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Minecraft 1.18 release date: what's coming with Caves and Cliffs part 2?

Want to know more about what's coming with the Minecraft 1.18 update? Together, 1.17 and 1.18 make up the monumental Caves and Cliffs update which will forever change the worlds of Minecraft with huge numbers of new blocks, fascinating new resources, and terrifying new threats - all of which we'll cover below.

Here's what to expect with Caves and Cliffs part 2, along with the latest news on the Minecraft 1.18 release date.

When is the Minecraft 1.18 release date?

Minecraft 1.18 will be released in late 2021 for both Java and Bedrock editions. This release will form part 2 of the Caves and Cliffs update, which was originally intended to be released as a whole with 1.17. But Mojang decided to split up Caves and Cliffs across two major updates, to give themselves more time to work on the monumental changes these releases will bring to Minecraft.

And I really do mean monumental. Caves and Cliffs part 1 added over 90 new block types; new creatures such as Glow Squid, Goats, and Axolotls; and new tools such as Lightning Rods and Spyglasses. Caves and Cliffs part 2 will fundamentally change terrain generation in Minecraft and populate the deepest levels of the world with all sorts of new resources and dangers. Let's take a look at the highlights of the Minecraft 1.18 update feature list.

Viewing a Minecraft world from far below Y=0 in Spectator Mode.

Terrain changes: exploring below Y=0

In Minecraft 1.18, world generation is being overhauled and for the first time you'll be able to dig below Y-Level 0.

The new lowest depth is -64, and below Y=0 you'll enter the so-called "Deepslate layer", where stone-type blocks turn into deepslate blocks. This is also true for ore veins: you'll find copper, gold, iron, redstone, and so on in deepslate veins when you're below Y=0.

You'll find all sorts of fascinating new cave structures in 1.18 thanks to the new underground terrain generation changes. All this extra space also makes room for a brand new biome: the Deep Dark biome which can be found in the "deepest depths of world" according to Mojang. This biome is home to Candles, Sculk Blocks, and the Warden mob - the latter two of which we'll talk about below.

The terrain changes also mean you'll need to start looking elsewhere for Diamonds. Find out more with our guide on how to find Diamonds in Minecraft.

Looking down from the top of a very tall snowy mountain in Minecraft.

Towering mountains

Mountains in Minecraft 1.18 are being overhauled, and now are generated in a new way. Instead of just having one or two "extreme hills" or "mountain" type biomes, there are now five new sub-biomes which make up the different layers of each mountain:

  • Mountain Meadow (Y=100-140): home to flowers and sweet berry bushes
  • Mountain Grove (Y=110-140): snowy, home to rabbits and polar bears.
  • Snowy Slopes (Y=140-170): snowy and icy, home to goats.
  • Lofty Peaks (Y=170+): peaks of stone, snow, and ice.
  • Snow Capped Peaks (Y=170+): same as Lofty Peaks but cold enough for Packed Ice as well.

If you're paying attention to those Y-Levels you'll see that 1.18 is increasing the maximum heights of mountains. Before they capped off at around Y=140, but now they can stretch all the way up to the height limit of Y=255. That sounds perfect for some mountaintop castles and towers.

Not all mountains will be this tall, however, and only the tallest mountains will sport the new Lofty Peaks and Snow Capped Peaks biomes. Still, these terrain changes are sure to bring a new sense of exploration and discovery to the peaks of any 1.18 Minecraft world. You can bet I'll be working hard to update our list of the best Minecraft seeds once part 2 of Caves and Cliffs drops!

Left: a Lush Cave in Minecraft. Right: a Dripstone Cave in Minecraft.

Lush Cave and Dripstone Cave biomes

Dipping back down below ground again, Caves and Cliffs part 2 is bringing two more cave types: the Lush Cave and the Dripstone Cave.

