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Answers to frequently asked questions about permits, fees, review process, and more.

How do I submit my permit?

In-Person Submittal: Come by the Planning & Zoning Office during business hours. 


Mailed or Drop Box Submittal: Please call or email us to confirm the fees and materials to make sure everything is complete. Incomplete or inaccurate applications take longer to process and may be returned. Use the secure drop box the secure drop box (Town Hall parking lot, Williston Road).


Permit applications typically need three things:

  1. administrative permit application form
  2. accompanying materials: site plan and/or floor plans (using the checklist corresponding to your project type)
  3. payment (in-person: cash, check, card; mailed: check or online invoice)

Can I submit my permit or pay online?

Digital submission of permit applications is not available. Planning staff may check emailed PDFs for completeness, but the applicant is responsible for mailing or dropping off the hard copy/copies.


Online payment is available by invoice. Please contact us to request an invoice. Credit and debit cards are charged $ fee for payments up to $ and a % fee for charges over $ E-checks have a $ service fee per transaction.

I'm selling my house and need a zoning letter?

Fill out the Zoning Compliance Certification Form. This form certifies that the town is not pursuing an active zoning violation on the property. The administrator does not inspect the property. This form is usually required at real estate closings when bank financing is involved.

What happens after my permit is approved?

You will be notified that your permit is ready for pick up. You will receive an 11x17 sign with red "Z" to display on the property during the day appeal period. Beginning work during the appeal period is at your own risk and a violation of the Zoning Bylaws. See WDB for more information. 

When will my permit be approved?

Permits are reviewed weekly, usually on Monday mornings and mailed/ready for pick-up within weeks from submittal. We will call or email you if there's a problem with you permit application or if additional information is required. Permits are rarely denied, instead the applicant can correct the problem or withdraw the application. 

What residential projects DO require a permit?

For the following activities you must submit 1) administrative permit application form, 2) the corresponding checklist to prepare site plan/floor plan and other required materials, and 3) fees:
  • Re-configuring the interior layout 
  • Fences, decks, patios
  • *Shed or accessory structure larger than SF or ft tall 
  • *Play structures/equipment larger than SF or ft tall
  • Finishing a basement or garage loft 
  • Creating an accessory apartment (in-law apartment) 
  • Moving or enlarging windows/doors 
  • Exterior changes that change exterior dimensions of the home or an accessory building
  • Driveway or parking area expansion 
  • Solar panels/ renewable energy that is NOT grid-tied or PUC-certified
  • If your home is located in the Village Zoning District: changes in roofing, siding, trim, windows and other architectural features and materials require a permit
 * Denotes that smaller structure must still meet setback requirements 

What residential projects DO NOT require a permit?

  • Interior renovation when wall/door/window locations are not changing 
  • Solar panels or renewable energy that is PUC-certified/grid-connected 
  • Sheds smaller than SF or ft tall (still must comply with setbacks)
  • Paving or repaving a driveway where the size & location is not changing 
  • Replacing windows, doors, siding outside of the Village Zoning District
  • Replacing a deck or patio if remains the same size & location 
  • Planting landscaping
  • Repair & maintenance (no clearing, grading, excavation, or fill; no change in the exterior dimensions of a structure, deck, dwelling, fence, patio, or pool)
  • Yard sales/ garage sales (see FAQ "Sale of Household Goods" below) 

What's the threshold between administrative and DRB review?

What zoning district am I located in?

Use the online interactive map. Click on the "Zoning and Overlay District" tab and use the search bar (magnifying glass symbol) to locate your property.

What are setbacks?

Setbacks are measured from the property line. Structures, including parking areas, are not allowed in setbacks.

Are there wetland or watershed buffers on my property? How do they impact my property?

Use the online regulatory map and navigate to the "Watershed Health" tab to view wetland and watershed buffers. While this map is sufficient for a homeowner working on their property, major developments like subdivisions may be required to submit a professionally prepared wetlands delineation.


Buffers should be kept in an unmowed, natural state. Lawns (including fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides), structures, pavement/gravel, and outdoor storage are prohibited in watershed protection buffers. Buffers can be supplemented with native species. Newer developments (since ) often delineate the buffers with plantings, fences or boulders on both private lots and HOA common land. Older developments may have houses, garages, or other structures encroaching into the buffers. Some encroaching structures may be legal nonconforming - meaning that can be replaced (same size or smaller, in same location) but not made larger. For more information, read WDB Chapter 29 or contact staff. 

Do agricultural structures or barns need a permit?

Agriculture is partially exempted from zoning. While farm structures don't need a permit per se, the zoning administrator must be still be notified. Follow the steps in this factsheet:  

Farm Structure means a structure that is used by a person for farming, including a silo, a building to house livestock or raise horticultural or agronomic plants, or customarily used to carry out the agricultural practices defined in Section of this rule. A farm structure includes a barnyard or waste management system, either of which is created from an assembly of materials, including the supporting fill necessary for structural integrity, but excludes a dwelling for human habitation. A farm structure also must be used by a person who can demonstrate meeting the minimum threshold criteria as found in Section of the RAPs.

For more information: https://agriculture.vermont.gov/water-quality/regulations/farm-definitions-and-determination

What are the rules for garage sales, yard sales, or vehicle sales?

The occasional sale of household goods is permitted, without a permit, but subject to the following standards:

    • Household goods may be offered for sale no more than twice a year. 
    • Household goods may be offered for sale for no more than 72 hours.
    • The sign permitted by WDB may be used to advertise the occasional sale of household goods. In addition, two directional signs of no more than three (3) square feet may be posted.
    • The owner is liable for any traffic hazard created by the sale of household goods. Before holding such a sale you should be sure that there is ample, safe parking available. 
    • Vehicle Sales: A “for sale” sign may be placed in the window of one currently registered, noncommercial vehicle that is parked on and owned by the owner or current occupant of a residential property.

