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The DOF F2-HDMI LCD monitor is lightweight, portable, and boasts a LED backlight display. It has a wide screen with the aspect ratio , a very user-friendly operation interface. It has a display screen that measures * pixels and supports P Full HD video signal, HDMI and BNC video transmission. The monitor also provides AV/HDMI's signal input and output. You can enjoy a good monitoring effect as well as that of broadcasting quality. 

High brightness: The display screen's brightness is up to cd/㎡. Viewing angle is °. Pixels are * All these elements make the monitor's image remain clear, full sensory and richness of layering regardless of using it indoor or outdoor and allow photographers to see a more realistic source image. 
Focus assist: When photographers adopt the manual focus mode, the image can be displayed through red crest value or white crest value that you can choose. According to observing whether the image edge     displays the color of corresponding crest value, you can judge whether the image is in focus or not. 
Center mark and marker line: Multiple aspect ratio marked boxes([off](default),[],[],[],[],[],[],[]), caption box, shooting tag line and cross central line are equipped with in the monitor. These elements allow you to compose your image more quickly and accurately. 
Color measurement: The monitor can measure colors including red, green, blue, black and white to revivify real color of the object being imaged from the display screen. 
Broadcasting safety frames: Broadcasting safety frames at different ratios can prevent scanning from overflowing to result in the image being cut off unnecessarily. This function is mainly used for safety   confirmation and reminding during the process of composition of an image. 
Image freezing and zooming in dot by dot: It can freeze and magnify the video signals, so you can look over local details. Under this condition, you still see the image with pixels. 

Product Model: F2-HDMI LCD monitor 
Screen Size: 7"(diagonal) 
Display Area: mm(H) * 87mm(V) 
Aspect Ratio:   / Selectable 
Pixels: * 3(RGB) *  
Selectable Color Depth: M 
Brightness: cd/㎡ 
Contrast Ratio:  
Viewing Angle: ° 
Dot Pitch: mm(H) * mm(V) 
Compatible Input Formats: Composite-PAL/NTSC; HDMIi/p,i/p,p,i/p 
Audio Input/Output: BNC Female (8Ω) 
HDMI Input/Output: HDMI(Type A)Female, HDMI(Type C)Male 
AV Input/Output: BNC Female  
Operating Voltage: DC V 
Working Temperature: °C to 70°C 
Max Input: 1Amp, 6W 
Item Size:   * 13 * cm / * * in(L * W * H)  
Item Weight: g / oz 
Package Size: * * cm / * * in (L * W * H) 
Package Weight: g / oz 

Package List: 
1 * F2 7" LCD monitor-HDMI 
1 * HDMI cable 
1 * PVC sunshade 
3 * Sunshade fixing screw 
1 * Universal rotating head 

Sours: https://www.tokodigitalshop.com/product/item/4a51ecf

7inch HDMI LCD (H) (with case), x, IPS

  • 7inch HDMI LCD (H) (with case), x, IPS
  • 7inch HDMI LCD (H) (with case), x, IPS
  • 7inch HDMI LCD (H) (with case), x, IPS

This is a 7" IPS Capacitive Touch Screen LCD with Toughened Glass Cover and has a x resolution. The display supports popular mini PCs such as Raspberry Pi, BB Black, Banana Pi, as well as general desktop computers.

  • 7inch IPS screen,x hardware resolution, configurable by software (up to x)
  • Toughened glass capacitive touch panel, 6H hardness
  • When works with Raspberry Pi, supports Raspbian/Ubuntu/Kali/Retropie/WIN10 IOT, driver free
  • When work as a computer monitor, supports Windows 10//8/7, five-points touch, and driver free
  • Multi languages OSD menu, for power management, brightness/contrast adjustment, etc.
  • mm audio jack, supports HDMI audio output
  • Also supports VGA input (specific cable is required and should be purchased separately)
  • High quality PC case, optional tilt angle: 30°/50°
  • 1 x 7inch HDMI LCD (H) (with case)
  • 1 x HDMI cable
  • 1 x USB type A plug to micro B plug cable
  • 1 x Quick start sheet

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Tags: 7inch, 7", hdmi, lcd, display, screen, with case, enclosed, x, ips, case, pi, raspberry, banana, bb black, bb

Sours: https://www.robotics.org.za/
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HDMI 7&#; display backpack with touchscreen


Its a mini panel-mountable HDMI monitor with a built-in touchscreen! So small and simple, you can use this display with any computer that has HDMI output, and the shape makes it easy to attach to a case or rail. This backpack features the TFP for decoding video, and includes the attached display so its plug-n-play.

