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Song Ji-eun is a South Korean singer and actress. She is best known by her stage name Jieun and was a member of the South Korean girl group Secret. Secret officially debuted in October 2009 under TS Entertainment with the release of their debut song “I Want You Back.” The group consists of four members, Song Ji-eun, Han Sun-hwa, Jung Ha-na, and Jun Hyo-seong. Prior to their debut, the group was on a documentary show called Secret Story which chronicled their debut process.

Aside from her group’s activities, she has released several solo songs, participated in various OSTs and has established a career as an actress. In 2011, her second single, “Going Crazy” featuring Bang Yong-guk, went to become her first number-one single on the Gaon Chart as a solo artist.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with an update about Ex-Secret’s Song Ji-eun: What Is She Doing Now That She Has Left the Group? So, stay tuned!

Song Ji-eun’s Departure From Secret and Conflict with TS Entertainment

In 2017, Song Ji-eun shocked her fans by releasing a statement about her departure from Secret and terminating her contract with TS Entertainment.

Song Ji-eun shared the statement through her personal Instagram explaining that she is leaving Secret. She really felt sorry for her fans who found out the news of her departure through articles. She explained that she needed a lot of courage to write this post. She did not have another method of communication so she, unfortunately, posted through her Instagram. She thanks TS Entertainment for making her dream come true, since she was a trainee until she was able to debut. It was because of the agency that Secret was able to exist and be active while believing in each other and relying on each other, and also met their fans who still support their dreams. She also confirmed that she left Secret and will make a new start under the name of Song Ji-eun.

Ji-eun had submitted a request to the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board in August of 2017 to verify that her contract with TS Entertainment is invalid. There were various reasons for the invalidity of her contract that she stated, such as inappropriate payment distribution for her drama appearance, contracts being signed against her will, failure to provide repayments, and the transfer of her exclusive contract rights to a third party without her permission.

TS Entertainment also has released a statement regarding the legal dispute surrounding Song Ji-eun’s exclusive contract. TS Entertainment explained that Ji-eun’s exclusive contract had not yet expired, and she already signed a contract with a new agency. Signing with a new agency makes for a double exclusive contract and a clear breach of contract.

Joining a New Agency

In January 2019, Song Ji-eun signed an exclusive contract with Haewadal Entertainment. However, TS Entertainment entered a legal dispute with Song Ji-eun over her exclusive contract for signing with Haewadal Entertainment while their exclusive contract was still valid. Song Ji-eun and Haewadal Entertainment made the mutual decision to terminate their contract in less than two months.

After she left TS Entertainment, Ji-eun is now focusing on her acting career and she has signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, 6 Oceans. On June 22nd, 2019, 6 Oceans confirmed that they have signed an exclusive contract with Song Ji-eun. 6 Oceans is a home for many celebrities, such as Park In-hwan, Go Eun-mi, and 2AM’s Changmin.

Her Latest Drama, My Secret Romance

My Secret Romance is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Sung-hoon and Song Ji-eun. It aired on the cable network OCN at 21:00 every Monday and Tuesday, from April 17th to May 30th, 2017, for a total of 13 episodes. The drama tells a story about a love story of an heir of a wealthy family, Cha Jin-wook and the nutritionist, Lee Yoo-mi. Lee Yoo-mi (played by Ji-eun) is a nutritionist who feels insecure about other people’s opinions and is also scared to wear revealing clothes due to her mother’s controversial reputation in society. And Sung-hoon played as Cha Jin-wook, a second-generation chaebol, and director of a company owned by his dad. He is playful and loves to party.

Jin-wook and Yoo-mi get caught up in a series of misunderstandings and accidents when they first meet at Gangwon-do resort. Yoo-mi attends her mother’s second wedding there while Jin-wook is there working as a bellhop (a position given to him by his Chairman father to teach him responsibility.) Yoo-mi is fascinated by Jin-wook’s cunning and playful personality, and they suddenly spend the night together. However, Yoo-mi disappears in the morning, and Jin-wook feels confused and insulted.

