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Hip hop predictions 2020: /r/hiphopheads edition

I’ve mentioned this before, but I need to reiterate that Reddit is a wonderful place for discussion and involvement. There are subreddits for nearly anything you can think of. I’d suggest creating an account and finding communities that interest you. Thankfully, the music community is booming on the site and for good reason. For me, an especially prominent community is /r/hiphopheads as I use often. It’s a subreddit dedicated to all things hip hop from new music drops, dope artists, hip hop predictions, and general meme-worthy discussion.

Being on the site nearly every day, I find amazing threads quite often. One that especially stood out to me was this post from late 2019. “/r/hhh predicts 2020 in hip-hop” is filled with users giving their hot takes for this year in the genre. I read the thread for quite a long time while being fascinated with the many predictions and their replies. Here are some of my favorite predictions from /r/hhh and my own predictions for hip hop in 2020.

Predictions from /r/hiphopheads  

Courtesy of /u/oprapiid, these predictions definitely seem like they’re possible. The TDE albums have been in the works for some time and I think it’s finally time that they release. Frank Ocean could drop at any time, but let’s hope that time is in 2020. We’ll have to see about the rest, but this user seems to be a very reasonable predictor!

Comment from discussion oprapiid’s comment from discussion "[DISCUSSION] /r/hhh predicts 2020 in hip-hop".

These predictions from /u/YeezusAndUnited are actually very interesting. I think this user is on point with their Kanye take, even though it disagrees with mine that you’ll find below. I would love it if Tyler the Creator and ASAP Rocky dropped their collab album WANG$AP, but I don’t know if I see it happening. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Comment from discussion YeezusAndUnited’s comment from discussion "[DISCUSSION] /r/hhh predicts 2020 in hip-hop".

This final set of predictions comes to us from /u/ILIKESMELLINGMYFEET. These predictions are very exciting, especially the ones about Carti, Uzi, and Yachty. I’m a fan of all three and those are my dream scenarios I’m not sure I agree with the Kendrick prediction, but I could be wrong. Cozy Tapes Vol.3 would be a welcome surprise however! 

Comment from discussion ILIKESMELLINGMYFEET’s comment from discussion "[DISCUSSION] /r/hhh predicts 2020 in hip-hop".

My predictions

Here are the predictions that I’ve come up with for 2020. Let me know what you think of them and if they’re realistic, likely, or just plain dumb.

  • [EASY MODE]: We receive a new Drake album with, you guessed it, every track charting and multiple top 10 hits.
  • [HARD MODE]: Don Toliver drops his debut album and continues to blow up. He becomes nearly a household name to hip hop fans by the end of the year with multiple high charting Billboard tracks.  
  • [NOSTRADAMUS]: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib use songs from the Bandana sessions as well as new tracks to release Montana much faster than the previous two installments of the series.
  • [WISHFUL THINKING]: We finally receive Childish Gambino’s long-awaited new album in time for summer 2020.
  • [GOD PLEASE]: Kanye West abandons the religious shtick and drops another critically acclaimed album akin to the scrapped(?) Yandhi.

Your predictions

Now that you’ve heard some of Reddit’s predictions as well as mine, I want to hear what you think. What will happen in hip hop in 2020? It is sure to be a huge year, but we never know what will happen. Hit me up in the comments or on my Instagram @youngthuggamanekyle with your predictions. I’ll share the best ones on my story!

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Hello everybody, and welcome to Reddit Review. I’m bored as hell and needed something to do, this X blog is taking longer than I thought. And honestly I don’t have the energy to do it right now. And since the amino is in abit of a weird spot, Twitter is boring because everyone is talking about how much they hate America, My Instagram feed is dead, facebook, who the fuck uses that, let’s go on Reddit. I’m sure this’ll be fun.

Before I start keep in mind that this subreddit is ironic, none of the people here are serious. The actual opinions are serious, but the people who are posting them to the actual Reddit are ironic. This subreddit is about those people who shit on rap and popular music in general because they listened to a Pink Floyd record once and all of a sudden think they’re music taste is of high quality. Also this blog is gonna have the quality of one of those shitty Reddit videos on YouTube, yeah sorry not sorry. If you don’t like it, then click off the blog ya weirdo.


