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Romantic Partnership as Lightworker: The importance of being synergy

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I have been asked to write about finding romance as a Healer and a Lightworker. This is a subject that comes up in conversation with other Intuitives and Energy Healers frequently.

Finding a romantic partner that is at a similar vibrational level, who understands your need for autonomy, and supports you in your processes (as you support them), is the Healer's greatest personal challenge.

Being an Intuitive is a lifestyle, not an occupation. It requires time to yourself for contemplation, proper rest, a drama free environment (your home is your nest!), self-care routines such as salt baths, time with like-minded friends and colleagues, and a deep dedication to the path of the Healer. Finding a romantic partner that understands the need for autonomy, with it's changing schedules and being available for people seeking assistance, may feel like you are in a no win situation. It is little wonder that the majority of Healers choose to have their beloved pets versus a human companion! Animals love and accept unconditionally, and are inherently connected to source.

You can find love, Dear Ones, but it necessitates holding the same high standard that you do for your work. For if you are dating someone that is not on the same path, and they lack empathy and compassion, then you are likely to adopt the same lack of sensitivity.

Meditate upon what YOU are seeking in the idea partner (this is my list! I offer the same in return):



Sees their Divinity and accountability as a priority

Gentle of Spirit

Strength of character and spirit

Loves unconditionally

Keeps their promises, but does not make them lightly.

Healthy boundary




Refrains from keeping a tally

Strong work ethic

Can accomplish something from start to finish

Loves and accepts my friends and family

Loves to laugh

Always speaks kindly of others

Appreciates the simple things in life

Clean and sober

Well educated



Finds something to be grateful for in every situation

Has smile and laugh lines on their face




Makes time as a couple/family a priority

Sees the household tasks and day-to-day necessities as shared equally

Loves music, dancing, live theatre, and art museums

In the healing arts

Savors the adventures in life that you have together

Sees each day as a gift

Healthy and in sync with the staying healthy

Free and available status

Free from any baggage of the past

Celebrates life with you, refrains from being competitive

Can talk about anything easily, calmly, and kindly

You are best friends

Requests never demands

Open contract, does not require marriage

Once you have created your own list (this can be a process over a few weeks or months), place it on one of your home altars.

While what you are asking for may feel impossible Dear Ones, it is not! I did meet someone that met each and every item on my list. They were an unexpected gift from the Universe, and I thank my lucky stars that we are in each other's life. I knew that if I added an age or focused on the physical description, that I was limiting Divine Energy in meeting my soulmate. When I did meet them, they were not at all what I expected them to look like, but better than I could have imagined!

Stand your ground, Dear Ones, and do not compromise in being with the right person as a healer! Your home environment really is your nest where you recharge. The right romantic partner can bring a love and dimension to your life that makes you a better Intuitive and help create that joyful home!

I love you and I empower you to raise the best version of yourself each day, Dear Ones! 

In Divine Truth,

Psychic Shira

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The purpose of a ‘Lightworker' is to wake up the people that inhabit this beautiful planet and connect them with their true Divine spirit. Our role is to teach Oneness and close the separation gap that occurs when people forget that they are spiritual beings having a physical experience and not the other way around.

Lightworkers, teachers and healers are Divinely guided people that come in all different shapes, sizes and forms so that the right messages get delivered to the right people.

The name of the game is CONSCIOUS EXPANSION.

Lightworkers are always aligned with the people that they are destined to assist. It's a soul contract where the student calls out for the teacher, and the teacher appears. This also happens the other way around too.

When you put your hand up to do “the work” it can unleash the full gamut of the human experience.

Life becomes a harsh training ground for a Lightworker so that they can be of the highest service to mankind. Many Lightworkers have lived a lot of life in a short period of time. Their lives are beautifully decorated with loss, sadness, illness, depression, anxiety and fear so that they can live and teach how to navigate through the uncertainty of life and be living proof of walking the talk.

