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1. Registration Information2. Toxics Worst Case3. Toxic Alternative Release4. Flammables Worst Case5. Flammables Alternative Release6. Accident History7. Prevention Program Level 38. Prevention Program Level 29. Emergency ResponseExecutive Summary

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Lat / Long:

34.823, -117.646 (Get map)


Address Matching - Primary Name


Plant Entrance (Freight)

Horizontal reference datum:




Person responsible for RMP implementation:

Emergency contact:

24-hour phone:

(714) 921-9414

Other contacts:


Local Emergency Planning Committee:

Full-Time Equivalent Employees:


CAA Title Air Operating Permit:


OSHA Star/Merit Ranking


Last Safety Inspection Date:

April 23, 1999

Using Predictive Filing:



Chemical name


Quantity (lbs.)


RMP Preparer:

Latest RMP Submission:


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Other Reason:

Facility is exempt from RMP requirements

2. Toxics: Worst-case

Some Risk Management Plan information is not provided in the available RMP data. You need to make an appointment at an EPA Reading Room In order to get access to details from the Off-Site Consequence Analysis (OCA) such as:

  • Names of the chemicals in the Off-Site Consequence Analysis
  • Amount of chemical released
  • Rate of chemical release
  • Radius of affected area
  • Vulnerable areas affected
  • Count of affected population
  • Maps or other optionally provided supplementary material

Instructions on how to make an EPA appointment can be found here.

Public OCA Chemical (in Unspecified process)

3. Toxics: Alternative release


4. Flammables: Worst-case


5. Flammables: Alternative release


6. Five-year accident history

7. Prevention: Program level 3

No Prevention Program level 3

8. Prevention Program level 2

No Prevention Program level 2

9. Emergency response

Facility In Community Plan:


Facility Own Response Plan:


Specific Facility Response Plan:


Inform. Procedures in Response Plan:


Emergency Care in Response Plan:


Response Training Date:

Sept. 24, 1998

Local Response Agency Phone:

(911) 000-0000

Subject To - OSHA EAP:




Subject To - State EPCRA:


Executive Summary

In our best effort to safeguard environment and protect lives and properties, we at SAV-ON PLATING, INC. has created a Risk Management Program that will enable us to be prepared in emergency cases such as fire, earthquake and hazardous material incidents.
SAV-ON PLATING, INC. was founded in the city of Paramount in 1969 with handful of employees and few customers. In a few years in by 1972 the company incorporated and found itself bulging at the seams. With it's success in the metal industry SAV-ON PLATING prided itself in quality, services and pricing . The company specializes in barrel plating with automated lines in brass, copper, nickel and zinc.
One of the programs included is the company's Emergency Action Plan with the objective of protecting people and property, safeguard the environment and enabling the company to get back into production as soon as possible. An Emergency Action Team is created which is made up of employees who have been trained to a.) assists in the safe and orderly emergency evacuation of employees b.) provide emergency first aid and CPR c.) respond to incipient stage fires with portable fire extinguishers and d.) response to hazardous material incidents.

As an immediate respond to a hazardous material incident, accidental release prevention and emergency response policies were developed in order to control the accident beyond the incipient stage.

a.) In the event of a spill, release or threatened release regardless of size, involving a
material, should be reported to the Emergency Coordinator and/r the senior management
personnel present in the facility.
b.) The Emergency coordinator or senior management personnel should determine if the spill,
release, or threatened release can be c
ontrolled by the employees in the immediate work.
If not, it should be reported to the following emergency response agencies
1.) FIRE / POLICE 911
2.) Department of Health Services (213) 744 - 5105
3.) If the evacuation of local areas may be
advisable, the State Office Emergency Services
should be notified 1-800-852-7550
4.) Emergency Contractor and Disposal Contractor

In the event of a spill or leak of a hazardous material, all employees must do the following.
a.) Get away from the affected area
b.) Identify. (identification can be accomplished by locating the container label)
c.) Report. (report the spill or leak as soon as possible to the Supervisor, Emergency
Coordinator or member of the Emergency Action Team

Coincident with reporting, the employees and/or maintenance personnel in the release area
should immediately commence clean-up and containment of the spill or release and carry out
all necessary action to mitigate the release in accordance with the instructions and emergency
action procedures.
a.) Identify the hazard.
b.) Prepare plan of action
c.) Use correct personal protective equipment.