Lush Caves are temperate caves filled with vines, moss, and more exotic flora such as Glow Berries, Spore Blossoms, Azalea trees and roots, and dripleaf: a new block type which can only carry a player's weight for a short time before tipping and letting the player fall. Sounds like Lush Caves are gonna be great environments for some parkour. I can't wait to see what these gorgeous caves look like with the best Minecraft shader packs.

Dripstone Caves are, predictably, home to the new Dripstone blocks, which naturally grow through the process of dripping to create organic-looking stalactites and stalagmites. Besides this fascinating terrain feature, Dripstone Caves are functionally identical to any other cave, but they'll no doubt be highly sought after just for the dripstone.

A Warden attacking a player in the Deep Dark biome in Minecraft.

Warden: new hostile mob

The Warden is a terrifying new mini-boss mob which only spawns in the aforementioned Deep Dark biome below Y=0. Wardens are blind, and will follow and attack players and mobs which make sounds and vibrations of any sort, including footsteps.

Invisibility potions won't help you against the Warden: it can detect you at all times unless you're sneaking. If attacked, it will lock onto you and follow you, and if attacked repeatedly, it will basically never give up chasing you. It's surprisingly quick, more powerful than any other non-boss mob in Minecraft, and is likely to kill you with ease unless you've decked yourself out in all the best enchanted Netherite gear. You'll need to use all of your wisdom and experience from fighting the Wither and Ender Dragon to defeat this fearsome foe.

A growth of Sculk Blocks across a flat grassland world in Minecraft.

Sculk Blocks

Sculk Blocks are a new type of block found in Deep Dark biomes (and therefore often guarded by Wardens, eep!). They're worth getting your hands on, though. Sculk Sensors emit a redstone signal if they detect vibrations or movement in a small area around them, much like how the Warden detects movement.

This opens up lots of possibilities for players well-versed in redstone circuitry, because they now have a new way of setting off their contraptions. I'm sure you can find some great uses for Sculk Blocks both decoratively and practically for your next Minecraft house or other epic builds.

The recipe to create a Bundle item in Minecraft 1.18.

Bundle: new backpack item

Finally, a lovely new quality of life feature: Minecraft 1.18 is bringing us backpacks! Except they're not called backpacks, they're called Bundles, and they work in a different way than you'd expect.

You can make a Bundle out of 2 String and 6 Rabbit Hide, and clicking on one in your inventory opens up a miniature secondary inventory space of 6 slots. However: the Bundle doesn't increase the total amount you can hold in the slot: it simply allows you to hold different kinds of items in a single slot.

For example: you'll be able to hold 32 Dirt and 32 Stone in a Bundle, but you can't hold 64 Dirt and 64 Stone in the Bundle because you're still constrained by the single slot's stack limit (64 blocks to a stack). So it's not as useful as the Backpacks created by various Minecraft mods, but you can also understand why Mojang wouldn't want to give us effectively limitless storage space inside our inventories.

That's a wrap on the main features and details of Minecraft's upcoming 1.18 update. Until then, the best way to change up the look of your world and inject that sense of discovery back into the game is to install one of the best Minecraft texture packs. Or, if you want an entirely different experience from your regular singleplayer world, why not check out one of the many great Minecraft servers available right now?

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Minecraft's Mountains Are Taller Than Ever & Have New Biomes In Beta

The latest Minecraft beta adds soaring mountains and a higher world height, along with new alpine biomes, textures, and more, but not a release date.

The ever-expanding world of Minecraft is about to get even bigger in a new snapshot, with new sub-biomes and even taller mountains pushing game maps to all-new borders. Players who join the beta for the upcoming "Caves & Cliffs" features will see snow-capped mountains soaring into a much higher sky, and the return of an old favorite mob, the Glow Squid.

