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The 700K full form stands for (Seven Hundred Thousand) in the financial terms, accountants using 700K short form to determine the actual amount of seven hundred thousand rupees in their financial papers.


700K Meaning

Frequently Ask Questions?

What is 700K Means?

  • In simple calculation, the word “K” is reflected the worth of thousand in amount, and the word “K” shows the Kilograms in products.

What is 700K Means in YouTube?

  • In YouTube content creators calculate the 700K in analytics to determine the actual figures of subscribers. The 700K Means in YT analytics is equal to 7000,000 subscribers.

700K Views on YouTube Money:

  • If any YouTube video got viral and received 700K views, the content creator calculates it with Page RPM, CPC, and impressions. All parameters differ if video getting views from 1st tier countries including video length.

700K Subscribers on YouTube Salary:

  • In YouTube, subscribers are your connections if they on bell notification, subscribers get all notification if upload any new content in YT. Subscribers and salaries are different parameters. YouTube salary integrated with No, of views, impressions, and cost per click.

700K Subscribers’ Means:

  • Subscribers are your connection through social media, 700K subscribers mean 7000,000 people connect with you and get notifications from your end.

What is 700K Means in Numbers?

  • In numbers, we can use 700K short form to determine the actual amount of 7000, 000/- in figures and (Seven Hundred Thousand) amount in words.

What are 700K Indian Rupees?

  • In Indian Rupees, the 700K amount reflects the actual amount of Rs. 7000,000 in figures and (Seven Hundred Thousand) in Words.

10 Things To Know About 700K Meaning 

  • 700 Kms= is equal to 700,000 milliseconds
  • 700 Kms= is equal to 700,000 milliseconds
  • 700 KS= is equal to 700,000 seconds.
  • 700 KM= is equal to 700,000 Minutes
  • 700 KPH= is equal to 700,000 Hours
  • 700 KT= is equal to 70K Tone
  • 700 KD= is equal to 700,000 Days
  • 700 KW= is equal to 700,000 Weeks
  • 700 KM= is equal to 700,000 Months
  • 700 KY= is equal to 700,000 Years
  1. 700 K- Seven Hundred Thousand
  2. 700 K- Seven-100-Thousand
  3. 700 K- 700-100-1000
  4. 700 K- 700-Hundred-1000
  5. 770 K- Saat-Sou-Hazaar

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How Much Money do YouTubers Make?

With more than 2 billion registered users each day, YouTube is the top video platform in the US. Lots of businesses already use it for marketing videos. And some may even browse content for helpful tutorials or information. But it can also be a source of revenue.

Content creators, influencers, and companies make lots of money on YouTube each day. But the exact amount varies based on numerous factors. Here’s an explanation for those interested in starting a YouTube channel.

Minimum Requirements to Make Money on Your YouTube Channel

There are several ways to earn money with YouTube business ideas. And each of them has different minimum requirements. To earn money through ad revenue, you must:

  • Be 18 or older, or have a legal guardian of that age who can handle payments
  • Follow the Google AdSense program policies
  • Create content that doesn’t include inappropriate language, violence, adult themes, promotion of tobacco, or anything that may offend advertisers

You can also make money through channel memberships, which allow subscribers to sign up for extra paid content. Or you could sell merch that viewers can purchase. For these revenue streams, you must be at least 18 years old and have at least 1,000 subscribers. Then there’s potential income through Super Chat and Super Stickers, which simply requires you to live in a country where this feature is available. And YouTube Premium subscription revenue is available to any channel watched by YouTube Premium subscribers.

How Much Money do You Make on YouTube?

Not all YouTubers make money. You have to build up your subscriber base and views before you even think about earning an income. However, there are some YouTubers who make millions. In fact, the top earner from 2020, Ryan Kaji, brought in $29.5 million last year. However, most make significantly less than that. The average channel with a million subscribers makes around $60,000 a year.

How Much Money do YouTubers Make Per View?

There is no exact formula for how much is earned per view. Google usually pays between $0.01 and $0.03 per ad view. But top channels may earn up to $0.05. You can also earn more for each view if you get subscribers to take separate action like clicking an affiliate link or purchasing merchandise.

