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[OSRS] Ultimate 1-99 Runecrafting Guide (Fastest/AFK/Profitable Methods)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am bringing you guys a complete level 1 – 99 Runecrafting Guide for Old School Runescape.

Now, Runecrafting is probably one of the most profitable skills in the game. But, it can be very, veryslow, and it can be very tedious. So, I’m bringing this guide today with all of the fastest methods, as well as the ones that are AFK, and also the ones that are the most profitable. Let’s jump into it!

First up, I am going to talk about the gear you should be wearing while Runecrafting. You should definitely be wearing lightweight gear while Runecrafting. Pure Essence actually does not weigh anything, so, it is not really going to weigh you down much. But, it is very wise to wear lightweight gear just so you can last a bit longer while you are running. The Graceful Outfit

The Graceful Outfit is probably the best option here because it does regain your run faster, and it is pretty much needed for things like Blood and Soul Runes. On top of that, stamina and energy potions come in super handy with Runecrafting. So, definitely stock up on those.


Rune Mysteries Quest:

Now, in order to start Runecrafting, you need to complete the Rune Mysteries Quest. It is such an easy quest, and will take about 2 minutes. Abyss Mini Quest:

On top of that, there is another quest which is very useful. It is more of a Mini Quest, known as the Abyss Mini Quest, and you are going to need to complete that in order to do Runecrafting very efficiently.


This Mini Quest allows you to get Runecrafting Pouches, which are pretty much essential for Runecrafting. Basically, pouches are obtained from killing the Abyssal Creatures within the Abyss, and you can get all the pouches at any level. But, you actually need the Runecrafting Requirement to fill them up. After you complete the Mini Quest, you do get a small pouch. But, to get the medium pouch, the large pouch and the giant pouch, you have to kill the monsters. Medium requires level 25 Runecrafting to fill, large requires level 50, and a giant pouch requires level 75 Runecrafting.

These pouches above the small one can actually vanish if you don’t repair them. So, to repair them, you need to talk to the Dark Mage at the centre of the Abyss, or you can use the NPC Contact spell on the Lunar Spellbook to contact the Dark Mage. Now, let’s get into the methods.

Level 1 – 9 (Fastest):

The fastest XP methods are first up, and in order to get the fastest possible XP per hour, you need to start off by doing the Abyss Mini Quest at level 1 Runecrafting, and that rewards you with 1000 Runecrafting XP, which will boost you straight to level 9.

Level 9 – 23 (Fastest):

Next you should do the Eyes of Quest, and that gives you 6000 Runecrafting XP as a reward, and there is literally no requirement for the Quest. That gets you straight to level 23 Runecrafting, which sets you up for the fastest possible method in the game, Lava Runes.

Level 23 – 99 (Fastest):

You should do Lava Runes from level 23 all the way to level 99 Runecrafting if you want the fastest XP possible. But, of course you are going to make no profit. You will probably lose some money to be honest. But, it is the fastest.

You craft Lava Runes at the Fire Altar, and you should always bring Binding Necklaces and Magic Imbue with you for the best efficiency.

Magic Imbue does have a pretty high requirement, like the Lunar Spellbook and level 82 Magic. But, for those people who do not have Magic Imbue, you are going to have to take a Talisman with you every single run because without Magic Imbue, it actually consumes a Talisman. When you are crafting Lava Runes, you want to use a Ring of Dueling for teleporting everywhere. What you have to do is teleport to the Duel Arena, and then run to the Fire Altar, and then you use your Earth Runes on the Fire Altar. That will give you the Lava Runes. Once you are done with that, you teleport to Castle Wars, bank all your stuff, and repeat. You can actually get up to 50 000 XP per hour as long as you are concentrating and have a lot of pouches. If you are Autumn Elegy, you have all the Runecrafting pouches, and you are incredibly efficient without missing a single click, you can get up to 70 000 XP per hour.

