;s never demanding.


  • Advanced face and voice recognition technology
  • Self-charging
  • 2 way communication
  • Motion detection
  • Camera
  • Will never make you feel lonely
  • Can take picture and share on social media
  • Can recognize and talk to your family and friends
  • Give surprises to you
  • Can charge on its own
Things We Don&#;t Like
  • Sometimes the fan in it makes noise

4. LewanSoul H3S 16DOF Humanoid Robot Kit &#; Best Human Like Robot

Lewan soul is the best personal Humanoid robot. We loved its high-precision digital servo, accuracy, and the high-precis movements. We would actually call it an affordable buy as it has all the advanced features of a robot and the price is considerably low when compared to the competitors.

Lewan Soul personal assistant robot can be connected to the free mobile app and PC software (windows only) so that you can directly use the mobile phone or your laptop to control the robot. Further, there are free Android/iOS App to control its various mode. While testing, we found that controlling the robot remotely using these apps is pretty easy and convenient.

Moving on to its assembly, we liked the overall integrated design of the robot. We found that the entire body including the built-in switch, charging interface, and programming interface can be easily operated. Further, while testing it for durability we found that the enclosed back-shell design protects the circuit board from any kind of damage. Assembling the robot would be a much interesting task for your if you love robotics programming and technology.

A few amazing features of it is its flexibility to sit, to dance, to do exercise, and perform many more human-like movements. It also has built-in speakers to play your favorite MP3 track. So, you can make Lewan soul dance and sing with you at the same time. For further operations or to learn more about its mode you can check on their website. Lastly, what overwhelmed us more was the extra long battery life. We tested and found that the battery lasts for as good as 2 hours.


  •  H3S robot
  • Compatible with PC, android, and iOS
  • Extra long battery life
  • G wireless communication module
  • High-precision digital servo
  • Ultra-durable structure
  • Works silently
  • Can teach you robotics programming
  • User-friendly features
  • Can do humanoid movements
Things We Don&#;t Like
  • App is clumsy to use.
  • You will take time to assemble and understand it completely

5. Vector Robot By Anki

Vector Robot By Anki
Vector Robot By Anki
  • Cozmo is a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in the movies and he’s ready to be your loyal
  • Challenge Cozmo to games or use Explorer mode to see things from his perspective
  • With a beginner-friendly interface, Cozmo is the perfect educational robot for kids and adults to

Vector is another affordable personal assistant robot. We actually call it a companion to help out and hang out. This comes from one of the famous Robotics company Anki which is known for its world class robots. You can read detailed review here.

Vector is powered with the advanced AI and robotics technology. We loved the fact that Vector has a great personality and is involved in sight, touch, and sound. The device is compatible with the iOS or Android device. Once connected to the device, it can be operated by the Vector App. Another convenient feature is that you need not to assemble it, it comes fully assembled and ready to use. Thus, a good option for someone who hates robotic assembly.

Other interesting features that attracted us were the voice-activated commands. Vector is designed to answer your questions, take photos, tell you the weather, crack a joke, tell you the dinner time, and many more. Further, you can connect your Vector with Alexa to set up reminders and control your smart home devices. Be rest assured, all these features works seamlessly and they are upgrading on a daily basis. We recommend you to always update its skills and features via the Cloud connection for better performance.

Lastly, what else made us to list in our best list of personal robots was the fact that it is self-charging. So, once it battery is low it automatically goes to the charging station to refuel its energy.


  • Compatible with the iOS or Android device
  • Self-charging
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Cloud connection for up-gradation
  • Affordable price
  • Good entertainment options
  • Sets off an alarm and reminders
  • Captures clear videos and snapshots
  • Self-charging
Things We Don&#;t Like
  • Cannot go back to charging station on its own if the distance is more than feet

6. Professor Einstein Robot

No products found.

This one&#;s a best home robot for learning and entertainment. This little Einstein is a genius who listens, reacts, and responds to your questions. Professor Einstein Robot can be a good device for you home wi-fi network.

Einstein Robot is equipped with the voice recognition and artificial intelligence. It is equipped with 5 robot motors that give him over fifty realistic facial expressions and body gesture. When talking to you it makes human-like expressions to let go off any loneliness and stress from your life. Further, professor Einstein has a body camera to see objects in front of him and motion sensors too, to avoid hitting the edge of the table when its walking. Believe us, with Einstein you will feel a small old man is living with you and admiring you with its world wise talks and brainy questions.

