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The General Hospital Moment That ‘Liason’ Fans Will Never Forget — and Why It Still Holds Out Hope for a Jason and Elizabeth Reunion

The August 27, , episode changed everything for the future supercouple.

Whether you’re a General Hospital fan who’s wholeheartedly Team JaSam, you can’t help but understand why Liason shippers still support that pairing — not if you rewind to the moment in when they really connected. At the time, you’ll recall, Elizabeth was mourning the “death” of true love Lucky.

It wasn’t going well.

Desperate to feel something, anything, but bereft, Elizabeth headed to Jake’s, where she flirted with an older man who didn’t want to take no for an answer to his request for a dance. “I bought you a drink,” sputtered the neanderthal, “it’s the least you can do.”

Forcibly, the creep pulled Elizabeth to her feet and into his arms. He didn’t care that she pulled away at every turn. “I kinda like it when they fight me a little,” he told the rape survivor.

Just as we were finding out exactly how it felt to have our skin crawl, Jason intervened and, with a move only slightly less streamlined than a Vulcan nerve pinch, rendered the jerk powerless. “You get in your car, you go home, and don’t let me find out you came within 10 feet of her again,” said Jason. Before he’d finished the sentence, the guy was halfway out the door.

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As for Elizabeth, she was anything but grateful for the assist. “If I needed help, I would’ve asked for it,” she told Jason. She was in so much pain that she didn’t care how much trouble she’d been in. “Maybe having someone to fight right now sounds like a relief.”

She’d tried everything else — hanging with friends, painting, waiting… Nothing eased the ache of Lucky’s passing. “I tried that once,” Jason replied. “I tried to fix what hurt by finding something that hurt worse.

“You’re not gonna believe me,” he added, “but it doesn’t work.”

Liz didn’t come out and say, “Whatever,” but she might as well have. She was so lost in her grief that she didn’t want to be lectured by, of all people, Jason. “You never had one good thing in your life and lost it,” she hissed. “You never had someone come along who made you understand what the point was — the point of being alive at all, and then prove it by being gone and leaving you with nothing.

“Do you know what nothing feels like?” she asked.

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As a matter of fact, Jason did. “Nothing” had sorta been his go-to since brain damage erased from him any trace of Alan and Monica’s beloved son. Elizabeth softened. She was behaving like the person that she used to be, and she wasn’t sure that was a great idea. Still, she was lost. “How am I supposed to stop wanting to live the life I haven’t lived with [Lucky]? What am I supposed to do instead?” she asked, gazing into Jason’s steely blue eyes. “What am I supposed to wish for?” You can watch the scene in full below.

The answer, we would learn in the months and years that followed, was Jason. And though the couple ultimately went their separate ways, Liz sensibly refusing to risk her children becoming collateral damage of Jason’s dangerous career, Liason fans have never given up hope of them being endgame. “Let him be with Sam,” they say. “Let him be with Courtney, Britt, whoever. Pair her with Franco, Finn, anybody they want — as long as in the end, Liz and Jason end up in love.”

And given their history, of pulling apart and coming back together, it is almost impossible to think that they’ve been one another’s for the last time. Despite the fact that Steve Burton himself has said “I don’t believe” there’s a shot, we suspect there is. The actors’ chemistry, and the couple’s connection, almost demands it. What do you think, General Hospital fans? On your way to the comments to share your opinion of Jason and Liz’s future — or lack thereof — stop off at the below photo gallery, which revisits highlights of not only their romance but all of Jason’s.

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What Happened to Jason on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Jason Morgan has always been a popular character on GENERAL HOSPITAL and fans were devastated when Steve Burton chose to leave the soap back in Jason returned with a new face in when actor Billy Miller assumed the role, but in it was revealed he was actually Jason&#;s twin brother, and Burton thrilled his fans by reprising his role. And as much as Jason has gone through already on GH, there&#;s still so much more story to tell!