The TFP is a beefy DVI/HDMI decoder from TI. It can take unencrypted video and pipe out the raw bit color pixel data &#; HDCP not supported! The 7&#; display is &#; resolution, which is just enough to run most software, but still small enough that it can be used in portable or embedded projects without the bulk.

You can even power the entire display from a USB port. With the default 7&#; &#; display and mA backlight current, the current draw is mA total. You can reduce that down mA by running the backlight at half-brightness (75mA). With the backlight off, the decoder and display itself draws mA. If you want more backlight control, there&#;s a PWM input, connect that to your microcontroller or other PWM output and you can continuously dim the backlight as desired.

We have two versions, one is video only and one is video+touch. This version has touch screen capability. The touch screen shows up as a USB mouse so no special drivers needed. We&#;ve tested it sucessfully on Mac, Windows, and Debian Linux (Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi). Other Linux distributions may or may not work, but if you&#;re running Linux you&#;re probably used to that. We also noted it does not work with a Raspberry Pi + Windows 10 IOT yet.

In particular, we suggest it for use with single board computers (or desktop/laptops!) with DVI/HDMI output like the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black. You can power the driver over USB as long as your computer can supply mA on the USB port, and then feed it video via the HDMI port. Please note the TFP decoder chip does not contain a video scaler, it will not resize/shrink video!

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Sours: https://www.pifactory.co.za/product/hdmixdisplay-backpack-touchscreen/

Marshall V-LCDAFHD 7 Inch 3G-SDI/HDMI

The Marshall Electronics V-LCDAFHD 7" LCD On-Camera 3G-SDI/HDMI Monitor features a LED-backlight LCD screen that offers cd/m2 brightness and a contrast ratio of It features HDMI, 3G-SDI, component, and composite inputs for video signals and a three-color tally for control signals.

With the false color filter, this monitor aids in the setting of camera exposure. As the camera&#;s exposure is adjusted, elements of the image will change color based on the luminance or brightness values. Using false color provides positive feedback to under/overexposed areas as well as properly exposed mid/skin tones. This monitor also features a peaking filter to aid the camera operator in focusing. When activated, the monitor displays a black-and-white image and highlights the sharp edges on the screen with the color red. Critical focus is achieved by racking the camera lens focus control back and forth until the desired portion of the image has red colored edges.

Sours: https://www.jpckemang.com/product/video-cam-accessories/lcd-monitor-and-accessories/marshall/marshall-v-lcdafhdinch-3g-sdihdmi

Monitor hdmi lcd 7

Elecrow RC 7 inch * HDMI LCD Display with Touch Screen

4.All the driver and related image files have been included in the DVD.



  • With × high resolution
  • With Capacitive touch control
  • Supports all version Raspberry Pi, comes with Raspbian driver (works with your Raspbian directly), and Ubuntu image
  • Supports Banana Pi / Banana Pro, comes with Lubuntu, Raspbian images
  • Supports BB Black, comes with Angstrom image
  • Not only for mini-PCs, but it can also work as a computer monitor just like any other general HDMI screen (touch function is unavailable in this case)
  • Backlight control to lower power consumption
  • HDMI interface for displaying, USB interface for touch control

Package list

  • Medel: RC
  • 7inch HDMI LCD (C)× 1
  • HDMI cable x 1
  • Micro USB cable x 1
  • Copper pillar kit x 1
  • DVD x 1

Wiki & External links

Sours: https://www.elecrow.com/7-inchhdmi-lcd-display-with-touch-screen.html
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