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MC, the Ultimate Helper gets scouted out to attend RFA Academy. Always thinking his Ultimate was useless, he was shocked to say the least. His life had been the all the normal, nothing eventful has happened in his life- good or bad. It was just.. boring. Finally, some flavor comes into his tasteless life to spice it up.. not in the way he intended.

Upon entering the school, he felt a sudden rush of faîtage and passed out right at the entrance. Later waking up in what seemed like a run down café with blocked windows and a pretty woman, who he soon learns is Jaehee, the Ultimate Barista. Over the speakers, an announcement had been made to meet in the gym for the orientation. Relief the two felt as they rushed over to the gym and met up with the other 14 students when suddenly a mechanical cat pops out of seemingly nowhere and gave the students some distraught news about their whereabouts.


Mystic Messenger Theory Center

Mystic Messenger Theory : MC’s Soul and White Heart

Spoiler alert on the plot and theories~


before you read this theory, I’m just going to point out how many people believe that we are controlling MC and also she’s not real , Seven doesn’t love you and such. I’m going to explain who MC is and click ‘KEEP READING’ to read the plot of this theory.

MC means Main Character, , especially in a video game or role-playing game. It may refer to Player character, a character in a video game or role playing game who is controlled or controllable by a player, typically a protagonist the game’s plot. It’s also important to have a main character , since their role is bigger than the minor characters in a game. 

In Otome games, most MC’s are brown coloured hair. It’s a natural colour hair , like many people dye hair into blue, red, blond, but for those who are born with natural blond, please do not find this offensive. Not often you see blond colour protagonist in a otome games. Since most otome games are released in Southern Asia , and most asians are born natural dark brown or brown hair. In Western region Otome games, would most likely to use different coloured hair like blue,red ,blond even green :D. Their games are equally as good as the Asia’s otome games. 

In any game and such , MC is a main game character that has a deeper story(sometimes). RPG games on consoles are most likely use the ideal of revealing the backstory of the main character. There are a lot of games that focus on the main plot of game , some make theories such as this one(Mystic Messenger) mostly Otome games wont make any backstories for MC but if there is , It’s short AF  . We focus on the Main a.k.a Minor character(e.g. Jumin, Seven, Zen etc.) but now let’s try and figure what are the sign of MC being special in this peculiar game called MYSTIC MESSENGER


I remember there were a few people posting about what they think about MC and her role but now I believe i have a clear explanation about MC and also about the White Hearts(when choosing a certain option) BTW THIS IS MY SPECULATION , you can have your opinion tho.

Remember how we first enter the game with all the special stories and Extras being lock? Well like most theories had mentioned , MC is a puppet. Let’s say she is still new. And then we came and control her and choose options to date them get banged  but only one every single playthrough at a time. Baehee too. And at some point , Seven showing some signs of being upset that you didn’t choose his route , like the calls in Jaehee’s and Jumin’s route. It’s just upsetting to know that we are hurting someone’s feeling even if it’s a game character. 

There was this anonymous who sent me an ASK and said below:

“ I have a theory idea. What if the white hearts are from the MC themselves???? I mean we don’t know much about her, she’s kinda blank, like the color white. Maybe????? “

and i replied,

“YES YES , THAT IDEA IS VERY CREATIVE HONESTLY!!!!!When you said MC is blank , it might be true that MC is human with no feelings. We have the power to choose the options right?! So , we are building a character for our character , we can create a kind MC , badass MC , funny MC and etc. We have the choices and the white hearts can be triggered when we choose a certain option so it means that MC used to be someone and the white hearts hold her memories(maybe?)But this is indeed a creative theory ! Maybe i will try extend this theory! ♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Now , Explaining the title “MC’s Soul and White Heart”

This might be based on Nameless game type and system to why Cheritz’s got inspired to add in the White Hearts in Mystic Messenger.


Basically , In nameless, by finishing a route you get pieces of your heart. Slowly as you complete them , you were to use them to unlock a secret story about Nameless but if you use them , everything resets. Your saves gone, pofff. Basically Eri actually found her path in her story to leave everything behind and the players knows everything. We have all the memories in our head not Eri. Somehow , Eri had a heart and soul that belongs to her alone and we allow her to see Nameless the Doll. So we had no control of her after that, she had her destiny. As we can do is to restart a new gameplay, and that make the game into a memory lane. Where everything had actually happened before and there’s is no way to find a new ending but to experience them all over again.