Minecraft's 1.17 update "Caves & Cliffs," the latest in a series of expansions and upgrades to the ultra-popular sandbox survival game was announced back in October 2020, and since then, a steady trickle of information has been coming in about the changes the newest update will bring. New textures, mobs, subterranean biomes, ores, and crafting materials, among other things, have all been confirmed from Snapshots released since the announcement, but the one bit of information that has been sorely lacking since the announcement is when the update will actually be coming out. The latest snapshot still isn't offering an answer to that question, but it is revealing how much more the game is growing, including vertically.

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While earlier snapshots revealed that the maps are now 60 blocks deeper in the new update, with new subterranean biomes and updated cave systems, the latest snapshot is taking that growth to the other side of the Y-axis. Minecraft's official site has announced all of the newest features being introduced, and they include majestic, soaring mountain biomes with powdery snow, high-altitude meadows, slopes, and groves. To make room for these lofty peaks, the world height has jumped up to 320 blocks, where the generated mountains will be capping out at the original world height of 256 blocks, and be chock full of coal, iron, and emerald ore in new textures. And in an entirely different biome, the elusive Glow Squid will be slinking around in the open sea once again.

So it may not be the news that fans were hoping for, which is an actual release date, but it's still a pretty awesome update nevertheless. Bigger worlds mean more danger, more building room, and more to explore, and the new biomes and building materials give players even greater creative freedom, which was always what Minecraft is all about.

For diehard fans of the game, the snapshots are a great opportunity to help shape the world of Minecraftand to improve it for all players. Beta testers can try out new features ahead of their peers, give feedback that can assist developers, and help shape the overall experience. But any player who wants to get in on the beta is advised to do so at their own risk - it will replace games with the beta version, which is a work in progress and not indicative of the final version as far as quality or stability. Realms will be inaccessible, and non-beta players will not be able to join. Players are advised to save copies of their worlds to avoid losing them, as worlds played while in beta can't be opened in previous versions, which means the worlds could potentially be lost, or players will have to stay in beta until the game updates. The beta is currently only available on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android via Google Play.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Cutest Villager House Interiors

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New Minecraft Update Fills Mountains with Goats

A new Minecraft update dropped this week for Java players with the release of the game's latest Snapshot, and with that comes mountains full of goats. The mob that now inhabits the mountainous biomes of the content included in the Caves & Cliffs updates was the highlight of the latest Snapshot which is only available to Java players right now, so those on other platforms will have to wait their turn to see the mobs bounding around the mountains.

Just as you'd expect from a mountain goat, Minecraft's version of the creatures is pretty skilled when it comes to scaling the biomes they live in, so expect to see them climbing up the mountains with ease. They've got big jumps to help them move about, but if you can catch up to them, you can breed them and can even obtain milk from the goats.


The core changes included in the latest Caves & Cliffs Snapshot can be found below with the full changelist found here.