AFK Methods:

Level 1 – 77 (AFK):

Now I am going to talk about the AFK methods, and the Ourania Altar is actually the most AFK method to train Runecrafting from level 1 all the way though to level 77. Believe it or not, this altar is actually really, really AFK. The XP rate is actually scaled to your level. So, if you have a higher Runecrafting level, you will get better XP per hour. So, at lower levels you can expect about 20 000 XP per hour, which is alright. Around level 70, you will probably get about 40 000 XP per hour.

Above 70 level, you would get about 45 000 – 50 000 XP per hour. The thing that makes it the most AFK, is the fact that lots of people do a ‘follow train’. While they are walking to the altar, they follow someone else and basically that favour just keeps on going on and on. You can basically just follow someone and it will walk you straight there. In order to do that, you need to be on the Ourania Altar World, and that is World 327. If you have completed Lunar Diplomacy, you can use the Ourania teleport, and that speeds up your XP per hour by a lot, because it is actually closer to the bank, rather than walking after you craft your runes.

Level 77 – 90 (AFK):

The next AFK method, unlocked at level 77 Runecrafting, is Blood Runes. Along with level 77 Runecrafting, you should get level 73 Agility. Otherwise, Blood Runes are not really worth it. It requires 100% Arceuus Favour, and you also need level 38 Mining, and Crafting.

Basically, what you do to craft Blood Runes, is you mine the Dense Essence blocks, and that is very AFK.

Then you run to the Dark Altar, turn them into Dark Essence, and you can actually do that as you are running back. You can chisel them.

Then you would repeat that again, so you mine the Dense Essence once again, craft that into Fragments again, and then once you have done 2 inventories, you will need to make your way to the Blood Altar to craft your Blood Runes.

You can use the Abyss to get there, but, it is about the same speed as just walking there. I think the Abyss is very slightly quicker. But, personally, it is not really worth it because you have to bank the runes and then go to Edgeville, go through the Abyss… So, I would just prefer to walk there. When you are doing Blood Runes, Graceful is pretty much required because as you mine the blocks, your run fully regenerates, and you can do multiple runs in full run. Level 90 – 99 (AFK)

At level 90 Runecrafting, you unlock Soul Runes. Soul Runes are the fastest and most AFK method to train Runecrafting in the game. You can get to about 45 000 XP per hour. It’s debatable whether the Ourania Altar is faster XP. But, with the Soul Runes, you are going to make a lot more money. So, you probably want to do this. The methodology is very similar to Blood Runes. It has the same requirements, 100% Arceuus, 38 Mining and Crafting.

But, this time, instead of running to the Blood Altar, you run to the Soul Altar. Going through the Abyss this time is actually slightly faster for Soul Runes. But, as I said, I would rather not run the risk of dying in the wilderness. So, it is probably safer just to run there.

Money Method:

Now, in the final part of this guide, I am going to talk about money-making methods when it comes to Runecrafting, and money-making in terms of levelling up as well. I’m not going to show these methods, but I am just going to explain them quickly because there are quite a few of them.

Level 13 – 44 (Money-Maker):

At level 13, you unlock Mud Runes. Mud Runes are actually the best money at that Runecrafting level, and they are the best for a little while. They are best to be crafted at the Earth Altar, and you can profit about 5000 per trip, which is pretty good. The Earth Altar is actually located in the Lumber Yard in Varrock, and you can use Lumberyard teleport scrolls. But, personally, don’t do this, because you are going to be losing a lot of money. This is the money-making method section of this article, and the teleports themselves cost about 8000. So, it is not worth it. Walking to the Altar works very well, but, you can use Rings of Dueling and the Balloon Transport System because that is quite quick as well. But, it is up to you. Through trial and error you will figure out which one you prefer. When you are crafting Mud Runes, you will always need a Binding Necklace to get 100% chance of making the rune. You will also need Magic Imbue so you don’t need a talisman every time you craft it.

Level 44 – 59 (Money-Maker):

The next method is unlocked at level 44 Runecrafting, and that is just Nature Runes. Nature Runes can get you about 25 000 XP per hour, which is alright. The GP rates is about 500 000 per hour. So, that’s pretty good for level 44 Runecrafting, and the best method for Nature Runes has to be to run through the Abyss into the Nature Altar, craft them, and then teleport back to Edgeville and repeat.

