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Boruto: 25 Things Only True Fans Know About Mitsuki

Like Naruto before it, Boruto has become a big hit among anime fans. One of the biggest reasons for that is it's vibrant cast of characters. This includes the unique, mysterious son of Orochimaru, Mitsuki. As no one wants to romantically entangle themselves with the snake Sannin, his son was created as a clone. Except, Mitsuki isn't exactly a full clone. Orochimaru experimented, spliced, and scrambled his genetics to make them as perfect as possible. Best put, Mitsuki is an artificial being.

Since his arrival in Konoha, the young snake ninja has become integrated into the community. He graduated Ninja Academy, became a part of Team 7, and made fast friends with Sarada Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki. The three of them have become inseparably loyal and dedicated to one another. Throughout their many adventures and mishaps, they support their fellow Team 7 ninja.

However, despite his wholesome, kid ninja adventures, Mitsuki has a lot going on. After all, he is the son of Orochimaru, one of the most incessant antagonists of Naruto. There are deep secrets and conflicting traits in this young hero. While some of it is dealt with in his personal arcs about leaving Konoha or learning more about other artificial beings, not all of it is so clear. Some fans may have completely missed some of his idiosyncrasies.

Here are 25 Things Only True Fans Know About Mitsuki.

25 He's Not Orochimaru's Only Son

As far as Mitsuki knew, he was Orochimaru's only child. However, he eventually learns that's not true at all. The manipulative ninja has at least one other artificial son, Log. Log rebelled against Orochimaru and currently aims to destroy his parent and himself. After all, Orochimaru continually created clones until he got the perfect one. It's fair to think he didn't perfect it with Log or Mitsuki. There might be hundreds of discarded clones that Orochimaru deemed insufficient.

While Mitsuki has a surprisingly good relationship with his parent, Log's existence alone is a stark reminder of Orochimaru's murky past and why it might be best not to trust him.

24 Mitsuki's Independence Was Calculated

When Orochimaru plots, he plots deep. Eventually, it's revealed that Mitsuki's decision to leave him and study in Konoha was also calculated. Orochimaru wanted the young ninja to seek out the village. In doing this, he could use his son as a spy and foster a closeness with the young genin of the area. To Orochimaru, everything fits into his ultimate plans, including all the actions of his son.

With all this information, of course Mitsuki becomes pretty wary of manipulation and is only pushed more towards the people of Konoha. Or is that Orochimaru's plan all along, too?

23 Close Bond With Snakes

As far as fans know, most of Mitsuki's genetics are based on the best parts of Orochimaru. With the snake Sannin's genetics, of course, comes snakes. The young artificial human has a bond with serpents just like his parent, using them in ninjutsu as well as feeling comfortable around them in daily life. While he isn't very snake-y as a person, that doesn't mean he doesn't have that same slithering way through battle that Orochimaru always used.

For all the snakes Mitsuki has at his disposal, he uses their abilities for good. After all, just because snakes are associated with treachery doesn't mean they inherently are evil.

22 Doesn't Understand His Own Strength

For a large part of his life, Mitsuki spent most of his time alone with Orochimaru. When he had to practice his ninjutsu and spar, his highly powerful parent was the only option. Ergo, after moving to Konoha, sometimes the young boy has trouble understanding his own strength. At times he can deliver blows that hurt people a lot more than he expected.

With time, Mitsuki has improved and understands him abilities better. However, because of his unique genetics and nature, it's hard to tell how far his powers can go. A single emotional moment could push him towards strength he never knew he had before.

21 Drawn To Boruto The Moment They Met

Mitsuki thinks a lot in metaphors, and the one most important to him is his "sun and moon" one. Because of his name, he thinks himself the moon, and looks for the sun to be his opposite, his rival, his equal partner. The second he met Boruto Uzumaki, he was determined that this boy must be his "sun".

