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Yep! It’s another dog DIY for us. This time, we’re making a super groovy dog bed so Roadie can have a place to chill in JZ’s office when she’s working.

This was *supposed* to be for the living room, so we made it to fit a dog mattress we already had; however, things changed and we decided to move it to the office. This meant that JZ had to bust out the sewing machine and make a custom mattress cover with a zipper (so it could be removed and washed).

Making this was so fun, but even better was having Roadie check it out at the end. Be sure to check out the hilarity of us incentivizing him to get on it.

Check out the video below to see how we made it:

🛒 Tools and Materials (Amazon links = affiliate links):

Wood (we used poplar and plywood)

Fabric (from Joann’s)

Latex paint 

Spray paint 

Miter saw –

Circular saw – 

Random orbital sander –

Pneumatic nail gun –

Air compressor –

Drill –

Sewing machine –

Wide painter’s tape –

Wood glue –

Wood filler –

Paint supplies –

Angled leg brackets –

6″ legs –

Foam (2” thick) –

Electric knife (ideal) or foam cutter –

Sharpie –

Cutting mat –

Rotary cutter –

Foam board –

Utility knife –

Straight pins –

Zipper –

Yard stick –

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For written instructions, check this out!

Like this:



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Introduction: MCM Dog Bed With Washable Mattress!

Oh my dog! This project *should* be a weekend project. But when there's a new doggo in your life...things take a little longer. We brought this energetic little nugget home in late April and started this project the first weekend of May. One month later, and we just got it done. Why you ask? We'll blame it on three things:

First, a new pup takes a lot of time and training to get him used to his new digs. Plus, we soaked up all of those puppy snuggles a few too many nights, which kept us out of the workshop.

Second, we started this project with the intention of finishing it in a day, as the original plan was to use a dog mattress that we had already purchased. However, when we realized that the bed wasn't going to work in the original spot (the living room), we had to make a new mattress (with removable cover) from scratch to make it fit the decor in the office. Let's just say that I'm better on a saw than a sewing machine, so that daunting task set us back quite a few weeks until I built up the courage to give it a try.

Third, once we realized that this project was going to take WAY longer than a day, we ended up having to shelve it further because we had a more urgent need: a way to organize all of the leashes and accouterment that comes with having a pup. We put this project on hold and build the Dog Butt Leash Hanger first out of necessity.

However, we have finally finished this project, and it was certainly worth the wait! It looks perfect in the office, and best of all: Roadie loves it!


(Amazon links = affiliate links)

Wood (we used poplar and plywood)


Latex paint

Spray paint

Miter saw -

Circular saw -

Random orbital sander –

Pneumatic nail gun -

Air compressor -

Drill -

Sewing machine -

Wide painter's tape -

Wood glue -

Wood filler -

Paint supplies -

Angled leg brackets -

6" legs -

Foam (2” thick) -

Electric knife (ideal) or foam cutter -

Sharpie -

Cutting mat -

Rotary cutter -

Foam board -

Utility knife -

Straight pins -

Zipper -

Yard stick -

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Step 1: Make Frame for Dog Bed

Thanks to the clean lines of the mid-century modern (MCM) style, the frame for this dog bed is SUPER easy. You can easily create it in just a couple of hours--and with only a few tools. The exact size will depend on the size of bed you want to create for your dog. Ours was 22" wide x 15" deep x 7" tall

Gather the following materials: wood (we used poplar for the sides/back and plywood for the bottom), power saw, painter's tape, wood glue, wood filler, power sander, pneumatic nail gun, air compressor.

Follow these steps:

1. Cut two pieces of wood to create the sides. Ours were 7" tall x 15" wide.

Note: the end of the wood facing out should be a straight cut; the end that will attach to the back should be cut on a 45-degree angle.

2. Cut one piece of wood to create the back. Ours was 7" tall by 22" wide.

Note: Both ends of the back should be cut on 45-degree angles.

3. Cut a piece of wood for the bottom of the unit. This should fit inside of the frame created by the sides and back.

Note: As we were using plywood for the bottom board, we cut it 1/4" shy and created a strip of banding using poplar to cover the end grain of the plywood.