How Much do YouTubers Make Per 1000 Views?

The exact amount YouTubers can make per 1,000 views varies based on factors like engagement and type of content. However, average YouTubers make about $18 per 1,000 ad views. You can earn more with extra revenue streams like affiliate marketing and merchandise.

How Much does a YouTuber Make Per Hour?

The amount of money you can get paid per hour by making YouTube varies dramatically. The YouTube Partner Program pays based on video views, not hours worked. So a high profile YouTuber like Jeffree Star may make thousands of dollars for each hour spent working on YouTube videos. But a brand new YouTuber may have to work for free for years to build up an audience. The average hourly rate falls somewhere around $25 for monetized channels.

How Much Money does 1 Million YouTube Views Make?

The average amount YouTubers make per 1 million views usually falls between $2,000 and $4,000. However, the pay rate varies dramatically depending on engagement, type of content, and other revenue streams. Additionally, it takes hard work to get to 1 million views. You have to constantly market your channel and create recurring content that gets attention from subscribers and YouTube browsers.

How Much does a YouTuber with 100K Subscribers Make?

When you make money on YouTube, it’s calculated based on views rather than subscribers. However, the more subscribers you have, the more views each of your videos is likely to get. So the average YouTuber with 100k subscribers can make $12,000 or more per sponsored video. Factors like engagement, type of content, and other revenue streams may also impact your income.

Highest Paid YouTubers

Ryan Kaji is the highest paid YouTuber. But there are lots of other big names who make money on YOuTube. Here are some top earners:

  • Jeffree Star, $15 million: Star earns money through makeup and lifestyle videos on YouTube, as well as his own makeup line.
  • Daniel Middleton, $16.5 million: Middleton’s DanTDM channel features commentary on popular video games.
  • Mark Fischbach, $19.5 million: The popular Markiplier channel breaks down popular video games.
  • Evan Fong, $11.5 million: Fong’s VanossGaming channel brings in subscribers and views by posting funny gaming videos with friends.
  • Anastasia Radzinskaya, $18.5 million: This six-year-old’s channel, Nastya, features an array of videos for kids around the world.
  • Dude Perfect, $23 million: This channel features five bros perfecting stunts with toy swords, guns, and sporting goods.
  • Logan Paul, $10 million: Paul’s income has dropped through the years. But he still brings in money from personal vlogs. He originally gained notoriety on the now-defunct Vine.
  • Jake Paul, $10 million: Logan’s brother, Jake, has a similar channel and popularity related to Vine.
  • PewDiePie, $13 million: Swedish comedian runs this channel full of comedic shows and gaming content.

How do YouTubers Get Paid?

YouTubers that get paid through the Partner Program earn income based on views of YouTube videos. These are hosted through Google AdSense. So you need to start by signing up for an AdSense account. From there, you need to start a YouTube account and work to hit over 10,000-lifetime views. Then apply for the YouTube Partner Program and the company will review your content to make sure it fits the creator policies.

Once your application is approved, payments are issued through your AdSense account. Once you accumulate at least $100, you can transfer it to your own account. The amount you earn is determined based on how your audience engages with video ads. There are various advertising formats. So some advertisers pay per click, and others pay per view. Overall, the more people watch ads on your channel, the more you’re likely to earn.

Additionally, some YouTubers earn money through other revenue streams. For example, they may include affiliate links in their descriptions, text ads in videos, working with sponsors directly, or selling merchandise.

Top Ways to Make Money on YouTube

There are many ways to get paid on YouTube ands not just through the YouTube platform itself. Here are some of the ways you can make money as a YouTuber.

Showing Display Ads on Your Channel

YouTube offers a variety of display ad options, including skippable and non-skippable ads, bumper ads, and overlay ads. Skippable ads only need to be watched for five seconds before viewers can skip to their video. Non-skippable ads must be watched in their entirety before the video is played. Bumper ads must also be viewed in their entirety, but they can only be up to six seconds long. And overlay ads display text on the bottom portion of the video screen.