“Pop Music exploits Human Basal Functions”

user uploaded image

Pop and Rap music often get this sort of comment. And it’s only because they’re the most popular. I’m pretty sure every metal head will tell you some bad metal bands out there, just like every rap fan will tell you a bad rapper, and every pop fan will tell you a bad pap singer. Point is, there is good and bad in every genre. The only reason you see more bad pop and rap than more bad metal music is because it’s more popular. Metal can be classified as using insecurities as well. Since metal has always been about rebelling and anger, not all the time but that’s how it broadcasts itself. Which is one of those “human basal functions”, hint it’s emotional behaviors. And I don’t know what their point is with that last part. I wasn’t even gonna call them an elitist, I was just gonna say they’re biased towards a genre they like. Really once you open yourselves up to newer genres, that’s when you really grow as a listener. I see this a lot in rap fans too, where they attack people for listening to rock or something, both of y’all are insecure. I’ll leave it at that.


user uploaded image

Alright there are a few things that catch my eye with this post right here. First of all this is a very weird post, you’re almost asking for a debate to happen. Secondly, I know it’s a joke but while I haven’t really listened to country music, I know it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. There’s some good country singers out there, Wheeler Walker JR, yee haw.

Wheeler Walker Jr. - Puss In Boots (Clothed Version). Yeah that says clothed version. I’m on thin ice with censorship let’s calm down

Onto the actual comment, can’t you do this with pretty much every genre. Pop music? Just a bunch of pre teens who couldn’t pass a singing class. Country music,? a bunch of redneck cousin fuckers who can’t even speak without sounding stupid. Metal music? Devil worshippers who can’t sing without making your ears bleed. Jazz music? Those fucks just play instruments. Point is you can do this with every genre. Don’t make your opinion known if you can’t explain yourself in a proper way, you just come off as arrogant.

“How’d this genre ever die out????”

user uploaded image

Genres will always come and go, it’s just how the world works. When something gets popular, it will inevitably get unpopular at some point. Music is the same way. Eventually this trap wave will end too, just like the punk wave ended, 90s hip hop ended, and so on. Even with that there is still punk music out there. This comment is just showing how lazy you are to find new music in a genre you enjoy. So you’re shitting on other people’s favorite genres instead. Even then, with the streaming era, you can literally listen to any song from any generation at any time you want to. You can even have a Rolling Stones Song, A Disturbed Song, and a Dababy Song, all in the same playlist. You aren’t forced to listen to stuff you don’t like anymore, unless you’re YouTuber. Something that isn’t fun to you, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun for other people and vice versa. Some people may think that listening to 6ix9ine is fun, and that’s ok. Just like you having fun listening to Fatlip is also ok.

Also way to show your maturity with that reply. Surprisingly enough, you can have just as much fun listening to a black artist than you can a white artist, race literally has nothing to do with it. It’s all personal preference.

”Ending Rap= No more crimes?!”

user uploaded image

Oh god damnit. I’ve wanted to go public about my opinion on this issue for awhile, but I was always worried about the backlash. But I guess I have to now.

Ok so, yes black people tend to create more crimes. But it’s not rap music that’s doing it. That’s like saying video games kill people. The reason black people cause more crimes is because of their situation. More black people live in poverty, basic statistics show that poor people commit more crimes than rich people, obviously because poor people are more desperate. Desperate people do crazy shit sometimes. So it’s obvious that some people do crimes in order to survive in their area. Selling drugs, robbing stores/houses, mugging, even killing sometimes in order to get money, for some Thats their everyday life. And let’s say a mother has a lot of kids due to rape or something, sadly she can’t pay for abortions because poverty. Now she’s even more desperate because she’s got a family. If no jobs accept her, she has no choice. And obviously when the kids grow up and see their mother has lived a hellish life, they’re gonna try to help her. That’s why some kids as early as 12 or 13 get into gang activity and sell drugs. I’m a middle class white kid from the suburbs and even I know that. It’s all about survival, and when you’re in that situation, sometimes it’s just what you have to do.