4. Sand all pieces of wood with a power sander until smooth.

5. Lay your pieces of wood out to prepare for the glue up.

Tip: We placed strips of painter's tape under the ends where the 45-degree cuts meet. this makes it easier to glue those together.

6. Apply wood glue to the sides and back, following the instructions on your glue.

7. Add glue to the bottom board and slide it into place.

8. Use a nail gun to tack the pieces together to aid in clamping.

9. Use wood filler to fill in any cracks. Sand flush once dry.

Step 2: Paint Bed Frame and Legs

Part of the fun in this design was painting it a bright color! We used latex paint in a fun, aqua color.

Gather the following materials: latex paint, spray paint, bed frame, foam brush, roller, legs, painter's tape.

Follow these steps:

1. Start on the underside of the unit and paint the underside and outside sides with a paint roller. Let dry.

2. Flip the unit over.

3. Use a foam brush to paint all of the corners in the unit.

4. Use a roller to paint the rest of the unit.

5. Once dry, apply a second coat.

6. Cover the tips of the legs with painter's tape.

7. Paint the legs using a foam brush.

8. Spray paint the hardware, if desired.

Step 3: Attach Legs

The legs are really what give this dog bed the ultimate MCM vibe. Placement of the legs, however, will make or break the look. To do this, the legs need to be on the right brackets, as well as pointed in the right direction when installed.

Gather the following materials: drill, screws, angled leg brackets, short (6" legs)

Follow these steps:

1. Measure and mark the placement of the brackets.

Tip: You want the legs to be angled toward the corners.

2. Pre-drill holes for the brackets.

3. Screw brackets into base of bed.

4. Screw legs into brackets.

5. Tilt the feed on the legs so they lay flat when the bed is turned onto its legs.

Step 4: Cut Foam for Mattress

There are many ways you can do the mattress for the dog bed. We wanted to keep with the squareness of the dog bed, and we also wanted the cover to be removable and washable. To get started, we first had to cut the foam to size.

Gather the following materials: Foam, serrated knife or foam cutter, sharpie

Follow these steps:

1. Place the foam in the dog bed and use a yardstick and sharpie to mark the outer most depth for the foam.

2. Subtract a 1/2" from the measurement, depending on the thickness of your fabric.

Note: We were using fleece and wanted a little lip to show on the bottom board once the fabric was in place, which is why we subtracted the half Inch.

3. Cut the foam to the desired size using a serrated knife/saw/foam cutter. Set aside.

Step 5: Sew Dog Bed Cover

To be honest, this is where the project went on a major pause. I'm just more comfortable on a saw than a sewing machine, and making a square cover with a zipper so it could be taken off can be quite daunting. However, it wasn't as hard as it was in my head, and after a few weeks, I finally got up the nerve to give it a go. With a few tricks to get around the things I struggle with the most, all listed below.

Gather the following materials: fabric (the snugglier the better), sewing machine + thread, cutting mat, rotary cutter, foam board, utility knife, straight pins, zipper, yard stick

Follow these steps:

1. Measure the foam (top, sides and height) to ensure you have the exact dimensions.

2. Add 1/2" to each measurement to account for your seam allowances (the space between where the seams are and the edges of the fabric). A half inch seam allowance in total will allow for a 1/4" seam on each side.

3. Create a template for the top/bottom, short sides and long sides out of project board.

4. Use project board templates and a rotary cutter to cut the fabric. You'll need 6 pieces in total:

Top, Bottom, 2 Short Sides, 2 Long Sides

5. Lay the fabric around the foam to ensure the pattern is facing the way you want it to.

6. Pin the short sides and front side to the top piece of fabric. Ensure that you are pinning the right sides together (front of the fabric should be facing each other).