Nameless and Dandelion, Heejung and Eri both are born with a soul. They had a backstory, which is enough evidence they are born in the game from the start. But MC in MYSME, she doesn’t have a backstory but you create them, like a question came up, “Hey MC, what is your hobby?” and you had options to answer or not to answer, some options can relate to you but if you’re different, don’t aspect Cheritz to know your exact hobby but they use terms and option which as commonly used for girls. factual stuff

To be exact , MC is just a host. Her body is completely in control by someone other than her own awareness. Well she can be consider as a doll in a way. [I mean MYSME might have a similar traits as Nameless , so they might be a parallel world] 

It’s like Nameless, the dolls in the game are given a soul that is why everyone can interact with each other and love each other. But I don’t believe us playing the game means we gave a soul into the MC’s body. WE just help her unlocking pieces of her. MC could be someone who used to have experiences before she became blank or a nobody. We are providing help to allow her to have a soul or to get back her soul. 

Yes, MC is actually generating a soul inside of her puppet body. How we receive white hearts from the boys and Jaehee, It’s like pieces to complete a soul are transferring inside of MC. How Seven might have taken her memories to do his bidding , MC still remember. We still have the choices to break the fourth wall. While in Nameless and Dandelion , the MC forgotten and had to restart a bunch of times but MC in MYSME stay the same and remembers. So i believe that how MC still remember is because her soul is her barrier, a protection. Every new things enter into MC’s life, will be transfer into the soul , not the body since MC’s body is a puppet. Like a robot, the robot’s brains collect the memories and can be stored forever and even the body can react to those actions as in the body will still learn if it’s still active. I do believe there is a new NPC or a new side character that resembles the MC from Mysme , a new body with the same soul. And in the upcoming game , Lynn Project will be about a new MC, so we won’t see MYSME’s MC as the main protagonist in the Lynn Project.

We control MC , we helped her built a soul. We help her collect memories , we assemble her collections. And after our hardwork , Seven takes the things we collected to create a new world by using the puppet’s(MC body) memory, and taking away MC’s soul to sent it to the new game. Probably. SEVEN DOESN'T LOVE YOU OR MC , HE LOVES THE SOUL THAT SACRIFICED FOR HIM. Yeah.

Maybe it’s the same of how V and Rika could be, V is obsessed with Rika maybe because she had sacrifice for him. Maybe Mysme world is created by Rika’s sacrifice [V might secretly be a child predator or a pedo] . And about Zen, he loves you. Impossible love. Zen could represent your soulmate (real life soulmate) you haven't meet yet. But followed by this theory , he is a good wizard. A servant of a certain god as he tries to stop your fate from meeting the bad wizard. Seven might be bad but he couldn’t do anything about it because it is his job(stated in the valentine DLC). Seven is obeying orders, by whom? The alpha wizard (Dandelion Wizard) is back? Or the new wizard from Lynn Project? Or maybe it is Jieun. Who knows.

Zen third ending in April fools dlc , might be the true end or maybe the true story about the fate of the Wizard’s sacrifice.
And in Wizard’s endless dream , Heejung is just a fake ,  real Heejung is still out there somewhere. We can actually visualize that the whole stories and routes in Dandelion can be seen under the Wizard’s perspective, we see what he sees.

All I can say that MYSME MC is still alive no matter what happen to her, but in time, we are the one that the wizards are looking for because we provide the memories for the MC. But only Zen doesn’t want the MC, he wants to save you. To avoid you from the wizards but sadly he couldn’t do it. Because he’s not real, even in the 3rd ending of April DLC he just wished you the best and hope you never forget about him because he knows you will face the same fate in a new game.

But that’s just a theory~ Hope you guys enjoyed this theory, and also leave your thoughts if you have any about this topic. Hope you guys have a wonderful day~

Thank you for reading

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Mystic Messenger

in: Mystic Messenger Wiki



What It's Like Being the Main Character of Mystic Messenger


Real Name

Your choice

Other Names, etc.

Princess, Babe (From Zen)

Coordinator (Yoosung)

Character Information



Physical Appearance





Background Information



Deceased (in some Bad Endings)


RFA Coordinator

Unknown's secretary (in some cases)



Mint Eye (in some cases)

Relatives, etc.

Whichever male you choose

Lisa (Yoosung's after ending)

Table of Contents

The player takes on the role of the MC (short for Main Character; can be also referred asProtagonist or Heroine), the main female protagonist of Mystic Messenger. After accidentally getting involved with the RFA, she takes on the job of former member and founder Rika to organize a party and inviteguests.