The character was originally born Jason Quartermaine back in to Alan Quartermaine and Susan Moore. After his mother’s death, Jason moved into the Quartermaine mansion where Monica Quartermaine initially rejected the child but ultimately came to love him and adopted him. Jason and his brother, A.J., were sent off to boarding school and returned in as adults.

As A.J. struggled with alcoholism, Jason was the golden child and helped Monica through her battle with breast cancer. But in , a drunk A.J. ran his car into a tree, and Jason suffered a traumatic brain injury after being ejected from the passenger seat in the crash. Upon waking from his coma, Jason had no memory and rejected all of the Quartermaines save his grandmother, Lila, and sister, Emily Quartermaine. Turning his back on the family, Jason adopted the last name Morgan, which was Lila’s maiden name.

Jason met Robin Scorpio again and their friendship developed into a romance. After she left for college, Jason asked her friend, Sonny Corinthos, for a job and became his personal enforcer in his mob business. Back from college, Robin was with Jason when he was shot by the Tin Man. He survived, but she begged him to give up this dangerous life. When Jason refused, Robin pressured Sonny to fire him.

General Hospital Brenda Jason

When Carly Benson got pregnant, Jason pretended to be the father of her baby, although it was later revealed that A.J. was Michael&#;s real daddy. Jason comforted Elizabeth Webber following the presumed death of her boyfriend, Lucky, and that led to a strong emotional connection between the two. He married Brenda Barrett so they wouldn’t have to testify against each other, and later fell in love with Sonny’s sister, Courtney Matthews, but mob life tore their marriage apart. Jason also pretended to be the father of Sam McCall’s baby so Sonny would stay with Carly, and after helping Sam through her miscarriage, the two fell in love.

After Sam was shot and nearly killed, Alexis forced Jason to split up with her daughter. After witnessing Sam sleeping with Ric Lansing, Jason turned to Liz and they consummated their relationship, resulting in the birth of their son, Jake. But after Michael was shot and fell into a coma, Jason and Liz broke up. He found his way back to Sam, who rescued him when he was shot and left for dead by Jerry Jacks.

General Hospital Jason Franco

The crazed artist Franco stalked Jason and those close to him. After surviving being hit by a car, Jason married Sam, but on their honeymoon, Franco drugged the newlyweds and made Jason believe he’d raped his wife. When Sam became pregnant, there was some question as to who the father was, but after a baby switch and much drama, it turned out Danny belonged to Jason. But it was also revealed that Jason and Franco were fraternal twin brothers! Unfortunately, as the truth came out, Cesar Faison shot Jason at the docks and kicked him into the water!

But Jason was really alive, and being held in a hospital by Victor Cassadine who hoped to force Robin to bring his dead family members back to life and wanted her to test the procedure on Jason. He was successfully revived, but when Jason escaped from the hospital, he was hit by Ava Jerome’s car and badly injured. He woke up following facial reconstruction surgery with amnesia and began calling himself Jake Doe. He then wreaked havoc on Port Charles until the chip that Helena had put in his head to control him was removed. Jake fell in love with Elizabeth and prepared to marry her, but on their wedding day, Carly revealed that he was really Jason. Furious that Liz had known the truth and not told him, they split up.

General Hospital Sam Jason Elizabeth

Jason slowly started to find his way back to Sam, but she didn’t want to push him. After Jason fell off his motorcycle, he regained his memories and reconnected with his family. He and Sam remarried and had a baby girl who they named Emily. Following the child’s birth, Sam began acting erratically and attempted to kill Sonny. Doctors were able to cure her, but Sam had continued to second guess everything and felt that Jason had changed since he came back from the dead. But he still loved his wife more than anything, and pushing Sam out of the way of a mobster’s bullet landed Jason in the hospital fighting for his life!