  • Added the goat!
  • Added an accessibility option
  • Goats spawn in Mountains
  • Goats can scale the sides of mountains with their incredible jumps!
  • Goats can be tempted and bred using Wheat
  • Goats are another source of milk!
  • Added an alternative solid black background color for the Mojang Studios loading screen, toggleable with the "Monochrome Logo" accessibility option
  • Tweaks to Caves
  • Tweaks to Ore Distribution
  • Tweaks to Powdered Snow
  • Dripstone clusters can now be found rarely in normal caves
  • Deepslate blobs can now be found between heights 0 and 16
  • Axolotls and glow squids now spawn in underground water sources
  • Axolotls will now always chase after and attack squids, glow squids, tropical fish, cod, salmon, pufferfish, drowned, guardians, and elder guardians
  • Axolotls now have a two-minute cooldown after hunting non-hostile targets such as fish, squids, etc.
  • They will prioritize targeting hostile mobs first before hunting.
  • Bees now see Flowering Azalea (and Flowering Azalea Leaves) as flowers
  • Additions to Wandering Trader and Mason trades
  • Additions to chest loot tables
  • Mineshaft tweak: increased the max length of pillars and chains.
  • Carver tweaks: made carvers less likely to be too flat to walk through.
  • Noise cave tweaks:
  • Increased likelihood of megacaves (large cheese caves)
  • Reduced likelihood of toothpick pillars (tall 1-block thin pillars)
  • Other tweaks to make the cheese caves more varied and interesting.
  • Slightly more iron
  • Larger diamond blobs sometimes form
  • Powder snow's durability/hardness was slightly increased
  • Freeze time has decreased to 7 seconds and hurt frequency has decreased to 2 seconds
  • Entities on fire now melt Powder Snow when colliding
  • Increase vertical movement speed within Powder Snow
  • Strays, Polar Bears, and Snow Golems are now immune to freezing
  • Mobs now shake when they are fully frozen
  • Skeletons converting to strays now only require the 7 seconds it takes for an entity to be fully frozen to begin converting, instead of the 30 seconds it took before
  • Leather horse armor now protects horses from freeze damage
  • Mobs that enjoy the heat (Blazes, Magma Cubes, and Striders) take increased freeze damage
  • Added the following trades to Mason:
  • Will sell 4 Dripstone blocks for 1 emerald
  • Added the following trades to Wandering Trader:
  • Will sell 2 Pointed Dripstones for 1 emerald
  • Will sell 2 Rooted Dirt for 1 emerald
  • Will sell 2 Moss Blocks for 1 emerald
  • Moss blocks can be found in Shipwreck chests
  • Glow Berries can be found in Mineshaft chest minecarts

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Note: This update is features from my original Mountain Update combined with features from the real 1.17- Caves and Cliffs, and some new ideas

The Mountain Update is a major Minecraft update released on August 4th, 2020 to all platforms. It overhauls the Mountain Biomes and adds a lot of new content and the announced Mountain features in Biome Chooser 2019. It includes 34 new blocks, items, and entities as well as 4 new mobs and a new Boss.



Cheese Block

  • Decorative Block
  • Can be crafted into Slab, Stair, and Wall variants
  • Crafted with 4 Cheese

Chiseled Obsidian

  • Decorative Block
  • Can be placed in a formation with Obsidian and an Obsidian Core to create an Obsidian Golem
  • Crafted with 2 Obsidian
  • Cut from Obsidian


  • Crafting Block
  • Used to create Cheese and Goat Cheese out of their respective Milk
  • Crafted with a Barrel, a Stick, and 3 Cobblestone

Mossy Chiseled Stone Brick

  • Decorative Block
  • Crafted with Mossy Cobblestone and a Chiseled Stone Brick
  • Cut from Mossy Stone Brick

Obsidian Core

  • Only obtainable in Ruined Forges and as a drop of The Great One
  • Can be placed in a formation with Chiseled Obsidian and Obsidian to create an Obsidian Golem

Pine Log

  • Found on Pine Trees
  • Can be Stripped with an axe
  • Can be crafted into Plank, Fence, Fence Gate, Stair, Door, Trapdoor, Slab, Wood, Stripped Wood, Sign, Button, Boat and Pressure Plate variants

Pine Leaves

Pine Sapling

  • Can grow into a Pine Tree
  • Is not dropped by Pine Leaves, but can be crafted with Pine Cones



  • New food item
  • Created with a Churn
  • Restores 6 food points

Cooked Chevon

  • New food item
  • Restores 6 food points

Goat Cheese

  • New food item
  • Created with a Churn
  • Restores 5 food points

Goat Milk

  • New food item
  • Removes Slowness, Nausea, and Blindness

Pine Cone

  • Has a 15% chance of being dropped by Pine Leaves
  • Can be crafted into a Pine Sapling

Raw Chevon

  • New food item
  • Restores 3 food points



  • Spawn in Mountain Biomes
  • Have 8 Health Points
  • Passive Mob
  • Drop 1 Wool (Corresponding Color) and 1-2 Raw Chevon
  • Have a White and Gray variant
  • Have an Adult and Baby variant
  • Can be milked for Goat Milk
  • Can be bred with Wheat
  • Can be ridden with a Saddle


