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Wooden You Rather It Be Unique?



40 Free Scroll Saw Patterns for Beginners & Advanced Woodworkers

A scroll saw is generally not an everyday type of tool, but it’s great to have around if you want to turn a mundane, basic wood project into something special.

We found some simple pattern projects that you can make with your scroll saw right now, as well as some advanced patterns for experienced users. A lot of these patterns are available in .PDF files so you can print them and get started today!

Here are our 40 Favorite Scroll Saw Patterns:

1. Colors and shapes puzzle from My Scroll Saw Projects

This shapes puzzle from My Scroll Saw Projects is a perfect first project with a scroll saw. It involves cutting very basic lines and curves to create a puzzle that’s great for small children. You can also either place a backing on the puzzle to hold the pieces in place or leave them open. It doesn’t take very long, so it’s an easy pattern to learn on. A printable version is available.

2. Santa mobile from Craft Ideas

If you get your scroll saw as a Christmas gift, one way you could break it in is by making a Santa mobile. It involves very basic shapes from a pattern you can download and print from Craft Ideas. Because this project involves shaping the exterior of wood, as opposed to making simple internal cuts, it’s a great pattern to develop some advanced scroll sawing skills.

3. Cutting board from Steve Good

A cutting board based on this printable pattern from Steve Good is another effective way to get used to making cuts. It also comes with a couple of curves, so you can practice cutting soft, rounded edges. The best part is that it’ll make very little difference if you screw up. It’s just a cutting board, after all.

4. Bear Puzzle from Wooden Toy Plans

Once you’ve mastered following patterns to make straight cuts, you can try your hand at more difficult curved cuts. A scroll saw’s blade is small enough to make this pattern for this bear puzzle from Wooden Toy Plans, but it might also be intimidating enough to make it a challenge. The end product is a delightful toy for the kids.

5. Autumn coasters by Scroll Sawer

At first, the detailed and involved coaster instructions from Scroll Sawer might be a bit intimidating. However, the printable patterns are very precise, and the project itself offers a challenge that looks more difficult than it is. Once you get the hang of it, you can figure out how to draw other shapes and make coasters for every season.

6. Family sign from Dreamingindiy

Now that you’re used to making curves, you can try your hand at something to hang on the wall to show off your skills. This simple cut sign with printable patterns at Dreamingindiy will take you some time and give you a chance to sharpen your skills.

7. Perpetual calendar from Craftsmanspace

This perpetual calendar with full downloadable plans at Craftsmanspace is a much more involved project, involving several different pieces of wood. It’ll take some time, but it’s a great way to build skills or work off some nervous energy in between major projects. It also makes a great gift.

8. Skeleton from Bearwood

This skeleton is a lot easier than it looks, especially if you get the fully downloadable and printable plans at Bearwood. The trick to this one is looking at it not as the finished project, but as the sum of a lot of little projects. If you get your scroll saw for Christmas, you’ll have plenty of time to work on this for a great Halloween decoration.

9. Geometric square from Craftsmanspace

This geometric square from Craftsmanspace is more an opportunity for you to fool around with your scroll saw without a clear-cut objective. This square isn’t doing anything special on its own, but it’s a shape that might be worth incorporating in other projects.

10. Sheet music rest from Craftsmanspace

The precise curves and interior cuts on this sheet music rest might seem pretty intimidating. It’s a great way to test your ability to follow the fully printable pattern at Craftsmanspace to turn out something that looks elegant.

11. Dual shade whale pattern from Protoolguide

As another project that looks a lot harder than it is, this dual-shade whale is a quick project for intermediate scroll saw users. The downloadable, printable plans available at Shopify make it a stone-cold snap.

12. Name plaques from Jaimecostiglio

If you’re looking to decorate your walls with something to personalize a room, try a name plaque. This allows you to create something with your saw that starts to take on three dimensions. The plans are downloadable and printable from Jaimecostiglio.

13. Filigree fretwork pumpkins from Scrollsawer

Your scroll saw can help you make a perfect Halloween decoration with these printable pumpkin patterns from Scrollsawer. The intricate designs pose a good challenge after you have some experience under your belt, and can lead you to make all kinds of holiday-related decorations.

14. Noah’s Ark puzzle pattern from Scrollsawer

You can challenge yourself with this self-contained puzzle of Noah’s Ark. It’s not just a challenge for you to put back together, but making sure that it all fits together will test whether you’ve mastered your scroll saw. The printable pattern is available at Scrollsawer.