Both powerful young shinobi, the boys became fast friends and work well off one another. While they may not butt heads like Naruto and Sasuke did, they do encourage each other to improve. Mitsuki may have been drawn to Boruto because of vague metaphors and bright hair, but they only make each other better friends and ninja.

20 Mitsuki Is Beyond Flexible

During Naruto, Orochimaru was known for his flowing and flexible style of fighting. While many ninja were bombastic, he was breezy liquid. Mitsuki is no different. In the face of combat, he can contort and weave through battle just like his parent. Despite the power he packs in each motion, he does it all effortlessly.

Furthermore, Mitsuki's limbs can bend, stretch, and expand the serpent way his genes allow. He can become one with the snake and use his superhuman abilities to make fighting him even harder. That kind of unique physical prowess intimidates any foe.

19 He Has Particular Food Tastes

Naruto and Boruto have always been good at having fun with their characters' preferences and odd hobbies. Sharing those things with fans only sheds more light into their favorite ninja. When it comes to Mitsuki, his likes and dislikes only make him a stranger, stronger personality.

While all the young genin have fairly common favorite and least favorite foods, the young artificial boy has very specific choices. His favorite is scrambled eggs and his least favorite is meat from animals with scales. Though that probably is more applicable for fish, it's pretty clear it's a references to his scaly snake connections. Odd, but very Mitsuki of him.

18 Can Heal Himself Without Hand Seals

For any Sakura or Tsunade fans, they know the requirements of ninjutsu healing. Medical-nin use hand seals to heal their injured shinobi compatriots. However, because of all of his special genetics and unique abilities, Mitsuki can heal himself without hand seals. Much like Orochimaru learned to shed his skin like a snake, his son has some of the regenerative powers of scaly creatures.

In the danger of battle, it's pretty useful for Mitsuki to heal himself without having to get help from others or worrying about using his hands. Instead, he just wills his body to heal itself. That's a pretty useful ability.

17 He's Very Wary Of Manipulation

Throughout his life, Orochimaru has done everything in his power to manipulate Mitsuki. Between seclusion, pushing him to join Konoha, and treating him kindly in person, all he wanted was to serve his agenda. Doing that for over ten years is one serious long-con. While Mitsuki still cares a lot about his parent, those manipulative ways of his make him wary of others. After all, they might try to manipulate him, too.

Despite being a good kid, he doesn't trust easy. He wants to know what he's getting himself into before he agrees. If his own parent can manipulate him, anyone can and he's too determined to walk his own path to let that happen.

16 Mitsuki Can Sense A Lot About People Just By Looking At Them

The Hyuga and Uchiha clans are known for their special, knowing eyes, the Sharingan and Byakugan. Boruto's Jogan similarly lets him see more than other people. Despite having none of these, Mitsuki can see chakra threads, energy, and can deduce a lot just from what he sees. In some cases, it helps identify threats. It helped pinpoint Sumire as "Ghost" before she hurt the village.

Moreover, though, his eyes can even identify things about people like Kabuto's info cards used to. Just by looking at Chocho he was able to figure out what clan she came from and other personal information. When it comes down to the average shinobi, most can't do that.

15 He Thinks Boruto Will Be Hokage

While Boruto is the lead in this next generation series, his goal is not to become Hokage. Boruto wants to find his own ninja way. The first time he ever has a specific goal is when he meets someone capable, Sarada, who wants to be Hokage instead. Then, he wants to support her goal.

However, despite all of Boruto's reluctance, Mitsuki is insistent that he will be Hokage. When Mitsuki believes in someone, he fiercely supports them, and he doesn't believe in anyone more than his parent and Boruto. He brashly says Orochimaru is stronger than Naruto and Sasuke, and he similarly thinks Boruto will end up the strongest ninja to lead them all.

