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Android 21: 5 Similarities And 5 Differences She Has With Majin Buu

Ever since Dragon Ball FighterZ came out, many people have questioned who Android 21 is and why she looks like Majin Buu. The character design that was revealed to us showed us what she looked and dressed like. People initially thought that she is the female version of Majin Buu or Kid Buu and began speculating as to whether she is based more on the innocent Majin or vicious Kid.

However, ambiguities always left this debate unfinished, and the people, uncertain. This list contains some of her shared traits and differences of Android 21 with Majin Buu, so obviously, spoilers to those who haven't played FighterZ.

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10 Both Have Pink Skin

A very obvious physical trait that can be observed about the Majin race is their pink skin tone. Like Majin Buu, Android 21 has a pink skin tone color that can be seen when she transforms. Just like how Majin Buu is referred to as a big ball of gum, Android 21 is also called the "Bubblegum Princess" by some people.

The pink colored skin is a genetic trait and both the Android and Buu share this. It's almost like a requirement to handle the power of the Buu species, whatever it may truly be. Regardless of the extent, it's fascinating all the same.

9 Both Have A Sweet Tooth

After absorbing the Grand Supreme Kai, Majin Buu developed a craving for sweets. The same sweet craving is noticeable in Android 21 during her interactions with people and in her fights. Both of them are seen having a friendly conversation about throwing a party later on and having lots of sweets as the main dish.

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During the dialogue and battle, her evil side prefers eating her opponents who she transforms into sweets. She is also very picky about the size, texture, shape, and flavor and tends to grade each item on a scale of one to a hundred, so that's a close similarity to the original Majin Buu.

8 Both Can Transform People into Candy

An ability that is exclusive to Majin Buu which allows him to transmit a beam from his antenna like an extension that transforms any living thing into consumable goods. His preference is sweets out of which his favorite is either pudding or chocolate. Android 21 can also use the same technique but applies it in a slightly different manner.

Her beam is transmitted from her finger and her preference for consumable goods is any form of baked goods such as cupcakes, doughnuts or macaroons. It's not as comedic as turning someone into a piece of candy, and then having that candy beat you up, which is what happened with Super Buu.

7 Her Outfit Has A Similar Look

Majin Buu’s character design consists of him wearing a purple cape, a black vest, with yellow gloves and boots and white baggy pants. Whereas Android 21 wears a black tube top, white baggy pants, black arm sleeves and her shoes remain the same type but with a gold tip. She also wears gold bracelets and loop earrings.

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Her attire mostly resembles Kid Buu's and fans often see her as the female version of him, wearing his clothing. So instead of being a Majin Buu counterpart, she's often seen as a Kid Buu counterpart instead. It's a reasonable enough statement, even though Majin Buu is more regular.

6 Both Have A Powerful Immune System



Majin Buu has what every kid dreams of. An immune system that can't be beaten and a relatively healthy body that cannot get sick. He can eat an endless amount of sweets without getting cavities or stomach pain. During the time when Goku and Vegeta were inside Buu, we were shown the massive amount of sweets that he had eaten and was in the process of digesting.

The amount was so great that even Goku, a heavy consumer himself, called it bizarre that Buu didn't get sick. Android 21 shares this trait as her consumption knows no limit and she appears to be the best shape of her life despite it.

5 Android 21 Can’t Regenerate

A visible strength that Buu has is his ability to regenerate. After Vegeta sacrifices himself in order to blow Majin Buu into pieces of dust so that he won't come back, we see that it wasn't enough and the particles that remained of him were sentient and Buu was able to reform him in a matter of seconds.

This is not the same case for Android 21 as she is not completely like Buu. Unlike him, her body is genetically modified using a human base, so her anatomy and bone structure resemble that of humans more closely and can only regenerate by feeding on a living thing.

4 Acts Like Kid Buu Instead Of Majin

Though she may share Buu's love for sweets, she does not share the attitude much. Her dual persona allows her to be sweet and gentle with slightly child-like behavior when in control. It's when she loses the fight to her hunger that her evil persona takes control.

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This happens between sixty to eighty percent of the time, and her actions and attitude resemble that of the violent and bratty Kid Buu. It's evidently visible in her eyes when they become jet black and have red irises. She becomes angry when mocked, craves destruction and food and has a blast doing it all.

3 She isn’t as Flexible

A helpful trait that Majin Buu has is his ability to reform his body into any shape. The rubbery and bubblegum style texture of his body allows him to stretch any of his limbs to an absurd length and even allows him to absorb great shocks and punishment.

For Android 21 this ability is very limited as she can’t absorb shocks and extend her limbs because this trait was not applied throughout her body. She can only stretch her tail (courtesy of Frieza’s DNA) but that comes with a few limitations. This is because so far, she's only shown to be able to stretch her tail about ten feet.

2 They Can Copy Moves

Like Majin Buu, Android 21 has the ability to steal her opponent's moves. Majin Buu has been shown to mimic some attacks but that is only to make fun of his opponents. Android 21, on the other hand, seems to do this for destructive force.

She can stab an enemy and absorb some of their energy, thus allowing her to manipulate that energy. She then combines this with her own ki to copy the opponent's techniques. This is not exactly the same as what Buu did, because he had to absorb the fighter before using his techniques against others (he did this by connecting them to his own body). Nonetheless, their copying ability does make them both dangerous.

1 She Can’t Blow Off Steam

Another visible difference is that Majin Buu has holes near the top of his head which encircle his antenna like an extension. These holes are shown to expel pressurized steam under two circumstances: when he is angry and when he is undergoing a painful transformation.

Android 21 does not have any holes in her head and whenever she undergoes a transformation or has a tantrum, instead of expelling pressurized steam, her ki becomes unstable and is shown to haphazardly flow out. She also can’t suppress her anger very well and this tends to make her very predictable in both battle and overall confrontation.

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Android 21 (Evil)

人造人間21号 ()

Jinzōningen Nijūichi-Gō

Android 21 (Evil) (人造人間21号 (),Jinzōningen Nijūichi-Gō (Aku)) is the true main antagonist of Dragon Ball FighterZ.