How are neighbors notified of permits?

The town follows Vermont statutory requirements for noticing.

Administrative Permits

    • No letters are mailed to abutting property owners
    • A red Z-sign must be posted from the nearest public town road for days (appeal period) before work can begin 

Discretionary Permits/Pre-Application Review

    • A notice letter is mailed to each abutting property owner
    • An orange H-sign must be posted where visible from the nearest public town road for 15 days before the hearing and remain posted during any continuance

What standards apply in the Village Zoning District?

All properties in the Village Zoning District (VZD) are subject to design review standards of WDB Chapter 42 and Appendix H. However, the permitting requirements differ depending your location within the VZD. Please see FAQ question "which zoning district am I in?" if you are unsure which review area applies to you. If you still have questions, please reach out to staff for assistance. 

WDB Chapter 42 Village Zoning District 

Permit Requirements. Permit requirements are explained in Chapters With the minor exceptions noted there, all development in this zoning district must have a permit. Be informed, however, that permit requirements in this zoning district are different.

How are permit requirements different in the VZD? All exterior changes in the VZD are subject to design review. As explained below, some proposed exterior changes may be approved by the Administrator, who may seek the advice of the HAAC before making a decision, but some developments that would not require a discretionary permit outside the VZD must be reviewed by the DRB.

Which proposed developments in the VZD can be reviewed by the Administrator? The Administrator may review applications for permits for proposed developments that would only require an administrative permit outside the VZD on lots that are not in the Williston Village National Register Historic District and that are not in the additional review area established by Map 5 of the Town Plan. The Administrator may seek the advice of the HAAC before making a decision on any such application, and the HAAC may, upon finding that the proposed use could have a significant impact on the character of the village, require that the proposed application be submitted to the DRB.

Which proposed developments in the VZD must be reviewed by the DRB? The DRB must issue a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) for any development in the Williston Village National Register Historic District, that is in the additional review area established by Map 6 of the Town Plan or that is referred to it by the HAAC.

With an Administrative Permit. Where the proposed work would otherwise require only an administrative permit, the DRB will review the proposed development for compliance with the requirements of this chapter. If the proposed development complies, the DRB will approve the application for a COA, imposing any conditions it finds necessary to ensure compliance. If the proposed development fails to comply, the DRB will reject the application for a COA.

With a Discretionary Permit. Where a discretionary permit is required for the proposed development, the COA will be combined with the discretionary permit.

Where are my property boundaries?

To get an approximate idea of property boundaries, see our Maps page. The deed and plat will describe the official property boundaries and marker/pin locations. The deed and plat are recorded in the Town Clerk's Land Records. Land Records are not available online, so you will need to make an appointment to visit the Clerk's Office. Sometimes the boundary markers can be located on your own, but you may need to hire a surveyor. Town staff cannot resolve property boundary disputes. 

Will my project impact my taxes?

Contact the Lister's and Assessors Office for information about property tax assessment. Approved administrative permits, excluding signs, are forwarded to the Lister's and Assessors Office.

How do I prepare a pre-application or discretionary permit application?

What is pre-application review?

What is a pre-filing conference?

How do I subdivide my property?

Can you recommend a engineer or consultant?

No. Planning staff cannot recommend or endorse a specific engineer or consulting firm, though there are many in the region. 

Sours: https://www.town.williston.vt.us/?SEC=8F55EDF4FEF7
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Each year during the United Tribes Technical College Powwow weekend, rummage sales through the Bismarck-Mandan area are a neighborhood favorite. This year, shoppers return to the area even without the Powwow.

Kitty and Albert Mettler are talking with their new neighbors about these years rummage sales.

“We moved in a month ago, we had to really downside,” said Mettler.

But selling as been in the family for generations.

Kitty: “My dad would sell furniture and so a lot of times he’d build furniture. So then the way the sell it-lots of times he started off with garage sales,” said Mettler.

Leslie Rhoads and her family travel from McClusky every year and says she visits as many sales as she can find.

“I find out about it from friends and they were going so I thought: ‘You know, I’ll go and drive away and see what I can find’,” said Rhoads.

Kate Simenson also brought her Jaime to their first rummage sale when she was two months old. Now, Jaime and her daughter are continuing the tradition.

“It’s just been a fun thing to do with my mom. Like sending time with her and spend time with my sister and hang out as a girls day,” said Jaime Simenson.

Although less homes are participating in this years city-wide rummage sales, the Mettlers said devoted shoppers are just as enthusiastic.

The United Tribes Technical College released a statement in May announcing the Powwow will take place September ,

Copyright KFYR. All rights reserved.

Sours: https://www.kfyrtv.com//09/07/devoted-bismarck-mandan-rummages-sale-shoppers-continue-tradition/

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Garage/Yard Sale

Rocker, Toddler bed, Bike, Toys, Books, Puzzles, men’s & women’s Clothing, little girls dresses- size 3 - 6, misc.… → Read More

Posted on Sun, Oct 10, in Grand Forks, ND

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Home For Sale: 2116 3rd Ave E, Williston, ND 58801 - CENTURY 21

Garage Sales in Williston, North Dakota

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When: Tuesday, Oct 12, - Wednesday, Oct 13,

Living Estate Sale Of Jean Berg - Presented By Triple J Estate Sales

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Featured Garage/Yard Sale

Multi Family (4 photos)

Where: Langewood Dr, Mound, MN,
When: Friday, Oct 15, - Saturday, Oct 16,
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