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XQC Banned For The 5th Time On GTA V Role Play Server: Will This Be A Permanent Ban?

Twitch streamer xQc was barred from the NoPixel Grand Theft Auto Online roleplay community for the third time last month. His suspension was thought to be permanent at the time, but it was not. He was recently suspended once more, and this time he indicated that the ban is permanent. Why was XQC banned on Twitch permanently? Continue reading ahead to find out.

XQC Nopixel Ban and Net Worth

xQc has since discussed the ban on his Twitch stream, confirming that the news of his ban was permanent this time, but also admitting that the ban was deserved and should have occurred a long time ago.

There are rules against Random Death Match on the server, which ensures that players cannot attack each other without a plot or roleplay leading up to it. A circumstance similar to this occurred shortly before the ban, when one of these server's police officers, played by streamer PENTA, attempted a roadside stop of xQc and another player before being shot and killed in his car. So this led to the explanation for XQC's fifth ban is most likely that he killed another streamer, Penta, at random.

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Despite the fact that xQc's acts were illegal, Penta admitted on his own stream that he had no intention of reporting them because doing so would have only resulted in threats from xQc's fanbase. XQC went on to say in his stream that PENTA's arguments that he was too afraid to disclose this case are making the issue look much worse than it is and that he is manipulating the situation.

GTA V Roleplay is a multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V on the PC. Players who join one of the user-created RP servers become even more absorbed in the game, taking on the appearance of a regular NPC that can be customised in a variety of ways. Anyone with a PC copy of the game can play, but it's not the same as the standard multiplayer mode found in Rockstar's massively famous game. This is a multiplayer mode that requires updated game clients such as FiveM and Grand Theft Multiplayer to access. You may then join a role-playing server.

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IMAGE: XQC Twitter

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Sours: https://www.republicworld.com/technology-news/gaming/xqc-banned-for-the-5th-time-on-gta-v-role-play-server-will-this-be-a-permanent-ban.html

xQc first to successfully heist Lower Vault in GTA 5 NoPixel RP server

If you’re unfamiliar with the antics of Felix “xQc” Lengyel in Grand Theft Auto 5Role Play (GTA RP), then you’re certainly missing out. xQc, a former Overwatch pro, is widely regarded as one of the most entertaining streamers on Twitch. He is also incredibly popular for role-playing as the infamous criminal mastermind, “Jean Paul”, on the NoPixel GTA RP server; so much so that it eventually led to him being permanently banned.

xQc previously attempted to heist the Lower Vault of the Pacific Standard Deposit Bank, but this ended with him scuffing the final puzzle and thus unable to enter the Vault room. His unsuccessful run would not appear to have deterred him from trying again, however, with his most recent attempt being a massive success. Beyond uncovering heaps of cash, xQc discovered a silver suitcase and you won’t believe what he found inside.

How did xQc manage to successfully heist the Lower Vault?

After destroying the Los Santos power station and turning off the power to the entire city, xQc and his gang proceeded to breach the bank after rounding up a large group of hostages. While the criminal gang on the upper floor of the bank negotiated for extra time with the police, xQc and another gang member proceeded to crack various puzzles to gain access to the Lower Vault.

xqc lower vault heist gtav nopixel rp

After grapple hooking over to the first gate of the Lower Vault, xQc cracked the 5 slot 5-number puzzle on just his second attempt, citing “I finished on a ‘rectangle rectangle’ and I didn’t even break a sweat”.

He then proceeded to complete a puzzle that he’s never seen before, which comprised a 6 slot 6-number puzzle. He failed his first attempt at one of the final stages, citing “I’ve never seen this hack before and I did four of them and it’s a six-slot, I f***ing had it”, adding “I thought the puzzle was over and I stopped thinking”. 

xqc six number puzzle lower vault heist gtaa v rp nopixel

For those who don’t know, these puzzle challenges are incredibly difficult. 5-number puzzles are already notoriously difficult, compared to the usual 4-number puzzles seen at smaller Fleeca banks. So the fact that he managed to nearly complete a 6-number puzzle on his first attempt is massive. 