Within these categories are CPC, which stands for cost-per-click, and CPM, which stands for cost-per mille (1,000 impressions). Clicks are likely to be more valuable for those who want real engagement or want to sell products or services now. But impressions may be more valuable for those looking to educate or build brand recognition.

Regardless of what types of ads you’re interested in, start by signing up for AdSense and connecting your account to YouTube. Then you can choose the formats that work best for you. Average CPC falls around $2, and average CPM falls around $7.50. And YouTube offers about 45 percent of its ad revenue to content creators.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate links direct viewers to a website and track their activity. When those who clicked a link make a purchase, the affiliate who shared the link earns a percentage of the sale. On YouTube, it’s easy to include these links in descriptions. For example, you might share links to products you’ve reviewed or demonstrated.

To make use of this tactic, find affiliate programs relevant to your channel. The Amazon Associates program is popular for many. Then include your links and start bringing in passive income. This is unlikely to bring in a ton of money right away. But you can use this strategy even if your channel isn’t large enough to host ads. Then you can continue using affiliate links alongside other revenue streams as you channel grows.

Selling Merchandise

YouTube can also provide a platform for you to market your own merchandise. Create t-shirts, mugs, or even digital products to offer to your audience. Then simply promote these items at the beginning or end of the video.

This isn’t a direct service offered by YouTube. So you need to create a website or find another way to facilitate sales. But YouTube can be the perfect inspiration for content and marketing channel.

The Patreon Button

Patreon offers a platform for monetizing content. You can add a patreon button to your channel and descriptions, allowing viewers to essentially donate to your channel. You can also offer content upgrades that people can only get if they subscribe to your paid Patreon page. This might include more in-depth videos or written content they can’t find anywhere else. Use your YouTube page to promote this option, while still offering some valuable content for free.


Sponsors differ from standard YouTube ads because you control the relationships with the brands advertising on your channel. Instead of ads automatically playing at set intervals, you integrate the promotional content into your video. This might be a short blurb at the beginning or end. Or the entire video may be about a specific product or service.

Rates for sponsorships vary dramatically. Some charge thousands of dollars for a single mention, while others work for gifted products or services. There’s no minimum views or subscribers for this option, since it’s not run through YouTube. So even those with small followings can utilize this option if you have an engaged niche.

Top Tips to Become a Successful YouTuber

Pick The Perfect Niche

Advertisers like to reach relevant consumers on YouTube. If your channel content varies from gaming to cooking, it’s more difficult for brands to target consumers that fit into their desired market. However, if your content is focused on a specific area, your viewers are likely to be more engaged and dedicated, thus helping you earn more money.

Edit Your Video Content to Perfection

Subscribers and advertisers usually prefer polished video content to raw footage. Once you shoot videos, cut out any mistakes or unnecessary content to provide optimal value in as little time as possible. You might also enhance the audio and visual features with things like filters or royalty-free music. There are tons of software programs for editing, from free versions like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker to pro versions like Final Cut Pro.

Post Regular Videos

Most YouTubers don’t get famous after one video. And even if your content goes viral, you are much more likely to build an engaged audience if you create content regularly. And those subscribers are more likely to appeal to advertisers, purchase sponsored products and services, or buy merchandise promoted on your YouTube channel. Create a schedule, like posting once a week, so they know when to look out for new videos from your YouTube channel. Then remind them to subscribe or set up alerts so they can watch all your new videos.

How many subscribers do you need to make a living on YouTube?

You need at least 1,000 subscribers to make money with the YouTube Partner Program. You likely need more to earn a living wage through this program alone. But you can supplement with other sources of income like affiliate links and merchandise.

Who is the highest paid YouTuber?

The highest paid YouTuber is Ryan Kaji, who creates toy unboxing videos and other content for kids. Along with his parents, Kaji adds a video to his YouTube channel about once a day. His net worth is around $50 million. Most of that comes from YouTube ads. But he also has a product line and other revenue streams.

Who has the most subscribers on YouTube?