14 Orochimaru Isn't The Only Creator Of Artificial Beings

When fans first meet Mitsuki, he's bizarre and mysterious. Eventually, they learn it's because he's Orochimaru's artificially created son. A disconcerting and novel creation, he's an oddity in Konoha. However, he's not the only one of his kind. Not including his brother, Log, the Tsuchikage created several artificial beings. Onoki used his vast wisdom to create these people using various Land of Forest members' DNA. While most of his creations were of others, one of them, Ku, was a clone of himself.

Though Onoki's endeavors don't work out quite as well as Mitsuki, they were an adversary he could relate to.

13 Mitsuki Found Kawaki

Though Kawaki ends up being and indomitable foe, his introduction is not nearly as dramatic. Boruto's Team 7 is heading back after a mission when they come upon a bunch of lifeless puppets and an unconscious boy. Mitsuki is the first to stumble upon him. While the encounter turns into a bit of a scuffle, the group ends up taking the young man, Kawaki, back to Konoha with them.

Boruto and Kawaki may be the ones with the odd, Kama bond, but if Mitsuki never had found him, maybe things could have been very different. Maybe he wouldn't end up the villain of their future, or maybe he'd end up something far, far worse.

12 His Naive Innocence Has A Darkness To It

Despite his unsavory background, from the moment fans meet Mitsuki, he seems like an innocent, well-meaning young ninja. His interactions are wide-eyed and kind, and he doesn't have nearly half the angst of his peers. At least, until he shows his darker side.

During battle is when Mitsuki becomes something far more fearsome. After years of training and learning from Orochimaru, he has a ruthless nature to him in fights. Like his parent, he fights with the intention to destroy, something many of the young genin don't inherently do. Though adorable as he may seem, getting on Mitsuki's vicious side is a dangerous thing to do.

11 He Admires Orochimaru

With Boruto being almost a hundred episodes deep now, fans are getting a pretty good sense of who their main heroes are and what motivates them. No one's backstory is nearly as twisty and complicated as Mitsuki's, though. While he respects Orochimaru as his parent, the ninja has openly done things to hurt Mitsuki and his friends. He knows the man is a master manipulator.

However, despite all his growing knowledge of Orochimaru's dark doings, Mitsuki still admires his parent. After all, he grew up witnessing his strength in ninjutsu and science. Even if he's an awful person, Orochimaru does everything with intensity, intelligence, and grace.

10 Orochimaru Thinks He's Genetically Perfect

One of Orochimaru's more admirable traits is his pursuit of perfection. While it's exactly what drove him to be a mad scientist, that intense drive is part of what makes him brilliant. A lot of his time is focused on himself and his own goals, but he does care a lot about Mitsuki. After all, he deems the boy to be genetically perfect. He took years of time to train and care for him like any normal parent would.

Orochimaru's actions may be coated with self-serving plots, but his reverence of Mitsuki is real. He even thinks his son may be stronger than himself one day.

9 His Name Has Disturbing Meaning

When Orochimaru named his sons, he named them both Mitsuki. The meaning behind them was to combine snake (Mi) with vessel (Tsuki). Correct. Disturbingly, the snake scientist himself named his children to mark them as possible vessels for himself from birth. While Mitsuki himself altered the meaning to Tsuki meaning moon, Orochimaru's original meaning isn't lost.

Despite any kind actions he may do, or any good parenting he does, Orochimaru intends on using Mitsuki as a perfect vessel. Whether he follows through is unknown, but the intention is sinister enough to warrant concern.

8 He's Open-Minded To Orochimaru's Conflicting Complexities

Once, after some time in Konoha, Mitsuki looked at Orochimaru and wondered what to call him: mother or father? After all, he'd been women and men at various points, depending on bodies he inhabited. Eventually, after some friend adventures and soul-searching, Mitsuki realizes it doesn't matter and settles on calling him parent.

With Orochimaru's past and his weird duality with Mitsuki, it's surprising how much they seem to like an respect one another. Though Orochimaru has a lot of complexities and an awful past, his son is fairly open-minded to figuring out each day one at a time. It's what family does.