As a student of A Course In Miracles I know that when my soul's expansion is having a growth spurt then shit hits the fan. Things get C-R-A-Z-Y (like they did today) and I'm learning not to judge my episodes of going momentarily nutso. (Sidenote: A huge shoutout of LOVE to my husband)

In the personal development industry there is not a single teacher that hasn't lived the exact opposite of what they teach. This is how they can reach into the experience and transform and guide someone to higher ground that serves them.

Here are 7 Signs You're A True Lightworker

1. Lightworkers feel the need to help and heal people

I was at the beach today and met a couple with a newborn baby. They were complaining about the child and I gently reminded them that life passes very quickly and they should appreciate every moment. This translates into one of two things…

I'm some random, pain the butt lady that should keep my mouth shut OR…I'm sending them a message they can pick up and work with. This is why it's so important to discern the situation before you speak your truth.

Remember: Lightworkers know when to speak up and share and when to zip it. Their intuition always guides them to help out when needed.

2. Lightworkers have a close connection to their “guides”

I believe that everyone has a guide or a set of guides they can call upon throughout life to offer wisdom and guidance. The key to connecting with them is to call them in and state that you're ready to be a channel for their messages.

Remember: Lightworkers are usually excellent at channeling and tuning into the flow of their collective higher consciousness.

3. Lightworkers believe in angels, ascended masters and energetic kindred spirits from other realms

Lightworkers know that different beings dwell at different energetic frequencies. These energies can be tapped into (through meditation etc) and used as a powerful resource to get help and assist people through the uncertainty of life.

Remember: There is so much more to believe in that what we can see.

4. Lightworkers are 100% committed to personal growth no matter what

As a Lightworker you will experience emotional upheaval. As life stretches you to your limits, you are aware of the process and have given the experience 100% permission to work through you for the purpose of the greater good.

Remember: Lightworkers understand that nothing you experience happens without your permission and they know how to protect their energy.

5. Lightworkers have learnt how to face uncertainty + believe in miracles

The only thing certain in life is uncertainty. Also, death and also taxes.

When I experienced 5 miscarriages in a year I was forced to face uncertainty time and time again. For weeks upon weeks I didn't know whether or not my baby's heartbeat would still keep beating, but it made me be so much more present with the whole process of being okay no matter what the outcome would be.

Remember: Lightworkers will crave certainty until they find the freedom and deep profound knowledge in the fact that uncertainty will be a constant theme in everyone's life.

6. Lightworkers are power manifestors

A Lightworker knows how to use their thoughts to create their own reality. They know how to trust implicitly in the process of manifesting and understand that whatever shows up is meant to happen.

Remember: Divine timing never gets it wrong.

(Note: Want to become a power manifestor? The Ancient Manifesting Ritual will show you how to create your own miracles and is the best place to start)

The Ancient Manifesting Ritual

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Lightworker Terminology // What Is A Lightworker?

What's the purpose of a lightworker? 

To create healing and enlightenmentin the community you live in and to live in the pursuit of ultimate truth, beauty and joy, helping others do the same - regardless of field, class or culture. 

Being a lightworker raises your vibration, which is metaphysical speak for improves your mood, and it also raises the vibration of others because in doing your work to heal the world or your community with your talents, you are helping others’ lives to be better. 

The best example we can use here has already been illustrated for us in the famous magicians series, Harry Potter.

In this story, child magicians from around the country are called together from their neighborhoods to go to a magic school.

After attending school, and in between semesters the magicians-in-training return to real life, living and working amongst the humans, who in this story are referred to as Muggles, or, non-magical people.

Like at Hogwarts, lightworkers can fill many roles in everyday life, and they can be found in any job, be any gender, and are located throughout the world, existing in all walks of life, cultural groups and socioeconomic classes. They can be veterinarians, counselors, party planners, makeup consultants, lawyers, investment coaches, and baristas. 

These are all roles lightworkers can take to make a positive impact in the world using their gifts, training, and knowledge. In fact, many lightworkers choose to take jobs, switch jobs, or change jobs, so they can use their expertise to spread more light. 