While her good half and 21 were one, Android 21 (Evil) appeared as a black specter, in the silhouette of Android 21. She also appeared with a pink and blue aura.

In her true form, she looks exactly the same as Android 21 (Good), except she has red eyes and black sclera.

Upon eating and absorbing Cell she undergoes a transformation, where her skin turns gray and she has dark purple spots throughout her body like that of Cell's.


As noted, this side of Android 21 is pure evil, having nothing but a desire to eat and gain more power, having a strong wanting to devour all the Z Warriors to satisfy her needs, and can be seen as near insanity. However, this does not cloud her thinking, as she is capable of making rational thoughts, and assesses the situation at hand. Sadistic and sociopathic, 21 will go to extreme lengths to gain the power she desires.

Fitting with her evil nature, Android 21 was disgusted with her good self's way of thinking and views, who had no will or desire to consume others for their power (similar to Frieza, who is disgusted by Goku's good heart). Yet, she was pleased as well, believing no one could stand in her way to stop her from eating, very similar to Good Buu and Evil Buu. Her personality resembles Android 21's from the previous arcs as she is essentially under her evil persona's complete control in those arcs. Upon meeting Goku Evil 21 gushes in his presence while referring to him as her "sweetie Goku" and proclaiming her intentions to eat him licking her lips at the thought of consuming him. However she reconsiders confronting him as she decides to save the best for last presumably due to the influence of Cell's cells however she takes the opportunity to "snag" Instant Transmission which she uses to escape. Though ultimately she eventually starts losing control as she begins to run out of clones becoming more impulsive and focused on feeding her hunger.

She also believes that her good self is a hypocrite due to her refusal to not consume others as her hunger will only continue to grow worse and even encourages her to give in to her hunger believing it is the only way her good self can hope to stand a chance against her (presumably to make her good self a more enticing meal though it may also be influenced by her wanting a decent challenge due to the influence of her Saiyan cells, as she may believe only her counterpart could match her) . She is also caught off-guard by her good self's willingness to sacrifice her own life to stop her.

Before the fission, while her evil personality was in control she expressed a belief that Androids like herself, Android 18, and Android 17 had no need for Human families when she attempts to eat Krillin. This belief likely explains why she has no love for Android 16 whom Android 21 murders in all three arcs while her evil side is in control though in the Android 21 Arc this results in her fission due to her "heart" regaining control leading her to split due to the anguish and guilt (as well as potentially being subconsciously reminded of her human son Gebo's death as 16 was built in Gebo's image) over his death. She also does not dismiss the possibility of seeking galactic conquest which is implied to be her original purpose though it is unclear if she was programmed to seek it and/or if it was due to the influence of Frieza and King Cold's cells. Also despite her evil nature and use of his technology, she had no real affection for Dr. Gero and only utilized his technology to suit her own goals which were all centered around satisfying her urge to feed and grow stronger, with galactic conquest a secondary objective at best.



Android 21 (Evil) is the evil persona of Android 21 that began manifesting after the cells of Good Buu were added to her. After the cells started going berserk, 21's hunger grew unstable, driving her mad.

At some point while still within her original self, evil Android 21 planned and utilized the link system created by Dr. Gero to seal the power and souls of Earth's warriors, in addition to the villains' Cell, Frieza, Nappa, and the Ginyu Force after they were revived by her. She planned on devouring them while they were paralyzed to satiate her seemingly bottomless hunger, as well as to steal their power. She also created a plentiful number of Clones of each individual warrior for the purpose of strengthening their artificial links and then devouring them also. But her plans would be constantly interrupted by the struggle against her good half, accompanied by Android 16. While she ultimately succeeds in suppressing her good persona during the first two arcs, in the Android 21 Arc, she is caught off guard when activating the Power Suppressing Wave machine has an effect on her allowing her good persona to regain control due to her evil persona being so surprised the machine's waves effected her as she originally intended them only to weaken her enemies allowing her to consume them easily.


In her initial appearance, she stated that she had absorbed most of Android 21's power, and so was stronger than her good side.

After she has absorbed Cell and many clones it is thought by Vegeta that neither he nor Goku could defeat her alone, even though they have re-acquired access to the entirety of their original power. Thanks to her endurance and regeneration, the combined might of Goku in his Super Saiyan forms, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Ultimate Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Androids 18 and 17 and the Android 21's true persona is not enough to defeat her. She is even able to hold off a Spirit Bomb fired by Goku, and so the good Android 21 is forced to sacrifice herself so that they will both be hit by the Spirit Bomb and destroyed. As a result, she is one of the strongest female villains encountered by the Z Fighters.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Hungry Beam - A move Android 21 uses to turn people into food.
    • Sweet Tooth - Android 21's Level 3 Super, which is said to work like Majin Buu's. Android 21 turns the opponent into a dessert (such as a donut, macaroon, or cupcake,) and then takes a bite out of the opponent, regaining some health. If this attack finishes the enemy off, she eats the opponent completely.
    • Absorption - In all scenarios, she absorbs many clones. In the Super Warrior Arc, she absorbs Nappa, Cell, the Ginyu Force and finally Frieza. In the Android 21 Arc, she absorbs Cell after her fission in order to take on a more powerful form. Like Cell and Majin Buu, this makes her more powerful.
  • Connoisseur Cut - A move that lets Android 21 absorb an opponents energy and use up to four of her opponents moves. There is a pool of eight moves she can copy with their availability depending on the enemy she took ki from. Notably, ki attacks copied with this move are red and black in color. In the final boss battle, Android 21 (Evil) seemingly does not actually have access to this move, instead already having access to the following techniques.
    • Kamehameha - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. Obtained from enemies somewhat connected to Goku.
    • Ki Blast Rush - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. A series of rapid-fire blasts. Obtained from enemies connected to Vegeta.
    • Android Barrier - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. Obtained from enemies connected to androids.
    • Instant Transmission - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. Also used to teleport Android 21 to the Sacred World of the Kai. Obtained from alien or godly enemies.
  • Angry Explosion - Used by Android 21 (Evil) in her final fight with her good half. She regains health as she charges it.
    • Danger Time - A technique used by Android 21 (Transformed, Evil) where she rush attacks the opponent before charging an energy sphere into her fist and then punching the opponent into the ground before finishing the attack with an Angry Explosion. Android 21 (Transformed, Evil)'s Super Attack in Dokkan Battle.
  • Hors d'Oeuvre Stab - Android 21 flies down towards the opponent from the air and strikes them into the ground.
  • Total Detonation Ball - Android 21 launches a ball of ki that flies across the screen and explodes on impact. The heavy version of this move will discard all her acquired moves in exchange for extra power.
    • Absolute Release Ball - A larger version of Total Destruction Ball. Used by Android 21 with her evil personality in control to destroy Android 16 in the Super Warrior Arc and Enemy Warrior Arc thus it is technically one of her techniques even though she is never seen using it as a fission.
  • Photon Wave - A move where Android 21 produces a Death Beam-like attack that explodes where it hits along the ground.
  • Excellent Full Course - Android 21's other Level 3 Super, where she flies into the opponent, hitting them with a flurry of dash attacks, before striking them to the ground and fires a ki blast from on top of them.
  • Survivability - Thanks to possessing cells from Frieza, Android 21 possess great survivability and endurance.
  • Regeneration - Thanks to possessing cells from Piccolo, Cell, Kid Buu and Good Buu, Android 21 possess one of the greatest regenerative capabilities in the series.