Some rap songs talk about this sort of thing. What it’s like to have to do crimes in order to live. Having no family so you join a gang because that’s the only group that’ll accept you. Doing drugs because you can’t handle life anymore, which will probably lead to addiction. Some rap songs are stories told by people who came from nothing. You can’t put the blame on a massive issue that’s in this country right now, on just a genre of music. Again that’s like blaming suicides, or school shootings on video games. That’s not the issue, it’s a country issue. The fact that even our president believes that video games cause violence is a problem because, like this example with rap music, it’s deflecting from the real cause of the issue. In the video games case it’s mental health, in rap musics case, it’s poverty and this “nothing to lose” mentality some people have. You’re not helping by just pointing a finger at rap music, if anything you’re making this issue worse. Please, either get educated or keep your opinion to yourself.


user uploaded image

Oh hey remember that joke I made earlier? Remember when I said rap fans do it too? This is what I meant.

You aren’t a victim. “Nobody can have an opinion. Nobody can just enjoy the music they like, you either like what everybody likes or you get attacked.” You do realize that this is a bigger problem right. This is why some people, like me hahaha, are scared to say their favorite genre of music because of being attacked. It’s all fun and games until that person gets depressed. You’d be surprised at how often this happens. This is why communities ,like this one, or subreddits that cater to specific interests are made, so that people can have a community where they can express their opinion on something they like without getting attacked for liking something they generally like. While also maybe making friends in the process. Again you’re the issue here. Some people don’t have the mental health to be able to get attacked by people on the internet for liking something they like. As an anime fan, I get this a shit ton. Shut the fuck up, and let people like what they like, you dumb bitch.

“Not gonna lie I just hate these type of comments”

user uploaded image

Ok I just needed a break from being serious. So here’s this comment I just find cringey. I hate these type of comments. This meme format is just bad. They’re never funny, don’t even get me started, a bunch of popular youtubers comment sections are ruined because of this dumb format. This makes me sad. I forgot how to do my old Reddit reviews. The fuck did I even say? Did I even add anything to the blog? Am I just a useless member of this simulation and people just want to see the Reddit posts and not my opinion on them? H-hello? Is anybody listening to me? I- I don’t know what’s going on.


user uploaded image

Damn your opinion can be correct just by putting that word “objectively” before it. Huh I didn’t know you could do that. Hey guys, Asuka is objectively better than Rei. Itadaki Senki is objectively better than Oni ChiChi. Lil Yachty is objectively better than The Beatles. Lebron James is objectively better than Micheal Jordan. Ha, this is amazing. So many online debates I can just win now, and nobody can do anything about it. Also what’s up with the hate for country music, damn guys this is the third time. I feel like country music is getting more hate than Rap in this blog. Tame Impala? Don’t know who that is but he’s just objectively bad. Let’s keep on throwing that word objectively, even if we don’t make any sense, just keep throwing it in there and eventually we will win the debate.

Alright class sit down, please. Now today we’re gonna learn a lesson on opinions. Now opinions are subjective, everybody say “subjective.” .... Muy Bien good job class. Now facts are considered objective. Everybody say “objective.” ... no no class, opinions aren’t objective, we just went over this. No no no, Playboi Carti being the goat is not an objective thing Billy. God damnit, why did Blyeth have to be absent today?

“I feel like some of these are just racist”

user uploaded image

I do not get this comment. Can you elaborate on your point a little bit? “A more ghetto, improper, wretched manor” the fuck does that even mean? You can’t just say something like this with no explanation and expect people to just agree with you. Also “ rock artists are proper.” Rock could be considered just as “in your face” as modern rap is, if that’s what you mean by “more ghetto.” Also those *clears throat* “blacks” are the ones that gave us the blues, Jazz, soul, reggae and your favorite genre, rock.

You know, genres that inspired other music genres such as RNB, Hip Hop, and Pop which are some the most famous genres of this generation. So you could technically say that those “blacks” invented modern music today, and If not then they were massive inspirations. You generalizing an entire race of people as “blacks” is a massive yikes bro. I’m not assuming anything but it’s a massive yikes, just saying.

