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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 10 Hilarious Memes That Any Player Can Relate To

Anything can happen when launching a Fall Guys game. Beans can fly across the screen, the servers can fail, or you could possibly receive a nice hug. The replayability, unpredictability, and silly mini-games breed a serious meme culture.

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Fall Guys is a fun game that brings tons of joy to players by being a purely enjoyable experience. There are several memes, which the official Fall Guys Twitter account love to partake in, that are the perfect companion to the new gaming sensation.

10 Exiting The Game

After getting eliminated, make sure to exit the game fast. A failure to do so will result in a longer wait as the next mini-game starts. Who wants to wait an extra few seconds when you could jump into a new match. It's upsetting when you are so conditioned to failure that you instinctively exit after winning a round.

9 Failing When It Really Counts

It always happens. You can be on a roll, making it in first place with few hiccups, only to fail when it really counts. It's all easy going at the beginning but the stress gets to you during the final rounds. It could be stress, the unfair nature of some of the games or something else — the skill level always drops for that final round. That's why the crown always feels so rewarding.

8 Bullies

There is one key strategy during team games that never fails — bully one team so they can get zero points. The bullied team has no chance of winning. They should do the chicken dance and succumb to defeat. Since only one team losses, this is a perfectly viable strategy. People will go to great lengths to get that coveted crown.

7 The Battle For The Best Ping

The tail games are complete chaos. It's a mad dash to grab an enemy's tail, especially during those last ten seconds. There is always one poor bean that gets his tail stolen in the last second.

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This is already frustrating but it's even more frustrating when it's stolen from two feet away. Royale Fumble is a finale mini-game so the crown is at stake. It's one of the most annoying ways to lose a match.

6 Yellow Team Is The Worst

Everyone hates the yellow team...even the yellow team. No one wants to be on the yellow team because they always lose. It's so bad that the developers jumped in on the joke. Their Twitter account is filled with yellow team memes. The cause of their failure is not confirmed but many people believe non-party members are placed on yellow. Whatever the cause, the yellow team is bullied in-game and out of the game.

5 It's All Their Fault, Not Mine

Team games are the bane of every Fall Guy player's existence. Most people complain that team games are unfair and forget that Fall Guys is a fun, family game to pass the time. They do have some points including the fact that some teammates don't do anything.  Sometimes they will leave you to roll a ball by yourself or knock the ball into the wrong goal.

4 Exclusivity

Hopefully, there will be a day when Fall Guys is available for everyone. It's the perfect cross-play game that could unite gamers over their common feeling of frustration. For now, though, Xbox and Switch players are left out of gaming's newest sensation. Anything could happen to Fall Guys in the future. Mediatonic is a small developer with a surprise success. There has to be several big names lining up to buy them out. Whatever happens, let's hope it's for the gamer's benefit.

3 The Worst Feeling

The look on the bean's face encapsulates every player's feeling at this moment. It's heartbreaking to make it through a difficult obstacle course only to fail in the last second. There is always some jerk standing at the finish line, mocking the "bad" players.

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The trick is to turn the tables on the bully. That evil bean can't help but grab you when you get close to the finish line. Grab him back and still the victory from that loser.

2 The Finish Line Dive

It's instinct. You are not a Fall Guys player if you don't dive through the finish line. Who knows if it actually gives you an advantage — it simply makes you feel cool. The dive can be used to make it over some gates, grab a tail, and make a long jump. The main purpose, though, is to spearhead passed the finish line like a jet plane.

1 The Dreaded Fruit

Fall Guy's Fruit Chute mini-game will give anybody nightmares. It tasks players with running up a conveyor belt while avoiding a bombardment of killing fruit. Players have to worry about avoiding the fruit, other players, and those dumb pretzel looking things. It's one of the hardest mini-games and one of the most stressful minutes of any Fall Guys match.

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Meet the man behind your favorite Fall Guys memes

Behind every major account on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook is usually a team of bright social media managers that conjure up clever words, memes, pictures, videos and responses to continuously engage with their communities, give them content they want and ultimately grow the channel.

In the case of the Fall Guys Twitter account, which sits at over 1.4 million followers as of Wednesday morning, there's just one guy: Mediatonic senior community manager Oliver Hindle.

The London-based 31-year-old controls one of the most popular and powerful accounts in gaming right now; each tweet gets thousands of engagements and responses. Fall Guys doesn't feel like a brand on Twitter, and much of that is Hindle's doing; from helping to organize a $1 million charity auction to dunking on cheaters and Tim "TimTheTatMan" Betar, he approaches the job as a person handed the keys to a big account rather than trying to "be" Fall Guys.