Level 59 – 82 (Money-Maker):

At level 59, as I said, you unlock Double Cosmic Runes, and getting to level 82 with Double Cosmic Runes is very slow. But, you will make 108 000 000 in profit, which is insane. The Cosmic Altar is located in Zanaris, and to get to Zanaris, you will need to complete the Lost City Quest. But, when you are crafting Cosmic Runes, if you have level 66 Agility, the speed of crafting them is a lot quicker. This is because there is a shortcut there that can take you straight to the Altar, and it saves quite a bit of time.

Level 82 – 91 (Money-Maker):

At level 82, you unlock Double Astral Runes, and that can make you 108 000 000 again, from level 82 all the way to level 91. Now, to craft Astral Runes, you do need to complete the Lunar Diplomacy Quest, and also you should have a decently high Magic level for the Moonclan teleport, because that really increases your XP/GP per hour. You can get about 850 000 coins per hour doing Double Astral Runes, and you can also make about 20 000 XP per hour, which is not too bad.

Level 91 – 99 (Money-Maker):

At level 91 Runecrafting, you can craft Double Nature Runes, and they are the best money-making method all the way to level 99 Runecrafting. Getting from level 91 all the way through to level 99 you will make 319 000 000 GP. Now, as I said before, the methodology is the same. Crafting Nature Runes, the best way is through the Abyss, and the XP rates are no different to what it was at level 44. It is about 25 000 XP per hour. But, this time, you are getting double the Nature Runes. So, it is 1 000 000 GP per hour instead of 500 000 GP per hour. So, that is an incredible money-maker.

Level 99 Onward (Money-Maker):

Now, at level 99 Runecrafting, I know that this is a level 1 – 99 Guide, but, at level 99 you unlock Double Death Runes. I am just really quickly going to go over this. Double Death Runes give you 1 300 000 GP per hour, which is insanely good money. The fastest way to do this is to run through the Abyss, similar to the Nature Runes, and you can profit 28 000 per inventory, as long as you have all of the pouches. So, once you hit that 99 Runecrafting milestone, if 320 000 000 is not enough for you after you do Double Nature Runes, then you can do Double Death Runes for even more money. But, I’m pretty sure you’ll be set if you do money-making methods from level 1 – 99 Runecrafting.

Anyways guys, that is all of the Runecrafting methods I was going to talk about in this article. I hope you guys learned how to do Runecrafting today. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and subscribe for more Old School content. There are a lot of things to know about, and a lot of different methods. If you have any questions, or don’t agree with some of these methods, leave them in the comments section below, and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible. As always, thank you so much for reading this article, and have a nice day!



In OSRS, Runecrafting is another life skill that many players deem as unpopular due to the amount of time you have to spend on leveling to reach level 99. Although you are able to make a lot of money through runecrafting, it has truly slow experience rates and it will become quite tedious and exhausting after a while. Nevertheless, if you are a new player, you should know what approaches you can take to level up the fastest way possible to save some time.

Quests That Gives Runecrafting Experience

In OSRS, there a fair amount of quests that you can do to obtain crafting experience. These include

  • Rune Mysteries(required for starting runecrafting)
  • Enter the Abyss
  • The Ascent of Arceus
  • Eyes of Glouphrie
  • Devious Minds
  • The Fremenik Exiles
  • Lunar Diplomacy
  • The Slug Menace
  • What Lies Below

Out of all these, Rune Mysteries is a required quest because it is the one that will unlock the Runecrafting skill. However, it will not yield any runecrafting experience. It’s about five minutes long, so it will not take much of your time.

If you the “Enter the Abyss” and “The Ascent of Arceus” quests, you will increase your level up to 11. Additionally, completing the Abyss quest will unlock the ability to use the abyss for runecrafting and opens up your path in more runecrafting methods. Furthermore, you will be rewarded with a pouch that is quite essential later on.

The final quest, “Eyes of Glouphrie”, does have some low to mid-level requirements to complete it, doing the first five of these will take you to level 24 runecrafting through quests alone.