As Jason was coming out of his coma, Ava went to a Russian clinic to have her burned face restored and met the mysterious Patient Six. While she didn&#;t recognize him as having Jason&#;s old face, it was clear that this man had connections to Port Charles and was desperate to return home. Meanwhile, Franco was trying to uncover details of his own past and soon learned that Susan Moore had given birth to twins, Jason and Andrew. So Franco isn&#;t Jason&#;s twin — Drew is! When Patient Six made his explosive return to Port Charles, both men insisted that they were the real Jason Morgan, but eventually, Andre confessed that he had transplanted Jason&#;s memories into his twin, making Patient Six the real Jason Morgan!

General Hospital Patient Six Jason

Sam chose to honor her marriage to Andrew Cain, but she has also confessed to Jason that she never stopped loving him. Desperate for the answers behind his kidnapping, Jason continued to investigate Faison&#;s involvement in it, including heading to Europe for information about his son, Henrik who was later revealed to be Peter August. He also went right back to working for Sonny and protecting his friends and loved ones, even breaking Carly out of Ferncliff when she was wrongly imprisoned in the mental hospital. 

Jason and Sam finally reunited, but then had to put things on hold and pretend to still be apart so she could get in good with Shiloh and find out what he&#;s up to. Things took a deadly turn when Jason was struck blind by the same affliction that affected other Port Charles twins, but he recovered and got involved in trying to stop serial killer Ryan Chamberlain&#;s reign of terror. Jason and Sam finally brought Shiloh down but she was imprisoned for killing the villain and he struggled to get her out on parole.

Once Sam was released, they were unfortunately forced to stay apart as part of her parole conditions and could only see each other when it involved their children. Jason and Sam still met secretly but he eventually told her it had to stop because he couldn&#;t risk her going back to jail where he couldn&#;t protect her. And with the villainous drug runner Cyrus Renault instigating a deadly mob war in Port Charles, things were more dangerous than ever!

GH Jason Sam

Shortly after Carly agreed to be in charge of his power of attorney in case of medical emergencies, Jason suffered a terrible motorcycle accident! He survived, and then helped save Marcus Taggert&#;s life, getting him medical attention after he was shot. Jason continued to support Carly as she dealt with Nelle&#;s unexpected death, and worked with Brando Corbin and Sonny to help take down Cyrus.

Unfortunately, Cyrus manipulated Julian into setting off a bomb at the Floating Rib that was meant to kill Jason but nearly took out everyone in the restaurant! Fearing for the lives of her children, Sam asked Jason to stay away before someone died. He joined Sonny on the hunt for Julian as he tried to flee to Canada, and watched in horror as a footbridge collapsed and Sonny fell into the water below leaving everyone believing him dead!

Jason was upset when Carly had Cyrus&#; mother abducted and hidden away to use as leverage against the villain. Franco asked Jason to take care of him if his brain tumor turned him back into a killer, and when the artist was shot dead, Liz found Jason at the scene of the crime and assumed the worst! A witness statement from Gladys Corbin sent Jason to prison for Franco&#;s murder where he was surprised to find Shawn Butler was his new cellmate. But that&#;s nothing compared to the shock he got when Shawn stabbed him for his own protection! Carly had arranged the whole thing to get him transferred to GH where she could more easily arrange his escape, and chief of staff Britt Westbourne, who had been growing closer to Jason, was on board.

GH Britt Jason

While trying to escape, Jason had to stop to save Britt from being killed by Cyrus&#; men and was then shot on the way out. Britt performed surgery to save his life, and they continued to grow closer while on the run to Canada. He even accompanied Britt to a doctor&#;s appointment and comforted her when she learned she did, in fact, have Huntington&#;s. Their relationship deepened and the pair made love, but then Jason returned to Port Charles to help Carly take Cyrus down once and for all. Britt followed him back home, but their relationship came to an abrupt end when Jason and Carly decided to marry to show a united front against the Five Families!