7. Set the pinned fabric aside.

8. Lay the zipper face down on top of the long strip that goes in the back and pin with the edges meeting flush.

9. Sew the zipper to the long side of the fabric.

10. Lay the zipper face down on the bottom piece of fabric and pin with the edges meeting flush.

11. Sew the zipper to the bottom piece.

12. Pin the long back side to the top piece.

13. Sew all the way around the top piece, ensuring that you are leaving the 1/4" seam allowance.

14. Pin the bottom piece to all of the sizes, ensuring that all corners are allowed.

15. Sew all the way around the bottom piece, ensuring that you are leaving the 1/4" seam allowance.

16. Sew the corners together, ensuring that you are leaving the 1/4" seam allowance.

17. Turn the cover right side out and place over cushion.

Congrats! You did it.

Step 6: Just Add Dog and Enjoy!

Now all you have to do is introduce your pup to the bed. Now everyone can go take a nap. :)

If you liked this project, please head over to for more tips, tutorials, back stories and more. And if you’re interested in checking out more of our video tutorials, check out our Instructables profile or head over to our YouTube channel.

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Mid Century Modern Cat Beds Are a Thing

Sleeping is the main activity on a cat’s schedule, taking up an average of 15 hours each day. Although cats can seemingly fall asleep on any surface, sometimes we want to supply a designated piece of furniture. However, simple cat beds that can be found in pet stores are mostly aesthetically unattractive. Although your cat might not be picky, if you’ve reached this blog – you probably are. I personally love mid century modern furniture. For that reason – I put together this collection of mid century modern inspired cat beds.

Luxurious mid century modern cat beds by Cairu Design

Texas based designer Joel Chesney builds amazing minimalist pet (and human) furniture with a true mid century modern aesthetic. His pet furniture line, Cairu MCM, consists of beautiful hand-made pieces such as this cat bed:

mid century modern cat bed - Wexler by Cairu

WEXLER is part of a series of cabinets that can be used as a cat bed or a piece of furniture. In the above pictured is the 501S model, which has an open back so you can decide where and how to use it. There is another variation with a full back panel, and a third one – WEXLER LOW BOY, a 30″ (76 cm) long coffee table and pet bed – which is similar to the 501S but has no legs.

PIXI pet bed

Another Cairu favorite of mine is PIXI. This mid century modern cat (or dog) bed is the one that initially caught my eye, with its clean, minimalist structure that echoes luxury.

mid century modern cat bed, minimalist cat bed PIXI from Cairu design

Bear in mind that PIXI is originally intended for dogs. The dimensions of the cushion are 23″ x 18″ (58 cm x 45 cm), making it quite large for a cat bed. If you have multiple cats or a large cat this could definitely work, but even if you don’t – in my opinion it’s totally worth giving up a few inches of empty space for… Plus, because it’s a platform bed and not an enclosed cat cave, your cat probably wouldn’t mind the extra surface area.

Both the WEXLER cabinets and the PIXI beds are made of curved walnut plywood, finished with lacquered, unstained real walnut veneer. Chesney also makes the solid walnut legs in his studio, and these are available in two heights – either 3″ or 8″ (7.6 cm or 20 cm). The cushion is commercial grade foam wrapped in Dacron and a high quality fabric, available in a wide variety of colors and textures. It will remain in place while your cat climbs on the bed, with the help of either a non-slip mat (WEXLER) or fabric tabs that slide into the frame (PIXI). Cleaning methods for the cushion cover depend on the chosen fabric.

Wood frame mid century modern cat beds

Next on my favorite Mid Mod cat beds list is a somewhat minimalist design. With an elevated rectangular frame made of acacia wood enclosing a water resistant cushion, the “Darren” pet bed will fit perfectly in any mid-century inspired interior.

mid century modern cat bed acacia wood

This pet bed is also intended for dogs and therefore quite large for cats. Still, in my opinion it would be just as useful for cats that like a lot of space. Maintenance is easy due to the removable, washable cushion cover.

Mid century modern cat bunk bed and hammock

I have a thing for multi-purpose items, especially furniture. When these items are beautifully designed – it excites me even more! This is why I love the cat hammock and bunk bed by CatlycoCat. It offers two seating options, looks extremely comfortable, and has a clean and classy look.

You can’t go wrong with plywood furniture. This mid century modern inspired cat bed takes it to the next level with an addition of a canvas hammock and a navy blue plush cushion. These elements elegantly merge with the natural birch plywood to form a sleek piece of furniture.