“I’m into REAL HIP HOP”

user uploaded image

Huh that’s strange, I thought for sure 6ix9ine was a rapper. Maybe I was wrong, hold on let me check.

user uploaded image

Oh umm, yeah I guess that counts as real rap then. Funny because he actually did beat Eminems record. Which led to this comment.

user uploaded image

My race of people took an L that day. Our rap god has failed us. Honestly I can never take these type of people seriously. Eminem stans are a different breed, kinda funny since Eminem created the term. Anytime I see a comment like this I just think back to that one Filthy Frank video and I can’t write an actual response to it because if you replace “Lil Wayne and Drake” with pretty much any newer rapper than it still holds up the same. You’d think it’s an exaggerated stereotype but it’s not. The fact this is still accurate, makes me laugh and makes me sad at the same time.

PolitikZ - "REAL HIP HOP"

“Now this is just disrespectful”

user uploaded image
On a side note it’s been over 200 days since Juice WLRD died? Jesus Christ time flies, It still feels like yesterday

Oh boy. So you take that time, when somebody just died from an overdose, to say that. READ THE ROOM. Seriously it’s not that hard. I don’t even consider Juice WRLD a legend, but fuck I was still sad when he died. It amazes me you took that moment to say your opinion about today’s youth. Juice Wrlds death is one of the many young artists to die by overdosing off of drugs, he meant a lot to millions of people, and you TAKE THE FUCKING MOMENT PEOPLE JUST LEARNED HE DIED. To say your opinion about today’s youth. The fact this got 2 awards is sickening. There’s a time and a place for that sort of comment, and that was not the place, and it damn sure wasn’t the time. I hope you’re proud of all that attention you got, this is an issue with social media. People say controversial shit to get likes and attention from people, this happens everytime someone dies. Death is just a “hehe funny funny.” Honestly you made me ashamed, and I’m probably younger than you. I’m ashamed that you’d say something like this, I’m embarrassed that I’m the same species as you, and quite frankly I feel sympathetic for you because you don’t have the ability to read a room or to think before you comment. Or you did think, you just didn’t care. Fuck off with this comment

“Nas should die”

user uploaded image

Ok I featured this one in the exact same blog I did 1 or 2 years ago and honestly I just wanted to find it again. Yeah this ones pretty fucked up. It’s like there’s 3 stages, there’s stupid, rude, and racist. This is the ultimate comment. He really hates Nas doesn’t he. Do I really need to explain why this one is bad? I mean it is his opinion, he didn’t really express that opinion in a respectful way. I just hope this was made by a kid, a dumb kid trying to be edgy, and it isn’t someone in their adulthood. With a name like FireNinja606, you’d think this person is a kid but my name is Kikaya Ai and I’m 16 so, dumb names doesn’t always mean young age. We can only hope and pray that Fireninja606 has learned from his ways, and that one day he can appreciate Illmatic for what it is. So one day he doesn’t become a KKK member or something.

user uploaded image

Haha umm.... maybe he just enjoys reading dictionaries.... I knew a kid that did that when I was 12. Hahaha

“Pewdiepie is the best raper”

user uploaded image
There’s actually 3 joke songs now. Also yes as a Pewdiepie fan, this hurts me

I feel like if any of these are ironic it’s gonna be this one. I don’t care either way, let’s tackle it anyway. So, they’re saying that Pewdiepie made 2 songs as a joke, but then, they took Kaynes very obvious joke song seriously. This is so messed up it’s actually hurting my head. So Pewdiepie can make joke songs because he isn’t a rapper? But Kayne isn’t allowed to make joke songs, because he’s a rapper and rappers need to be serious all the time. Is that what you’re saying? I don’t know. I like Pewdiepie (not as much as I used to, his new stuff isn’t as good to be honest) but his songs have their own place and shouldn’t be taken as actual songs. Pewdiepie isn’t like KSI, or Ricegum, he isn’t trying to be taken serious as an actual rapper, he did it as a joke. So I don’t know why you’re comparing Pewdiepie to actual rappers in the first place. Even Pewdiepie would laugh at this. He probably laughs at the dumb stuff most of his fanbase says everyday, it’s just how he is. Plus his fanbase is just really freaking dumb.

PS, I made that “raping” joke on purpose. So I could promote this song. You’re welcome. Rip 3Pac.