During the process, she will be able to romance with one of the six main characters of the game throughout the eleven days of planning and conversing with the characters; depending on which route you're on.


Although there are five different standard avatars available for use in the game, the standard appearance of the MC is a slender woman with fair skin and brown hair with long bangs, as shown in several visuals of the game. Her eyes are not usually shown, but in the default in-game avatar, her eyes are shown to be amber.

Other options for the avatar include; a woman with pale skin, blue eyes and a blonde bob cut; a woman with green eyes and long, curly red hair; and woman with brown skin, golden eyes, and short, black hair with bangs. There is also a parodied version of the MC as a blue unicorn with pink hair. The player is also given the option to choose a picture from their files and make that their icon.

It is speculated that her eyes are never shown in the visuals so the player can imagine themselves actually being the MC, but some conversation shows that she is a "grown woman".


The MC's personality can differ slightly depending on which route is chosen. Overall, she shows compassion and kindness towards the RFA members. However, some of the options given can present the MC as selfish, usually leading to a bad ending.

Notably, she comes off as rather naive or too trusting, concerning how she seems to choose to trust Unknown/Ray's word at the beginning of every route despite how shady the situation is.


The MC's background can be whatever the player chooses it to be. The game usually assumes the MC is either a student, office worker, or someone who doesn't work and stays at home. At times the game will break the fourth wall and mention how limited the background options are.

The MC is a complete stranger to all of the characters at the start of the game. She downloads a suspicious app and is led to Rika's apartment by Unknown. When enters the apartment, she automatically connects to the RFA's chatroom on her phone. From that point on, she develops relationships with all of the other characters.


Yoosung's Route

As Yoosung and MC become closer, Yoosung compares her to Rika to the point that it becomes an irritating tendency. After V comes to his apartment and apologizing, Yoosung moved on from Rika's death and becomes genuinely in love with MC. To protect the one he loves, he comes with Seven to the Mint Eye and encounter Unknown.

Zen's Route

Zen is given a lead role in a musical stage thanks to the famous Echo Girl. As he becomes considerably close with MC, he hurt his ankle due to pushing himself too much, forcing him to turned down the role. When he realized that Echo Girl had another motive behind the role and rejected her, Echo Girl framed Zen with a scandal, stressing him out.

Jaehee's Route

Jaehee becomes incredibly stressed due to the amount of work Jumin gives her. She develops interest in starting a café due to her love to coffee, but Jumin pushes her to keep doing the work he sets. There, both MC and Zen helping Jaehee overcome her trauma of not able to stand by her own if she's no longer with C&R International.

Jumin's Route

When Jumin is stressed by his arranged marriage, Jaehee sent MC and asked her to calm Jumin down. When Elizabeth 3rd gone missing, Jumin insisted that he's not a worthy owner and only needs MC. He even uses the hacker's danger as an excuse to keep MC from leaving the penthouse.

707's Route

After once again hacking into the messenger, Unknown sends Jumin, Zen, Yoosung and Jaehee an email from Mint Eye, inviting them to their "party". This stabs Unknown in the back, as 707 is able to track down Mint Eye's address. Having no choice, Unknown travels to Rika's apartment to take the MC with him. 707 arrives in time and saves MC.

V's Route

Unknown contacts MC 2 Years before the events of the Causal Story and Deep Story, telling her that he designed a game and wants her to test it for him. Unknown, now going by the name of Ray, picks her up and gives her a room at Mint Eye. Ray explains the RFA members are AI's he invented. She joins the RFA chat room and interrupts a conversation once again, this time V already being in the chat room. She joins the RFA by telling them Rika sent her as instructed by Ray. V joins Mint Eye in hopes of it leading him to Rika as he knows she didn't really commit suicide and in his stay in Mint Eye spots MC in Ray's garden and plans to get her out of this dangerous place, not before Ray and MC start a relationship of sorts and MC meets Rika. MC and V are then being held captive at Mint Eye and must get out before Rika harms V and Ray's obsession with MC gets out of hand.


The MC's relations to the Casual Story, Deep Story, or Another Story characters vary by whose route you select.


Unknown sees her as a bait to make her enter Rika's apartment. He wants her to join theMint Eye, but does not hesitate to kill her if she refused. In V's route he tends to be more gentle and softened towards her.


707 is the first person in RFA to see her face. After MC lives at Rika's apartment, he becomes the one who 'guards' her by monitoring the CCTVs placed around the building and in the hallways. At first, both of them love to share their jokes, to the point that they flirt with each other, although there some options where you can be mean to him. When they develop romantic feelings for each other, 707 refuses to admit his feelings as true due to his job and dark past. However eventually he opens up to her, allowing himself to be 'selfish' by wanting MC, even claiming that he isn't afraid to die for her.