Forms and transformations


Evil 21's True Form is identical to Android 21's True form seen in the Super Warrior and Enemy Warrior Arcs. She appears in this form briefly after 21's fission before absorbing Cell.

Transformed, Evil

Unlike her original self in the Super Warrior Arc scenario, after absorbing Cell, Android 21's skin becomes a darker color and she gains spots. She becomes tremendously more powerful. In Dokkan Battle this form is referred to as her Transformed, Evil state.

Video Game Appearances

In Dokkan Battle, Android 21 (Evil) is playable in her Transformed state and her Transformed, Evil state.

Android 21 (Evil) makes an appearance in Dragon Ball Legends as a transforming unit, capable of Transforming into her Transformed Evil state.

Voice Actors



Android 21 (Evil) profile
Android 21 (Evil)

Android 21 (Cell) in SDBH

Img android21evil fighterz 0444

Artwork of Android #21 (Transformed, Evil) in Dokkan Battle

Dokkan Battle Predatory Urge Android 21 (Transformed, Evil) card (DB FighterZ Cell Absorbed True Form Evil Android 21)

Predatory Urge Android #21 (Transformed, Evil) card in Dokkan Battle

Evil 21 DBL

Android 21 (Evil Transformed) in Legends

Majin 21 DBL

Android 21 (Evil) in Legends


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Android 21


Jinzōningen Nijūichi-Gō

Appears in

Dragon Ball Z

Birth Date

After Age 769 (creation or conversion)[2]

Android 21 (人造人間21号,Jinzōningen Nijūichi-Gō) is an Android who appears as the main antagonist of Dragon Ball FighterZ when in her evil persona. Her intellect rivals that of Dr. Gero,[3] though she may be even smarter than he was.[4]

Concept and creation

Android 21 was designed by Akira Toriyama.[5]


Android 21 is described as a tall, curvaceous scientist with glasses and long bushy auburn hair. She has a gold ring on her left middle finger, and black nails. She wears a pair of hoop earrings, a sleeveless, blue and red short dress with opaque black tights, black arm sleeves, and blue and red heel boots. Her eyes are similar to that of Dr. Gero's Androids, such as Android 18.

In her true form, Android 21 keeps her curvy body, her skin turns pink, her hair becomes a paler shade of pink, her ears become pointed, her eyes changing depending on if her evil half takes over, and she gains a tail. Her attire changes to a black tube top, keeping the black arm sleeves, and also gaining white baggy pants. It's noted that she most resembles a Majin in this form.

Her appearance in her true form is the result of her having all of the traits of the Z Fighters, Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu rolled into one.

Android 21 reveals in a private talk with the player that while she may have the appearance of an adult, she is actually less than ten years old, and regrets not having an adolescence, finding it awkward when small children call her "ma'am".


Due to her biology, Android 21 has a natural, compulsive instinct to feed (which grew out of control due to cells in her body going berserk). Like Majin Buu, she prefers sweets and confectioneries, her favorite being macarons. However, she has no control over her hunger and constantly fights to keep herself from turning others into treats and devouring them.

Her hunger is so great and painful that it has led to Android 21's psyche being damaged and manifesting a split personality. The longer she goes without feeding, the more the evil side of her gains control. When her true persona is in control she acts like a kind and motherly woman who was concerned about Android 18 and agreed to help her. When her evil persona is in control, however, she becomes a sadistic and power-hungry sociopath, wanting to "devour" all the powerful fighters, drawing to the point of near insanity. Her gluttonous lust for "devouring" powerful fighters is similar to the traits of the Majins, inherited when Buu's cells were added to her. Her good side is friendly towards Good Buu presumably due to their shared biology and love of sweets.

Her personalities were later transferred to her two halves after her good self-managed to use fission as a result of the emotional turmoil caused by the death of her adoptive son, Android 16 who was killed by her evil side as a result of her losing control.

Though Android 21's good side is aware of the fact that her human template was the mother of Android 16's template which causes her to develop mother-like affection for him, she admits she has little to no memory of her former life as a human, though she enjoys thinking about what her template's name and life might have been like. She is also apparently unaware that Dr. Gero was the father of Android 16's template or of his relationship with her human template. During one of her conversations with the player, she notes that her creator while not a good person was a brilliant scientist and admits she would like to know the reason she was created, though admits that he might not answer her questions or that if he did she might not want to know the truth. Interestingly, she never mentions Dr. Gero's name directly though it is obvious he is the one she is referring to. Presumably, her knowledge of him either comes from what little memories she possesses and what she has been able to learn through research of herself and Android 16.