7 Highly Skilled In Subterfuge

With a head-on personality and a seemingly sweet, naive soul, it's a bit surprising how proficient Mitsuki is in subterfuge. That is, until someone thinks about who his parent is. Of course anyone associated with Orochimaru would be trickier than most.

Along with his snake and sage powers, Mitsuki is great at stealth, misdirection, and generally confusing or fooling his opponents. In his battle with Iwabee, he masterfully find a way to get behind him and restrain him.

Though most of his style is overpowering his opponents, Mitsuki will do whatever it takes, using whatever skills he needs, to win in a fight. That is his ninja way.

6 A Vicious Combatant

For all of Mitsuki's good will while being a member of Team 7, being friends with Boruto doesn't erase years with Orochimaru. Mitsuki was trained to not just defeat his opponents, but destroy them. In several genin battles he went way too far and used too much strength or caused too much damage.

While he's working towards being a good person and ninja, the young shinobi still has a flair for ruthlessness that few other genin have. No one should want to have to face off against this fearsome kid, because he will not pull any punches.

Though most of his personality is gentle and fluid, he takes combat seriously. Perhaps a little too seriously.

5 Mitsuki Is Deeply Dedicated To His Teammates

In all the Naruto series, Team 7 tends to choose team loyalty over loyalty to Konoha. Naruto chose saving and pardoning Sasuke over destroying him. While not a serious as that, Boruto, Mitsuki, and even Sarada have chosen to disobey orders to help or save one another.

With all of Orochimaru's machinations, he could sway Mitsuki from Konoha. However, Boruto has clearly shown that swaying him from Boruto and Sarada will not be so easy.

While Boruto parallels a lot of Naruto, it's very unlikely Mitsuki will become the Sasuke of their group. It's more likely for the three of them to end up fugitives from Konoha for choosing each other over the shinobi.

4 The Youngest Known Ninja To Reach Sage Mode

Though most of the beings that can reach sage mode are toads, quite a few Hokage and high-powered ninja have the ability, too. It's something that takes a lot of power, chakra, and skill. At the age of twelve, Mitsuki is by far the youngest ninja to achieve Sage Mode. It's an impressive feat that sets him apart from his peers. With swirling, snake-like green chakra, a horn, and foreboding yellow eyes, Mitsuki's Sage Mode is pretty intimidating.

While he doesn't have complete control over Sage Mode yet, the young artificial ninja is learning. If he is this strong this young, his future potential is already daunting.

3 Orochimaru Isn't The Worst Konoha Parent

As a person, Orochimaru is pretty terrible. He's manipulative, selfish, and ruthless. Too many people have lost their lives serving his schemes and scientific impulses. However, oddly enough, when it comes to parenting he isn't half bad.

While he still plots, he does spend a lot of time with Mitsuki, teaching him and guiding him. He lets him have friends that go against his ideals. On his own, Mitsuki gets to explore his identity and Konoha.

Sure, Orochimaru's ultimate plan is to use Mitsuki as a vessel. But ignoring his internal machinations and just looking at his actions, being there for his kid and supporting him is much more than some other Konoha parents manage.

2 The Rest Of His Genetics Are A Mystery

Most of Mitsuki is a genetic re-work and clone of Orochimaru. However, it's heavily implied that Orochimaru did some splicing and DNA experimenting to get to his final results. Ergo, it's safe to assume not all of this artificial son's genes are from his parents. Some of it could be from other powerful ninja, from the snakes he adores, or somewhere else entirely.

If Mitsuki does have some mystery to his DNA, it might eventually show up in some of his abilities. He could be even more versatile and powerful because of Orochimaru's meddling. No one will ever know except Orochimaru, who spiced and experimented his son into existence.

1 He Has Immeasurable Potential

As a artificial being and sort-of clone, Mitsuki is a ninja unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. While most of the ninja arts and bloodlines are well-known, Orochimaru's son is wholly unique. A simple movements of a few chromosomes could have changed him to a point where he's forever different than others.