Jumin will be respectful and friendly towards the player. Offering up to send her body guards when she's in trouble. Jumin and MC share a special kind of humor, one that the other characters don't understand, which Jumin is happy about. They're also very understanding of each other. Jumin isn't afraid of seeming obsessive over MC, to the point of even joking around about her going into his cage. In addition, Jumin wants MC to become more selfish and put herself first, before him. In the end, we can see just how much he cares for her, even when being surrounded by reporters and paparazzi.


Zen constantly flirts with MC shamelessly. Although he does, Zen is also possibly the most visibly showing person who generally cares for MC, to the point of putting himself in danger. In his eyes, MC is someone who understands him and sees his talent, rather than his looks, although MC isn't afraid to flatter his looks. From day 5 to 7 on his route, there are options where she can be mean to him but his feelings for her doesn't seem to waver and somehow acts like a masochist. He also treasures MC so much that he doesn't want to let his "beast" coming out until he can be 'responsible' for her. Due to his very romantic personality, he's not afraid to say how he feels about MC, although at certain times not allowing her say how she feels about him.


Yoosung, at first, sees MC as Rika's replacement due to him unable to move on from her death and that MC has the same job as Rika. However, he eventually realizes that the MC and Rika are very different from each other and he loves the MC as her own self, even growing into someone she can rely on.


As the only living female member of the group and someone who is stoic, Jaehee craves for a female friend. Even though at first she doesn't trust MC due to her sudden appearance and kept warning her about having romantic feelings towards Zen, they often fangirl together about Zen after they become closer. MC's support always gives her courage and the motivation she needed. Jaehee stated that MC is someone she treasures so much, as a "good friend". In the end, they become partners and opened a coffee shop together.


Due to V never being online for the majority of the time, he and the MC don't really have a lot of moments together but he truly cares for her as well as the whole RFA, as mentioned by Seven. V seems to have a sense of respect for the MC and hopes that they can become closer. In Zen's route day 10, he believes she is the chosen one so he asks her to take good care of the RFA members. Depending on the MC's choices around V, she also shares the mutual respect and trust for V or she is very suspicious of him.


MC is depicted as someone who was 'chosen' by Rika to take over her job. She's also initially compared a lot to Rika by Yoosung. Rika doesn't seem to mind that MC is used as bait to enter her apartment. In Another Story, Rika doesn't seem to show strong emotions towards MC at all, as she doesn't seem to be jealous or hate her, but doesn't show signs of caring or liking her either. However, in Another Story this changes, Rika is seen to have a very strong fascination with MC and grows to have love/hate feelings towards her.


The first default avatar in the game features the design used in the game's CG.There are some case that when you choose a custom avatar, the picture will show up blank, as if there's limitation on file or resolution size.She has no default name, and you cannot proceed to the game if you leave them blank. There's no max number of characters to put in either, but the game will crash if her name is too long.Like other games with nameable heroines, other characters, if voiced, will refer to her as "you" in various forms of Korean.Several choices in the game allow MC to break the 4th wall.When Seven says "A visual novel gives you at least two options, but being a slave in money gives u one option," you may then respond with "This game isn't a visual novel, but it gives you more than two options."In a phone call, MC can ask Seven if he's going to "signing in to the mysterious messenger". He will respond with "are you mocking me that the messenger is hacked? T_T" which she will explains that it's a name of a game. Seven later told her to pursue the red haired character if there's one.In Zen's route, when Yoosung stated that he avoid on smoking cigarettes, MC can say she's thankful for Yoosung to keeping up with character setting, which responded with a confusion from Yoosung.In a day 1 chat, MC can choose to say "I still have no idea how to play this game T_T". After Jaehee is confused you may continue on to say "I just said it because it looked fun", which maddened her.During the Christmas event on (???) You can choose "You can't help but suspect something. After all this game's title is..."


These are the times. I was going to sleep, and just suggested. Well, okay: - Okay, carry it.

Mystic messenger mc

The speed was getting stronger and stronger. And everything just flickered and the animal roar flying from all sides catching up and the voices trying to stop him disappeared, somewhere behind Andrey Surganov. They tried to catch up with him, and the presence of someone catching up with the nightmarish and monstrous from behind hung in the head of the fleeing person.

Walking In On MC In The Shower (Hilarious Mystic Messenger Comic Dub)

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