If you are a lightworker and thinking about changing jobs, know that it is not unusual for a lightworker, someone on "team positive," to be moved, willingly or not, to many different fields of work throughout their lifetime.

The more places you work, the more opportunities you have to spread your message and do your good work, so hopping around from career to career only does more good to the earth and you may even be guided to do so.

Lightworkers call jobs assignments and you will know when your current job/assignment is "done"and when it's time to move on to another area because it will feel like you have grown and thus the environment has grown from you, as much as it can.

What do lightworkers look like / do they have physical traits?

As mentioned above, lightworkers come in all walks of life, as a lightworker indeed is any person committed to living as joyously as possible, helping others do the same, raising the collective planet's consciousness together.

However, while lightworkers all look different in physical appearance, I have found that most lightworkers:

  • Have a glimmer in their eyes

  • Are really peaceful and positive to be around

  • Are blatant, and graciously honest

  • Hold a caring face and facial expressions

  • Often will wear some sort of emblem that identifies them, you can find it if you look

There are also physical and intellectual symptoms and signs someone might be a lightworker, such as:

  • They have a deep knowing there is more to life

  • They are known as the advice person in your circle

  • They have traditionally been somewhat of a psychic or mystical person, a seeker of truth

  • They are on a perpetual, almost obsessive, quest for knowledge

All in all, being a lightworker is synonymous with wanting to live your purpose and help others while doing it, and it is a job that can be filled in many roles, in many ways, through many paychecks, monetary or not. 

If you aren't sure what your purpose is and thus what your job is, check out this article on identifying your purpose for clues or check out the Redefining Your Purpose Meditation or the Higher Self Meditation in The Member's Meditation Room (*must be a website member to access).

Anna Sayce also writes a great piece on how you are to find your purpose, how you use your light or what audience it's meant for at this time, in her article, How to Find Your Calling As a Lightworker

And I do want to mention it again: you can do your purpose covertly from many positions and many clients of mine actually choose to go undercover in the business world to get more of their messages out there.

Lightworkers are meant to use both their earthly training and their spiritual knack to spread the positivity and healing whether that be through science, public speaking or working at the post office, being the friendly face that people trust.

But it's not about always throwing rainbows around, most of the time it's about listening, and sitting through grief and sadness, and witnessing others’ vulnerability so that you and they both find the light in the darkness.

It's like sifting through dust at a mine: somebody's gotta do it if you're ever gonna find the diamonds.

Most people will find their own light when allowed to release their darkness.

Lightworkers are known as the counsel and often become that in their lives. It's always why many lightworkers are awakened to extra planes of understanding, such as mediumship and psychic abilities, which they often use to feel their way through the dark. 

What about lightworking in relationships? 

As a lightworker, you will most likely be paired or coupled with other lightworkers (positive healing bearers) and they may work in different fields or have different realms of expertise entirely. Some lightworkers aren't even aware they are lightworkers because that's just who they are and have always been, so they may need to be told.

If you notice a lightworker out there doing good, know it doesn't hurt to acknowledge it. 

Some lightworker couples work in the same field, but many don't. The idea behind this is that you are partnered with someone who can amplify your gifts and you, theirs; meaning the gifts you each have are sometimes complementary but not the same. 

I get a lot of questions about lightworkers getting married or getting into relationships and whether they should or shouldn't. The clear answer is that being paired with another lightworker at some point can only double and accelerate the purposes and trajectory of both or, at the very least, make the journey more enjoyable.  

I like to think of lightworker relationships or lightworker marriages in terms of two powers uniting.

Yes, lightworkers do marry other lightworkers but no, they are not all yoga instructors. They often work side-by-side in complimentary planes or fields of expertise, helping to accelerate the journey of each other offering what the other needs to support each other's goals. 

Do lightworkers experience more hardships in life than others?

Many lightworkers transmute darkness for their work, it's just the cycle of things, and it's what gives the work meaning. It's like having a pile of coal which you light to create the fire. Some call this turning your pain into your purpose.