In contrast, her evil side cares nothing for Android 16 and believes that Androids have no use for things like family and loved ones as she orders Android 18 to attack her husband Krillin. Additionally, she only values Dr. Gero for his labs and research. Though she is focused primarily on feeding, the evil side of Android 21's personality does not dismiss the concept of seeking galactic conquest, although that goal remains secondary to satisfying her hunger. Unlike her good side, the evil 21 cares only about herself and possesses a selfish bratty personality. Like Cell, her power causes her to view other beings as beneath her; though additionally, she dismisses all other beings as little more than food to make her stronger. She is responsible for creating evil clones of the Z Fighters as well as Nappa, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, Cell (all of whom she resurrected with the Namekian Dragon Balls), and Kid Buu, they exist only as a source of food to sustain her and her hunger, despite finding their taste to be unsatisfactory. She only allows the Z Fighters, resurrected villains, and Androids to survive and grow stronger in order to further her goal of consuming them. However, she was angered when Z Fighters and the villains led by Frieza and Cell started hunting the clones to deny 21 of her food supply, causing her to seek them out in a blind rage driven by her hunger.

After separating from her good half, the evil 21 mocked her good half's refusal to feed on others to increase her power and was certain that she was a hypocrite who would eventually give into her hunger and feed on her allies. However, the good 21 was able to link with the human soul that had been linked to Android 18 which allowed her to maintain control over herself and oppose her evil half without succumbing to her hunger. Still, the good 21 feared she would one day lose control, and thus decided to sacrifice herself to stop her evil half as well as prevent herself from losing control and hurting her newfound friends. Whis and Beerus noted that in time the good 21 would have succumbed to the hunger, so her sacrifice was ultimately for the greater good. However, it is unclear if the good 21 could have overcome her hunger permanently, though she may not have wanted to take the risk of losing control of herself. The self-sacrificing aspect of the good 21's personality fittingly resembles that of her adoptive son, Android 16.

In Kakarot, the Female Researcher has a personality much like her original self and Android 21 (Good) though with no signs of mental instability or insatiable hungry. This allows her to maintain employment at the Capsule Corporation as a scientist researcher. While usually tasked with overseeing the Gravity Chamber and its holographic training, she can occasionally be found doing field work such as searching for materials at the small village in the Central Plains Area, and doing a field survey for Dr. Brief at Raditz's Landing Site in the East Ravine Area. She also visits Grandpa Gohan's House in the Southeast Mountains Area noting that it is unfortunate he no longer lives there, wishing she could have met the legendary martial artist, or investigating tales of the hermit living atop Korin Tower in the Sacred Land of Korin. She is also shown to be aware of the Z Fighters due to her role overseeing the Gravity Chamber.



Android 21's backstory varies and it seems she herself does not know the truth.

In one instance she claims she was initially a Human-type Earthling, converted by Doctor Gero into an Android. As a human, she had a son with Dr. Gero who became the model for the design of Android 16.

In another instance 21 notes that she is a new type of Bio-Android - superior to Cell - built in the image of a human female with the IQ of an adult, though she is not even ten years old - making her feel as though she missed out on her adolescence.

Over time, the cells of numerous powerful warriors and intelligent researchers were added to her, with even the likes of Buu's cells being added to her. She states she has no memory of her apparent life as a human and often found it fun to imagine what her original name was and what her life was like. She did not know why Gero created her as a unique new type of Android different from the mecha-types (like 16) and the modified humans (like 17 and 18). Her good side did not know much about her creator (only referring to him as "the scientist") though she knew he was an evil person with great intelligence, though discussing him for some reason made her feel like crying; on the other hand, her evil side knew about Gero to an extent yet cared little for him or the Android built in her son's image, though this is likely due to her views that Androids have no need for loved ones and family.

At some point, 21 recalled the memory of her - or her template - having a son. When she realized that she wanted so badly to see him and have him by her side, she repaired Android 16 (the android whose design was modeled after her son) later on and explained that she wanted to treat him like family. Android 21 is apparently unaware that Dr. Gero was the father of her apparent human self's son and thus the exact nature of Dr. Gero's relationship with her apparent human self is unknown beyond the fact that they were the parents of 16's human template. When 21's urges resurfaced, she activated the link system to use its functions to keep herself under control, by suppressing her growing need to feed, and the persona that spawned from it. Eventually, this led them to seek out Android 18 and Android 17 separately, with the system activated, in hopes they would be able to successfully link them with another soul.

According to Android 16, at some point, the cells in 21 may have gone berserk, which resulted in her uncontrollable urges to feed. It is likely that Majin Buu's cells may have been responsible. Additionally, Android 21's hunger may be a result of her unique combination of Majin and Saiyan cells, as both Saiyans and Majins are known to have large appetites. Her evil persona may have also been influenced by the combination of cells she acquired from Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu as her evil side is known to be cold-hearted like Frieza and Cell while showing signs of madness similar to Kid Buu. The evil 21 does not dismiss the idea of galactic conquest which may also be influenced by Frieza's cells.

It should be noted that her evil personality's activation of the Wave Machine caused her original personality to regain control only occurs in the timeline of the Android 21 Arc, as her evil personality in control and uses her original personality as a hostage to force Android 16 to serve her, though he rebels by linking a human soul to Goku in the timeline of the Super Warrior Arc, while it accidentally ends up linking with Frieza in the timeline of the Enemy Warrior Arc. In the timeline of the Android 21 Arc, her original personality works with Android 16 to find a way to suppress her evil side and hunger.

Other Dragon Ball stories


Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot The woman who Android 21 was either based off, or formerly was, appears in Kakarot under the name "Female Researcher".

During Vegeta's training to become a Super Saiyan, Dr. Brief introduces him to his newest employee - the Female Researcher - when showing him the upgrades made to the Training Room. The Female Researcher explains to Vegeta how the new training room works. Later after working with Bulma on the Ginyu Force space pod that Goku had returned to Earth in, the Female Researcher calls Goku at the behest of Bulma to inform him that the battle data of Bonyu was retrieved from the pod and could be fought at any time in the training room. She is also able to extract data on the rest of the Ginyu Force from the space pod in addition to Bonyu's data. If provided with the right materials, she can modify and upgrade the training room in a variety of ways such as improving its durability and holographic AI granting the Z Fighters access to more training options. Completing normal training unlocks various Know-how (abilities which grant beneficial effects such recovering HP when Surge or automatically transforming after entering battle) for player controlled Z Fighters (Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Future Trunks, etc). She can usually be found in the Capsule Corporation's laboratory.