  • Spawn in Mountain and Cave Biomes
  • Have 18 Health Points
  • Semi-Neutral Mob (Not Hostile when player is holding Ores or Minerals)
  • Have an Adult and Baby variant
  • Drop 0-2 Emeralds, 1 Iron Sword, and any worn armor
  • Have a 30% chance to be wearing random Iron Armor
  • Deal 5 damage
  • Can be traded with using Emeralds
    • Trade Minerals and Rare Items

Apple Cow

  • Spawn in Forest, Dark Forest, and Mountain Biomes
  • Have 10 Health points
  • Passive Mob
  • Drop 0-2 Leather and 1-3 Apples
  • Have an Adult and Baby variant
  • Can be bred with Oak Leaves

Obsidian Golem

  • Created using a formation of Obsidian, a Chiseled Obsidian, and an Obsidian Core
  • Have 150 Health Points
  • Hostile Mob when naturally spawned
  • Hostile except to Players and Wolves when created
  • Drop 2-4 Obsidian and 1 Obsidian Core (20%)
  • Deal 12-32 damage

How to create an Obsidian Golem


The Great One

  • A giant precursor of the Golems
  • Found in the Boss Room of a Ruined Forge
  • Has 300 Health Points
  • Hostile Mob
  • Drops 3 Obsidian Cores and 5 Crying Obsidian


Goblin Settlement

  • A Goblin village with Goblins, Goat Pens, Houses, and Barracks
  • Structures made Primarily of Stone Bricks, Cobblestone, and Spruce Logs
  • Loot Chests contain Emeralds and Goblin Trade Items
  • Found in Mountain Biomes
  • Rarity: Rare

Mountain Hut

  • Hut variant
  • Made primarily of Pine Planks and Cobblestone
  • Contains a Crafting Table and a Churn
  • Has a Goat Pen outside
  • Has Goblins and two Goats
  • Rarity: Rare

Mountain Village

  • Village variant
  • Structures made primarily of Pine Planks, Pine Logs, and Cobblestone
  • Loot Chests contain Village Loot
  • Found in Mountain Biomes
  • Rarity: Uncommon

Ruined Forge

  • Underground Dungeon
  • Made primarily of Stone and Cobblestone variants and Mossy Stone and Mossy Cobblestone variants
  • Contains Corridors, Loot Rooms, a Boss Room, and a Forgery
  • Forgery contains 2 Obsidian Golem frames
  • Secret Room contains a Chest with 15 Diamonds and a Knockback II Enchanted Book
    • Only accessible through secret Piston Door
  • Loot Chests contain Obsidian, Crying Obsidian, and Rare Items
  • Found in Caves underneath Mountain Biomes
  • Rarity: Super Rare


Pine Tree

  • Made of Pine Logs and Pine Leaves
  • Found in Mountain and Taiga Biomes




  • Complete terrain generation overhaul
    • Mountains can be taller and look more jagged and realistic
    • Some mountains can be very tall and reach the World Height limit
    • Some mountains contain the Lava Floes mini-biome

World Height Limit

  • World Height Limit increased to Y=512


  • Cloud Height increased to Y=256

Blocks and Items


  • Can now be used in a Churn to create Cheese


  • Can be used in a formation with Chiseled Obsidian and Obsidian Core to create an Obsidian Golem


  • Now generates in the Overworld in Lava Floes


More Coming Soon!
Sours: https://minecraftfanon.fandom.com/wiki/1.17-_Caves_and_Cliffs_(TheCrayCray)

Update minecraft mountain

New Minecraft Beta Makes Mountains Taller and Restores Favorite Mob

By Andrew Paul Heaton


Minecraft gets a new beta which will add newer and bigger mountains, fix some common bugs, as well as bring back an old mob into the game.