He's not afraid to break the fourth wall, either. Hindle is Fall Guys Twitter, and Fall Guys Twitter is Hindle. The puppetmaster is exposed for all to see.

"I think honestly, it's like the same way I tweet but just sort of exaggerated a little bit," Hindle said of the tone and personality of the Fall Guys Twitter account. "I'm having the same thing at the moment where sometimes I'm not sure whether it's a tweet from my own account or the Fall Guys account because I've been tweeting the same thing in the same way, so that's quite a funny problem to have."

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But Hindle's path to social media stardom didn't start behind a keyboard or a smartphone.

"I was in a lot of bands and I made music," Hindle said. "Then I learned how to make videos to promote my music. I saw a job advertised Bossa Studios to kind of make video content for them. It was kind of the same things I've been doing on my YouTube channel, but for a company. My YouTube channel was doing quite well at that stage as well. I had like 150,000 subscribers. I'd been growing that for like eight months, it had grown really quickly. At Bossa I worked on Surgeon Simulator and I am Brad, which were both kind of like physics, comedy games as well. So there's quite a lot of tie in to like Fall Guys, which came out later on."

Hindle said that after spending several years at Bossa in different roles, he saw a job advertised at Mediatonic to work on Fall Guys.

"I saw the awesome trailer at E3," Hindle said, "so I was really excited about that, and I applied for that job in December last year. Around that time, like, the social media and stuff around the game was quite small, but it looked like a really exciting project to work on."

Since the game's launch on Aug. 4, there has been a constant influx of mentions and tweets from major celebrities, content creators and brands looking to jump on the Fall Guys hype train (or Fruit Chute). Hindle, who goes by @OliverAge24 on his personal Twitter page, said YouTube personality and Monster Prom executive producer Jesse Cox was one of the first big names to take notice.

"He was really on board with it, and he really wanted to play from really early on, so that was really cool to see," Hindle said. "Really early on, we made a Google form that YouTubers and streamers could sign up to register their interest, and that grew a lot as well. And anytime we did marketing activity, we used that form to get more to sign up, and I think at launch we had about 1,000 on that, which is really cool."

Hindle insists that interactions between Fall Guys Twitter and major brands such as KFC, Walmart and Wendy's have been completely organic with no prior planning. Hindle found out about their tweets by seeing them in the mentions.

So, what kind of tweets and videos does Hindle see the most from users?

"I think, probably, where you almost win and then either for your own messing around or somebody sabotaging you, you just lose, and it just is so close," he said. "I think Slime Climb you see a lot of just because it's really easy to sabotage people or get really close to the end and die or there's lots of different shortcuts you can take as well."

If the Fall Guys game is the star, Oliver is certainly a featured actor in the film and would be recognized on the street in a "hey, you're that guy from Fall Guys!" kind of moment. His time is certainly in demand, with multiple media requests daily and thousands of replies on the account. Oliver has some advice on how to get noticed by Fall Guys Twitter, and even get some engagement.

"It's actually really difficult because the account is so big, the notifications keep breaking on my desktop and on my phone. So the way I find things at the moment is I use my personal account and then just search for the Fall Guys account and then look for the tweets that have the most traction on them," Hindle said. "That's usually the way I do it. So if you see somebody posting something cool, always try to like it or engage with it because that means I'm more likely to see as well. A lot of people have been doing 'Day 1 of me posting blah, blah, blah,' 'Day 2,' 'Day 3,' and then I usually see it around Day 6 at the moment."

In the spirit of breaking the fourth wall, Hindle has been extremely forthcoming with detailed information on what his plans were for Fall Guys Twitter (they haven't changed much despite the game's massive success) and how to get a job working for the Fall Guys team (writing a cover letter is a good start). But how did Hindle get the buy-in of his bosses and executives at Mediatonic to present Fall Guys Twitter the way he envisioned?

"At Mediatonic, there's just been a lot of trust and space to kind of own it and kind of do my own thing with it," Hindle said. "They know what they think is going to work. I feel really grateful that the team has been so supportive of what probably would have been turned down in many other places as quite a weird approach to take.

Though Fall Guys and the Twitter account are a massive hit, there's always a compulsion to keep moving, keep growing and look to the next milestone. Hindle has two collaborations he would love to set up on Twitter.