15. Freestanding VW Beetle puzzle from Scrollsawer

Another pattern from Scrollsawer worth downloading, printing, and using is a freestanding VW Beetle puzzle. It’s one part decoration, one part quick workout for the mind. The great thing is that if you screw something up, no one will notice. It’s a puzzle, after all.

16. Christmas Tree ornaments from Scrollsawworkshop

Surprisingly, we’ve gotten this far into this list without touching on Christmas tree ornaments. Say hello to these printable patterns from Scrollsawworkshop. Once you get the hang of them, if you have the sketching skills, you can probably freelance from the basic patterns.

17. Filigree fretwork hearts from Scrollsawer

As another in our line of holiday-inspired scroll saw projects, these filigree hearts will give you something to make your Valentine’s Day memorable. Or, with a little fake blood, maybe you’ll have a super-macabre Halloween decoration. Plans at Scrollsawer are downloadable and printable.

18. Single board basket from TheKimSixFix

You can start getting into three-dimensional projects with single board baskets. These plans from TheKimSixFix, printable and downloadable, show you how to turn a single board into a basket or bowl capable of holding fruit.

19. Scroll saw box from Craftsmanspace

Making a box with a scroll saw is as simple as cutting out the four sides and then the top and bottom. These plans, downloadable from Craftsmanspace, give you the template for one that looks pretty complicated, but generally easy to make.

20. Colorful butterfly magnets from Scrollsawer

These butterfly magnets take little scraps you have lying around your woodpile and turn them into something that looks pretty sophisticated. These printable plans from Scrollsawer will help you make the leap into spring with just a little work.

21. Bookends by Steve Good

Add a little class to your mantel or standalone shelf with these bookends to keep a few old-looking tomes in place. Detailed instructions that you can print and use your scroll saw to cut are available from Steve Good. They even tell you what kind of wood to use and how thick to make it.

22. Table marquetry decoration from Craftsmanspace

If you’re into making your own furniture and want something other than a normal flat top for a table, this marquetry decoration pattern, downloadable and printable from Craftsmanspace, is a great option. It makes what looks very difficult pretty easy as long as you can follow a pattern.

23. Scroll saw baskets group from Scrollbench

Earlier, we shared printable plans for one basket from a single sheet of wood. Here’s a whole family of baskets with plans available for downloading from Scrollbench. It’ll take a little more than a single sheet of wood, but the end product gives you a lot more storage space.

24. Scroll saw coaster patterns from Craftsmanspace

One fun thing you can do with your scroll saw is make coasters to protect your wooden tables from water stains. You could spend a little money and get something that looks like what everyone else has, or you could practice with your saw and these downloadable, printable plans from Craftsmanspace.

25. Switch topper from Steve Good

Why bore yourself whenever you turn your lights on or off? These downloadable, printable frog-based switch topper plans from Steve Good can add a little bit of whimsy to the mundane. The best thing is that after you’ve mastered this and have the general idea down, you can freelance your own designs.

26. Halloween plaques from Scrollsawer

Here’s a spooktacular little project for your scroll saw: decorative downloadable plaques from Scrollsawer. Stained black and backed by a smoky-looking dark wood, they add a touch of rustic charge that goes perfectly with chilly autumn nights.

27. Intarsia butterfly from Scroll Saw Paradise

A project as intricate and delicate as the insect itself, this intarsia butterfly is a good way to challenge both your skills handling a scroll saw and your ability to stay on task. The downloadable, printable instructions from Scroll Saw Paradise make it as simple as following a pattern.

28. Tool patterns from SunCatcherStudio

If you like to keep close track of your tools, you might have them hanging from pegboards. It might also drive you just a little bonkers when they’re out of place. Using your scroll saw to cut patterns, downloadable from SunCatcherStudio, is a great way to stay on top of things.

29. Shelf bracket patterns from Craftsmanspace

Why settle for boring shelf brackets when you can cut your own? This assortment of patterns, available for download and print from Craftsmanspace, gives you a wide variety to choose from. They range from simple ones based on an L-support to downright complex ones that’ll have your guests wondering how they work.

30. Country birdhouse from Scrollsaw

You can make homes for your avian friends with these printable, detailed plans from Scrollsaw. One thing that will challenge you is making sure that you have all four sides, the roof pieces and the floor cut to the right dimensions so they all fit together.

