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Bulk Items, White Goods & Appliances

Bulk Items

For bulky items that are too large to fit in a trash cart, residents must call Waste Management in advance to schedule a trash pick up. Call 800-972-4545 to schedule pickup for the next bulk item collection day. 

Currently there is no fee for the following items:
Couches, tables, chairs, mattresses, and box springs are considered bulky items; other items that do not fit in the cart may also be considered bulky waste. Waste Management has a 4 item limit for the number of items taken in a single week.

As of June 1, 2018 Waste Management is now accepting toilets, sinks and doors for a $20 fee and carpeting for a $5 fee.

White Goods, Appliances, & TVs / Computer Monitors

Waste Management will pick up white goods, appliances, and TVs / computer monitors, as well as other large metal items and car tires. Residents must call 800-972-4545 to schedule and pay for disposal of their item(s). See the Bulk/White Goods Price List for current prices.

  • Service Information

    One 64 Gallon Cart (blue).

  • Service Schedule


  • Container Setout Instructions

    Place cart at the curb by 7 a.m. on collection days and remove same day. Keep cart at least three feet from parked cars, mailboxes and other obstacles that may prevent WM team members from picking it up.

  • Set up New Residential Service

    Contact the Town at (978) 671-1313 x 2.

  • Service Instructions & Limitations

    Don’t overfill your cart – the lid must close tightly. No overflow allowed. Any bags outside cart must be City Overflow bags.

  • Acceptable and Non-Acceptable Materials

    Acceptable items include household trash like chip bags, paper towels, plastic bags, & textiles (donate if lightly used). Non-acceptable items include construction/demolition waste, auto parts, tires, household hazardous waste (paint, oil, household cleaners), medical or electronic waste.

  • Request a Container Repair or Replacement

    Contact the Town at (978) 671-1313 x 2.

  • Report a Missed Pickup

    If containers were curbside by the specified time and were not emptied, report a missed pickup by calling Waste Management at (800) 972-4545.

  • Request an Additional Container

    Go to Department of Public Works Administration, Room G-11 in Town Hall for an application, or online

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    These services require that you select a specific area in your community.

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    Tour is key to recycling education, reduced contamination

    Billerica, Mass. – Located in eastern Massachusetts, Waste Management’s Billerica Material
    Recovery Facility (MRF) leads a state-of-the-art recycling operation, processing more than 450
    tons of materials each day. Advanced technologies, like plastic film management and better
    separation of commodities, make it an ideal plant to address the state’s recycling demands,
    and to serve as an ideal location to teach about recycling.

    “We want to educate residents on how to recycle the right way so that we can improve the
    quality of materials we intend to sell,” said Bill Caesar, president of WM Recycling Services.

    Recently, the Billerica MRF hosted a tour of municipal officials and recycling coordinators from
    more than 20 different communities. Attendees were led through the facility by Plant Manager
    Fred Confalone, Public Sector Solutions Manager James Nocella, and Total Recycle Program
    Manager Michelle Lee Guiney.

    During the tour, the group experienced how the facility separates materials using screens for
    extracting fiber products, magnets for pulling out metal containers, optical sorters for identifying
    plastics and eddy currents for repelling aluminum cans. It wrapped up with a look at how bales
    of commodities are stored for shipment.

    From a strategic standpoint, tours like this are essential to educating customers on how a plant
    operates, so that both WM and municipalities can work together to reduce contamination and
    increase recycling. With quality standards being imposed by China, known in the industry as
    the “Green Fence,” it’s up to WM to provide an end product for the commodity markets that’s
    high in recyclable material and low in contamination.

    The Billerica MRF currently has several municipal solid waste and recycling contracts, including
    with the cities of Chelmsford, Lowell and Billerica. Geographically, the facility receives materials
    north of Boston and through southern New Hampshire. Locally, it aids the economy with more
    than 50 jobs.

    In celebration of Earth Day, both WM Billerica and nearby Avon MRF will partner with their
    respective communities to collect and recycle batteries.

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    Trash & Recycling

    Curbside Collection

    Collection is five days a week, Monday through Friday, except during holiday weeks. To find your collection day, see Collection Day Listed by Street Name for a complete listing of collection days sorted by street name and section. View Collection Day Shown on Map to see a map of the collection days.

    Use the large blue cart for trash and the large green cart for recycling. To schedule pickup for bulk items, white goods, televisions, computers, or large metal items, call Waste Management Customer Service at 800-972-4545.

    Waste Management is the contractor that picks up trash, recycling, bulk items, and white goods, as well as spring and fall yard waste collection. Refer to the Residential Recycling and Trash Guidefor detailed information.

    Observed Holidays for Trash and Recycling

    Waste Management observes the following holidays:

    • New Years Day*
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day*
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day*
    *Consult our current guide calendar if the above listed holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday to confirm collection schedule.

     All collections on and following the listed holidays will be delayed by one day, for the remainder of that week.

    For any holidays not listed above, collection will be on the regular Monday-Friday schedule.

    Single Stream Recycling

    Recycling in Billerica is Single Stream Recycling. All your recycling can go together (paper, cardboard, bottles, and cans) into the large green cart. To avoid contamination, all bottles and cans must be emptied and rinsed clean. No plastic bags, trash, or Styrofoam please.  

    RORR Widget

    Missed Trash or Recycling Pickup

    If your trash or recycling is not picked up on your collection day, please call Waste Management at 800-972-4545. If you have any unresolved problems with your collection, call Operations Supervisor Steve Robertson at 978-436-9178.

    If the missed pickup is reported promptly, a collection for the missed pickup will be scheduled no later than the following business day. If material was not placed out by 7 a.m., or was not correctly prepared, residents must hold on to the material until the next normally scheduled collection day.

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    Waste Management Single-Stream Recycling: Take a tour of our Philadelphia MRF

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