Permaculturists will call this turning your black gold manure into your prize crop.

Whatever you call it, to be a true lightworker, taking the hardship you are given and turning it into beauty is your challenge and it can be easily done through processing your experiences, sorting out the wisdom and sharing it wisely. 

So there are some schools of thought that say that yes, lightworkers, as a whole, sign up for more challenging soul contracts than others but having a hard life doesn't necessarily qualify someone for being a lightworker automatically. 

To be a lightworker doesn't just mean you have a challenging soul contract.

You also have to consciously choose to become the alchemist, turning that darkness into light and learning how to harness the power of your lessons for the greater good.

All in all, lightworkers are people who pursue truth, live their highest self, helping others heal barriers and challenges in their life so they too can live their ultimate best life. We all do this in different ways.

Best of all, you can be in any field to be one. 

My eBook Spiritual Security helps lightworkers sort out the dark from the light in their eternal and physical plane lives and the eCourse Open Your Gifts assists lightworkers with getting to know all the tools in their spiritual toolbox so they can go on to do even greater work in this world.

Many lightworkers have a strong connection to spirit and spirit communicates with us all in different ways to help us do our work.

For more on this, check out this article on how spirit connects to each of us here. 

Amanda Linette Meder


The Romantic Struggle Of Lightworkers: Finding The One

By Souls of Silver

First of all, let’s see what or who a lightworker is. The term has found recent and frequent usage in spirituality circles. Unfamiliar as it may sound, a lightworker has always been known by other names by many people, which includes empaths, star seeds, etc.

The Specialty Of Lightworkers

The idea is that these individuals are gifted with a much more sensitive soul and, in many cases, better cognitive reasoning too. These people are here not for the everyday Sisyphean predicament that we call life. They might be in the midst of drudgery too, but their purpose is to serve others and to help them heal with their higher powers.

They are endowed with the ability to heal others simply by being with them and are also given to be of an extremely selfless attitude. This makes them extremely ideal lovers, who give more than they take in a relationship.

True healers, they help their partners find themselves and ascend spiritually.

A Dissatisfaction In Love

Recently, there has been a problem. Lightworkers seem to be increasingly dissatisfied with their romantic attachments and with seeking partners with higher spiritual abilities.

The theme is the same: lightworkers realize that their partners are spiritually asleep, increasingly without compassion, just like the rest of humanity.

Read: 20 Signs Prove That You Are Different From The Rest

Where it still keeps many starseeds faithful to their partners, hoping they can help them ascend and change, many others have increasingly shown tendencies to break the relationship up and look for lightworker partners.

The world is changing and this is the time when many spiritual changes have been going on in the world. Energy transitions are taking place and metamorphoses are too. This is when spiritually gifted people shine as those energies are very much fuel for them.

Looking Into Myths

To all those lightworkers, we have a question that can fundamentally solve your problem. We understand that you are looking for your soulmate. Let us tell you a story first: The story about soulmates goes that Zeus divided man’s body (then with two heads, four hands, four legs, but one soul) into two parts and left them to wander the Earth forever in search of the other half.

Imagine this fairytale to be true. Now your other half, the completing piece of the jigsaw puzzle, has seen the world differently, grown up in a house as different from you as anything and has also learnt to love differently. Most importantly, you never know who your soulmate is: what if it is the same partner you want to leave?

An Advice

So, our advice is simply this: Learn how to grow together in a relationship. Learn how to appreciate differences as much as the common things you share. Maybe, the jigsaw of your soul is going to be a colorful, wacky one, where the pieces don’t match at a surface level.

But it’s not required when you are dealing with a love from the soul.

Each relationship is unique and it takes different people to wake up and transition at different times and different circumstances.

Learn to appreciate that, it makes things far easier.

If you like this article on lightworkers and their romance, then share it with your friends and family and spread the knowledge. 


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9 Things That Happen When You're A Lightworker

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