31. Welcome cat plaque from Saw4Fun

Your cat won’t be able to read this plaque, but anyone who stops by your house will know that it’s feline friendly after seeing it. The plans are downloadable and printable at Saw4Fun and require making some interior cuts, which can offer an interesting challenge.

32. Old car patterns from Craftsmanspace

These four patterns of classic automobiles are perfect to make decorations for your garage. The plans are downloadable from Craftsmanspace, and you can print them off for free. They require some highly detailed work—perfect to hone your skills making delicate cuts.

33. Fancy alphabet monographs from SunCatcherStudio

SunCatcherStudio has patterns for fancy alphabet monograms that you can adapt for just about any purpose that requires big, flowery lettering reminiscent of the first word of an old book. The plans are available for download and printing for free here.

34. Clock hands from Craftsmanspace

These aren’t for actual clocks, which require carefully machined, precise clock hands to stay accurate, but they make great components for other woodworking projects like models. They also make nice little accents to put on top of shelves. Plans are available for printing from Craftsmanspace.

35. Make Tea Not War sign from Baggetta

This decoration might look simple, but with its many curves and angles and its internal cuts, it can pose a challenge for even a hobbyist who knows how to use a scroll saw. The pattern is downloadable and printable for free at Baggetta.

36. Lattice picture frame from Saw4Fun

If you’re in between major projects, a lattice picture frame is a great way to pass some time while making something that looks complicated. The plans are available for free from Saw4Fun and are printable.

37. 12 Days of Christmas ornaments from SunCatcherStudio

Finding it difficult getting into the holiday spirit during a long, dark December? These ornaments from SunCatcherStudio are just the thing to help pass the time, make something great, and get into the holiday spirit. An entire set would even make a great gift.

38. Teacher apple pattern from Baggetta

It’s not the most complicated pattern, but is there any better way to let your kid’s teacher know they’re the apple of your eye than with this simple gift? The pattern is available for free download and printing from Baggetta.

39. Stars from Knowledge of Axminster

These stars are more a learning pattern than anything, a way to develop and hone skills making basic curved cuts, transitioning into patterns. They’re a great way to use up little pieces of scrap wood sitting around the shop while making shapes that you can hang on to until you find a use for them. The pattern is free to print from Knowledge of Axminster.

40. Circular pattern from Craftsmanspace

When cut, this intricate circular pattern can be used for a lot of different things, from coasters to a trivet in your kitchen. In the meantime, it offers a challenging pattern to cut with internal cuts and shapes. The pattern is available for free at Craftsmanspace.

Pete Ortiz

Pete has been working in the trades since high school, where he first developed a passion for woodworking. Over the years, he has developed a keen interest in a wide variety of DIY projects around the home. Fascinated by all sort of tools, Pete loves reading and writing about all the latest gadgets and accessories that hit the market. His other interests include astronomy, hiking, and fishing.

As the founder of House Grail, David’s primary goal is to help consumers make educated decisions about DIY projects at home, in the garage, and in the garden.


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35 Woodworking Projects Using A Scroll Saw: Ideas That Sell

Woodworking is such a great skill to have and scroll saw is one of the most pleasurable woodworking projects you can do. Aside from being inexpensive, having a scroll saw inside your workshop could also prove quite useful.

The saw allows you to cut different scroll saw patterns and shapes on the wood. While the work may seem complex, you’d be surprised to know just how simple the technique is. If you have a knack for crafting and designing, then woodworking with scroll saw is the right project for you.

You can create several items using only your hands. From simple, meek and elegant designs to complex patterns, scroll saw enables the artist to express his creativity in the neatest way possible – through precise wood-cutting.

In the second part of this post, we listed some of the most elaborate wooden scroll saw projects for you to choose from. But before we go to the list, let us first learn how to determine the best material for your project. This knowledge will save you time and effort along the way.


Related Woodworking Projects:

Hardwoods, reddish brown are what characterize cherry trees. Its sapwood in minimal amounts has light reddish-yellowish color. Cherry wood has an even grain, which makes it easy and smooth to cut and perfect to detailed projects.

While it gives less strength for heavy items, most woodworkers love cherry because it is rich and vibrant in hue.