The YouTube channel with the most subscribers is T-Series, with 183 million. This popular Indian record label specializes in Bollywood music videos, and actually has 29 separate channels. With all of the company’s revenue streams, T-Series earns more than $100 million annually.

Image: Depositphotos

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Image: Ulster University

Coleraine campus biomed research facility gets new lab space to boost industry collaborations and innovation

Ulster University has expanded its biomedical research facility at the Coleraine campus thanks to £700,000 from the Department for Economy’s Higher Education Research Capital investment fund.

The Biomedical Sciences Research Institute there has opened a new laboratory within its Mass Spectrometry Centre, which it says will “offer immediate opportunities for increased collaboration with industry” and support drug discovery research.

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YouTube Money Calculator: How much money do YouTubers make in India?

Youtube has over 2.3 billion users worldwide and generated $19.7 billion in revenue in 2020, a 30.4 percent increase yearly. The popular children’s channel on Youtube, Ryans World, earned $29.5 million in 2020. But the question you are here for is how much money do Youtuber make in India or any other part of the world. To answer the question, we have also created a YouTube Money Calculator to help you calculate your estimated earnings from Youtube as a creator.

Youtube has paid nearly $30 billion to creators, artists, and media organizations over the last three years. In 2019, T Series became the first YouTube channel to cross 100 million users. Few Youtubers have since crossed the number which many creators saw as impossible to reach.

The pandemic has only accelerated YouTube’s growth in India. Before the pandemic, Whatsapp was the dominant platform in India, but the numbers reveal a different picture now. According to data from App Annie, YouTube had 425 million monthly active users in December 2020, while Whatsapp came in second with 422 million monthly active users.

Before we get into how much money you can make from YouTube and how the YouTube Money Calculator may help you uncover your earning potentials, let’s go over some fundamentals for those unfamiliar with the subject.

How to earn money on Youtube in India?

You earn money on Youtube by applying for Youtube Partners Program. Youtube helps creators monetize their channels with the help of advertising revenue, channel memberships, super chats & super stickers, channel memberships, merch shelfs, and Youtube Premium Revenue. You may also receive Shorts bonuses as part of the YouTube Shorts Fund if you qualify for it.

Youtube Shorts Fund is a $100M fund to reward creators for their dedication to making creative, original Shorts that delight the YouTube community. Only creators from selected countries are eligible for the fund currently, but we believe Youtube will soon expand to other countries.

To be considered eligible for the Youtube partner program, you should have a channel on Youtube that has 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months and more than 10,000 subscribers. So let’s dive a bit deeper into how do creators earn money on Youtube.

  • Advertising Revenue: Youtubers receive ad revenue when someone sees display, overlay, or video advertisements on their channel. Youtubers earn between $3 and $5 per thousand video views on average.
  • Channel Memberships: Your subscribers make a monthly recurring payment in exhange for exlusive perks that you offer.
  • Super Chats & Super Stickers: Your subscribers pay to have their messages displayed in chat streams.
  • Merch Shelf: Your subscribers can shop for and purchase authentic branded merchandise shown on your watch pages.
  • Youtube Premium Revenue: Get a portion of a YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee when they view your video.

YouTube’s advertising revenue figure varies based on where you get your video views from. Let’s say, for instance, that the majority of video views come from India; your video could be making anywhere from $1.5 to $3 per thousand video views. But if your viewers are from the United States, your video could fetch anywhere from $2 to $4 per thousand video views.

Again, many factors determine this figure, including the nature of your content, the audience you are targeting, how frequently you upload content, etc. So it is difficult to accurately predict how much money you can make on Youtube going by just CPM estimates. At best, the YouTube Money Calculator that we have created only provides you a guestimate of your channel’s earning potential.

Also, world events like the pandemic impacted Youtube earnings last year as most Youtuber’s saw a nearly 30% dip in their earnings. That’s why most Youtubers derisk themselves by making money from other sources like paid promotions, affiliate marketing, channel sponsorships, fan funding, and more.

How much money do youtubers make in India?