Three years later, the two meet again when Yoo-mi works as a nutritionist at the company cafeteria of Jin-wook’ company. After Yoo-mi disappeared from his sight, it seems like the playboy Jin-wook has given up his carefree life and turned into a hard-working and serious man while taking good care of his father’s company. He has feelings for Yoo-mi and has kept her bra-pad as a memory of the night that they spent together. At first, he is very strict toward her, it is because he wants to be near her.

The chemistry between Sung-hoon and Ji-eun in My Secret Romance has led some fans to think that they are actually dating in real life. It is because the two actors have shown their amazing chemistry together. In some behind the scenes videos, Sung-hoon and Ji-eun playfully tease and take care of each other. The sweet interactions and romantic storyline of the drama seem to have found its way outside into real life.


Her Latest Single, “Tell Me”

“Tell Me” is a digital single by Song Ji-eun. It was released on March 28th, 2017, as a collaboration with producer duo Forplay. “Tell me” is a ballad song and there is no official music video for the single.


Artist: Song Ji-eun

Release Date: March 28th, 2017

Title: Tell Me

Genre: Ballad

Label/Distributor: Hellojunenet

Writer: Forplay, Kim Eun Ryeong

Composer: Forplay

What Is She Doing Lately

It has been a while since the last time fans got to watch a Song Ji-eun drama and listen to her new song. But now, fans may let go of their longing for Ji-eun’s sweet voice as a singer.

On July 5th, Ji-eun posted on her Instagram that she is featuring in James’ new single titled “Combat.”

Song Ji-eun lends her sweet voice for James’ new single “Combat” with producer Neko. The laid back R&B pop song features the delicate vocals of Ji-eun who kills it while singing in English. This unusual collaboration has produced a solid song and shows all the artists’ growth.

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Song Ji Eun

2018Video Star: Season 2

Korean TV Show, 2018, 300 eps

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2015Hidden Singer: Season 4

Korean TV Show, 2015, 16 eps

[Panelist] (Ep. 6)(Guest)


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20152015 Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special

Korean TV Show, 2015, 2 eps

(Regular Member)


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2015King of Mask Singer

Korean TV Show, 2015, 400 eps

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Korean TV Show, 2015, 24 eps

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2014Hidden Singer: Season 3

Korean TV Show, 2014, 17 eps

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2013After School Club

Korean TV Show, 2013, 600 eps

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20122012 Idol Star Olympics Championships

Korean TV Show, 2012, 2 eps

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20122012 Idol Star Athletics – Swimming Championships

Korean TV Show, 2012, 2 eps

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2011Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man's High Society

Korean TV Show, 2011, 79 eps

(Ep. 48-50)(Guest)


(Ep. 48-50)



2011Weekly Idol

Korean TV Show, 2011, 550 eps

(Ep.19, 62-63, 95, 100-101, 130, 172, 200-201)(Guest)


(Ep.19, 62-63, 95, 100-101, 130, 172, 200-201)



2011Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend

Korean TV Show, 2011, 600 eps

(Ep. 2-5)(Guest)


(Ep. 2-5)



2010Hello Counselor: Season 1

Korean TV Show, 2010, 431 eps

(Ep. 34, 254)(Guest)


(Ep. 34, 254)



20102010 Idol Star Athletics Championships

Korean TV Show, 2010, 2 eps

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Korean TV Show, 2010, 40 eps

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2010Running Man

Korean TV Show, 2010, 600 eps

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2010Idol League

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2009Idol Show: Season 5

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2009Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2

Korean TV Show, 2009, 336 eps





2007Radio Star

Korean TV Show, 2007, 800 eps

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(Ep. 177-178)




Korean TV Show, 2003, 664 eps

(Ep. 559, 602, 646)(Guest)


(Ep. 559, 602, 646)



1998Pops in Seoul

Korean TV Show, 1998, 6000 eps

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(Ep. 4275)



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Song Ji Eun Talks About Why She Went Through A Slump After Debut, Dream Acting Roles, And More

Song Ji Eun marked the end of her hiatus with a colorful pictorial with BNT International.