The black walnut heartwood differs from a color spectrum between purplish and brown. Its sapwood is nearly white and features an even or straight grain. Such trees often provide burls with unique, round, grain patterns.

The walnut tree is found in North America and essentially, the only black hardwood tree in the region. Lastly, when you consider using walnut, think about the high contrasting colors between sapwood and heartwood.

In North America, one can easily find maple as it is the most common hardwoods in the continent. It is often lighter in hue compared to walnut and cherry. Maple can be quite inexpensive compared to numerous other hardwoods, which makes it one of the common choices of wood for scroll saw projects.

Frequently, maple sapwood has a white and clean appearance along with a straight grain. It is often found with a fiddly or curly pattern, making the finishing a bit tricky to do.

Soft ones are easy to cut through, and will not dull your scroll saw blade.

Yellow birch is most likely the most common birch variety in the west. The tree contains little sapwood while its heartwood has a milky, white hue along with a curly grain.

When it comes to its work ability, hardness and sometimes color, birch tree is similar to maple. And, like maple, the wood’s curly grain absorbs stain irregularly. Numerous maple trees have a comparable light color and frequently confused for birch.

Ash is a strong, light hardwood. Woodworkers know ash to be unforgiving on blades, with its hardness comparable to oak and birch.

Ash wood has an exceptional grain pattern, appearing too busy for art pieces with numerous complex details. Ensure that you create grain patterns that show up when you choose ash.

The heartwood of ash tends to contain darker, brown portions and lighter sapwood, which produces a higher contrast appearance just like that of maple wood.

Hickory is inexpensive and plentiful at the same time and has a great strength-to-weight ratio. It is, by far, the strongest of hardwoods in this list, which makes the wood hard to cut. Also, the wood is infamous for wearing out scroll saw blades.

Hickory has paler sapwood while its heartwood appears to be darker in hue. Hickory can look great and elegant under nearly any lighting situation. It also stains extremely well.

1. Oregon State Shaped Puzzle 

Oregon State Shaped Puzzle by Arpop

For all Oregonians out there, this puzzling pattern of Oregon will be a perfect fit in your home. Hang this next to your state flag at home, put it with your children’s toys, or make use of it as decoration for state fairs. Paint it yellow and blue for an extra hint of hue.

2. Scrolly Scalloped Mirror 

Scrolly Scalloped Mirror by Real?ity D?aydream

You can use a do-it-yourself Scrolly Mirror as a starburst mirror or a centerpiece! A Scrolly Mirror is quite exciting to create; it is cheap and simple too! It is only an MDF slab and a low-cost mirror attached on it! You can hanging it on your wall and display it as your dining area’s centerpiece.

3. A Wooden Toy Volkswagen Beetle 

A Wooden Toy Volkswagen Beetle by Jolien Brebels

The tiny, cute Volkswagen Beetle is the most popular and iconic vehicle model of all time. Make a scroll saw out of this based on the 2nd-generation Beetles built around 1957 to 1967, making this tiny piece fashionable and elegant at the same time. This piece is freestanding and pleasing to the eyes.

4. D-I-Y Botanical Leaf Trivets 

Botanical Leaf Trivets by Reality Daydream

From a scroll saw and cutting board, you can make a D-I-Y Botanical Leaf Trivet.

You can cut Botanical Trivets from cheap bamboo cutting boards. They are also so fun to make! The tutorial takes in the scroll saw patterns, too, for free.

Make your own wooden nativity scene with this creative scroll saw project. You can also create a wooden nativity scene using this scroll saw project.

5. A Noah's Ark Model 

A Noah's Ark Model by Braniac

The Noah’s Ark is an adorable and compact piece of art. It is perfect for events and parties all through the holidays, but you can make use of it all year-round!

To save on money, you can get dabs across the numerous colors by buying cheap acrylic paint pots. Ensure that you seal as well as prime your wood whenever acrylic is used.

6. Butcherblock Silverware-themed Trivet 

Butcherblock Silverware-themed Trivet by Reality Daydream

You can make this butcher block utensil-themed that you could give to a loved one. This is a tricky but fun activity to make and makes for a perfect gift for anyone who loves food. It is quite easy to create and features a unique design.

7. Patterned Wood Crosses 

Patterned Wood Crosses by Arpop

This piece of art features an elegant running scroll pattern surrounding the border. Put it in your room as a highlight, by staining the border with a darker shade, or you can use a different wood type.