Some of the highest-paid Youtubers make close to $20 million a year. But the fact that Youtubers can also earn money from outside of the Youtube Partners Program makes this a difficult question to answer. Ryan Kanji, for instance, has earned an estimated $200m from Ryan’s World branded toys and clothing, including Marks & Spencer pyjamas.

He also inked an undisclosed, but presumably multimillion-dollar, contract with Nickelodeon for his own television series. The television series is now in its fourth season and has garnered much criticism. Similarly, Indian YouTubers are now creating their own original web series under the banner of YouTube Originals. ‘Dhindora’ is being produced by Bhuvan Bham for YouTube Originals. YouTube Originals are the platform’s original series, films, and events.

There are platforms like Social Blade, Nox Influencer,Videooly, and others that help you understand the Youtube earning of creators. However, as previously stated, these are just estimations of how much money channels may make via the Youtube Partner Program.

The below chart is a good indicator of how much money your video could make depending on the number of views earned. The data also differentiates how much US creators earn vs. Indian creators. As previously stated, several factors come into play as a creator, including the niche of the video, the length of the video (longer films often include at least two ads), and the source of the audience.

Video ViewsEstimated Earnings (in dollars)Estimated Earnings (in ₹)
10K$50 to $80200 to 500
100K$500 to $2,5002,000 to 5,000
1 Million$3,400 to $40,0007,000 to 30,000
150 Million$80,000 to $100,0001,50,000 to 6,00,000

But earnings also come with an element of unpredictability, and sometimes the numbers can be completely different from the estimates above. As a result, your experience as a creator will be contextualized by the niche in which you operate, the country in which you operate, and the type of content you produce.

YouTube Earnings by Channel Category in India and What’s Next for Creators

Earnings for channels in India vary by niche; the chart below illustrates how much a creator may earn for 1 million video views. The earnings mentioned below are approximations; real earnings may vary depending on the variables indicated before.

Channel Earnings Earnings (Approx )
Comedy 22,000- 30,000
Music 7,000 – 11,000
Technology 14,000 – 22,000
Roasting 18,000 – 29,000
Food 7,000- 11,000
Gaming 7,000- 14,000

YouTube continues to be the dominant platform in India; even Instagram reels entry has hardly made a dent to the platform’s number. With initiatives like the recently announced $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund, the platform is luring all TikTok creators who lost their audience when the platform was banned in the country.

As the platform’s user base approaches 500 million, it will reach saturation in terms of creator income and discovery. However, if Google’s revenue figures are anything to go by ($1 billion in India last year), the platform seems to be unstoppable.

We believe that the YouTube Money Calculator is a great place to begin determining your income potential, whether you are an active YouTuber or are considering starting your own YouTube channel. However, at its core, creating on YouTube is about good storytelling and consistency.


Sooraj Divakaran

Sooraj Divakaran is a Digital Marketing & Content Strategist. He is the Founder of Digital Uncovered. He has 11+ years of marketing experience with leading brands like Logitech, TCS, Infosys, and Lenovo. He currently heads marketing for a leading SaaS brand. You can find him on Twitter (@zipview) and LinkedIn.

Sours: https://digitaluncovered.com/youtube-money-calculator-money-youtubers-make-india/

Subscribers 700k

  • Lasizwe Dambuza is beaming with pride as he clocked a whopping 700K subscribers on his litty YouTube channel
  • Taking to social media to celebrate, Lasizwe thanked the people behind the scenes who made it possible
  • Lasizwe is so grateful for his team and knows that he would never be as far as he is today without them

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South African YouTuber and reality TV show star Lasizwe Dambuza is glowing as he puts another milestone trophy onto his shelf, and couldn’t have done it without his lit team.

Taking to social media with a huge grin on his face and a heart filled with gratitude, Lasizwe thanked his amazing team for helping him 700K subscribers on YouTube, reported ZAlebs.

Sharing snaps of his team members, Lasizwe put faces to the people who have helped make his career a success. Appreciating employees like this is what makes a thriving working environment.

This is the kind of content that fans love seeing!

Lasizwe posted:

Lasizwe Dambuza, 700k followers, YouTube.