What more we liked is the directional sound feature. With this, Einstein gets to know when you are in the room and turn his head to talk to you. This way Einstein makes sure that you are entertained and engaged all the time at home. The other features that grabbed our attention were the 20 pre-loaded brain games, quizzes, learning modules, and many more educational stuff. Thus, its a wonderful teaching aid for middle school age kids and adults too. Moreover, you also get a tablet gaming app Stein-o-matic along with it for more fun and entertainment.


  • Voice recognition
  • Motion sensors and directional sound detection
  • Free stein-o-matic app
  • Pre-loaded brain games
  • 5 robot motors for facial expressions
  • Easy to use
  • Learn at home robot
  • Tablet gaming app
  • Makes humanistic expressions
  • Great entertainment source
  • Follows commands instantly
Things We Don&#;t Like
  • App has issues when connecting to the device

7. Sphero BOLT App-Enabled Robot

Sphero BOLT App Enabled Robot
Sphero BOLT App Enabled Robot
  • MORE THAN JUST A ROBOT: Sphero BOLT is a programmable robot ball that you can drive and code,
  • ADVANCED SENSORS & LED MATRIX: Packed with plenty of programmable sensors including a compass, light
  • PROGRAM IRIDESCENT EXPERIENCES: BOLT provides endless ways to express inventive ideas and experience

Sphero bolt is a min-size best household robot that provides you the endless opportunities to have fun while learning new things. You can read detailed review here.

Sphero bolt is programmed with the Sphero Edu ap to find new activities, or to drive and play. We actually call it a personal assistant robot that keeps you engaged in your lonely boring time. It is equipped with programmable sensors including Infrared, Compass, Light Sensor, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Motor Encoders. This means you can learn programming, try out hand-on activities, drive it like a motor car, and learn coding. Overall, we found out that there are endless opportunities in this create and have fun while learning.

Furthermore, the robot is powered by the Sphero Edu app which lets you code bolt by drawing or writing Java script. Last but not the least, the Bolt also has a option to share the creation on social media. Thus, it a good affordable option to have fun while learning and innovating things.


  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Sensors include Infrared, Compass, Light Sensor, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Motor Encoders
  • Good battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable price
  • Fun way to learn
  • Can let you code and discover new activities
  • Good battery time
  • Waterproof
Things We Don&#;t Like
  • Not a full fledged robot. Lacks many robotic functionalities

Buying Guide &#; What Considerations To Look For When Buying ?

Buying the best personal home robot without gathering information about the device would be not feasible. We suggest you equip yourself with the latest technologies available in the market before choosing anyone it. For the same, we have jotted down a buying guide that will help you choose the best personal assistant robot from the market. So, let&#;s get started.

1. Technology

This is the first thing to take care off. Make sure that which ever robot you are buying should have the latest robotic technology. Prefer investing in good brands as they don&#;t hang up with times and work smoothly and further their design and overall quality is also amazing. A few best ones are Lynx Amazon Alexa Enabled Robot, No products found., Jibo The Social Robot For Home, and LewanSoul H3S 16DOF Humanoid Robot Kit.

2. Sensors

A few essential sensors that your best personal home robot should have are the motion sensor, movements, face recognition capability, MP3 player, answering commands, and light sensor. The motion sensors help the device talk to you when you enter your home, the face recognition recognizes you and your dear ones, light sensor tells your presence at home, and recognizing commands lets the device talk to you. Although it is not important to have all of them but if your robot has it it&#;s excellent. The best household robot with these sensors is Lynx Amazon Alexa Enabled Robot.

3. Price

This is again a personal choice. A personal robot is an investment in your life as it can not only ease up your daily tasks but also entertain and talk to you in those boring lonely times . So, investing in it is always a good idea. They start are at a price of $$ You can choose anyone that suits your need and budget. But while choosing make sure it is off excellent quality and does the work that you are looking for.

What Test We Undertook To Find?

We started our test by selecting the top 20 personal home robots. We chose only the high-quality  robots. With the help of sellers and robotic experts, we successfully shortlisted the best personal robots and took them to our testing department.

Next, we figured out the parameters for testing them. The prime aspects that we took care off was the responsiveness, operating battery time, types of sensors, works it can do, and durability. Based on these parameters we formulated our tests. For each of the selected robots we conducted the same testing technique so that we can compare the results. We tested them thoroughly for quiet a few times by creating real life situations. We also tested how well they follow the command and for what all things we can use them. For durability, we had to rely on expert views and customer reviews.