8. Personalized Wooden Name Plaques 

Personalized Wooden Name Plaques by Reality Daydreams

Wooden name plaques or plates are ideal for a nursery or your children’s room. It would also look amazing on the wall using the last name of the family. Customized wooden name plaques created using scroll saws are perfect presents.

9. Layered Cross With Smoothed Design 

Layered Cross With Smoothed Design by Arpop

This simple yet consistent design makes it quite exceptional among others and likely easier for those who are just starting. Due to its minimalist visual, think about creating mini versions of it and wear those on your neck, or you could also attach them to presents.

Moreover, contrasting dual brown shades contribute to the aesthetic of this piece of craft, so think about taking a wood stain pot.

10. Wooden Topography Map Art 

Wooden Topography Map Art by Reality Daydream

A wooden topography map made out of your property would be great! This art is as personalized and customized as anything could ever be! It is the actual topography or structure of a property. You can create one of these too, out of your own property.

11. Elaborate Fretwork Crosses 

Elaborate Fretwork Crosses by Scroll?saw W?oodworking & Crafts

This exquisitely detailed cross features a vintage touch. It recalls eras of the past, but is also quite applicable for this century. Tiny versions of these would make excellent holiday decorations, and permanent decors.

12. Circle Monogram Pallet Sign

Circle Monogram Pallet Sign by Reality Daydream

If you wish to have a cute porch or patio, create Circle Monogram Pallet Signs for outdoors (as well as indoors). Circle monograms are exciting to create and are easy when it comes to D-I-Y’s. This would be a superb gift for someone who has everything.

Peppy Labeled Cross by Arp?op?

You can make this rather less solemn and a lot cheerful-looking version of the Christian cross. Cut out relevant labels in a lively font all through these crosses. Also, think about the various shades of stains and woods you could make use of to create these exquisite pieces of art.

You can place them against any complementing setting of sky blue.

14. Cut-out Butterfly Clock 

Cut-out Butterfly Clock by Reality Daydream

You can make these butterfly cutout clock, where they appear like actual butterflies soaring out of the clock.

This piece of art is artsier than your typical clock. However, you will adore its oddness. Also, it is way too cheap compared to those sold at shops.

15. Basket from Concentric Rings 

Basket from Concentric Rings by The Kim Six Fix

This wooden basket features gorgeous weaving pattern where it showcases that chic tropical hint. Pt a few apples and different fruits in it and it would pass as a unique centerpiece for the summer.

This project may look intricate, but the angles of the cuts make it pretty forgiving and fit for beginners.

16. Barn Board Bracket-shaped Plaque 

Barn Board Bracket-shaped Plaque by Reality Daydream

You can create this barn board sign with a bracket shape with brand new scroll saw and boards. Sometimes, designed barn boards are made as gifts to weddings and other special occasions. They’re a bit cheaper than your typical gift.

17. Picnic Basket Patterns 

Picnic Basket Patterns by Scrollshaw Workshop

You can create a classic picnic basket out of wood, and a scroll saw. I use wood because I find that the result is stronger and harder. If you happen to use these baskets for food storage, I highly suggest that you steal it with a finish that’s food safe – for instance, carnauba wax.

Wooden State Plaques by Reality Daydream

Make Wooden State Plaques with a scroll saw. Start with states such as Mississippi; it’s a little bit simple compared to others. But if you’re skilled enough, try Illinois; it has an excellent amount of curves, which could be hard for you but a worth try.

19. A woven picnic basket 

A woven picnic basket made of oak by 2 Hands Maximum Effort WoodWorks

This basket features a stimulating picnic weaving pattern that stands out, as a result of the variance wherein the weaves become prominent, as well as the way these weaves wind around the tiny basket holes. Make the basket protrude even more by utilizing contrasting wood stains to emphasize the basket’s bottom and top borders.

Mother’s Day Plaque by Reality Daydream

Make an elegant, customized Mother's Day Plaque for your mom using words that best describe her or what she means to you.

Plan this before the date comes. Mothers would love anything done just for them. Personalize the plaque using words that make your mom happy and emotional at the same time. Trust me; she would love this gift.

21. Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations 

Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations by Paul Sellers

Have you ever thought about adorning your Christmas Tree with tinier versions of your tree? Create four miniature projects with silhouettes of different festive items created and carved out of the shapes of your Christmas Tree.