3Pac - PewDiePie Is A Child Rapist Diss

“My grandparents got this”

user uploaded image

I know a ton of kids that say this, and honestly all of them are pretty annoying. Again, you can literally download the songs you like, and ignore the songs you don’t like. (Unless you’re a youtuber) like nobody’s forcing you to listen to Cardi B. You wanna go back to the 1950s kid. Make a time traveling machine and go, but just know, you won’t be able to go on twitter. Anytime you swear you’re gonna get soap in your mouth. All you’re gonna do is sit around and listen to the radio all day. If you talk back, you’re getting the smack. And If you cry about it, you’re getting the smack again. Talk back in class? Oh you getting a paddle to the ass. And when you want to go back, you realize that back then they didn’t have the technology to make a time traveling machine. Please stop.



so that’s it, this was a fun way to spend 3 hours. I gotta wake up early so that’s fun, I hope y’all enjoyed. Sorry if there are any errors with the grammar or stuff like that, this was done at a very late time in night. I’ll see y’all later and bye bye.

user uploaded image
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Best Music Subreddits For Hip Hop

The best music subreddits stick around. They don’t come and go. That’s because the key to a successful subreddit is slow, steady growth. It’s a good thing, too, because that makes it easier to find the best ones.

Why do we care? Because subreddits are among the best places to exchange great music.

In short, Reddit is a freaking powerhouse. Let’s put it this way:

90% of all hip hop is listened to via streaming, with every one out of three streams on Spotify being hip hop or RnB. But while almost all rap is streamed among Spotify’s 220 million users, a staggering 330 million people are using Reddit.

In other words, even if everyone on Spotify were only listening to hip hop, there’d still be more people using Reddit, even if you added in all Apple and Google Play Music users combined.

That’s why it’s insane to not make Reddit a key music resource. With more than 700 music subreddits, there’re great sounds being traded there every day.

But! Finding the best music subreddits for you can be time consuming. That’s why we’ve done the research to get you started.

In this edition of Best Music Subreddits, we’ll be focusing on rap and hip hop groups – mostly the underground ones. How underground? Well, so far we’ve found four great subs which aren’t even on Reddit’s own list, so yes, we’ve done our homework.

Ready? Let’s go.

Best music subreddits offer records like Busdriver and Radioactive

Best Music Subreddits for Rap: r/hiphopheads

Readers: 1.8 million

Description: “The latest music, videos & news relating to your favorite hip-hop & R&B artists.”

HipHopHeads is cool (shrug) but we’re most interested in Reddit’s underground, independent, alternative and specialized rap communities. Still, r/HipHopHeads is the biggest subreddit for rap and hip hop with a whopping 1.8 million readers, so there’s no way we can totally ignore it.

That’s all we’re going to say about H3 because it doesn’t really need any more attention, and also because the more specific rap subs are way more interesting.

Best Music Subreddits for Rap: r/altrap

Readers: 10,000

Description: “A place to discuss, share and enjoy alternative rap and hip-hop. We have but one rule; keep the focus on alternative.”

The best subreddits for rap depend on discovery. Where r/HipHopHeads sports convo about all the pop and big-time rappers everyone already knows, r/AltRap prides itself on being the place to learn about alternatives to the mainstream.

/R/AltRap says the only rule is to focus on alternative rap, but really this translates to underground rap most of the time. That’s a good thing for hip-hop fans looking for new, interesting sounds they haven’t heard before whether its technically “alternative rap” or not.

And since that’s also the whole point of this article, r/AltRap gets a key spot in this list right up top for your consideration.

Current favorite from the sub:Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedalus, “The Weather.”

[Are we helping? You should see us distro music. You can put your single in stores for just 9 USD now].

Best music subreddits includes backpacker rap

Best Music Subreddits for Hip Hop: r/backpacker

Readers: 6500

Description: “Dedicated to underground hip hop. Songs with over 1 million views will be removed.”

What is backpacker rap? According to Urban Dictionary:

Today ‘backpacker’ is a derogatory term to describe someone who listens ONLY to independent rap/hip-hop music, specifically (but not limited to) the nerd-rap sub-genre of rap/hip-hop music. Most often used in reference to white suburbanite rap music listeners who tend to dislike mainstream hip-hop music, specifically (but not limited to) Gangsta rap.

XXLMag says backpack fans are:

…the most self-righteous Stans under the sun … copping a holier-than-thou attitude, spitting obscure hip-hop trivia with an almost religious fervor.

