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Knob Creek Gun Range

A machine gun being fired at night during the Machine Gun Shoot event.
Cannons and various non-firearm weapons are featured during the Gun Show.
Young shooter at Knob Creek, October 15,

Knob Creek Gun Range (also referred to as Knob Creek Range or simply Knob Creek) is an outdoor shooting range located in Bullitt County, Kentucky, United States, near the community of West Point, Kentucky.[1] The range is a former military-munitions test range. As well as being open all year around, the gun range also hosts a biannual gun show in April and October, which is billed as the "World's Largest Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Show".[2] The range also hosts a number of shotgun, handgun, rifle and machine gun competitions in April.[3] The range is a family-owned business, with three generations of the founding Sumner family working there as of April [4] Both the range and the Sumner family are featured on Guntucky, a reality TV series that debuted on the CMTcable channel on April 21, [5]

Machine gun shoot[edit]

Held in April and October, "The World's Largest Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Show" is an event that draws machine gun dealers, collectors and enthusiasts from all over the country.[6] The Machine Gun Shoot itself consists of several rounds of firing at a wide variety of appliances, vehicles and pyramids of tires. Participants also have the opportunity to shoot at barrels of fuel with pyrotechnic charges attached, which explode when struck by bullets. The objective for these shooters is to destroy everything down range. The presence of many rare and powerful fully automatic weapons also draws many visitors, with firearms ranging from submachine guns to BMG heavy machine guns and M Miniguns.[6]

The main event of the Machine Gun Shoot is the "Night shoot" where, after dark, gasoline-filled metal drums and explosives are set up in and around the targets, and tracer ammunition is used.

Although reserving a lane for the machine gun shoot is difficult with a several-years-long waiting list,[citation needed] lane holders usually rent the use of their weapons to spectators for a nominal fee to cover the cost of ammunition and wear and tear on the guns themselves. After nearly fifty years, the last shoot will be held October 8th and 9th,

Firearms dealing[edit]

The Military Gun Show is also a place for dealers to buy, sell and trade Class III firearms.[6] Quote their website:

The Military Gun Show has drawn dealers from all over the country to buy, sell, and trade Class III Firearms. The show is set up in a large lighted pole barn adjacent to the firing line and Clubhouse. Security is on patrol at all times. Knob Creek cordially invites you to come and support your second amendment "the right to keep and bear arms."


On December 22, , the Knob Creek Gun Range was featured on R. Lee Ermey's television show Mail Call on The History Channel (in episode number 91).[7]

Current TV did a "pod" (a segment) on it.[8]

The Sumner family, in association with the producers of reality TV series Pawn Stars, has filmed 10 episodes of a reality TV series, Guntucky, about its business.[4] The show was scheduled to begin airing on CMT in January , but the channel chose to delay the premiere following the Sandy Hook shooting. Guntucky aired its first episode on April 21, [5]

In October , ABC News issues an apology for using the footage of the Knob Creek Gun Range gun show taken in , which is named “Knob Creek night shoot ”, which was described as being "obtained by ABC News", to falsely depict a fierce battle between the Syrian Kurds and the Turkish Forces. The footage first aired on Sunday's "World News Tonight".[9]

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Notes and references[edit]

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Coordinates: 38°00′30″N85°54′10″W / °N °W / ;

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knob_Creek_Gun_Range

THANK YOU MGShoot Fans for 50 years!
VIsit our Range and Store 9 am - 6 pm Thursday - Monday
Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
CCDW classes November 1, 13 & 14 at 9 a.m


Kentucky's only outside shooting range.

Christian family-owned & operated for over 40 years.


We have a huge network of repeat customers that visit us for the large inventory, hard to find items, staff expertise and trusted advice. Plus, they say they like us!

Our featured items include:

  • Pistols

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All-day access to the yard outdoor range where you can shoot any caliber for $12 per person.

Adult Daily Range Fee*   $12

Child Daily Range Fee       $5

Child = 12 & under

Yearly memberships are available.

Individual              $/year

Family                     $/year

Lifetime                  $/individual

*50% off daily range fee with active or retired Military ID.


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Knob Creek Range is home of the

LARGEST MACHINE GUN SHOOT & MILITARY GUN SHOW IN THE U.S.A.  where machine gunners shoot at a wide variety of used appliances, abandoned vehicles, and barrels of fuel with pyrotechnic charges.


The impact of the bullets create large mushroom clouds and fireballs. The objective is to destroy everything down range!


Join machine gun dealers, collectors and enthusiasts for buying, selling and trading at over tables. There is shooting and competitions, rare and exotic weaponry on display, plus you can watch the famous night shoots.

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CMT features the Sumner family as they shoot from the hip and fire from all cylinders in business and in life, coming together to run the Knob Creek gun range and shop.

Read More >


ABC airs KCR Machine Gun Shoot video in Syria reporting.

Read More >

Knob Creek Range named one of coolest ranges in the U.S.

Read More >

Sours: https://www.knobcreekrange.com/
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