Punch out holes to the top portion of the tree-shaped items, letting you hang them easily and effortlessly off your huge Christmas Tree.

22. Children’s Profile Plaque 

Children’s Profile Plaque by Realistic Daydream

Create a wooden plaque using the profile of your child as wood cut out. It is quite easy.

If you’re a parent and have little kids, then this is an exciting way to show and display their shapes and silhouettes. This would be so cute and your child would love this as he or she ages.

23. Christmas-Themed Pattern with Ribbons 

Christmas-Themed Pattern with Ribbons by Lora? S. Ir?ish

These holidays, Christmas-themed patterns are another elegant bunch of ornamental pieces of art to improve your home. These woodwork decors complement ribbon bows, which makes them the ideal fit for putting together all sorts of holiday presents.

Make more of these beautiful designs with mini clocks along with these crafts.

Ornate Corbels by Reality Daydream

Make your ornate corbels with a scroll saw. Corbels were a bit time-consuming to create but would be very, very costly to buy. If you have a breakfast bar, they will bring a lot of character to your space. Personalize yours to appear something you like.

25. Christmas Greetings Pattern 

Christmas Greetings Pattern by Arpop

A Christmas bauble silhouette, with a Christmas greeting cut out, is an excellent piece of art to put on top of colored paper within a picture frame. Also, try to reverse these cutouts to give way to various ornaments on your Christmas tree.

For this, select a few popular boards, which are solid but perfect wood for beginners who do scrolling.

26. Broken ‘House Divided’ Sports Sign 

Broken ‘House Divided’ Sports Sign by Reality Daydream

“House Divided” wall art is an excellent addition to your home. Make one that looks like it’s broken. This project requires a steady hand for the complicated painting part aside from your scroll-sawing skills. The result would be an awesome piece you can show off to your folks.

27. Dove Patterns with Colored Ribbons 

Dove Patterns with Colored Ribbons by Tom Zieg

Dove crafts can serve as fitting Christmas ornaments, yet are made more because they are a symbol of cancer support and awareness. Since doves are a symbol of peace, you could leave out the ribbons to give way to other ornaments that promote and support peace.

Wooden Paper Doll by Reality Daydream

If you have girls (or boys), then these wooden paper dolls are a great gift for them. Children love playing with anything including wooden paper dolls. You can also make several of its clothing item to match the paper dolls. It is also excellent for car rides since Velcro secures everything.

29. Monogrammed Circular Designs 

Scroll-Friendly Monogram Patterns by Kaylee Schofield

When made in a curvy font and put in the ovals’ borders, minimalist and simplistic monograms are an excellent addition to different crafts. Hang them on your kids’ rooms where it spells out their names, create ones into magnets for your refrigerator, or affix them on the book covers of your current read.

30. Wooden Monogram Wreath 

Wooden Monogram Wreath by Reality Daydream

You can make wreaths of different themes or seasons (fall, winter, summer, etc.); you can also make one with snowflakes or spider webs. However, the wonderful thing about this is that you can make it easier or as in-depth as you like.

31. Fun Puzzle-Pattern Names 

Fun Puzzle-Pattern Names byJust Build Stuff

Puzzle-patterned names can be quite difficult to make because they are highly personalized, wherein you should find perfect printouts and guide. But the project provides detailed instructions in making the diy wood crafts. The scroll saw craft features an exciting puzzle design that would dazzle your folks.

32. DIY Keychains made from Wooden Hearts 

DIY Keychains made from Wooden Hearts by Ashley

Key chains with names can be a staple of your children’s bags; it is also a simple way to customize their backpacks and may aid with ID-ing them if the item is lost. There are several key chain designs for your children using just a scroll saw wood, a key chain link, and a key chain ring.

Floral and Peppy by Jaime Costiglio

The jolly, scroll saw name plaque 3D cutouts along with lively and vibrant paint makes the craft come to life. Add several cartoon-designed cutouts of leaves and flowers to perfect the look of any children’s bedroom or playroom. For that striking and attention-grabbing effect, try using thick materials.

MiniPlane with Clock by Arpop

Border a mini clock with an airplane cutout to make it an exceptional fit to anyone who loves airplanes. It aims for a great personalized present or just a deft addition to your wall or any other area in your bedroom.

Choose a stylish, beautiful mini clock insert that shows Roman numerals as well as a slender gold-colored border.

