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Nikki Games — Vol. 2 chapter 1 I am still on chapter 19 but...


LNI original set credits to Mika Tomoru for designing this.

This suits based on woman who sells jamu or herbal drinks by put them in bottles & carried them on their back in a basket and hold it with selendang or…..not sure what it called in English but its a long cloth. Selendang usually have patterns like batik. Those that I am familiar with are like this picture.


Or like this


Selendang also can be used to carry babies like this.

Login everyday to claim this set. Make up & skin not included.

Other Indonesia suits

1. Bingkisan Kemerdekaan

2. Makna Tahun Baru

Picts of Jamu Gendong


Nowadays its rare to see them coz most use carts called gerobak pushed by the seller or with motorcycle or bike like this.

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Apr 28th, 2021

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Love Nikki is a role playing adventure in which you control Nikki, a young woman with the goal of becoming an icon in the world of fashion. You can travel to seven different countries as the story reveals itself little by little.

Although it doesn't seem like it at first, in reality the story of Love Nikki is really important. Throughout the adventure you'll meet dozens of unique characters, with lots of interesting dialogue both about the world of fashion and their relationships with the main character. Little by little, you'll discover the truth about our heroine.

One of the best parts about Love Nikki is that it features thousands of different clothing options, and you have to combine them in the best way possible. When you finish creating an outfit, you will receive a score that you can use in competitions. Using this system, you have to try to win all of the fashion contests you participate in.

Love Nikki is an original and fun game, with a huge amount of content and beautiful graphics. Plus, it's a great game for all ages.
Reviewed by Andrés López

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fanyaneko — Chapter 7 book (volume) 2


✨✨Shining Nikki Diary :: Official ✨✨


✨✨Shining Nikki Diary :: Official ✨✨

P.1 ::

Hold the hot sugar-fried chestnuts in your arms, wow~ it’s not cold at all in winter

P.2-3 ::

The wish made is like the stars in the night sky, even if it looks distant and small, it will still emit a unique light. Now, come and make a wish with me, every wish is worth looking forward to!

P.4-7 ::

Ding Ding Dong~Ding Ding Dong~

I found a super cute reindeer in the Christmas pine tree and lantern decorations!

Just take it as a gift and give it to you!

P.8-9 ::

2020 is about to end, there are many unforgettable things this year. Every time I open the solar terms chart, I will recall the bits and pieces that I have walked with everyone.

The time recorded by the 24 solar terms, the precious memories spreading spring, summer, autumn and winter, are now stored in this postcard book, how to get it, stamp the first picture~


Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Girly Vol.2 Volume 1-3 How to match? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Volume 2 Chapter 1 is already open. Players can complete the level of Girl Level 5-7. How can the first chapter of the second volume achieve high scores? The following Xiaobian brings Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s second volume 1-3 High Scores Raiders. Let’s take a look!

Attributes: Simple, cute, lively, pure, cool;

Skill recommendation: Warm smile, critical eye, and charming kiss. True Love Kisses;

TAG: Sports Department

Remarks: This level can use “ Clowns and Solitaire Riddles or Playful Simals Set ”+Replaced into a sailor girl white button, if you do not have more than a few suits, you can also follow the match with the above Oh!

Hairstyle: Chow Maiden · Gorgeous (11234 In · Refactoring)> Playful Smeyer (10935)> Angel Rabbit & M Iddot; purple (10551 定· 氪)

dress: garden & middot; powder (61092 定·小铺) > sailor maiden & middot; white (61068 钻)> 游园· purple (60022 set & middot; small shop)

tops: cherry soda (30701 gold / less / pumping)> learning sea knows no boundaries (28608 gold) > pink short-sleeved (28229 set · less / gold / pumping)

Bottoms: Peach & middot; panty skirt (29225 gold / less / pumping)> 沁 strawberry & middot; panty skirt ( 28707 set · gold / pumping) > full development (28,608 gold)

coat: hopscotch (5827 less)> hopscotch & middot; light blue (5792 set · less) > Ace pitcher (5691)

Socks: Pile Socks (5721 DreamWorks) > Star Strike (5352 Weaving Dreams) > White Chocolate (5293 Summer)

Socks: Three strike stockings (7149)> Five-ring sports socks (7044 gold)> Fantastic clown socks (6348 drill)

Shoes: The Road to Learning (11713 Gold) & Pitcher Yau (10756)> General Running Shoes &mid Dot; red (10461 regular & middot; pumping)

Makeup: Hippie clown (2187 drill)> Pure Angel (2141 vs. pumping) > Happy party (1940 gold)