Leveling Guide

Tears of Guthix

The Tears of Guthix mini-game requires the “Tears of Guthix” quest to be complete in order to unlock it. You can play once a week and grants a small number of experience points and on the lowest skill you have.

Since most players do not runecraft train that much, this game will give some experience that will help over time. The easiest way to do this mini-game is to use the teleport option on the game’s necklace.

Level 1-9 Air Runes

At level 1 runecrafting, you are only able to do air runes or use the ZMI Altar. Unfortunately, not all the players have the requirements to unlock and use the ZMI Altar.

The Air Rune Altar is located south of Falador, and then north-west of the first T-junction that you encounter when leaving the south gate. It is very easy to find and it is close to the bank. You need to wear an Air Tiara or use an Air Talisman to get inside of the altar.

With any elemental altar available, you must either wear a tiara or use a talisman that corresponds to its element. You need to make 194 air runes to reach level 9 if you want to avoid to do any quests, except the ones that unlock the Runcrafting ability and/or the Abyss.

Simply go inside the altar with your rune or pure essence in your inventory and then press on the altar to make runes.

Level 9-14 Earth Runes

Once you have reached level 9, you can now make earth tunes and you need to make 176 runes to reach level 14. The Earth Altar is positioned south of the Varrock Lumber Yard.

To reduce the time you waste from running back and forth to the bank, you can also use teleports to shorten the distance. The teleport to lumber yard costs a lot though, so it might not be cost-efficient for a beginner.

Level 14-23 Fire Runes

After level 14, fire runes are unlocked and you need 598 runes to reach level 23. This altar is situated north of Al Kharid, near the entrance to the Duel Arena. You can use the ring of dueling to teleport or the rune pouch to teleport to the duel arena, which is close to the altar.

Level 23+ Lava Runes

Upon reaching level 23, you can now make lava runes, which is one of the fastest methods to level up. Lava runes are created at the fire altar.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-16-1024x535.png

You need to combine earth and fire rune together.

If you are going this route it’s highly suggested to get 82 magic and lunar diplomacy spellbook. This way you can avoid having to use the earth talisman by using the magic imbue spell.

Click on the magic imbue spell(if you are using it), then Left-click on the earth runes in your inventory, and then finally left-click on the fire altar to make Lava Runes.

Inventory Setup:

Otherwise you need an earth talisman and earth runes to bring with you.

Level 23-77/99 Ourania ZMI Altar

Probably the most popular method of leveling runecrafting.

It’s located north of castle wars. At this place, as you can see in the inventory you make a variety of runes instead of just one. If you have the lunar spellbook and level 71 magic there is a ZMI teleport that you can use. Otherwise, you can use a player-owned house for teleporting here.

Inside the dungeon, you can use the bank, but it costs some runes, which is why you see a bunch of mind runes in the inventory in the picture above.

The exp rates from the ZMI altar scales based on your current level, here is a table showing you the experience rates for each level:

Level 77-90 Zeah Blood Runes

Very AFK, provides 30-35k exp/hour. This is where most people camp at higher runecrafting levels since it’s so AFK.

To start out, mine a full inventory of essence blocks at the essence mine. Once you have a full inventory, run over to the altar to the west. Click on the dark altar, which turns all your essence blocks into dark essence. Go back to the Essence Mine again.

On your way back to the Essence mine, break your Dark Essence blocks into Essence Fragments.

Mine another inventory of Essence Blocks, head back to the Dark Altar, and click on it. Now you will have two inventories of fragments, one of them will be in a pile of fragments and the other one is still in blocks.

Now, head to the blood altar to make your runes. Press on the blood altar to make your first set of runes and then use the chisel on the blocks you have left to make fragments and turn those into blood runes as well. Now repeat from step 1.

Note: If you have 73 agility you can use the shortcut to your right to head back to the dark altar

Level 90-99 Zeah Soul Runes

Provides 39-42k exp/hour. Same method as the Zeah Blood Runes method outlined above, except you go to the Soul Altar instead of the Blood Altar.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-9-1024x687.png

Runecrafting Gear

Should I Use Rune Essence Or Pure Essence?