Because of Mitsuki's engineered nature, and the uniqueness of his existence, it's impossible to know his potential. With no other being to compare him to, he could have more power than any other ninja before him. After all, if he's genetically perfect...

While Boruto progresses, it will be fascinating to see Mitsuki grow and see how powerful an artificial being can become.


Were there any other lesser-known facts we missed about Mitsuki from Boruto? Let us know in the comments below!



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Boruto: Wait, Boruto's [SPOILER] Is Dying?

Boruto Episode 167 confirms that a key member of Team 7 is dying following the gut-wrenching fight against Kara's Joker, Deepa.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 167, "Their Decision," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Following Team 7's big battle with Deepa, they've been left irrevocably broken. While we haven't seen much of Kara since their underwhelming debut, the Joker-like villain has indeed picked up the slack, beating down Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki with consummate ease. He's also murdered other shinobi from the Hidden Cloud, sending a message that his terrorist group has ninjas that can really destroy what Naruto and Co. have built over the years.

However, it turns out to be much worse than we first assumed because the latest episode has revealed Boruto's best friend, Mitsuki, is now dying, leaving his father, Orochimaru, scrambling to save his life.

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Just when it seemed Deepa was going to kill Boruto in the previous episode, Mitsuki made a last-ditch attempt to save his friends, activating his Sage Mode. This drains a lot of chakra from him, which Orochimaru did warn him about. Because he's a clone, his body isn't fully equipped to be pushed so far. Nonetheless, Deepa departs with the Hashirama Cell, sensing Mitsuki's power has grown exponentially.

But as Mitsuki leaps away with his friends, we can tell he's breaking down -- causing him to crash at Yubina's clinic. She can't treat them in full, however, leaving Konoha to take in Boruto and Sarada in the nick of time, while Orochimaru and Log (the older clone) work on Mitsuki. But it's much worse than expected as his insides have disintegrated, leaving his master worried as they look at the boy in his stasis tank.

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Over-usage of energy has always been a problem for Mitsuki, ergo why he was prohibited from the Sage Mode, and now a dismayed Orochimaru knows it's going to be a miracle to heal the kid. His condition's quite severe and Log notes how concerned his dad is. Various organs will have to be replaced from scratch and while Orochimaru plays it off by saying he simply invested a lot of time and resources into creating Mitsuki, Log can tell there's a love there his dad doesn't typically show, not even to him.

He wants them to think they're experiments and nothing more, but clearly, there's sentiment there, which is why the ex-villain doesn't want his attempts now to be a wasted effort. That said, Log knows the chances are low as Mitsuki's body is so frail. Interestingly, while this arc wasn't in the manga, the show could pull off a remarkable switch and actually have Mitsuki die to enrich Orochimaru's story and shape it as one of loss and grief, as opposed to his selfish days in the Naruto franchise when he just sought weapons of mass destruction.

If he does die, Orochimaru can grow back another Mitsuki, and seeing as he has experimented with memories, he could place Mitsuki's mind before his death into another body. It'd be a huge twist and Boruto's crew would be none the wiser, thus providing a different Mitsuki for when the show catches up to the manga. It'd be bold, but this direction could add a lot of nuance to Orochimaru's journey as he really doesn't want to lose his most prized possession.

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Boruto: 5 Reasons Why Mitsuki Should Have Been The Protagonist (5 Reasons Why Boruto Is Perfect)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, as the name implies, is focused on the new generation of ninjas. The new generation of ninjas has been raised in a completely different era, an era that has no war and bloodshed. The next generation has known a different world, and it's exciting to watch the contrast between their thinking and that of their parents.

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Boruto and Mitsuki are two of the most promising characters in the series. Their parents are among the most distinguished ninjas. Boruto and Mitsuki are part of the new Team 7. Both of them are interesting characters, but there can only be one protagonist.