When Carly confessed she loved him, Jason returned her feelings and their business arrangement became a genuine marriage. However, after the wedding reception, the newlywed&#;s wedding night was interrupted when Sonny came home alive! After explanations were made, Sonny commended Jason and Carly for doing the right thing to protect the family. But when Jason shared the good news with Britt, she wasn&#;t exactly keen to give him another chance. Also, he still seemed very much taken with Carly!

Stay tuned to see how Jason&#;s story continues!

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Perkie's Observations: Jason Offers to Help Liz With Her Peter Problem on General Hospital

On today's General Hospital recap: Nikolas and Ava run into each other at the pool, but they end up going their separate ways. Trina tells Spencer that Nava are miserable and they belong together. Spencer brings up the stalker and says the gifts have stopped now that Nava are no longer together. Spencer says he's not a fan of Ava's and doesn't want them together.

Trina is determined to get them back together. She sends Nikolas a drink supposedly from Ava, then sends Ava a drink supposedly from Nikolas. Ava gets her signals crossed and thinks the drink is from Austin and thanks him. Austin denies it and Ava is confused when Nikolas thanks her for his drink. Spencer clears things up by telling them Trina orchestrated the whole thing. Trina apologizes and takes off. Ava dismisses Nikolas and goes off with Austin.

Jason runs into Britt at the hospital and reminds her that he's here if she needs him, but she dismisses him.

Britt tells Austin she wants his support for the Chief of Staff position. Britt promises to give him whatever he needs in exchange.

Jason tells Monica he did a deep dive into Austin and found out he's legit. Monica brings up the engagement and how hurt she is over what Carly did to AJ. Monica says it's been hard for her because Carly essentially destroyed AJ. Jason counters he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Carly. (Well, technically you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Ava because she's the one who saved your stupid ass from that Russian clinic. But potato, potahto, I guess.) Jason admits they were all wrong all those years ago and understands AJ's actions. Jason says he understands Monica's feelings, but asks if she's able to accept it. Monica only wants Jason's happiness and Jason says the marriage is what he wants.

Terry and Britt go a couple of rounds about the Chief of Staff position. Britt asks Terry to drop out of the race, but she says she wants what's best for the hospital. Monica interrupts the argument to tell them who is getting the position.

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Sam is happy that Alexis will be going to a friendlier facility, though Alexis feels it's still prison. Shawn arrives to tell her all the paperwork is done and he's a free man. He says he's planning on making sure whoever shot Hayden is brought to justice. Shawn asks for Sam's help.

In Nixon Falls, Phyllis is annoyed with Lenny for overexerting himself when he has exploratory surgery coming up. Everyone is thrilled when Nina returns. Lenny thanks Nina for pulling strings and getting his surgery scheduled sooner.

Lenny says he understands that pancreatic cancer is often a death sentence and doesn't want anyone to give Phyllis false hope. Lenny asks Nina to make sure to help Phyllis let go when the time comes. Nina tells Sonny she's back for as long as she's needed.

Anna feels they should be looking for an enemy of Peter's and not an ally. Anna believes the person on the roof with Peter took him out, which explains his disappearance. Valentin figures she knows Finn is responsible for doing something to Peter.

Terry overhears Finn and Liz talk about Peter, but Liz covers by saying that Anna has hit a dead end. Terry asks for their support for Chief of Staff. Later, Liz tells Finn if Terry becomes Chief of Staff she can turn off the cameras so they can get rid of Peter. Finn disagrees.

Liz says she doesn't want Finn to turn himself in to protect her, but he says he doesn't want her DNA found on Peter's body. Finn never wants the body to be found and Liz thinks this means asking Jason for help.

Jason happens to be strolling by (doop de doop de doo!!) as Finn says doesn't want to involve Jason. Liz counters he never gets caught and it's literally his job to get rid of the problem. Liz says Jason can get rid of the Peter issue.

Jordan escorts Alexis to the new facility. Alexis is shocked to see Ryan there.

Anna shows up to talk to Finn.