After gathering all the test results, we gave a score to all the best personal robots on three basic factors &#; responsiveness, things they can do, and durability. After calculating the overall scores we selected the top seven out of selected


The benefits of a personal home robots are numerous. These device put your mind at ease and also entertain you. However, not all work the same. You need to pick the right one for the best experience. Before picking anyone, it would be great to know the benefits of the same as they will tell you why you actually need it.

1. Entertainment

Home robots are basically mean to entertain you, give you information, and help you in your daily tasks. These devices are the foremost intelligent devices in the market that guarantee a physical and social companion by your side. As soon as you enter your room, the device gets to know and it might even surprise you with a Hi or with questions like how was your day. Data suggests the homes that are equipped with these best personal robots are much happier than the regular ones without the intelligent devices.

2. Ease Of Use

The personal home robots are extremely easy to use. Using them is just like using your phone or any other electronic device. They all need one time installation and then they are good to go for years. For installing these devices, you just have to connect it to your home wi-fi/ smartphone then and download the specific app to monitor and control the device from your phone.

3. Ease Up Tasks

The best household robots tend to ease up daily tasks. They talk to you, give answers to your problems, help you find things like a cafe near you, help you shop the best, entertain you with jokes, games, riddles, tell you the news, and even teach you some exciting new scientific concepts.

4. Financial Aspect

The best personal assistant robots are a one-time investment. You buy it once and for sure you will be at ease for years. The life of a home robot is long, it also depends on the usage. You might face a few technical issues in starting until you get the hang of it. They charge you a little but guarantee long time happiness. So, for your peace of mind you should in fact look at buying one of these devices.

Final Thought

The best personal assistant robots are widely used to ease up daily tasks and for personal entertainment and fun. These robots are becoming sophisticated with time and with them, our daily work and peace are more sorted. The best household robots are incredible machines to interact with you, monitor your home, and remind you of your daily tasks. The best personal robots come with motions detectors, humanoid movements, cameras, face recognition, and many more features to please you in many ways.

The best personal assistant robots enlisted above are the best in all aspects. Each one of them has the most advanced robotic technology and features. They make you feel much contended and peaceful. In today&#;s workaholic life, we need such kinds of intelligent machine&#;s for one&#;s own entertainment and ease. If you buy any of the products listed above be rest assured that you will be at ease all the time.

Sours: https://www.spykeeworld.com/best-personal-assistant-robot/

Robot price amazon buddy

7 charming robots at CES

It's a $ robot companion that can surveil your house or brighten your day. Described as "an intelligent robot for the home," Kuri, which debuted last year and is back again at CES in advance of its public release, is equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an HD camera, facial recognition, microphones, speakers, and touch sensors. It also has a "laser-based sensor array" for obstacle detection, localization, and navigation, as well as sturdy wheels so it can work on different types of flooring. There's speech recognition included, too, but Kuri won't talk back. Instead it makes beeping noises and uses its expressive head and eyes to communicate. Sounds weird, right? But it works, a kind of remedy to the lingering strangeness of talking to a gently accented computer. It's a lot like R2-D2, really. Kuri is built to understand context and surroundings, recognize people, and it can respond to questions with facial expressions, head movements, and sounds.

Caption by: Greg Nichols

Sours: https://www.zdnet.com/pictures/7-charming-robots-at-ces/5/
BUDDY : Your Family’s Companion Robot - Multi-language (EN / FR/ DE/ JP/ CN)
BUDDY the robot express a neutral emotion with this blue color


The Perfect Companion Robot to Ease your Life and Caring for you.

At Blue Frog Robotics, we are creating an affordable, intelligent and emotional robot, to become the most advanced home companion and assistant robot possible to help and entertain anyone that needs him : the “BUDDY COMPANION”

Our vision is to have tomorrow BUDDY in every home to assist, entertain, educate, and make everybody smile.

To reach our vision, we have established a strategy for with the deployment or our “BUDDY PRO” to respond first to major issues of our current society such as aging of the population, the inclusion of vulnerable population and education while developing the community international developer of BUDDY.

BUDDY with his white color emotion


How not to resist to his cuteness and not want to adopt him?

BUDDY is an endearing emotional robot that wins the heart of the whole family, including children and adults. And it is not his 60 cm high that will stop him in his quest for bringing the family around a new emotional experience.

BUDDY has a range of emotions that he will express naturally throughout the day based on his interactions with family members. He will be happy to give you a warm welcome when you come home, he will sometimes be grumpy if you have not paid attention to him, or sometimes without any particular reason, just because that morning, he is not in a good mood.

