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Decora Pink Sugar Crystals 1kg

Decora Pink Sugar Crystals 1kg

Decora Pink Sugar Crystals Ingredients: Sugar, colour E171, glazing agent shellac, sugar syrup, c..

Ex Tax: €13.95

Bulk Glimmer White Sugar 1kg

Bulk Glimmer White Sugar 1kg

Glimmer White Sugar. Ingredients: Sugar, glazing agent - shellac, colour E171 1kg bag. ..

Ex Tax: €12.95

Edible Marzipan Babies Box/5

Edible Marzipan Babies Box/5

Edible Marzipan Babies - Box of 5 Adorable little babies made from marzipan. Ingredients: Suga..

Ex Tax: €16.95

Lotus Biscoff Crumb 750g

Lotus Biscoff Crumb 750g

Lotus Biscoff Crumb 750g Amazing how big the appeal of a little biscuit can be. No one can re..

Ex Tax: €4.95


Wholesale Scala-Wisell Toppings

Scala-Wisell International has been providing the confectionery industry with wholesale specialty ingredients since 1936. Whether you’re running a bakery, chocolate shop, or ice cream shop, Scala-Wisell has the highest quality bulk toppings for confectionery use.

Royal is proud to be a trusted wholesale supplier of Scala-Wisell sprinkles and nonpareils. We guarantee you the best selection of products at the lowest wholesale prices. Simply browse our website to see our full selection.

Bulk Sprinkles & Nonpareils

Whether you call them sprinkles or jimmies, it's easy to see the important role these toppings play in the confectionery industry. The same can be said for nonpareils. They’re all used for everything from ice cream toppings to cake decorations to candy making.

Included in our selection of Scala-Wisell toppings are traditional chocolate and rainbow sprinkles as well as bold single colors such as yellow nonpareils and pink sprinkles. When it comes to toppings, you have to consider more than just looks and Scala-Wisell has done just that. Their toppings not only look great but have a fantastic taste and texture as well. Try an individual color or combine colors to make your own custom mix!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of our Scala Wisell toppings or would like to see pricing information, please create an account to shop with us. For all other inquiries, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to assist you.

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The Best Cake & Cupcake Sprinkles

Buy Edible Sprinkles in Bulk

We Go Hard with Color

When you buy sprinkles from us, you're likely going to spend a good deal of time looking through the sheer number of colors that we have. Besides just color, we also various sprinkels for cupcakes in various shapes. Our sprinkle shop proudly presents color variations that can satisfy practically anyone's needs.

As bakers ourselves, we know that sometimes you need a particular color for a certain theme. We make sure that when you buy sprinkles from us, you'll always be able to find the exact shade that you need.

We Have Fun and Unique Shapes

If you're looking where to buy sprinkles that offer unique shapes, then you can come to us. We offer some of the traditional sprinkle shapes like:

Nonpareil sprinklesNatural sprinklesQuin sprinkles • Crystal sprinkles • Jimmies

Besides traditional, we also have other unique shaped sprinkles online. These are perfect for certain themes that you're baking for. Some of our fun shaped sprinkles include:

• Bananas • Graduation caps • Bow ties • Candy canes • Bunny heads • Bones • Many others

As bakers ourselves, we've also been asked to make some oddly themed cakes and cupcakes before. That's why we wanted to make sure that we had fun and unique shaped sprinkles for everyone.

We have you covered whether you need crystal sprinkles or shaped sprinkles.

You Can Buy Sprinkles in Bulk

It's also possible to buy bulk sprinkles from us. When you need wholesale or bulk sprinkles, we're there to help. Perhaps you have a large event coming up and you need to bulk buy cake sprinkles that are rainbow nonpareils. We got you covered.

Maybe you run a bakery and you need a consistent supply of wholesale and bulk sprinkles. We can be a trustworthy partner that offers you cake sprinkles bulk whenever you need them.

We can also help you bulk buy cake sprinkles for the holidays. If you need Christmas sprinkles bulk, then we have white sprinkles and other colors and designs perfect for your needs.

You can even get cupcake sprinkles bulk and cake sprinkles bulk for custom sprinkles for cupcakes.

We Offer Different Kinds

While most people are familiar with sugar sprinkles, they may not be aware that there are other types of crystal sprinkles. Edible cake decorating sprinkles is a type in itself. Not all candy sprinkles or cake sprinkles are edible. Our Christmas sprinkles bulk are always edible.

You can also find wholesale vegan rainbow sprinkles bulk. For bakeries or individuals who cook using only plant-based ingredients, our vegan sugar sprinkles may be exactly what you need.

We also have cupcake sprinkles bulk online that is traditional sugar. You'll find our sugar Christmas sprinkles bulk or rainbow sprinkles bulk are among the best in that they are deliciously sweet.

No matter what your needs may be when looking to buy sprinkles online wholesale, we have you covered.

Buy Sprinkles in Bulk Today

If you're looking where to buy sprinkles that are the best, look no further. We have rainbow sprinkles bulk and other fun variations that can complete your baked goods. Buy sprinkles from us to see and taste a real difference. You'll never need to look where to buy sprinkles again after buying sprinkles in bulk from us.


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