Jason confronts Liz and tells her what he heard. He assures her he can help clean up any mess.

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Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber

Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber (commonly known as Liason for Liz and Jason) are fictional characters from the long running ABC Daytimesoap opera, General Hospital and a popular supercouple pairing, according to TV Guide.[1]Jason was originally portrayed by Steve Burton, and role was recast by Billy Miller.On December 1, , it was revealed that Miller's character was Jason identical twin brother Andrew Cain brainwashed into believing he was Jason. Elizabeth is portrayed by Rebecca Herbst.


Steve Burton first appeared in the role of Jason in December , becoming the third actor to play the character since it was first introduced in [2]Rebecca Herbst originated the role of Elizabeth on August 1, [3] Burton left show in January ,[4] and made various guest appearances before returning full-time in May [5] Burton's return stopped the show's casting call for a potential love interest for Elizabeth, causing speculation that Elizabeth and Jason would become a couple.[5] Herbst denied rumors of her departure in April , stating on her website that Burton's return would affect her storyline.[6]

In August , Burton re-signed his contract after weeks of speculation that he might leave the series, and openly took a pay cut due to the declining economic climate.[7] On January 18, , ABC Daytime announced that Herbst had been let go from General Hospital and her exit would be storyline dictated.[8] Burton was one of many costars to speak out about Herbst's firing, stating: "Most of you have heard the horrible and awful news about Becky. My heart breaks as I even have to tweet this. One of the best and most beautiful actresses that has been on this show. Beside that, she's a friend and that hurts. Some show will be lucky to have her. May god bless them through this transition."[9] After much fan protest, a month after the original announcement, ABC released another statement saying that Herbst would retain her role on the show.[10] Herbst renewed her contract in March [11] Burton extended his contract in May for one year,[12] and announced his departure in August , staying long enough for his character to be written out of the series.[13] In September , it was announced that actor Billy Miller, known for his roles on All My Children and The Young & the Restless, would be taking over the role of Jason.[14][15]

Burton won Soap Opera Digest Awards for Outstanding Younger Lead Actor in [16] and [17] He was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series and won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. In , Herbst won the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Younger Lead Actress while Burton won for Hottest Male Star.[18] Herbst also received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in [19] Burton was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in He won Soap Opera Digest Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in and Outstanding Actor in Also in , he received a nomination for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in Herbst was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in [20] and [21]


In the summer of , Elizabeth is reeling from the death of her first love, Lucky Spencer (then Jonathan Jackson), when she finds a friend in Jason. He helps her cope with her pain and they form a bond. When Jason is shot, Elizabeth takes him to her studio apartment and helps him recover. Later, Jason rescues Liz from Joseph Sorel (Joe Marinelli)'s bomb, which had been placed in her studio. Jason realizes that his friendship with Liz is putting her in danger and he leaves Port Charles, leaving Liz devastated. Soon after, Lucky (then Jacob Young) is revealed to be alive, but his relationship with Elizabeth struggles due to him having been brainwashed. Jason returns to town, and he and Liz reconnect, despite Lucky's disapproval.

When Liz is kidnapped by Sorel's men, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), Jason and Zander Smith (Chad Brannon) work together to rescue her. Jason notices the growing closeness between Liz and Zander, and gets a little jealous. When Sonny puts a hit out on Zander, at Elizabeth’s request, Jason allows him to hide out at his penthouse. Jason and Liz would try to make their relationship work, but decide to wait until Zander leaves before they are intimate. However, Elizabeth breaks things off with Jason after learning that Jason faked Sonny's death and kept it from her, putting her through unnecessary pain, and causing her to realize Jason's "world" was not one she wanted to be a part of. Despite multiple attempts to reconcile with Liz, all of which she rebuffed, Jason moved on and began dating Sonny's sister, Courtney Matthews (Alicia Leigh Willis). Liz was furious, as she still loved Jason in spite of pushing him away. She accused Courtney of wanting Jason to herself throughout their short-lived friendship.