French-Canadian essayist and hip-hop fan MMP writes:

Backpack rappers were looked down upon for not being commercial-sounding enough …  some scorn commercial rap and produce or consume independent rap exclusively.

(Read MMP’s essay on Mochilla’s 2015 backpacker art show here).

And then of course commenters on Reddit’s own r/LetsTalkMusic say:

[Backpackers are] People who only listen to underground or conscious rap … Backpackers will dismiss an artist for being mainstream. Backpackers don’t listen to party music … they can have a tendency to fawn over mediocre albums or rappers simply because “it has a message.”

Sounds pretty negative, right? But a quick sampling of the tracks on r/Backpacker proves that the readers of this subreddit have razor-sharp taste for verbal gymnastics. Zion I, MF Doom, Aesop Rock, Poor Righteous Teachers, and Del tha Funky Homosapien are touchstone acts in here.

But it’s not the recognizable rappers who make r/Backpacker worth your time. It’s the names you don’t know. Try some of the suggestions in their Best of 2019 thread, and you’ll see there’s more quality in here than the numbers let on.

Rapper Tricky

Best Music Subreddits for Hip Hop: r/ukhiphopheads

Readers: 6,000

Description: (none)

Tricky, Stormzy, Skepta, and a few others we could name have put the UK on the map as one of hip hop’s most explosive hotbeds for great new music. If you’re any kind of rap fan, this cannot possibly be news to you, so we’re not going to spend much time on this one.

Still, r/UKHipHopHeads likely has more than a few names most mic fiends haven’t heard yet, so it def belongs on this list. If you haven’t heard Jam Baxter or Onoe Caponoe yet, for example, dig in deep. Because if you’d been on the r/UKHipHopHeads subreddit this month, you would have.

Best Music Subreddits for Hip Hop: r/hiphoptruth

Readers: 3,400

Description: “We prefer conscious alternative and underground hiphop, anything from KRS to Poor Righteous Teachers to 5% preachers to Dead Prez or random raps on soundcloud about the Illuminati. Promote your own stuff or share something obscure we haven’t heard before! Search the subreddit before submitting a classic. Peace.”

An offshoot of r/AltRap, r/HipHopTruth tends toward intellectual, inquisitive,and otherwise thought-provoking hip hop, and proudly so. If it’s a club banger with repetitive pop lyrics, you’re not going to find it on /r/HipHopTruth. If it’s a highly poetic, evidence-based argument about socio-political movement on the far left, you probably are.

R/HipHopTruth caters to a brainier hip hop than does r/Backpacker, which mostly cares that the music is relatively unknown or at least not mainstream. Both tend toward the educated rap artist, but r/HipHopTruth is where you’ll find the really interesting mic drops and startling narratives.

best music subreddits for rap taught me Valknee

Best Music Subreddits for Rap: r/asianrap

Readers: 1,500

Description: “If it’s from East, Southeast, or South Asia, feel free to talk about it here.”

The best music subreddits bring what was a million miles from you a second ago to your ears right now. That’s really what digging down deep into your favorite kinds of music is all about.

Sometimes the easiest way to find something new in your genre is to see what artists around the world are doing. That’s what makes r/AsianRap so cool – you don’t need a translator or a tour guide. Here are fifteen-hundred fans of Asian hip-hop sounds offering up their current No.1 pick and all you’ve got to do is pay attention. Lots is in English, lots isn’t. Choose your poison.

Don’t take our word for it: dig Valknee + ANTIC for the first time or sit down to MadBrad200’s YouTube playlist of Korean grime hip-hop and you’ll know what’s here is what’s up.

Bonus: r/irishrap

Readers: 400!

Description: “A sub under construction, dedicated to rap from Ireland.”

Yes, r/IrishRap only has a few hundred readers, but that’s what makes Irish rap cool to begin with. These artists have a diehard underground scene which doesn’t swim too far offshore, and they’re hardcore as hell about it. Their style is unique, their sound is their own, and according to Vice Magazine, “Irish hip hop is having its moment.”

The thing is, it can be hard to discover acts from the Emerald Isle – unless, that is, you check out r/IrishRap. Once you’ve heard the likes of Mango X MathMan and Kojaque & Luka Palm, you’ll be glad you did.


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