Super Warrior Arc

Main article: Super Warrior Arc When giving a false history to Goku and Krillin, she claimed that she was a researcher employed by the Red Ribbon Army who deserted with Android 18's help and Android 18 was injured protecting her from Cell, only to be saved by Goku and Krillin whom she tells a false backstory to avoid fighting them. Her true colors are later revealed when the Dragon Team defeat Android 16 who is revealed to have linked a human soul to Goku against Android 21's wishes causing her to transform into her true form and destroy him with an Absolute Release Ball. Goku tries to chase after her but she blasts him out of the sky causing the soul linked with him to accidentally become linked with Cell who Android 21 finds and battles with. Cell is no match for her and is forced to retreat using a Solar Flare. Cell collapses from his injuries and the soul returns to Goku. The she later consumes the revived villains Nappa, Ginyu Force, Frieza, and Cell before turning her attention to the Dragon Team. To avoid destroying Earth, Goku teleports the team to the Sacred World of the Kai where she confronts the Dragon Team. Like Kid Buu, she is ultimately defeated by Goku's Super Spirit Bomb. However questions regarding her and Android 16 remain.

The events of this arc are seemingly stopped from happening when the spirit travels back to the start of the events to possess someone else and find out more about the truth at Whis' suggestion.

This story arc was also adapted into a Story Event in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle as part of a crossover event with FighterZ with the player being able to acquire the Conflicting Mind Android #21 card which can be Transcended Dokkan Awakened into Good Versus Evil Android #21 (Transformed, Good) card using Awakening Medals acquired from the same story event. Some parts of the arc are omitted or changed such as the human soul linked to Goku sharing the name of the unseen protagonist from Quest Mode and Gohan being rescued before the confrontation with Android 16 at 21's lab which is left up to the player in FighterZ. However Android 21's role is virtually the same with her being killed by Goku's Super Spirit Bomb.

Enemy Warrior Arc

Main article: Enemy Warrior Arc Android 21 and Android 16 travel to New Namek and use the Namekian Dragon Balls to summon Porunga having him revive Frieza, Cell, Nappa, and Ginyu Force. Taking the revived villains back to Earth, 21 clones them before linking artificial souls to Cell, Nappa, the Ginyu Force, Android 17, and Android 18 allowing her to control them. She eventually discovers 16 had inadvertently linked a human soul to Frieza (his original candidate being Goku like in the Super Warrior Arc) who works with the soul to free himself of it freeing Nappa and the Ginyu Force by defeating them and using them to reform a resurgent Frieza Force. Android 21 sends 18 to eliminate the villains but 18 is defeated and freed. 21 confronts the villains and notes that she does not dismiss the idea of seeking galactic conquest before they discover it was a set up to trick Krillin and Goku in believing 18 had been injured protecting her with 21 escaping while the two factions were occupied. After defeating Goku and Krillin, Frieza and Cell realize 21 left and inform Goku and Krillin they had been tricked. 21 decides to punish 16 for betraying her sending him to kill her enemies. However, she knew he would be defeated and after transforming into her true form, 21 feigns helplessness causing 16 to shield 21 from Frieza and Cell's attacks her only for her to cruelly destroy him herself. Eventually, 21 is furious at the loss of her clones forcing her to resort to consuming the originals, the result of a plan devised by Frieza to force her to confront her enemies. She is then destroyed by Goku, Frieza, and Cell with a combined energy wave after using Bulma's machine at maximum output regain enough power. Following her death, the soul leaves Frieza who along with his minions and ally Cell end their truce with the Dragon Team though the result of said confrontation is not shown.

The events of this arc are seemingly stopped from happening when the spirit travels back to the start of the events to possess someone else and find out more about the truth.

Android 21 Arc

Main article: Android 21 Arc Android 21 appears right after the linking process of Android 18 and another soul succeeded. Surprised at the results, she came in and introduced herself as 21 and told the soul inside 18 about its current status and the current situation at hand, about how the Clones created by the Red Ribbon Army are running amok and destroying the Earth. 21 also tells the soul to communicate to 18. After this, 21 gives them the clothes 18 wore while serving Gero. While reluctant at first, 18 accepts and 16, 21, 18, as well as Android 17, travel to defeat the clones.

As time progresses however, 21 begins to lose more control over herself, and eventually when Krillin comes in to save 18, 21 lashes out and tries to feed on Krillin. Luckily, the group subdued her with the help of the soul inside 18. Though a mysterious entity inside 21 tells the soul that, eventually, 21 will give in. They then proceed to defeating more clones, with the soul now interacting more with 21. During these times, 21 would reveal some things about herself, and the soul would encourage her to continue fighting to keep her urges away. However, as the entity promised, 21 began to lose control of her lust to feed once more. When the group encountered Cell, who had been restored to his full power due to linking with an artificial soul and bending it to his will, 21 transforms to her true form and fights Cell alongside 18 and 17, much to 16's chagrin. After the fight, 21 finally gives in to her urges and tries to eat Cell. While the soul tried to link back in with her, the entity inside 21 rejected it. Having no other option, 16 tries to stop her, resulting in his death at her hand. 21, now devastated that she killed the android modeled after her son, screams in disbelief and sorrow, finally pushing out the entity that had given her nothing but fear for so long.

It is later revealed in a conversation between her good and evil halves at the lab where the Wave Machine remote is located that it was her evil personality activating the Wave Machine which caused her original personality to resurface and regain control over their body due to the waves weakening her evil half.

World Mission

Main article: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Android 21 Saga

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, in the Arcade Mode Universe Mission Age Android 21 Saga: Activation has the player use the Link System to link their Avatar to either Goku or Frieza in an adaption of the Super Warrior and Enemy Warrior Arcs. Eventually Goku or Frieza confront Android 21 (Normal) and two Clones. Goku faces her in a Boss Mission after defeating New Model 16 while Frieza faces her in a Super Boss Mission after defeating a Clone of himself, Cell, and Kid Buu. In both missions, Android 21 cannot be captured using a Hero Robo Capture Module thus cannot be turned into a Summon Module however the Clones accompanying her can.