BUDDY the robot express a neutral emotion with this blue color


Behind this sweet name hides a robot with gentle curves, big sparkling eyes and a smile radiating the atmosphere, thus creating empathy and the desire to interact.
As a real companion, BUDDY walks around your house like a pet.
He is not just a friendly presence in the home, he is a real Swiss army knife that has many other really useful features.
BUDDY connects, protects and interacts with every member of your family.
Behind his cheerful and sweet little face, BUDDY is your personal assistant, watches over your home, entertains your children and interacts with your smart home connected devices, among many other services.

BUDDY is a robot who can play with kids


He allows your child to learn through play while having fun.

visioconference with a real robot


He allows you to communicate with your loved ones, being there with them for moments that count.

Buddy is a smart robotics agenda


He reminds you of important tasks and events on your agenda.

BUDDY the robot is secure


He patrols your home while you are away and alerts you when detecting any unusual situation.

BUDDY with his white color emotion


Home automation, security, social interactions with the expression of emotions, or assistance robot for seniors and family.

Beyond being cute, BUDDY is equipped with electronics, sensors, technological bricks (voice and facial recognition, navigation …), artificial and emotional intelligence. This smart robot will perform brilliantly with many services useful to all.


- Watching and monitoring
- Intrusion, fire detection
- Sending alerts for unusual situations
- Doubt removal with remote control


- Moving Interactive jukebox
- Photographer
- Video call


- Smart home hub controlled by voice command or remotely
- Hand-free control of connected devices : lights, rollers blind, thermostat, plugs


- Interactive games : Red Light Green Light, Quizz
- Mathematics and memory exercices
- Introduction to programming

Social Interaction

- Mobile telepresence
- Sharing photos and videos
- Connection to social networks


- Reminder & agenda posology
- Monitoring
- Telepresence and social interaction


- Memo, Timer, Reminder, Agenda
- Practical info : Weather, News, Definition


- By downloading new applications
- By adding new accessories

BUDDY can express his emotions
BUDDY can express his emotions


Able to hear, speak, see and make coinciding head movements.

Human & Object Detection, Recognition & Tracking

BUDDY the robot and a toy
BUDDY the robot and a toy


Fully mobile with 3 wheels and a plethora of sensors allowing him to travel, learn & interact with the world around him.

Real time house mapping & localization.

Autonomous collision & obstacle avoidance.

BUDDY is a good robot for kids
BUDDY is a good robot for kids


Is a modular platform that can be infinitely built upon and expanded with accessories to make your daily life easier, safer and a little more fun.

Interaction with connected devices

Plug & Play accessories designed for all your needs

Open SDK & accessible technology

Sours: https://buddytherobot.com/en/buddy-the-emotional-robot/

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Buddy Family Companion Robot

Buddy is the ultimate family companion robot. Able to recognize each individual family member, Buddy will help with everything from weather and traffic updates, to sending you reminders and updates surrounding your schedule, act as your personal calendar, alarm clock, stream all your favorite music, play videos, display recipes, patrol and monitor your home while you are away, send you notifications if unusual activity is detected, play interactive learning games with your kids and so much more! Not to mention it will of course allow you to control all your connected devices and products, meaning it is a smart hub as well. Perfect and an absolute must have for any busy family in this 21st century, Buddy will soon become a staple in your family that you will value almost just as much as your family itself. 

Best Features: 

  • Built on an open-source technology platform 
  • Sends updates and reminders surrounding your personal schedule 
  • Acts as your personal calendar 
  • Acts as your alarm clock 
  • Streams all your favorite music 
  • Plays videos -Displays recipes 
  • Helps to control your connected devices 
  • Patrols and monitors your home while you are away 
  • Receive alerts when unusual activity is detected 
  • Interactive learning playmate for kids 
  • Make and receive phone calls 
  • Includes: Temperature sensor, sensing fires and floods 
  • Connects to social networks 
  • Easily share photos and videos with friends and family 
  • Receive weather and traffic updates 
  • Fall detection for elders and medication reminders 
  • Speech recognition 
  • Voice to text technology 
  • Facial recognition 
  • Real time house mapping & localization 
  • Smart navigation 
  • Remote control 
  • Numerous plug-in play technology 
Buddy receives a total rating of 5 out of 5 stars by the editors of Gadget Flow and is available for purchase now.



Autonomy hours


Touchscreen 8&#;


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


See how this product stacks up against others


Sours: https://ideaing.com/product/buddy-family-companion-robot

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