The hammock/bunk bed is handmade, flat packed and requires minimal assembly. Both the canvas hammock and cushion are removable and machine washable.

Mid century modern cat platform bed

The final item on my list is a wooden platform bed. This minimalist mid century modern cat bed consists of a plywood base with a solid wood trim and legs. On top is a memory foam cushion, lined with non slip rubber at its bottom.

The bed is available in three premium hardwood ply bases (maple, oak, or walnut). You can also choose between these three options (in solid hardwood) for the trim and legs. The cushion is available in a variety of colors to your liking.

This unique pet bed is handmade in Virginia by ModPetStyle and is sold through the brand’s Etsy shop. Designer and maker, Mo Marcum, also accepts custom listings, so feel free to contact her with any special requests.

Is your home decorated in mid century modern? Which of these cat beds would best fit in your space? Share your favorites in the comments!



In the latest issue of Atomic Ranch magazine (yeah, I subscribe!) was a cute little story about a beagle’s new bed, made by her owners Joe Hernandez and Kim McAlexander of San Diego. The salvaged some vintage parts, mixed with materials bought at a home improvement store, and finished it off with a cushion that matched their newly-upholstered sofa. All for about $100. Read the whole story in Atomic Ranch.

Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk, is a Jersey girl living in SoCal. She dreams about funky, artistic jewelry + having enough free time to enjoy some of her favorite things—running, reading, making music, and drawing.

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Dog bed mcm


10 best retro dog beds and sofas

Note all articles are independently researched and written by myself. However, if you buy via one of the links it may be an affiliate and I may earn a small commission.

Looking for both comfort and style for your furry friend? Check out my 10 best retro dog beds and sofas, which offer both, whatever your budget.

You might recall I did a round-up of retro cat houses some time back and to be honest, that was easier because of one thing. Cats tend to be smaller.

That makes it easy to make mini houses and beds for cats. When it comes to dogs, the beds on the market are usually about functionality and when they do have an interesting design it tends to be for smaller dogs.

Yes, some designs (the handmade ones) have options to size up. But let’s be honest, a great dane isn’t going to fit into any of these. Like most dogs, he or she will be using your sofa or your bed for a nap when the chance arises.

But if you do want something for a small dog with character, I might well have something for you in this selection of 10 designs. No order, just 10 designs that will liven up both your home and your dog’s life.


1. Midcentury modern dog houses by Pijuan Design Workshop

1. Midcentury modern dog houses by Pijuan Design Workshop

Let’s start with the most expensive. But also, one of the more appealing ranges out there.

As you might have noticed, these are miniature midcentury modern houses for your dog. Well, some aren’t that miniature. As you can see from the house at the top of the page, big dogs ARE catered for here.

Each one is produced with attention to detail and using premium materials for some genuine authenticity despite the size. Handmade too, so you can tweak the design if there is anything you want to add in (or take out).

Whether it’s an Eichler, an A-frame or an individual midcentury modern statement, you get the architectural style you love and your dog gets a great home. Note that some even double up as pieces of furniture too, which adds in some extra value. Just as well as these start from around £1,300 and jump up for the really big houses.

Find out more at the Pijuan Design Workshop Etsy website


2. Le Corbusier-inspired Piet pet sofa at Made

2. Le Corbusier-inspired Piet pet sofa at Made

Modernism of a slightly earlier era is the inspiration for this Piet pet sofa.

This one, if you didn’t know, seems loosely based on the iconic (and I don’t use that word lightly) LC seating range by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perrian, which dates back to 1928 and has been in production with Cassina since the mid-1960s (should you want to buy a full-size one).

Or you could just treat the dog with this one, which is available in two sizes and has a chrome frame and a grey cushion. £159 gets him or her an iconic bed.

Find out more at the Made website


3. Midcentury modern walnut dog bed by Naluli

3. Midcentury modern walnut dog bed by Naluli

The dog here looks so proud of the bed, So it should, as this one looks super-cool.

This is based on a classic midcentury modern sofa design, with that American walnut frame and velvet cushioning. Love the skinny tapered legs.