Video games

Being created from the cells of countlesswarriors and scientists, Android 21 is one of the most powerful Androids in the series and the most powerful female Android created through Dr. Gero's research. Like Majin Buu and Cell, she can increase her power by absorbing other life forms, which she does by turning them into sweets and eating them increasing her power.

In the Super Warrior Arc, she is able to easily defeat Cell without even using half of her power. When inhibited by the waves she is able to easily defeat Nappa, the Ginyu Force and final form Frieza (who are all also inhibited by the waves). After absorbing Nappa, Cell, the Ginyu Force, and Frieza, she is defeated by the combined might of Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Ultimate Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, and Good Buu. Vegeta states that if he had access to his full power, he would have been able to defeat 21 alone.

In the Enemy Warrior Arc, even while inhibited by the waves, her powering up in her base form is enough to shock Krillin. Even after having absorbed many clones, she is annihilated by the combined attack of Final Form Frieza, Super Saiyan Goku, and Perfect Cell when their full powers were reawakened by Bulma overriding the suppression waves.

In the Android 21 Arc, when inhibited by the waves, teamed up with Androids 17, 18, and 16, 21 is able to defeat Cell - even after he has drastically powered up by using the artificial soul he has been implanted with.

Android 16 describes her as having more potential than Cell ever had and being far stronger than him. He states she can endlessly power herself up by feeding on other creatures and that her urge to feed is her most dangerous quality.

In opening dialogue when facing Android 18 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, base Android 21 refers to 18 as being stronger than her, but says she will surpass her.

Statements by guidebooks and authors

She can compete with the series' strongest fighters.[4]


  • Flight - The ability to fly using ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy attack.
  • Tail Attack - In her true form, Android 21 can attack enemies with her tail as part of certain combos. She can also thrust her tail into the ground, then have it erupt from the ground to deliver a surprise attack, taking advantage of her ability to extend her tail which can presumably be attributed to either her Frieza Race, Namekian, and Majin cells or a combination of all three.
  • Hungry Beam - A move Android 21 uses to turn people into food.
    • Sweet Tooth - One of Android 21's Meteor Attack (Level 3 Super), which is said to work like Majin Buu's though is fired as a finger beam like Majuub's version. Android 21 turns the opponent into a dessert (such as a donut, macaroon, or cupcake) and then takes a bite out of the opponent, regaining some health. If this attack finishes the enemy off, she eats the opponent completely.
    • Absorption - In all scenarios, she absorbs many clones. In the Super Warrior Arc she absorbs Nappa, Cell, the Ginyu Force and finally Frieza. Like Cell and Majin Buu, this makes her more powerful. Android 21's absorption resembles a combination of Majin Buu's Candy Beam and Cell's absorption ability as she can increase her power by turning others into food and eating them.
  • Connoisseur Cut - A move that lets Android 21 absorb an opponents energy and use up to four of her opponents moves. There is a pool of eight moves she can copy with their availability depending on the enemy she took ki from. Notably, ki attacks copied with this move are red and black in color.
    • Solar Flare - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. It is functionally identical to Krillin's version but can be used in the air. Obtained from enemies somewhat connected to Goku.
    • Kamehameha - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. Obtained from enemies somewhat connected to Goku.
    • Homing Energy Blast - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. It is similar to Piccolo's version, but she can only conjure a single orb at a time. Obtained from alien or godly enemies.
    • Ki Blast Rush - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. A series of rapid-fire blasts. Obtained from enemies connected to Vegeta.
    • Sticky Energy Blast - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. It is a command grab where she throws the opponent across the arena. Obtained from enemies connected to Vegeta.
    • Barrier Sphere - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. Obtained from enemies connected to androids.
    • Explosive Energy Blast- One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. it is a pair of energy blast fired at the ground. Obtained from enemies connected to the Androids.
    • Instant Transmission - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. Also used to teleport Android 21 to the Sacred World of the Kai. Obtained from alien or godly enemies. In the Super Warriors Arc, Android 21 learns it via mimicry after seeing it being used by Goku to travel to the Sacred World of the Kais.
  • Hors d'Oeuvre Stab - Android 21 flies down towards the opponent from the air and strikes them into the ground.
  • Total Detonation Ball - Android 21 launches a ball of ki that flies across the screen and explodes on impact. The heavy version of this move will discard all her acquired moves in exchange for extra power.
    • Absolute Release Ball - A bigger version of Total Detonation Ball, used by Android 21 to destroy Android 16. It is normal Android 21's super attack in Dragon Ball Heroes. In Dokkan Battle, it is used by Android 21 in her human form as her Super Attack, though with her good personality in control of her body.
  • Photon Wave - A move where Android 21 produces a Death Beam-like attack that explodes where it hits along the ground.
  • Excellent Full Course - Android 21's other Level 3 Super, where she flies into the opponent, hitting them with a flurry of dash attacks, before striking them to the ground and fires a ki blast from on top of them.
    • Appetizing Rush - One of her skills in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 from Ultra Pack 2 DLC.
  • Majin Kamehameha - Due to possessing Majin Buu's cells, Android 21 can utilize this imitation of the Kamehameha used by members of the Majin Demon Clan. One of Super Skills used by Android 21 (ironically in her normal human form instead of her Majin-like Transformed state) in Xenoverse 2 as part of the Ultra Pack 2 DLC.
  • Survivability - Thanks to possessing cells from Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu, Android 21 possess great survivability and endurance.
  • Regeneration - Thanks to possessing cells from Piccolo, Cell, Kid Buu and Good Buu, Android 21 possess one of the greatest regenerative capabilities in the series.
  • Fission - After destroying Android 16 in the Android 21 Arc, Android 21 releases her evil hunger persona as a separate entity. This ability was apparently inherited from her Majin cells instead of her Namekian Cells, as the good and evil halves are not life linked as revealed the good half reveals during a special conversation with Piccolo and Tien.