Jason and Courtney married, and Liz married Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), Sonny's brother. Ric genuinely loved Liz, but his resentment of his brother, and growing resentment and jealousy of the role Jason played in Sonny's life, resulted in Ric committing horrible acts, including kidnapping Sonny's pregnant wife, Carly (then Tamara Braun), and hiding her in a panic room in his home with Liz. During this period, Liz defended Ric, unaware of his actions, despite Jason's attempts at warning her. The two rekindled their friendship while Jason's sister and Liz's best friend, Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston), was believed to be dying of cancer. This caused a great deal of jealousy from Courtney and Ric, who were threatened by the bond Liz and Jason still shared. Combined with grief over a miscarriage, Courtney turned to painkillers, resulting in an unintentional hit and run that temporarily blinded Elizabeth.

Liz eventually divorced Ric over his actions, and Jason and Courtney also divorced. Both Liz and Jason moved on separately, Liz reuniting with and marrying Lucky (Greg Vaughan), and Jason falling in love with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), Sonny's pregnant ex-mistress. When Manny Ruiz (Robert LaSardo) terrorized Port Charles, he kidnapped Liz for spontaneous leverage. Lucky was badly injured while trying to save her, but Jason came to the rescue. Lucky's injuries, resulting financial issues, and wounded pride, led to an addiction to prescription painkillers and increasing jealousy of the men in Liz's life, including Jason, who had a knack for always being there for her when she needed someone. Manny shoots Sam and seriously injures her, and Jason leaves Sam, believing he is protecting her. Liz and Jason reconnect as friends as their lives crumble around them.

Elizabeth's marriage to Lucky falls apart after Lucky's addiction leads to an affair with Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms). Around that same time, Jason catches Sam sleeping with his enemy Ric. Liz shows up to Jason's. Jason and Liz have sex for the first time, both saddened over their heartbreaks. After Lucky checks into rehab, Jason and Liz decide to keep their one night stand together a secret to keep Lucky from relapsing. Elizabeth soon reveals that she is pregnant and Lucky promises to try harder at kicking his drug habit, which has directly led to two hard-falls for an expectant Liz. Jason and Elizabeth secretly order a paternity test. Jason asks Liz to marry him, regardless if whether he turns out to be the father or not. She turns him down, knowing they are both in love with other people, and not wanting to have him tied to her out of obligation instead of love. Jason reconciles with Sam, while Liz struggles with forgiving Lucky, and her own feelings for Jason, awakened the night they slept together.

As more people find out about Liz's pregnancy, people, mainly Jason's best friend, Carly (Laura Wright), believe that Elizabeth tricked Jason into getting her pregnant. It is discovered, though, that they'd used a defective batch of ELQ Enduro condoms for protection. When Liz finally does get the paternity test back, Sonny is with her and, by Elizabeth's reaction, believes Lucky is the father, and tells everyone the good news. Elizabeth burns the results of the paternity test on the roof and the audience never sees the results. Jason and Elizabeth were both taken hostage during the Metro Court hostage crisis. When the police storm the building, Jason carries Liz to safety and they end up getting stuck in the elevator. Elizabeth tells Jason that he is her baby's father, who is shocked and hurt at the news. He asks Liz, who is now divorced, to marry him again, but she refuses for the second time, and Jason thinks better of it when he admits that he loves Sam. Liz and Jason decide to keep the baby's paternity secret, but in the coming months, they grow closer, with Liz admitting she loves Jason. When Elizabeth passes out after going into labor, Jason finds Elizabeth and takes her to the hospital. Jason watches from the window as Elizabeth gives birth to a baby boy she names Jacob Martin Spencer (Jacob Martin would give him Jason initials J. M.), where Sam sees him and secretly learns the truth. Sam, reeling from the lies and betrayal, doesn't step in when Elizabeth's back is turned, and a grieving mother kidnaps Jake from his stroller. Many people suspect that Elizabeth, who is suffering from Postpartum depression at the time, may have hurt Jake. But it is Jason who believes her innocence and soon finds Jake with a woman named Maureen Harper, who had recently lost her child in a fire.