Handmade of course (this being Etsy) and available for around £267.

Find out more at the Naluli Etsy website


4. Eames-inspired dog beds by Cairu MCM

4. Eames-inspired dog beds by Cairu MCM

Various options from this maker, all of which are worthy of a look of Eames is your thing.

Not that these are Eames designs But the curved wood certainly hints at the style and would fit effortlessly into an interior that happened to have original or reproduction pieces on display.

Small beds, large beds, covered beds and more. But I like this one, which is one of the more pricey, but has a great look from that walnut veneer on the bent plywood, as well as the lovely atomic orange cushioning. One of the largest and priciest at £338, but other cheaper options available too.

Find out more at the Cairu MCM Etsy website


5. Emery Dog Sofa by Archie & Oscar

5. Emery Dog Sofa by Archie & Oscar

I know, this looks like the kind of sofa you and I would quite fancy in the house. But it is another design for dogs. Yes, we really do spoil them.

Very cool, with the angled legs, the cushioned seat (that main cushion is removable) and the coloured cushions at the back. Another that’s perfect for a midcentury modern interior.

If you want it, £127.99 gets you one.

Find out more at the Wayfair website


6. Moby midcentury modern pet sofa at Made

6. Moby midcentury modern pet sofa at Made

Two colour options for this one, which is also a more affordable option as well.

I preferred the mustard here, but there’s also a pink and copper finish too. The design is based on the wonderful Moby sofa at Made, but shrunk down for dogs (and cats/small dogs too if you go for the smaller size). Contrasting tapered legs are worth a mention too, as well as the curves of this seat.

The prices are from £129.

Find out more at the Made website


7. Retro 1950s pet caravan at Daydream HQ

7. Retro 1950s pet caravan at Daydream HQ

This works for both smaller dogs and cats. It also works as a talking point and a great piece of interior design.

Inspired by the classic Shasta trailer and available in five colours, the trailer is crafted using thick birch wood, with the colour added in, which uses all-weather UV-protected inks. A free personalised licence plate too.

$249 for the caravan.

Find out more at the Daydream HQ website


8. Handmade wooden bed dogs by Bed Pet UK

8. Handmade wooden bed dogs by Bed Pet UK

Something a little more rugged and functional perhaps. But I do like the finish of this one. It’s very much in tune with a lot of handmade midcentury modern designs out there right now.

A lovely wood frame, harpoon legs and a memory foam mattress for comfort. This one is really but to last too. You might need to change the mattress now and then, but the frame will probably outlive you!

Find out more at the Bed Pet UK Etsy website


9. Small dog bed by Lvll Design

9. Small dog bed by Lvll Design

Very much designed for smaller dogs. If that’s your dog, have a look at this.

Choose your colour for the wood finish and the angled legs, as well as the colour for your cushion. Different sizes, but overall, this is smaller dog territory.

A lovely design though and available from £153.

Find out more at the Lvll Design Etsy website


10. Tristan retro dog chair by Archie & Oscar

10. Tristan retro dog chair by Archie & Oscar

How does the idea of a retro chair instead of retro dog beds in the living room grab you? If it does, this looks like it could be a well-priced option.

Well-priced because this design is actually in the sale right now in both shades. A circular chair with angled legs and plenty of comfort for your dog. It might even stop him or her from jumping on the sofa. But probably not.

£83.99 for this one.

Find out more at the Wayfair website

Or maybe instead of retro dog beds go for a retro pet cushion…

There are a few options for retro cushions, but I have picked out a couple at the affordable end of the market.


Emmott dog cushion/bed

The first is them is the Emmott dog cushion/bed, which has a retro finish for the cloth and is top value at just £22. You can pick that one up here.


Snoopy cushion by Archie & Oscar

Or get one featuring the coolest cartoon dog. Yes, the Snoopy cushion by Archie & Oscar is just so eye-catching and practical too. A cotton outer and wadding inside for comfort, it’s the kind of dog bed you really don’t want to hide away. Woodstock available too, with both selling for £62.99 here.


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Now discussing:

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