35. Mini Windmill with Clock 

Mini Windmill with Clock by Arpop

Create vintage Dutch windmill woodwork that comes with a mini clock at the center of the craft. Use mahogany or liven it up by painting its blades with white and its body with a baby blue hue.

While scroll saw can cut up to two inches of wood, the perfect thickness is around 0.25 inch to 0.75 inches. You will be making intricate and tight curves and turn, which means that thicker wood can be harder to cut.

If you are thinking about cutting wood more than an inch thick, consider buying a new band saw. While it cannot do exactly the intricacy level you’re aiming; it is made to cut thick wood easily.

One quick way to get irritated when using scroll saws is to use one with a dull blade. And whether it’s hard or soft wood, cutting wood using a dull blade will take in more effort with also dull result.

Make certain that you pick the top-performing scroll saw blade for your wood and project. Do not attempt to leg it out using your old blade. You will wind up paying for it even more by those irritating moments and a “hideous” result.

There various wood types and or woodworking saws types available for you to use in your woodworking project. Picking the best one is always a plausible thing. Use the information on the different types of wood when selecting the top-performing wood for your scroll saw project.

The mix of grain structure, hardness, appearance is crucial because each factor relates to your project’s suitability. Do not hesitate to try out more to learn what works and what doesn’t for your scroll saw project. You will soon discover that the more you engage in this project, the better you will become.

Are you having lots of ideas already? I do wish you feel confident and inspired to make use of your scroll saw and make your own. Have fun!

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Lots of Creative Projects using your SCROLL SAW!

As I was looking over the 100+ tutorials I’ve done since purchasing this old farmhouse, I noticed just how many projects I’ve done using my Scroll Saw!  And who doesn’t love scroll saw ideas!! It’s my favorite tool by far, and the very first power tool I ever laid my hands on. I’m constantly getting emails asking what scroll saw I use (this one!), and there are SO MANY creative things you can do with a scroll saw… I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of all my Scroll Saw Tutorials so you can see them all in one place and be inspired to try something new!

I love getting scroll saw ideas, and I’m sure you will too! Here goes!


Scroll Saw 101 – breaking it down for beginners!Learn how to use your scroll saw! {Reality Daydream}

This first one just pretty much goes through the basics of scroll-saw-ing <-WORD. It seemed natural to start with it. If you’ve never run a scroll saw before, give this one a quick read and you’ll feel so much more prepared! And don’t forget… you can always practice around on wood scraps! THERE’S NOTHING TO LOSE!


Scroll Saw Wooden Logo Sign

Scroll Saw Ideas - Wooden Logo Sign!


Scroll Saw Name Puzzle

Scroll saw ideas - wooden name puzzle!


Personalized Picture Plaque

Scroll Saw Ideas - Personalized Picture Plaque!


Personalized Tree Plaque

Scroll Saw Ideas! – Tree plaque


Rainbow Planter Sconce

Scroll Saw Ideas - Rainbow Planter Sconces


Scroll Saw Rainbow Art(Scrolled by my 9-year-old, Paisley!)

Scroll Saw Ideas - Easy Rainbows


Wood and Macramé Hanging Planter

Scroll Saw Ideas - Wood and Macrame Hanging Planter

Scrolly Scalloped MirrorDIY Scalloped Scrolly Mirror... can be used as a centerpiece or a starburst mirror! {Reality Daydream}

This scrolly mirror is so fun and unique, not to mention simple and inexpensive to make! It’s just a slab of MDF and a cheap square mirror affixed on! I go back and forth between hanging it on the wall and using it as a centerpiece on the dining table. Of course when I don’t have any fresh flowers (HINT HINT Babe, Valentine’s Day?) I’m less likely to need it as a centerpiece.


These DIY Botanical Leaf Trivets were made from a cutting board and a scroll saw.

These Botanical Trivets are cut from inexpensive bamboo cutting boards, and are SO FUN to make! This tutorial includes the free scroll saw patterns as well!


Make your own wooden nativity scene with this creative scroll saw project!

I’ve got a free scroll saw pattern for you to use on this cute Scroll Saw Wooden Nativity that could be used as a puzzle for kids OR holiday home decor!


This utensil-themed butcher block trivet makes for a perfect gift!Butcherblock Silverware-themed Trivet

This fun and funky trivet is such a great gift for the foodie in your life (or anyone that eats food, really). It’s fairly simple to make and has so much personality!!