After Jason and Sam end their relationship which would be for 2 years, Sam goes after Lucky to get revenge on Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Jason admit they have feelings for one another, and Elizabeth moves into her own house, which Jason helps pay for. After Lucky and Liz's divorce, Sam threatens Elizabeth at the Black and White Ball to tell the truth. Liz learns that in addition to witnessing Jake's kidnapping, Sam hired two goons to scare Elizabeth and her kids at the park. Jason makes the decision to tell Lucky the truth and though he is furious, Jason, Liz, and Lucky decide to keep the secret to protect Jake from Jason's dangerous life. Shortly after, news of Emily's murder spreads across Port Charles. Jason and Liz find comfort in one another; the two soon began seeing one another in secret. Jason asks Liz to marry him and she happily accepted, but hours later, when Jason's nephew, Michael Corinthos (Dylan Cash) is shot, Jason decides to end their relationship. After Jake is kidnapped by Russian mobsters, Sam and Jason rescue him; Jason and Liz later realize they can never be a family.

On March 18, , Elizabeth is momentarily distracted when Jake wanders out the front door. He gets hit by a car, and Elizabeth gets him to the hospital. Despite the doctor's efforts, Jake is declared brain dead and left on life support. Soon, Jason is forced to tell Elizabeth that his goddaughter, Josslyn Jacks, is suffering from advanced kidney cancer and that Jake could save her. Elizabeth furiously slaps Jason, reminding him that he was not in Jake's life and has no right to make a decision about whether he lives or dies after he "abandoned" his own son. Eventually, Lucky talks Liz into donating Jake's kidney and saving Josslyn. Subsequently, Jason and Elizabeth share an emotional conversation, during which Elizabeth apologizes for earlier stating that Jason abandoned Jake and for never letting him get to know his son. However, Jason tells her that, while he never did know Jake, he did know that he was loved and cared for, and he will always be grateful to her for that.

After Jake's death, Liz begins hallucinating and seeing Jake at work. She finds comfort with Jason, and learns that he and Sam have just gotten engaged. Jason married Sam, and the two were expecting their first child. However, when the baby died shortly after birth, Jason and Sam's marriage fell apart. Jason leaned on Elizabeth for support, and ended up kissing her impulsively. He backed off, and realized he still loved Sam. Eventually, Jason realized that the baby Sam buried wasn't hers, and asked for Elizabeth's help to prove that Sam's baby was alive. Elizabeth manipulated the results, though, hoping Jason would choose to be with her. However, Elizabeth later felt guilty, and admitted to Jason & Sam the truth. Jason found Sam's son, whom they named Daniel, and the two reunited. However, Jason was presumed dead shortly after, and Elizabeth was saddened.

Jason (now Billy Miller) was revealed to be alive a few years later, being held captive by Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). When he escaped, he was in a car accident, and admitted to the hospital as a John Doe. He woke up after going through multiple surgeries, including facial reconstruction, but had no memory of his past life. He bonded with Elizabeth while recovering. When Elizabeth talked about Jake, Jason felt like the name seemed familiar, and started going by Jake, believing that was his name. Elizabeth let "Jake" move into her place while he sorted out his life. The two connected, but when a woman named Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) showed up and claimed "Jake" was her husband, Elizabeth backed off and dated Ric, her ex-husband.