On October 18, the publication released photos of the singer-turned-actress posing in three different concepts for fall.

In the accompanying interview, Song Ji Eun began by giving an update on what she’s been up to. She said, “I had a break of about two years and was able to do various things after joining a new agency. I recently portrayed a character named Young Sun in the tvN drama ‘Melting Me Softly.’ Because Young Sun and Song Ji Eun are very different people, I worked hard to change my tone. I wasn’t aware because I was acting on set, but I really regretted it while monitoring. I also had regrets because I could’ve done better. If I could give my acting a score, I’d give somewhere around 40 points. I even regret that.”

In 2018, the singer-actress was wrapped up in dating rumors with her “My Secret Romance” co-star Sung Hoon. She explained, “I don’t have a lot of experience on drama sets, but I became really close with the actors since I saw them more often than my family for about two to three months. But we naturally lost contact after we went back to our individual lives after filming ended. My relationship with the cast, including Sung Hoon, is that we only get together for events and meet up once in a while.”

Song Ji Eun began training at a young age after graduating from middle school. She revealed, “I wasn’t able to properly attend school during my high school years. Because I began to have a society of my own since I was young, it became a habit to always be careful and endure. After a while, I realized that only a controlled Song Ji Eun remained. I felt as if I was being healed of the things I had suppressed while taking on characters and acting.”

As for future roles she hoped to play in the future, Song Ji Eun said, “I’ve portrayed a lot of candy-like roles until now, so I want to try something that’s the total opposite. I heard that my personality was like that of a boy since I was young. I thought Nam Gyu Ri‘s role as a detective in ‘Children of Nobody‘ was cool, so I like that kind of character. I want to transform into a tough character and bring out a new kind of appearance.”

She continued, “When you look at Jung Yu Mi or Gong Hyo Jin, they don’t have traditional acting tones. They have their own unique tone when saying their lines, so I want to have my own as well.”

When asked if she had a role model as a singer, Song Ji Eun replied, “When I was promoting as a singer, I started to blame myself while comparing myself to other singers about things I didn’t have, so I got rid of having a role model. I hated my voice, so I didn’t like singing and began to cower. It was to the point where I experienced a slump as soon as I debuted. I didn’t like my voice while recording and cried after singing every line because I didn’t like my voice.”

After choosing Paul Kim as her hopeful duet partner, she shared plans for her upcoming YouTube channel. She said, “I thought about doing it as fan service because I have a break now unlike in my promotions in the past. I plan to show behind-the-scenes footage from filming and my everyday life.”

“I’m still getting along well with the Secret members,” stated Song Ji Eun. “We still have our group chatroom.” She named Jung Yoo Min, Joo Ah Reum, and the group Rainbow as her close celebrity friends. She explained, “Jung Yoo Min is one year younger than me and Joo Ah Reum is two years younger than me. All of them are working as actresses, and they’re just friends who I feel affection for and want to take care of for no particular reason. I feel oddly drawn to them in a human way. I see them often and we share our concerns. I’m close with [Rainbow] since they debuted around the same time. We sometimes go to see exhibits and they’re a group that I really like.”

Speaking about her future promotions, she concluded, “I started as a singer, but don’t think that I need to see it through as a singer. Anyone can dream of new things and attempt new challenges. Getting the opportunity to act was like a gift, and I had fun doing it so I want to work hard whether that’s as a singer or an actress. I think that a critical perspective towards idol-turned-actors is inevitable, but I hope you’ll watch me with a generous mind.”

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Song Ji-eun

For the South Korean handball player, see Song Ji-eun (handballer).

South Korean singer and actress

In this Korean name, the family name is Song.