10 Boruto: Naruto's Son

Boruto's linage plays an important role in him being the protagonist of the series. He is the son of Naruto and Hinata. Most of the Boruto fans have switched to the series only because they want to see Naruto. It is pretty obvious that Boruto would be the best choice as the protagonist for Ikemoto. Boruto's parentage makes him perfect as the main character of the next generation.

9 Mitsuki: Makes Sensible Decisions

Mitsuki has got an intelligent head on his shoulders. So far, he has repeatedly displayed his intelligence. Instead of relying on his emotions while facing a problem, Mitsuki takes a more realistic approach to it. This is, without a doubt, a very underrated quality.

While the Hidden Leaf faced threat from Nue, Boruto wanted to save both the Hidden Leaf and Sumire, but Mitsuki's approach was to get rid of such a nuisance entirely.

8 Boruto: Shonen Protagonist Qualities

If you're looking for a classic shonen protagonist, then you needn't look any further, as Boruto is a typical shonen lead. Boruto has trouble with his father who doesn't pay him enough attention, thus leaving Boruto to his own devices. Boruto loves his friends and will do anything to protect them, even if the repercussions of saving them are much greater. Sound familiar?

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7 Mitsuki: Different Take On A Shonen Protagonist

It is not very often that the main protagonist is devoid of recklessness, indifferent parents, and so on. However, when the main character is a bit different, he injects a breath of fresh air into the series.

Mitsuki would have been perfect in this case. He left his parent willingly in order to seek out the true purpose of his life. He can make important decisions on his own, and he has the strength to carry them out as well.

6 Boruto: A Prodigy

One thing that separates Boruto from Naruto is that the latter was a complete knucklehead as a kid, and Boruto is a true prodigy who is very apt at fighting. He has shown that he is a genius when it comes to fighting opponents and figuring out their weaknesses. He was able to master the Rasengan within a short period of time, and he even infused his Rasengan with Lightning Release, which made it vanish. Even the most talented of ninjas have trouble doing, but, for Boruto, it was child's play.

5 Mitsuki: Not Blessed With Powers

Mitsuki is a synthetic human and he has received genetic upgrades. However, he pales in comparison to Boruto's set of powers. Boruto has a lot more abilities in his arsenal, which makes him a nuisance to fight against. Mitsuki has the ability to extend his limbs and summon snakes. These abilities are better than other ninjas of his age group, but Boruto is miles ahead in comparison.

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4 Boruto: Relentless Pursuit

The fans have already seen how Boruto is willing to go to any lengths to ensure the safety of his friends. He saved Sumire from trouble when she unleashed Nue in the Hidden Leaf. Boruto also went after Mitsuki after he decided to go to the Hidden Stone. In this respect, he is very much like his father, who never gave up on Sasuke even during the most difficult times.

3 Mitsuki: No Major Ambitions

Mitsuki has displayed no major ambitions so far in the series. On the other hand, his teammates have big ambitions: Sarada wants to become the Hokage one day, and Boruto wants to grow into a strong ninja-like Sasuke.

In comparison, Mitsuki has nothing big in mind except that he wants to find a path for himself, which is why Orochimaru allowed him to go free. He wants to understand how emotions work, among several other things. This would appeal to the mature audience if he were to become the main lead.

2 Boruto: Overpowered

Most shonen protagonists start out as feeble. Their growth is slow, and it takes several arcs before they are ready to fight against strong characters. Boruto is an exception in this regard. He has the Jougan, which allows him to see the weak points in his opponent's body. Boruto also has the Karma, which is... well, too broken. For his age, Boruto is far too ahead of the rest.

1 Mitsuki: No Pressure

Mitsuki doesn't have any huge expectations on his shoulders. He does not belong to any major lineage; he is just a synthetic human. Most shonen characters have parents who are blessed with outstanding abilities and have some kind of legend surrounding them. Mitsuki's parentage is unknown to most people, and, as a result, there's no such pressure on him to perform at a very high level.