d.) Look for injuries
e.) Shut off the source. ( Immediately shut off the source of the spill or upright the
material. Act quickly to minimize the spill.)
f.) Eliminate the flame. (Extinguish any source of spark or flame in the area.)
g.) Evacuate the area. (Evacuate all non essential personnel from the area.)
h.) Ventilate area. (Ventilate the area if the spill or leak is in an enclosed area.)
i.) Contain the spill.
1.) Prevent the material from spreading or entering into sewer or waterway.
2.) Containment will be accomplished by damming, diking or blocking the flow of
the material.
3.) All emergency response equipment and material will be kept in the
Emergency Spill Response Drum.
j.) Clean up the spill.
1.) Pick up free liquid for disposal.
2.) Absorb remaining material using an inert absorbent material.
3.) Clean up spent absorbent and place in a Hazardous Material Disposal Drum.
k.) Decontaminate.
1.) Surround the spill area with fresh absorbent.
2.) Wash surface until the hazardous residue has been eliminated.
3.) Dispose of absorbents and clean up materials by putting them in a Hazardous
Material Disposal Drum.
l.) Disposal.

1.) After decontamination, all disposable material must be packaged and labeled
in accordance with proper hazardous waste disposal procedures.
2.) These materials include spent absorbents, rags, tools, clothing and other
disposable materials.
m.) Restore emergency response equipment.
1.) Clean and replace all safety and spill response equipment. Reorder required

a.) Should it become necessary to evacuate the facility, the order should be given
via the Employee Alarm System.
b.) Upon receiving the order to evacuate, employees must shut down their machine and
immediately proceed to the nearest exit.
c.) All employees will report to their supervisors at the evacuation staging areas. Attendance
will be taken by supervisors to account for all personnel.
d.) The Emergency Action Team should check all restrooms and/or any isolated work areas to
assure that all employees have been evacuated safely.

All employees affected by exposure to the hazardous materials should be given first aid
treatment by the Emergency Action Team until the Emergency Response Agent arrives.

The members of the Emergency Action Team will stand by to assist the Emergency Response
Agency and offer the benefit of their special knowledge of facilit
y and it's contents.

Hazardous material incident is a very serious matter and it should not be taken lightly. Training and study of mitigation or control procedures are being taken at our end in order to improve the safety of not only of our facility, but we make it our priority to ensure employees are safe and the people within our


Sav-on Plating Inc


Products: zinc & brass, copper, bronze, nickel, cadmium & passivating plating & powder coating services fireproofing of buildings, wrapping of pipes, caulking, plastic encasement or coating of structural materials

Phone: 562-634-6189

Fax: 562-602-0690

Address: 15523 illinois ave,paramount,ca,90723-4110


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SAV-ON PLATING INC. is in the Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring industry, has a $440,131 PPP loan from MidFirst Bank, and has potentially retained 23 jobs. This information is published by the U.S. Treasury and not®. Any disputes on the accuracy should be directed to the U.S. Treasury or U.S. Small business Administration.® is an independently owned and operated website and has no government affiliation. We offer information and services related to small businesses.

Loan Amount$440,131
LocationPhoenix, AZ 85003
NAICS Code [Industry]332813 [Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring]
Business TypeSubchapter S Corporation
Race / EthnicityWhite
Owner GenderMale Owned
Owner VeteranNon-Veteran
Is non-profitNo
Jobs Retained23
Date Approved2021-02-06
LenderMidFirst Bank
PPP [1st Round]$233,931
PPS [2nd Round]$206,200

This company profile was generated from publicly available data provided by the U.S. Treasury, last updated July 1, 2021.
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Sav-On Plating Careers and Employment


Manufacturer Worker in Phoenix, AZ

Job was awesome

If they took care of there employees with raises they would keep there works they never offer raises to there hard working employees but it was awesome to work for them

Human Resources Coordinator in Phoenix, AZ

productive and fast working environment

learned something new everyday, always kept you on the go.
you always had something to do. great people to work with and great environment. great lunch

Associate in Phoenix, AZ

Good place to work

Sav-On Plating was a good company to work for. The managers put in a lot of on-floor work. The work is easy to grasp, although physically demanding.

Driver in PHOENIX AZ

Not good company at all to work for

Bad management towards people, unrespectful, no work/life balance, stay away from this company. No benefits, poor pay, no advancement opportunities, bad equipment, does not follow OSHA Regulations...danger to it's people, this company takes advantage of all it's employees.

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