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Celtic & Knot Wedding Bands

Let Your Rings Help Tie the Knot

ropesA sailor’s hitch is secure, yet simple and essential. Tying a knot is a fundamental ritual, often the first step towards adventure, mobility, and the compassionate exploration of your world. Show the innate strength of your love with a hint of ocean air or historic interlace.

Krikawa’s Knot Wedding bands are fully customizable, made-to-order, and handcrafted by our master goldsmiths. See how our our beautiful Knot wedding bands are made.Design your very own today!
  • Vintage Celtic Knot Band
    Vintage Celtic Knot Band

    Unique Designer Celtic Knot Pattern Wedding Band with polished milligrained rails. Design your own wedding ring for both men and women.


  • Sculptural Celtic Knot Band
    Sculptural Celtic Knot Band

    The unique, designer Sculptural Celtic knot Pattern Wedding Band. Characterized with an intricate, airy look this ring is truly spectacular


  • Tibetan Knot Eternity Wedding Band
    Tibetan Knot Eternity

    The endless Tibetan knot is an appropriate symbol for your eternal love. Choose from a range of metals to build the perfect ring.


  • Tibetan Knot Wedding BandTibetan Knot Wedding Band - top view
    Tibetan Knot

    This sculptural ring has a Tibetan-inspired knot framed by the split shank. Four accent stones are set around the pattern.


  • Mens Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding BandMens Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band - top view
    Celtic Trinity Knot

    This eternity symbol wedding band for men has a repeating Celtic trinity knot symbol. The background is recessed, with raised edges.


  • Claddagh Wedding BandCladdagh Wedding Band - top view

    This Claddagh is custom-made for you. Our version of the traditional Irish symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship is handcrafted and made to order.


  • Rustic Knot Wedding BandRustic Knot Wedding Band - top view
    Rustic Knot

    This is an artistic representation of your never-ending love and connection with the eternal knot design that wraps around the band.


  • Decorative Celtic Knot Wedding Band
    Decorative Celtic Knot

    The Celtic trinity knot repeats around this wedding band. The symbols are framed by an undulating border and accented by small shapes.


  • Women's Sailors Knot Wedding BandWomen's Sailors Knot Wedding Band - top view
    Women's Sailors Knot

    A beautiful symbol of your eternal love and connection, this knot wedding band is accented with your favorite gemstones or diamonds!


  • Diamond Knot Wedding BandDiamond Knot Wedding Band - top view
    Diamond Knot

    This two tone knot wedding band is a beautiful symbol of your everlasting love with the eternity knot design.


  • Eternal Chain Wedding BandEternal Chain Wedding Band - top view
    Eternal Chain

    This wedding band consists of an eternity style chainlink. Pair it with the Eternal Chain Engagement Ring!


  • Seven Knot Eternity Wedding Band
    Seven Knot Eternity

    Seven knots for the seven knots every sailor must know. This pattern is done in negative with a darkened recess.



Your Wedding Ring

You’ll be quite-taken by our simple custom design process, dedication and a % money back satisfaction guarantee.

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Celtic Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings | Celtic Rings Ltd

Luxury gift

All of our jewelry comes with FREE luxury packaging so your rings are presented in a fashionable and safe manner.

Luxury Packaging

Love & Passion in Details

The unmatched craftsmanship and beauty of Celtic jewelry makes a distinctly stunning impression. Celtic rings and pendants make ideal wedding gifts because they embody a rich history and signify an unbreakable bond between hearts. Claddagh rings and Celtic engagement rings are just some of the trademark pieces of Celtic jewelry that we carry. In addition; our Celtic wedding bands, other Irish wedding rings and Claddagh rings allow couples to express their love with matchless elegance.

Our Celtic rings are crafted by hand to provide you with precious and distinctive heirloom pieces of refined beauty. Once you place your order, our expert craftsman will begin the process of shaping your one-of-a-kind ring with great care & attention to detail.

Celtic Engagement Rings

Iconic Irish Quality

Each one of the Celtic rings created is then sent to the Dublin Assays Office, where it is tested and crowned with the official hallmark of authenticity. This stamp not only guarantees quality, but it also increases the value of jewelry.

To prepare your Celtic jewelry for shipment, we will polish it thoroughly and pack it gently in luxurious materials to ensure safe and speedy delivery via FedEx. From ordering to receipt, the process takes around 14 - 20 business days for handmade rings and a little less for other jewelry pieces, such as our Celtic pendants and Celtic cross necklaces. Silver items take 10 – 12 business days. However, if it’s urgent, we may be able to speed this up – if so, please contact us before ordering.

Celtic Wedding Jewelry

We just got home and opened up the rings package — they are so absolutely beautiful, we are just thrilled! Thank you!

— Wandy & Jim, Texas

My husband is constantly saying how much he loves it and we are always receiving comments on how beautiful it is.

— James & Sandy, Ohio

The ring arrived today! I want to thank you for its arrival before my wedding. I am so pleased with the ring.

— Rich Hagerty, Florida

We just got home and opened up the rings package — they are so absolutely beautiful, we are just thrilled! Thank you!

— Wandy & Jim, Texas

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Celtic Wedding Rings

Traditional Irish Wedding Rings

Irish Jewel offers an exquisite collection of Celtic wedding rings on our online store. All of which are made in Ireland and encompass traditional Celtic iconography. We realise you want your wedding ring to be as unique and as special as the love it represents, and what better way to express that than a traditional Irish wedding band? Our range of Irish wedding rings each offer something truly special; whether it is their intricate Celtic design or the story of Irish Folklore attached to them like the beautiful Claddagh ring – trust us when we say, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll cherish forever here!

Choose from Our Wide Selection of Irish Wedding Rings

We offer an endless variety of traditional Irish Wedding Ring Celtic. Choose from Claddagh rings, Ogham rings, Corrib Claddagh rings, Celtic Knot rings, Lover Knot rings, Triscele Celtic Wedding Bands, Diamond rings and lovely wedding rings. Our selection of wedding rings come in gold, silver and platinum. We invite you to take the time to browse through our collection – each ring you select on our site offers a detailed description and outlines what sizes are available. Please be advised that there will be an additional charge incurred for sizing rings which go above a size 9(R) for ladies, and size 13(Z1) for gents. Please email us to find out more.

About Irish Jewel


We at Irish Jewel are proud to be a family-run business which was established by Carol Clarke over 20 years ago. Our jewelry store is located just off Grafton Street in Dublin. Carol is a National Association Goldsmiths of Britain Diploma holder and has also completed the appraisal examination for the Gemological Institute of America. Irish Jewel has won numerous awards over the years.

Choose Irish Jewel Today for beautifully handcrafted Traditional Irish Wedding Rings

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Among the most popular Irish wedding ring styles is the Claddagh Wedding Ring. The timeless design of the Claddagh ring is related to a couple's relationship & marriage. The hands indicate friendship, the heart love, while the crown represents fidelity.

Another favorite Celtic wedding ring is the Celtic Knot. The rugged twists and turns of the Celtic knot symbolize the unending love that binds two people together in marriage and is thought to symbolize the interconnectedness through life.

Whichever style you choose, the quality of workmanship of our unique Celtic wedding rings is sure to impress you. Whether your preference is sterling silver, gold or alternative metal, you'll appreciate the attention to detail for the rest of your life.

Sours: https://www.uniquecelticweddingrings.com/

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Celtic Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

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