Song Ji-eun, (born May 5, 1990), better known mononymously as Jieun, is a South Korean singer and actress best known as a member of the South Korean girl group Secret. Aside from her group's activities, she has released several solo songs and participated in various OSTs. In 2011, her second single, "Going Crazy" featuring Bang Yong-guk, went to become her first number one single on the Gaon Chart as a solo artist.

Life and career[edit]

1990–2008: Early life and career beginnings[edit]

Song Ji-eun was born on May 5, 1990,[2] in South Korea, she is an only child. Having interest in music when she was young, she auditioned for JYP Entertainment at an early age. While in JYP Entertainment, she sang OSTs of Korean dramas in 2007 and 2008 such as "Learning To Fly" for Air City. Under JYP Entertainment, she was set off to debut as a four-member girl group with Sistar's Hyorin, BESTie's Uji and EXID's Hani, but the plan was scrapped and Ji-eun then left JYP Entertainment and joined TS Entertainment.[3]

2009–2014: Debut with Secret and rising popularity[edit]

Main article: Secret (South Korean band)

Secret performing Madonnaat the Mnet 20s Choice Awards.

In September 2009, TS Entertainment announced that they will be debuting a four-member girl group in October 2009. Song, along with Han Sunhwa, Jung Hana and Jun Hyoseong, debuted as the group, Secret. Prior to their debut, the group was on a documentary show called "Secret Story" which chronicled their debut process. They released their debut single "I Want You Back" in October 2009.[4]

In December 2009, she sang a duet with Hwanhee titled, "Yesterday".[5]

After Secret's success with "Shy Boy", TS Entertainment announced that Song will make her solo debut with the song "Going Crazy".[6] The song was dubbed as an "emotional ballad track" and "different to what she's shown through Secret".[citation needed] The single, released in March 2011, was a success and peaked at number one on Gaon Singles Chart, making it Song's and Bang's first number one single in Korea.[7]

In 2013, Song released her first single album Hope Torture, which she unveiled at her album showcase at the Olleh Square in Gwanghwamun.[8][9]

In 2014, Song released her first extended play, titled 25, which contained two singles "Don't Look At Me Like That"[10] and "Pretty Age 25".[11] The same year, Song made her acting debut in the web drama Drawing, Spring, as a part-time worker for a PR team, who loves all living things but has traumatic experience with horses.[12]

2015–present: Acting career, Bobby Doll, and departure from Secret[edit]

In April 2015, Song featured in fantasy youth comedy The Superman Age, an 8 episode series which aired on cable channel tvN.[13] She then starred in the web drama The Immutable Law of First Love, based on a web novel of the same name, playing a photographer who loves abandoned dogs.[14] In November, she starred in KBS's daily drama Sweet Home, Sweet Honey and received positive reception on her performance.[15]

In September 2016, Song released her second extended play, titled Bobby Doll containing six tracks, including the title track of the same name.[16][17][18]

In April 2017, Song starred in OCN's romantic comedy drama My Secret Romance alongside Sung Hoon.[19]

In August 2017, Song submitted a request to the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board to verify that her contract is no longer valid due to TS Entertainment not following the terms of the contract.[20][21] Song later took to her Instagram where she announced her departure from Secret.[22]


For Song's works with Secret, see Secret discography.


Single albums[edit]


As lead artist[edit]

As featured artist[edit]


Participation in albums[edit]

Music videos[edit]

Year Music video
2011 "Going Crazy"
2012 "It's Cold"
2013 "False Hope"
2014 "Don't Look at me Like That"
"Pretty Age 25"
2015 "Cool Night"
2016 "Bobby Doll"
2014 "MIL (Make it love)"



Television series[edit]

Web series[edit]

Year Title Role
2014Longing For SpringYang Mal-ja
2015Immutable Law of First LoveLee Yeo-ri
2019Wish Woosh 2Min Ji-woo

Awards and nominations[edit]

Asia Artist Awards[edit]

Seoul Music Awards[edit]


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