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Lasizwe has worked hard to grow his brand and has faced a lot of backlash along the way. Having a strong team is definitely one of his secrets to sucess.

Lasizwe weighs in on his beef with Somizi: “Give me zero”

Lasizwe and Somizi were once good friends but something happened along the line and it all fell apart, reported Briefly News.

It seems things are still ice cold between the industry peers if Lasizwe’s recent comments are anything to go by.

In his recent YouTube video with Nadia Nakai, the rapper asked the social media star about his feud with Somizi. Lasizwe responded by being candid about the state of their relationship. The comedian acknowledged Somizi's talents but said that he was not a person he vibed with.

“He is undoubtedly talented but as a person, the vibes with him and I? No.”

Lasizwe continued by saying that they were in the same circle, which resulted in a few clashes.

“I believe you can’t be in the same circle as someone who is doing the same thing as you, but individually, give me zero for him.”

Source: Briefly.co.za

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4000 Hrs Watchtime 1 Din me Ho Jata Hai 🔥 My Youtube Journey 100 to 700k Subscribers

YouTube has become a choice of format for many content creators. YouTube content creators also have varied in the type of content they produce. They can focus on gaming, music, fashion, etc. One such channel, which is dedicated to daily vlogging and fashion, is QrewTV.

QrewTV, run by Qias Omar, is a channel dedicated to daily events and fashion, in particular, when it comes to sneakers. These are the reasons why QrewTV has gained over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube.

1. QrewTV’s content is creative and entertaining.

QrewTV focuses on content related to daily vlogging and fashion. The content he primarily focuses on is sneakers and fashion. The type of fashion he primarily introduces is street fashion or casual wear. The videos themselves feature him in his daily vlogs, which can be interesting, depending upon that day’s events.

Below is an example of his content.

2. He features various people and other YouTubers in his videos.

QrewTV regularly collabs with others in his videos, whether it is friends or other YouTubers. His channel features these individuals, which results in quite a bit of views due to their viewers watching the videos as well.

Below is an example this with a vlog featuring YouTuber Adam Saleh.

3. QrewTV’s videos are high quality.

The vlogs on the channel are recorded with clarity and great detail. The videos are edited rather well in a creative way. He usually puts music in his vlogs and even memes for funny moments, which showcases his video editing skills. The cameras he uses for his daily vlogs are good quality, which is shown through his videos.

Below is an example of one of his videos.

Above are the reasons why QrewTV has earned over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube. The type of content he produces is entertaining, and he usually features other YouTubers in his videos. His videos and editing are creative and detailed, which is attractive to viewers.

Interested in getting your YouTube video discovered by masses of targeted fans? Click this link: www.promolta.com

Reshad Waziri is currently a student and follows various social media trends. He listens to mostly electronic music and trip-hop. His hobbies include playing basketball, photography, and reading.

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Tags: Music industrystremingThailand

Warner Music Thailand MD Karl Kongkham says there is no reason why streaming penetration in Thailand “can’t go as high as it is in markets such as Sweden and Korea, where it’s more established”.

Speaking in our latest Country Profile, Kongkham says that around 3.5 million people in Thailand use a music streaming service at the moment (excluding YouTube), with approximately 700,000 paying to subscribe to one of the three major streaming services: Apple Music, Spotify and Joox.

With Thailand’s population around seven times that of Sweden, that would mean up to 21m potential music streaming subscribers, a vast number for a country where digital has only recently turned around years of decline in recorded music revenue.

Streaming income in Thailand increased from $20.7m in 2017 to $28.7m in 2018, helping overall music income to jump 17.5%, according to local Music Ally sources.

Gautam Talwar, managing director of Spotify, Southeast Asia, who we also interview for the Profile piece, highlights the improvements in Thailand’s once poor digital infrastructure. “Access to the internet has increased, the Ministry of Digital Economy installed Wi-Fi receptors in 24,700 villages around the country to provide Wi-Fi access in 2017 for example,” he explains. “According to reports, in 2018 across the country, internet usage growth was 24% and social media usage growth was 11%.”


Image by Xiengyod

Stuart Dredge

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