Remember that there is rune essence and pure essence. The rune essenceonly makes non-member runes, while the pure essence can make any rune. It is best to use pure essence because it is cheaper. Since runecrafting involves a lot of running, you should also wear weight-reducing garments, the Graceful Outfit, and stamina potions to sustain your running. Additionally, it will slightly increase your experience rates.

Runecrafting Essence Pouches

Essence pouches are able to carry rune or pure essence. In simpler terms, runecrafting is basically taking essence from the back to a runecrafting altar and transforming the essence into runes. This will become a repetitive cycle. However, if you are able to bring more essence with each trip, you will be able to make more runes per hour, which translates to more experience points and faster leveling. You are also going to earning more money if you can make more runes per hour.

Rune Pouch Types:

There are four pouches available in the game; the small, medium, large, and giant pouch. You will receive a small pouch as a reward from the “Enter the Abyss” quest. The pouches are, unfortunately, degradable and they are sometimes dropped by abyssal creatures. The small pouch is the only one that is not degradable.

When your pouches degrade, they hold less essence, but you can repair them. You simply have to talk to the Dark Wizard in the center of the Abyss or you can contact him through the Contact NPC Spell, which is available in the Lunar Spellbook. Believe me, this will save you a lot of time, especially if you are not runecrafting.

When using your pouches, you can turn on the Shift-drop option in your game settings. With this feature, you are able to press the “Shift” key on your keyboard and left-click a pouch to empty it instead of having to right-click and then dropping it to empty the pouch.

Runecrafting Skill Cape

Most players do not plan to reach level 99 runecrafting in OSRS, but those who do and obtain the runecrafting cape, usually vow to never runecraft ever again. This cape gives access to all the runecrafting altars and provides some other benefits. For example, it counts as all the tiaras, which are normally required to enter a runecrafting altar, unless you are using the abyss. You also have one of the rarest skill capes in the game.

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How do you unlock blood runes Osrs?

How do you unlock blood runes Osrs?

Blood runes can be obtained in various ways, including:

  1. Purchase from various Rune shops, including:
  2. Found in the Barrows Chest with at least 756 rewards potential.
  3. Thieving from the Chaos Druid Tower chest (requires level 59 Thieving).
  4. As drops from various monsters.

How many blood runes can you make an hour rs3?

A massive pouch allows even more runes, but requires 1,000 Runespan points and degrades into dust. In addition, the Infinity ethereal outfit can store 12 essence for a profit of 3,677,989.5 coins per hour….Crafting blood runes through the Abyss.

ProfitExperience gained
3,162,600 per hour128

How do I get to the blood altar in rs3?

The fastest way to get there is to use the wicked hood’s teleport, which provides two daily teleports to the altar (3 if the entire wicked robes has been purchased). Alternately, break a blood altar teleport, obtained from The Great Orb Project. Both these methods land just outside the altar.

Is there a staff for blood runes?

The staff is used in the Runecrafting skill. It is similar to a blood tiara in purpose, as it can be equipped, allowing players to left click on the blood altar to enter it and save an inventory space when crafting runes through not having to carry a blood talisman.

How much can you sell blood runes for Osrs?

It is worth noting that the rune shop prices do not fluctuate. Many Ironmen will find themselves with an excessive amount of blood and soul runes which sell for 200 and 150 respectively (50% of the item value).

Where can I farm blood runes?

Blood Altar
Blood runes can be crafted at the Blood Altar using pure essence, requiring level 77 Runecrafting and completion of Legacy of Seergaze. They give 10.5 Runecrafting experience each. If the Morytania legs 2 or better are worn, players have a 10% chance of receiving a second blood rune per essence.

Why are blood runes so expensive?

probably because of the nightmare. the sanguinesti staff is charged with blood runes. And scythe as well. And blood barrage is used during one phase for walkers.

How do you make blood runes?