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'Naruto' Teases the True Villain Goal Behind 'Boruto's Mitsuki Arc

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' latest episode, "Infiltrating the Hidden Stone Village", has Naruto fans up in arms, as it revealed that the fan-fav geriatric shinobi leader Lord Onoki is actually the main villain behind the evil forces at work in the anime's "Mitsuki Arc".

Well, in the midst of the massive reaction from Naruto fans over this big twist in Onoki's character is a one big point of consensus: Boruto better have one hell of an explanation for this one! The shock of a reveal is one thing, but actually making such a big character turn stick is quite another - which is why Boruto fans are already connecting the dots for hints as to what 'Evil Onoki's intentions are all about!

Here's what fans on Reddit are coming up with:

"Ironically, Boruto was right when he said Onoki was their only lead. Onoki was behind it all! I was right, Ku is Onoki's son after all. Possibly even Kozuchi's father. Let's see if my theory of them trying to revive Kozuchi actually comes through. 😂" -- ZJLord

"man i really hope that theory is true. i was worried that we would get the generic "world domination" motive or something like that, with lord ku. trying to revive kozuchi is a much better sounding plot and has more emotional weight" --xj23z

"I sh*t I think I found out what's going to happen. They are going to use mitsuki to try to recreate kozuchi as an akuta to be as humanly as they possibly can." --Obility

"It's definitely this. Ku and Ohnoki are probably consumed by grief and Ohnoki wants to see Kozuchi again before he dies" --Jlavi25

"Ku tries to resurrect him using Mitsuki, but it all goes horribly wrong thanks to mitsuki's wacky DNA and the experiment turns into a artificial tailed beast" --N7Greenfire

Most Naruto fans agree that somehow resurrecting Onoki's grandson / Ku's son Kozuchi seems like the most likely motivation for the two Hidden Stone shinobi's drastic actions. Onoki already revealed a deep wound that could easily be poisoned by grief and ambition, when he first met Boruto in episode 71 and recounted the loss of his grandson:

"Even i the Five Great Nations have a strong union... sometimes you cannot protect a life. That is a reality."

It seemed, at the time, as though Onoki had accepted such cruel turns of fate - but clearly the old man's sense of injustice in this supposed time of peace and prosperity in the shinobi world was something he could not reconcile.

The Akuta are an artificial lifeform that can be molded into humanoids like Kokuyo, Sekiei, Kirara and Kako - but their lifespans are not stable or long. However, with Mitsuki and his artificial human brethren, Orochimaru has created the most sophisticated and powerful artificial life we've seen thus far in the Naruto universe, and with that knowledge, Ku and Onoki may be able to indeed bring Kozuchi back from the dead.

However, Boruto fans are pointing out that such an attempt is already being set up to spell a tragic end for Mitsuki:


"The only thing that's problematic about that theory would be the fact that earlier in this arc Orochimaru confirmed that if anyone looks into Mitsuki's body for information, a curse marks within Mitsuki's body will go off and kill him." --KDG_Fries

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Mitsuki evil is

You see, and the bro also agrees, again threw a joke Roman, going to the TV. - Romka, don't turn it on, Sasha is probably tired, go, already wants to sleep. Better spread the sofa to the guest.

Tsunade Is Angry On Naruto For Accepting Mitsuki \u0026 Orochimaru -- Boruto \u0026 Sarada Looks For Mitsuki

He is completely, completely mine. Here he is again lying on his back, leaning against a stump. I spread his legs. My tongue slides over the limp sword, goes to the bags of nuts. Lips envelop them.

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Slowly move my penis between his compressed legs, while diligently caressing his penis with my mouth. By Sergei's breathing, I realized that he liked this procedure. I slowly moistened my finger with saliva and smeared it on my anus, which, as it seemed to me, was already wet.

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