Lucky found out Elizabeth's son, Jake, was alive, and held captive on Cassadine Island by Helena. Jake was rescued and returned to Elizabeth. "Jake" met little Jake, and the two bonded. During the Nurses' Ball, Elizabeth got two major revelations: Ric had hired Hayden to pose as "Jake's" wife so Ric could date Elizabeth, and "Jake" was actually Jason. Afraid that Jason would get back with Sam if he knew the truth, Elizabeth kept his identity a secret. She broke up with Ric, and started a relationship with Jason. "Jake" still wanted answers, and asked for Sam's help to find out his identity. Elizabeth tried to dissuade him, wanting to hold onto Jason. "Jake" proposed to Elizabeth, and she accepted. On their wedding day, though, Jason found out the truth and stopped the wedding; Elizabeth pretended not to know. Jason still wasn't able to recover his memories, and stayed with Elizabeth. He asked Sam for a divorce to marry Elizabeth. Sam figured out Elizabeth's secret, though, and decided to confront her. Jason didn't believe Sam, and defended Elizabeth. However, he later went to apologize to Sam, who told Jason her suspicions. Jason left and confronted Elizabeth, who was forced to admit the truth. Heartbroken and angry, Jason broke up with Elizabeth, and moved out. Though he promised to still be part of Jake's life, Jason was done with Elizabeth.

After Jason left, strange occurrences started happening to Elizabeth and Jake. Their house was vandalized, and Jake thought he was being followed. Jason tried to help out Jake, promising to keep him safe. However, he & Elizabeth later figured out that Jake was staging the situations, in hopes that his parents would reconcile. Sam realized what Jake was doing, and tried to help Jake, but she got injured and knocked unconscious. Scared by what had happened to Sam, Jake ran away and was hit by a car. He was rushed to the hospital where Jake survived, and Jason and Elizabeth let him be admitted to a children's hospital for treatment. Sam was rescued by Jason, and also recovered. When Sam showed up with Danny to visit Jake at the hospital, Elizabeth realized that Jason & Sam had reconnected, and Jason had moved on. Jason and Elizabeth talked about their relationship and past while Jake was recovering, and they eventually made peace, agreeing to co-parent Jake and be friends.

Reception and impact[edit]

“[The fans] are incredible, aren't they? No other word for them, and they are dedicated and they do not get discouraged, which is amazing. And it's been 7 or 8 years of them writing before Steve Burton (Jason) and I had a storyline together. () Without them, for sure, my storyline with Steve would have fallen flat long ago, but they really kept it going.”

— Herbst, on Jason and Elizabeth fans.[22]

Despite never having been paired together on-screen for an extended length of time, Jason and Elizabeth have had very vocal fans. Burton told Soap Opera Digest during the couple's break up: "We had quite the following for a couple who never were together. I don't write the show. If it was up to me, I would have played it out to see where it went."[23] Herbst reflected in "I would have said Jason and Elizabeth would never be together quite a few years ago, and Steve said the same thing. We kept telling the Liason girls, 'Stop writing, because nothing is going to happen. It's been 7 years get over it.' Steve would joke and sure enough it happened, so I will never say never."[22]Zap2it named them No. 2 on their list of Top Couples of ,[24] while putting Elizabeth and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), Jason's other love interest, as No. 1 of their Top 10 Rivalries of , stating, "without question Liz vs. Sam is the biggest rivalry in daytime."[25]Zap2it tied them for No. 3 in along with entangled couple Sam and Lucky Spencer (then Greg Vaughan), stating: "Liason fans have been waiting for their couple to be together for years, but even when these two, or the writers or executives in charge of the storyline, can't seem to get their act together, their fans still hold on tight."[26] In , Jason and Elizabeth were included by Soaps In Depth of the Top Greatest Couples of ABC Daytime.[27] In February , they were voted a favorite General Hospital supercouple of all time by participants of a SheKnows Entertainmentonline survey.[28] In July , Liz and Jason won the ABC Soaps In Depth "Supercouple Smackdown".[29]Zap2it named them No. 6 of the Top 10 Soap Opera Couples of [30]

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  1. ^While seeds for the couple's story were planted in during Robert Guza, Jr.'s tenure, Jason and Elizabeth's actual romance doesn't start until during McTavish's tenure.


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