"Sonic the Hedgehog would be a really awesome one," Hindle said, "just because their Twitter profile is really great. That's another really good inspiration for the way that we tweet. Oliver Tree would be really awesome. I really like his music, and he's just a living meme. So it'd be really good to collab with him."

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10 Fall Guys Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

When Fall Guys was released, it was free for players with PlayStation+. It quickly became popular, having crossovers with popular video games and gaining notoriety with trophy hunters for having one of the hardest trophies. As more time went on and as more players started playing, fans started to have some fun outside of the game.

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As players started to have favorite stages and as Season 1 went on, players started to create memes relating to the game -- with the official Twitter account getting in on the fun. By creating memes and comics, fans are able to bide their time as they wait for Season 2.

10 Not Everyone Can Fit

This Tweet comes from @simpsonsvgames and is sure to be relatable to players trying to fit through doors. As the Tweet shows, no one can fit through the doorway, blocking it up. This is sure to be a common sight as players race to the end of Door Dash.

The GIF also sums it up perfectly for the round -- the players are able to go around. If a doorway isn't stopped up with players, is it really a game of Fall Guys?

9 The Pain Of Falling

This comes from the Fall Guy's official Twitter account, @FallGuysGame. It shows a player on Slime Climb, slipping off the balance beams into the slime. Of course, this eliminates the player from the game entirely.

The dad's face is probably also the same the player would make. If the player is in a party with friends, they are sure to be asked 'Did you make it passed the slime?'

8 A Similar Look

This meme comes from the Instagram user @fallguysxamongus and shows the similarity between Fall Guys and Among Us. There is also a 'competition' between the two games, with the two games having similar-looking characters.

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As shown in the picture, Fall Guys have arms while Among Us characters do not. It also mix and matches the two characters, showing how similar the two characters actually are.

7 A Traitor Among Us

This is another meme joking about how Fall Guys and Among Us are similar in styles. It was created by @ttonyesp on Twitter and is sure to make anyone who is a fan of both games laugh.

It has a Fall Guy blend in and get an actual Among Us character ejected into space. Or as the official Twitter might say, the red spaceman was yeeted into space.

6 An Enemy Was Gained

Roll Out can be stressful on its own, but having another player grab you adds to the stress. As the meme says, anyone who does this will become an instant enemy. The meme comes from @fgdailymemes on Instagram, but was created by u/darthservo on Reddit.

Being grabbed will cause the player to panic and try to escape from the other player's grasp. If the player does fall off, they are sure to yell out in anger as they have to quit the match.

5 The Cause Of Trust Issues

It is bad enough when the player is falling behind during a round, but it is even worse when there is a player waiting at the end. When the top right corner says only one player left, players are sure to wonder if the person at the finish line will run in at the last second. When they do, it is sure to cause some frustration.

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This meme comes from @fallguyshouse on Instagram and is relatable to any player at the back of the line. When you make it to the end of the round, don't be that guy to wait around and mess players up.

4 Is this...?

This meme shows a friendship that ends with a player being eliminated. It is also a reference to another famous meme called 'Loss'. It was made by @gamerzoneit on Instagram.

Besides being a reference, it also shows how sad it can be when a member of the player's party is eliminated in a game. They can no longer play and instead must watch their friend as they complete whichever rounds are left.

3 A Fall Guy's Look

When a Twitter user asked the Fall Guys account if the characters look different under their costumes, the official account said they had not thought about it. One Twitter user, @blocboytogata, decided to take a creative approach and make what they believed the character looked like.

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This discussion comes from the fact the player can customize the faceplate, making fans of the game ask if this meant the Fall Guy looked different underneath. Luckily enough, the official Twitter account responded to this picture and said this is 100%, not canon.

2 Game's Take Over

This meme jokes about how both Fall Guys and Among Us became popular in the last few months. Both games have characters that look like little jelly bean people, making it very appropriate. It comes from @illogical_insaan on Instagram.

Both games have become known on the internet in the last bits of 2020, and it looks like the games aren't about to go away.

1 Uneven Teams

While this problem has been fixed, it is nice to see the Fall Guys' Twitter can make a joke out of it. It refers to how a team game would be played even if there was an odd number of players. The finales for the game could be played with 13 players, confusing some players why these team games happened.

The team responded and got a fix out, but not before they made a meme relating to it. It is also entertaining to see, as most gaming companies do not make a meme relating to an issue they are having.

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