It has become the biggest selling game of all time, yet there doesn't seem to be any petering out of Minecraft's sheer vastness and overall success. Having recently celebrated eleven years in existence, the blocky, sandbox world is still pumping out updates to keep the game fresh and interesting, and now a new beta is coming which is going to add even more stuff, as well as bring back some things.

According to a recent post on the official site, Minecraft will be getting a new beta, which will include new sub-biomes and taller mountains. The sub-biomes will include lofty peaks, snow capped peaks, snowy slopes, mountain grove, and mountain meadow. In its current state, the game is unable to accommodate for these new mountainous ranges so in order to address that, the developer is increasing the height of the world from 256 to 320 blocks. At the moment there doesn't appear to be any release date, however it will be available on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Android.

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On top of this, it will also be bringing back the Glow Squid along with a couple of additional features, such as players being able to use squid dye to color texts on signs. The Glow Squids were removed from Minecraft in a previous beta release temporarily due to game crashes, but will now make a reappearance in this version, As with any update, there will be a slew of general fixes as well. This one will look at fixing several crashes, and will remedy a lot of bug issues with Dripstone, part of one of the latest biomes introduced late last year.

The new beta is part of the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update which was announced last November. These latest updates are an experimental feature which players must activate by enabling the "Experimental Features" option for their world. As the name suggests, Caves and Cliffs works on mountains and caves by adjusting how they generate, but it also adds some new block types, biomes, items, and mobs to the game.

It seems as though no one is quite ready to see the end of Minecraft, especially given that it was the subject of the recent Bernie Sanders memes. Its phenomenal success means the developer is all too keen to keep pushing new updates and new betas, and fans are equally eager to keep on playing. Whether there will ever come a time when the game stops being updated remains to be seen, but that will likely be a dark day for millions of gamers.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

MORE: Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Badlands Biomes

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Legends Of Tomorrow: 'The Bullet Blondes' Review

Legends of Tomorrow returns for Season 7, stranded in 1925 and pursued by J. Edgar Hoover.

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Our First Look at the New Mountains! ▫ Minecraft 1.17 Bedrock Beta ▫ Caves \u0026 Cliffs Update

Minecraft 1.17 features: What's new in Caves & Cliffs Part 1?

Still getting the hang of all the new creatures and features in Minecraft 1.17? There are a lot of new additions to keep track of. The Caves & Cliffs update was first announced in 2020 with grand plans to overhaul the game's world generation along with adding tons of new blocks, items, and creatures. Since then, Mojang made the decision to split the update into two separate parts. The 1.17 update (the first part of the Caves & Cliffs) is live now and introduces new creatures, blocks, and various other bits and pieces. The 1.18 (part 2) will arrive later in 2021 and will give us the new biomes and overhauled terrain generation. 

Seems simple enough, right? And it would be, except that certain blocks or animals that are only supposed to spawn inside the new biomes coming in 1.18 have already been added to the game. It's been pretty tough to keep up all the new things in the Caves & Cliffs Part 1 update and figure out what isn't included, so I put together this guide.

Here's a list of all the new Minecraft 1.17 features, as well as what to expect from 1.18.

Minecraft 1.17 features: Here's what's included in Caves & Cliffs Part 1 

Part 1 of the Caves & Cliffs update launched on June 8. While it's technically the smaller of the two updates, it adds loads of new blocks, animals, plants, and craftable items. But as some of these things are only supposed to spawn in the new biomes, you may be confused about what you can expect to see when you fire up your updated version of Minecraft.

It's worth noting that some blocks or creatures specifically tied to the upcoming biomes might not spawn naturally quite yet. It does appear that there are other ways to obtain them, however, such as via Creative mode or from a lucky find in a chest or from a Wandering Trader.

1.17: Creatures


  • Axolotl: These non-hostile amphibious creatures spawn in underground water that is in total darkness. 
  • Glow squid: These creatures spawn in underground water sources in total darkness, though their bright glow gives their presence away.
  • Goats: They can be found in mountain regions and will ram players that get too close!