These personalized wooden arrow name plaques made using a scroll saw make great gifts.

Personalized Wooden Name Plaques

These wooden name plaques are perfect for a kids room or nursery! OR would look great on a gallery wall with your family’s last name! The ‘arrow’ detail adds a fun twist too!


Scroll Saw Wooden Topography Map ArtMake a wooden topography map of your property! {Reality Daydream}

This piece of art is just about as custom and sentimental as anything ever could be. It’s the ACTUAL topography of our property! And I made it for Nick a few years back. It’s one of our favorite pieces in our gallery wall!


Circle Monogram Pallet Sign for indoors or outdoors. Makes for cute art for patio or porch! {Reality Daydream}Circle Monogram Wood Sign

This circle monogram sign is FUN to make, and fairly simple as far as DIY projects go. Would this be a great gift for that person ‘that has everything’?!


Cut-out Butterfly ClockHow to make your own butterfly 'cutout' clock... where it looks like the butterflies are flying out of the clock! {Reality Daydream}

This clock is more an artsy statement piece than a clock, but I love the whimsy that it brings. And it’s soooooo much cheaper than the one I used as inspiration (YIKES).


Bracket-shaped Barn Board PlaqueMake this 'Barn Board' sign in a bracket-shape using brand new boards and a scroll saw! {Reality Daydream}

I still make these bracket-shaped barn board signs whenever I get invited to a wedding. I just think it’s a better gift than a hand mixer, OK? And cheaper too.


Wooden State Plaques... using a scroll saw! {Reality Daydream}Wooden State Cut-out

If I remember correctly, this was the very first project I used my scroll saw on! The state of Illinois had a good amount of curviness for a beginner… enough to challenge me a bit, but simple enough compared to some states like Mississippi. If you live in Colorado or Wyoming, you could just use a circular saw! LOL!


Make your Mother a beautiful custom Mother's Day Plaque using words that describe what she means to you! {Reality Daydream}Sentimental Mother’s Day Plaque

File this one away for a couple months from now! Mother’s Day is coming soon! My mom still cherishes this plaque I made her, and I love that you can customize it to use words that describe YOUR mother. So beautifully sentimental!


Scroll Saw Children’s Profile PlaqueMake a wooden plaque with your child's profile... CUT OUT OF WOOD! It's easier than you think. {Reality Daydream}

If you have kids, this is such a fun way to display their silhouettes and celebrate those little ski-jump noses! I still die a little remembering Cypress’ spikey hair. THAT GIRL.


Make your own ornate corbels... using a scroll saw! {Reality Daydream}Handmade Custom Corbels

These corbels were time-consuming to make (not gonna lie), but would be SO expensive to purchase. And I love the character they add to our breakfast bar! You could customize yours to look however you want! AND, I think they would be very cool holding up a shelf on the wall too!


Broken ‘House Divided’ Sports SignMake your own 'House Divided' wall art that appears to be BROKEN! {Reality Daydream}

Do you know I still get emails from people asking me to make them one of these? I just say NO! That’s why I made a tutorial for YOU! Although this DIY does require a steady hand for intricate painting in addition to scroll-sawing skills. I believe in you!

Wooden Paper Doll with Scroll SawMake a wooden paper doll (with customizable wooden clothing) for the little girl in your life! {Reality Daydream}

My girls still LOVE playing with this Wooden Paper Doll, and affectionately refer to her as ‘Ginger’. Sometimes I even make a few more clothing items to continue expanding Ginger’s wardrobe. So.Much.FUN! And it’s great for car rides because the velcro keeps everything secured.


Scroll Saw Wooden Monogram Wreath (fall-themed)DIY Monogram Wreaths (fall-themed) using a scroll saw! {Reality Daydream}

I know these are fall-themed wreaths, but this same concept could be applied to a wreath for any season! (remember my snowflake monogram? UGH!)… but the beauty is that you can make it as simple or as detailed as you want!


Lots of fun scroll saw ideas and projects, eh? I hope you’re feeling inspired, and confident enough to conquer your scroll saw! There are just SO MANY options and ways to customize using the scroll saw. You can see why it’s my absolute favorite tool! 

Be sure to also check out my post on how to apply a scroll saw template!

Happy Weekend! Go forth and be creative!


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