Blood runes can be crafted at the Blood Altar using pure essence, requiring level 77 Runecrafting and completion of Legacy of Seergaze. They give 10.5 Runecrafting experience each. If the Morytania legs 2 or better are worn, players have a 10% chance of receiving a second blood rune per essence.

How do you upgrade blood altar?

An Altar can be upgraded to a Tier 2 Altar by placing 8 of any type of Blood Rune around the base of the altar.

What do I need for blood runes?

What are blood runes used for in RuneScape?

Blood runes are one of the runes used to cast spells in the Magic skill. They are used in some of the highest level spells, the lowest of which being Ruby Crossbow Bolt Enchant, and the highest being Ice Barrage.

What do you get when you become a RuneScape member?

Fishing is an easy skill to level in F2P, and it should only take a day or two to reach this. Level 50 allows you to fish Swordfish, Lobsters and Tuna. Once you become a member there is a great location called Catherby Village that provides these fish to catch with a bank a few metres away.

How much experience does it take to make a blood Rune?

With 100% Arceuus favour and 77 Runecraft, players can craft blood runes from dark essence fragments. Each fragment grants 23.8 experience, excluding the 0.625 experience from binding the dense essence (95.2 experience per dark essence block, and 2.5 experience per block for binding).

Which is the best guide to RuneScape for beginners?

If you are new to the world of RuneScape in general, you may also want to look at Tip.It’s Beginners’ Guide, which contains basic information that applies to both Free To Play (F2P) and P2P. When reviewing the many helpful Tip.It guides, be reminded: as a member, the “shaded” members items in tables are available to you!

Blood runes are one of the runes used to cast spells in the Magic skill. They are used in some of the highest level spells, the lowest of which being Ruby Crossbow Bolt Enchant, and the highest being Ice Barrage.

With 100% Arceuus favour and 77 Runecraft, players can craft blood runes from dark essence fragments. Each fragment grants 23.8 experience, excluding the 0.625 experience from binding the dense essence (95.2 experience per dark essence block, and 2.5 experience per block for binding).

What do you do with runes collected in RuneScape?

Runes gathered here are taken by the Runecrafting Guild, but members are able to claim points towards wicked robes, new magical staves, and a new massive pouch (requires level 90 Runecrafting) which holds 18 essence. All players are rewarded with Runecrafting experience.

What do you need to make RuneScape RuneScape?

In order to craft runes, players first need blank rune stones called ‘essence’. There are two main types of essence: Rune essence and Pure essence, both of which are unstackable. A third type of essence, unstable essence, however, is stackable.

How much XP does a blood rune give?

It is possible to reach approximately 38,000 experience per hour crafting blood runes. Using the full graceful outfit and having 80+ Agility should be enough to have enough run energy to last the whole trip, depending on how often the player has to switch between the essence mines.

How much do blood runes sell for?

This article has a money making guide here: Crafting blood runes.

Blood rune
Value400 coins
High alch240 coins
Low alch160 coins
Weight0 kg

How much XP is blood runes an hour Osrs?

What do all the runes do in blood magic?

The Blood Altar is a block added by the Blood Magic mod. The central feature used to transmute items, generate Life Essence and to transfer life essence into a Soul Network….Runes[edit]

Rune of Dislocationincrease speed at which liquid Life Essence can be transferred by 20%

What does a blood rune do?

Blood runes are a members-only rune used in the Magic skill to cast Ancient Magicks and Lunar spells, and enchant Ruby bolts (e). Blood runes can be crafted at the Blood Altar using pure essence, requiring level 77 Runecrafting and completion of Legacy of Seergaze.

How do I get a massive pouch in Runescape?

Unlike the small, medium, large and giant pouches which are obtained through killing abyssal creatures or purchased from Wizard Korvak in the runecrafting guild which requires 50 runecrafting to enter, the massive pouch can only be obtained through Runespan.

Does pouch protector work on massive pouch?

When using runecrafting pouches, they will never degrade. Pouch Protector is a relic power that players can harness at the mysterious monolith. Once harnessed, Runecrafting pouches will no longer degrade when used, including massive pouches.


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