1.17: Plants


  • Azalea Bushes: These also can be Flowering Azalea Bushes. Using Bonemeal on them grows them into Azalea Trees.
  • Caves Vines/Glow Berries: Cave Vines grow down from the ceiling and have a chance of producing Glow Berries, which can be used as food or a light source.
  • Dripleaf: Found growing on clay or in water. Bonemeal can be used to make them taller.
  • Glow Lichen: A low light source that is found in caves. Can be harvested with Shears.
  • Moss Block/Moss Carpet: Decorative blocks. Moss Carpet can be crafted from Moss Blocks.
  • Rooted Dirt/Hanging Roots: Decorative blocks that naturally occur in the Lush Caves biome. Using bonemeal on Rooted Dirt produces Hanging Roots.
  • Spore Blossoms: Decorative block. These large flowers can be placed on ceilings.

1.17: Misc. blocks

Miscellaneous blocks: 

  • Amethyst Geodes/Clusters/Shards: These can be found underground and can be mined with a Pickaxe.
  • Candles: These can be placed on any solid surface. They also come in 16 colours!
  • Copper Ore: This can be smelted to produce Copper Ingots. 9x Copper Ingots will craft a Copper Block.
  • Deepslate: Slight harder than Stone, this can be found deep underground. When mined, it drops Cobbled Deepslate.
  • Pointed Dripstone: Grows downwards into a stalactite if placed on the ceiling. Grows upwards into a stalagmite if placed on the floor.
  • Powder Snow: A new 'trap' block. Any entity that walks on it will sink into it.
  • Tuff: A new Stone type that is found in blobs underground between y0 and y16.

1.17: Crafted items

Crafted items:

  • Lightning rods (3x Copper Ingot): Can protect buildings from lightning strikes.
  • Spyglass (2x Copper Ingot, 1x Amethyst Shard): Look through it to see things far in the distance.

What's coming in the Minecraft 1.18 update

Minecraft 1.18: What we expect in Caves & Cliffs Part 2 

There's no date set for Part 2 of the Caves & Cliffs update, though it's expected to arrive later in 2021. There aren't many details about the specifics of the update, though we do know that the new biomes will be implemented when it arrives. Here's what we know so far.


  • Lush Caves: This biome adds lots of colour to underground areas and are full of green-covered blocks and glow berries. You'll be able to find the Lush Caves by looking for the Azalea Trees that grow above them in the overworld. 
  • Dripstone Cave: The second biome is less colourful than Lush Caves and adds stalagmites and stalactites instead of being completely composed of Minecraft's usual blocks. Just be careful not to fall into a pit of stalagmites!
  • Deep Dark: This biome isn't for the faint-hearted. If any lights in the cave start going dim, you might want to make a hasty retreat as that's a sign that the scary new Warden mob is nearby. Skulk Sensors generate here as well.


  • Warden: These terrifying new mobs live deep underground and respond to movement and vibrations. You'll want to avoid them as they deal tons of damage and have a high health pool. 


  • Skulk Block/Sensor: These are found deep underground in the Warden's terrain. They are set off by sounds and vibrations and will emit a Redstone signal when triggered.

The first 1.18 snapshot has arrived

Minecraft version 1.18 doesn't have a final release date yet, but Mojang is letting players take a look at the new world generation in an extremely experimental build. Unlike the usual Minecraft snapshot releases, this experimental snapshot will require you to manually download a game version from Mojang's site.

"This snapshot is experimental, and everything is subject to change," Mojang says. "Some features may be significantly changed or even removed if needed to improve performance."

Despite the experimental nature, this early snapshot will let you create new worlds with Minecraft's bigger mountains and more impressive caves.

Sours: https://www.pcgamer.com/minecraft-117-features-whats-new-in-caves-and-cliffs-part-1/

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