The Spirit of Fluorescence: Titled Deer (4875 weaving dreams)> White Deer Cliffs (4746 Dreams of Dream)> Lingxi Magic Deer (123)

Headgear & middot; Hair accessories: Cortical goggles (2571)> Wonderful hat (1829)> Smart Headphones (1798 drill)

Headwear & middot; veil: Flower Girl (1498)> Sea Spirit Scarf (1490 pumping)> Red Cloak & middot; Gorgeous (1490 in & middot; Public/Pump/Pump)

Headwear & middot; Card: Heart of Love (1613 Drill)> Strawberry Pastry (1532)> Washing Sand (1418 Gold)

Headwear & middot; Ears: Mechanical Angel (1225 Drill) >Dark brown wolf ear (325 kilos)>ear of orcs (122 picture)

Earrings: Warm heart accompanied (1704 pumping) > Red fruit (1532 gold) > Pink Diamond Earrings (1424 Check 5)

Neckwear & middot;scarf: suddenly hehehe (2947 drill)> cross knot (1671 dream workshop)> jinjin (1603 picture)

necklace · necklace: gentle Powder knot (1676 pumping)> The knot of the god of love (1676 diamond)> Face collar with smile (1630 picture)

Taste & middot; Right: Popcorn machine (1821 kit) & gt; luminous surround (1764 summer) & gt; lemon bracelet (1756 against)

jewelry & middot; left: Laurel bracelet (1190 gold) & gt; Jie Jie cloud dessert ( 1162 Gold)>Qing Xisui (1139 weaving Dream)

Crafts & middot; Double: Friendship Bracers (3277 Gold) > Melaleuca Snow (1821 Summer)> Heart of Love (1676 Drill)

Handheld & middot; Right: Heart of the wax seal (1829氪)> Sphinx (1751 pumping)> Carrot bag & middot; Gorgeous (1745th (123)

Hand-held & middot; left: bitter (1688 pumping)> Little Red Riding Hood’s basket (1688 pumping)> warm yellowish light (1557)

Hand & middot; Double: Sweet Time (1532 Login)> Sky Violin (829 Set)> Jade Open new mirror (679 four gods)

Waist ornaments: Zero restart (1630 gold) > small apron (1469 figure) > love gift box (1459 summer)

Special · Finishing: Colorful Face Clown (1764 Picture)> Streaky Pork Bag (1636 Gold)> Sharp Eyes (1600 Dream House)

Special &middot ; Chestpiece: Headman’s Head (1764 Login) > Time Chronograph (1674 Dreams) & Anchor Boat (1612 Sign 17)

Special · Tattoo: Red Cheek (1459 figure) > Sprout Bear Eye Mask (1425 login) > Watch Star (1355 Knotty)

Special · Wings: Wings of Little Devil (1434 picture) > Fantastic Fantasy (1418 voting)> Blue Sky Fantasy (1307th Anniversary)

Special · Tail: Wings of Eros (1459 Drill)> Rabbit Ball (1425 Kg)> ;Jin Fu Monkeytail (1338 Gold)

Special · Foreground: Swing Bear (1858 Login) & gt; Miracle Circus (1798 Diamond) &> Blue Jays (1584 KM)

Special · Back Scene: Funny Park (1858)> Absurd Paradise (1778 Drill)> Cigarette Snow (1440 Gold)

Special · Crest: Broken Chain (568)> Five Moon Rose (251 grit) & Thread yoke (122 in · Fig.)

Special · Ground: Rotate Sphere (1753) > Blood Temple [昼] ](1459 魑 ) ) )) & gt; Colorful Celebration (1412 Drilling)

Special · Skin: Broken Puppet (568 Fig.) & gt; Muppets (122 in · Fig.)

The above is Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Girls’ Vol.2 Volume 1-3 High Scores Raiders’s Raid Doors S Raiders Raiders of the Raiders, I hope to be helpful to everyone, and more information about 18183 Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen area.

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Nikki volume 2 love

He nibbled on her ears and kissed her neck, gradually reaching her lips. When I got there I kissed passionately for a long time, tightly clutching the hot young body of my wife. Nevertheless, having coped with the temptation, the wife slowly pulled away from the strong embrace and walked into our room. I watched these depraved scenes with interest, was excited and did not get jealous at all, on the contrary, in my soul.

I was scolding this shy fool.

Love Nikki Volume 2 Chapter 2 Soundtrack

And even more so to carry with you by car. And besides, what about Brenda, Bill's sister and Mr. Jackson.

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