A form representing Android 21's original human self. In this form, she appears as a voluptuous attractive woman with auburn hair, wears glasses, a blue and red dress with black sleeves and a lab coat with a Red Ribbon Army logo, and blue and red heels. She has blue eyes and wears a pair of gold hoop earrings. It is unclear if 21 can revert to this form after transforming into her true form. In Dokkan Battle, this form is playable under the name Android #21 (Normal) and features her good personality in control.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, she appears in this form as a Boss and Super Boss in the Arcade Mode Universe Mission Age Android 21 Saga: Activation. She cannot be captured with Hero Robo Capture Modules. However the form has several playable cards which can be acquired from certain Gacha Shop card sets. Depending upon the card, her human form can be played with or without her lab coat.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, her normal form is playable via the Ultra Pack 2 DLC.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the woman who was her template, or her original self, appears as a unnamed new Capsule Corporation employee known only by her in-game moniker Female Researcher as her actual name is unrevealed.


Main article: Supervillain In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as part of the Ultra Pack 2 DLC, Android 21 is empowered by the Supervillain spell during a Parallel Quest. In this state, her hunger and evil persona take hold though besides her glowing eyes and black/white aura, she retains her normal human appearance.


Android 21 is able to transform into a form that resembles a Majin in body color and attire, though she also possesses white hair, and spiked Namekian-like ears and a tail similar to final form Frieza. In this state her evil side remains in control, she has red eyes and black sclera and having pink-white hair. This state is referred to as Transformed in Dragon Ball Heroes and Dokkan Battle, though many characters in FighterZ refer to it as her "true form".

Transformed, Good

Android 21 is able to transform into a form that resembles a Majin in body color and attire, though she also possesses white hair, and spiked Namekian-like ears and a tail similar to final form Frieza. Depending on which side of her personality is dominant at the moment, her eyes in this form will vary. In this good state she retains her blue eyes and white sclera with her hair completely white. This state is referred to as Transformed, Good in Dokkan Battle.

Transformed, Evil

In Dragon Ball Legends Android 21 can transform from her Transformed state into the form her evil side obtained when she absorbed Cell.

Android 21 (Good)

Main article: Android 21 (Good)Android 21 (Good) is the result of Android 21 after releasing her evil hunger persona. While strong, She is considerably weaker than her evil half, which took most of her power. This side of Android 21 is not only noticeably kind and caring, but extremely resentful and apologetic, and while weaker than her evil side in power, she was willing to grow stronger in order to fight against her evil self, siding with the Z Warriors in the process. While weaker than her evil self, after getting stronger by battling many foes she was capable of holding her off long enough for Goku to charge up a Spirit Bomb, though ultimately choose to die with her evil half to prevent her hunger from hurting her newfound friends as it had Android 16.

Android 21 (Evil)

Main article: Android 21 (Evil)

Android 21 (Evil)is the evil half of Android 21's fission, and the much more powerful one, having absorbed most of her power. After absorbing Cell she transforms into a more powerful state, and in this state, she was capable of holding back Goku's fully powered Spirit Bomb after absorbing many clones. However, she was ultimately destroyed by said Spirit Bomb as a result of her good half sacrificing herself.
  • Power Suppression Wave Machine - Android 21 has access to Dr. Gero's power suppressing wave machine which she can activate and deactivate via remote which suppresses the power of anyone with a high power level provided they are not linked with a soul (natural or artificial) or divine being such as an Angel, God of Destruction, or Core Person (mortal God-like Saiyans will still be effected as they are mortals who have acquired divine power as both Goku and Vegeta were effected).
    • Wave Machine Remote - Use by Android 21 to activate the Power Suppression Wave Machine, which weakens her evil personality's control allowing her original personality to regain control during the Android 21 Arc. The remote itself is eventually consumed and absorbed by Android 21 (Evil) after her fission & absorption of Cell to prevent Android 21 (Good) and her allies from using it to shut down the device.
  • Soul Link System - Android 21 has access to Dr. Gero's Soul Linking technology which allows natural or artificial souls to be linked to another person, allowing them to possess and control them.
  • Buu-gi - in her transformed states, Android 21 wears Majin style pants similar to those worn by Majin Buu though without the "M" mark on the belt and she wears a pair of black & gold high heels. Like some female Majin, she wears a tube top to cover her breasts and a matching pair of black gauntlets with a single strap that wrapped around her middle finger.
  • Cloning Technology - Android 21 has access to advanced cloning technology developed by Dr. Gero, allowing her to create clones of unfused fighters like Goku (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 3), Vegeta (Super Saiyan), Gohan (Super Saiyan/Potential Unleashed), Future Trunks (Super Saiyan), Nappa, the entire Ginyu Force, & Frieza (Final Form), Cell (Perfect/Super Perfect). Though a majority of the clones are mindless copies that only know how to fight like the originals, her attempts to clone Majin Buu result in the creation of "heartless" Pure Majin Clone Buus that are essentially incarnations of Kid Buu as they inherit his unpredictable evil personality and mannerisms which is implied to be due to Majin cells being beyond the understanding of mortal science due to their inherently magical properties which is implied to be responsible for Android 21's insatiable hunger and mental instability. However the clones provide a means for her evil side to temporarily satisfy and manage her hunger by using them as a readily available food supply, though this makes them somewhat of an Achilles' Heel as eliminating them causes her to become more mentally unstable. Additionally while they make a convenient food source, their artificial nature means that they do not taste as good as the originals as Android 21 & her evil fission both comment that their taste leaves much to be desired (though their taste is apparently passable when compared to something completely inedible like Wave Machine Remote).
  • Hovercar - In Kakarot, the Female Researcher owns a red plane-like hovercar made by the Capsule Corporation which she uses to travel to various locations usually to do field research. The hovercar can be seen parked near the location she is currently visiting.

Video Game Appearances


Android 21

Fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise

Android 21 (Japanese: 人造人間21号, Hepburn: Jinzōningen Jū Nijūichi-Gō, lit. "Artificial Human #21") is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball media franchise. Created as part of a collaborative process between Arc System Works and Akira Toriyama, Android 21 makes her debut appearance in the 2018 fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, where she serves as a main villainess. The character has received a very positive reception, and has since appeared in other licensed Dragon Ball video games.

Conception and creation[edit]

Both the publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment and developer of Dragon Ball FighterZArc System Works marketed Android 21 as being created or designed by Akira Toriyama when the character was first unveiled in promotional and marketing material for FighterZ in September 2017.[2] One of the trailers used the wording, "Original character supervised by Akira Toriyama," which was interpreted by Kyle Hilliard from Game Informer as an implication that while Toriyama may not have drawn her for the game, he is involved in her visual direction and conception.[2] The developers later clarified in an interview that they came up with the game’s story on their own and created the framework for what kind of character Android 21 would be, while Toriyama designed her within said parameters.[3] The developers sought Toriyama's input as they wanted a slick design for a character that would transform, in the hope that Toriyama's involvement with the game's visuals would generate interest and bring in prospective fans.[4] According to producer Tomoko Hiroki, Toriyama was informed about the game's plot and what the developers wanted in the character, such as her gender and her personality, and he would be left to draw the character as he saw fit.[3] Toriyama took the suggestions about Android 21 into account and finalized her design, but was not involved in any direct input into her story.[5] The game itself was noted by Toriyama to be an official part of the overall Dragon Ball canon.[6]

Arc System Works staff indicated in an interview about the developmental process for Dragon Ball FighterZ that they wanted to create an original story for Dragon Ball FighterZ because the events of the original series have been retread several times by other licensed video games; the introduction of an original villainous character is intended to add a fresh element to the game's story.[4] Android 21 was concepted to be a Red Ribbon Bio-Android as part of the developer's take on maintaining a connection to the original series' themes while creating something new, and as a female character since the Dragon Ball series have had few female villains throughout its decades-long history, while her ability to shapeshift into an alternate form at will also differentiates her from notable series villain Cell.[5] Her connection to the Red Ribbon Army and its series of Androids created by Doctor Gero was highlighted in media coverage; for example, a trailer showed a cutscene where she assists an injured Android 18, and calls herself a researcher for the Red Ribbon Army.[2] Hiroki indicated that the character is highly intelligent, as emphasized by her lab coat and glasses, possibly more so compared to Doctor Gero.[2] Android 21's ability to transform is derived from a suggestion by Shueisha, the publisher of the Jump magazine line which serializes the Dragon Ball manga.[4]


As she possesses the genetic material of various powerful characters in the series much like Cell, Android 21 is depicted as a very formidable being with superhuman strength, endurance, and speed. She is noted to have two forms with distinct personalities, one being her human form, and the other is her true form which is reminiscent of Majin Buu, with a similar pink skin palette and style of clothing.[7]

Android 21 can fly and create energy beams using her ki. Like Buu, Android 21 is capable of transforming objects or living things by shooting an energy beam at the target, typically rendering them as confectionery or other sweet foods to feed her ravenous hunger.[8] She is also capable of copying and emulating the abilities and powers of other characters by stabbing her targets with an energy blade projected from her hand.[9]


Within the main story mode for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android 21 is initially presented as a mysterious scientist who works for the Red Ribbon Army, and is somehow connected to a mysterious anomaly which renders various Dragon Ball series characters powerless, as well as the appearance of hostile cloned versions of series characters. Her backstory and true nature is gradually revealed through the progression of the game's narrative, and is featured as the final boss in each of the game's three story arcs. Android 21 is the central focus of the third and final story arc left in the game's rotation, where she ends up being split into two separate entities: a benevolent one who retains most of Android 21's original personality, and a malevolent one whose sole desire is to consume all life. It is later revealed that she is originally based on a human female who had a son with Doctor Gero, with their son becoming the model for Android 16's design. In another instance, 21 is noted to be a new type of Bio-Android, similar to Cell but superior in power. She is unlocked as a playable character for all game modes once the story mode is completed.

Android 21 and the cloned enemy characters from Dragon Ball FighterZ are featured in the animated opening credits of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission update for the Dragon Ball Heroes digital card game, but have yet appeared in the promotional anime itself.[10] Within the Super Dragon Ball Heroes game, she is featured in boss fights which are part of the World Mission subplot.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the player may encounter a character simply known as “Female Researcher”, who is identical in appearance to Android 21's human form; chronologically, Kakarot is set prior to the events of FighterZ. She serves as a vendor who aids the player characters' training to become stronger.[11]

The character's other video game appearances include Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, Dragon Ball Legends, and as downloadable content for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Promotion and merchandise[edit]

Android 21 has been subject to merchandise. Two action figures have been produced, one as part of the Dragonball S.H. Figuarts line, and another by Megahouse as part of their Dragon Ball Gals line, respectively.[12][13]



Android 21 is a popular subject for cosplay activities by Dragon Ball fandom.[6][14]

Critical reception[edit]

Upon her reveal, Android 21 has received particular attention due to her distinctive visual design by Toriyama.[2][15][9] Brittany Vincent from Shacknews described her as "a powerhouse of a character" who players will love to defeat their opponents with.[15] Mike Fahey found the story mode for Dragon Ball FighterZ to be surprisingly good, and thought highly of Android 21 as a "delightful new character" who eats the warriors she transforms into snack foods.[16] Chris Moyes from Destructoid said Android 21 is a "femme-fatale scientist" who won over many fans with her debut appearance, praising her "great visual design, complex moveset and mischievous-but-deadly personality", as well as her ability to turn her enemies into desserts as a good party trick.[8][17] staff highlighted her status as a female character who can physically compete with the predominantly male cast of characters in the Dragon Ball series.[6][7] Nick Valdez from, praised Android 21 for her "great character design", as well as her "compelling story that makes her stand out from other villains in the series".[7] He argued that Android 21 is the one aspect of FighterZ that Dragon Ball fans love "above all else", and that she should be properly introduced into the series canon.[7]

Commenting on her appearance in the animated opening credits of World Mission in a April 2018 post, Valdez was of the view that "while this may not be the full anime debut of the character as fans were expecting, it does show how well the character makes the jump to animation".[10]


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