After eventually completing the 6-number puzzle to the doors of the Lower Vault room on his second attempt, he entered and proceeded to crack the last puzzle to open the vault. This involved remembering a 12-digit sequence of numbers, which he completed by snapping a photo with his phone. Upon receiving the codes to the Vault, xQc was left frustrated by being unable to open the Lower Vault.

xqc 12-digit code gta v rp nopixel lower vault heist

Failing to open the Lower Vault after interacting with it by various means, xQc thought that the Vault may be scuffed. He subsequently considered quitting but later managed to open the Lower Vault after throwing C4 explosives at it.

xqc gta v rp no pixel lower vault heist success

Unexpectedly, the Lower Vault managed to open and he proceeded to open the gates and rob its contents.

What did xQc find in the Lower Vault?

Despite the fact that the Lower Vault was completely scuffed (presumably because of the C4 explosive), xQc managed to bag around $3 million in marked bills. xQc later added that he could have come away with more, after losing $600,000 to the scuffed Vault room.

In addition to the money, xQc also found a silver briefcase with the engraving “Blueprints to the Casino“ on it. Unfortunately, he has not managed to open the contents of the briefcase as of yet, but we're sure he'll figure it out soon.


He speculated that the Casino may hold safety deposit boxes, which could hold valuable treasures that we could see him later try to rob. xQc is the first person to successfully heist the Lower Vault and we can't wait to see what he has planned next.

In case you missed it, we definitely encourage you to check out the full VOD in the video below. The heist attempt may just be better than any heist movie we’ve ever seen. xQcL smile.

What did you think of this epic heist and do you think you’re capable of pulling it off? Let us know by tweeting us at @NewsGinx or @GinxTV.

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Header image via xQcOW / Twitch.

Sours: https://www.ginx.tv/en/gta/xqc-first-to-successfully-heist-lower-vault-in-gta-5-nopixel-rp-server
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In what has become a regular occurrence, popular Twitch streamer xQc has been banned from GTA V RP server NoPixel 3.0 for the fourth time.

The streamer confirmed the ban during his stream, sharing that the server’s decision to act came down to three incidents.

These incidents included an altercation xQc had with the server’s police force, dropping his weapon when he was killed, and “abusing vehicle scuff.”

Given the reasoning, xQc said he believes there was a bias against him by those at the helm of the server.

In comparison to his previous bans, these incidents are much more minor. But despite this, the streamer has been hit with his longest ban duration to date of 30 days.

During his stream xQc also confirmed that given the length of this ban and the situation surrounding it he has no plans to appeal it and doesn’t see himself returning to the server again once it is complete.

XQc has been the most popular streamer on the No Pixel 3.0 server. But bringing such a large audience into the RP-driven space has come with its issues. Despite these issues, the streamer has continued to produce entertaining content with a mix of drama and action.

During a previous ban, xQc toyed with the idea of continuing to RP on alternative GTA V RP servers. After spending a short time doing so, however, he decided to wait out the ban and return to No Pixel.

It doesn’t look as though that will be the case again for this ban and instead the streamer may move on from GTA RP entirely.

Sours: https://dotesports.com/streaming/news/xqc-banned-from-gta-v-rp-server-nopixel-3-0-for-the-fourth-time





xQcOW, or xQc, is a member of the NoPixel community and best known for playing the character Jean Paul.


Jean Paul

Jean Paul was a trouble loving maniac who goes by the name "X," "Ghost Rider," or "House/Bank Busta." He was a well-known criminal who unfortunately always gets caught. He used to work as a news journalist for the police under the station Pepega News. He was working as a Marketing Consultant for Burger Shot and occasionally likes to help promote events for Diamond Casino and Resort. He was known to have lost over 100 thousand dollars gambling at the casino as well as having one of the longest driving license records with a height of 107 points. In his free time he likes to practice the hacking portion of Rob Banks with a personal record of 26 consecutive successful hacks. He also enjoys robbing houses in hopes of getting a dongle. He was a firm believer in legendary monsters such as The fire hydrant water god, The Dragon, as well as The Kraken. While much is not known about these monsters, Jean Paul seems to be able to speak to them. He relays his conversations with anyone who will listen and has detailed instructions as to how these creatures should be fed. The Kraken is said to be the crux of the Tsunami's and Jean Paul has made it his mission to keep The Kraken satisfied by hotwiring police cars and sending them off the pier into the ocean. In order to keep The Dragon satisfied, Jean Paul has hotwired cars and drove them next to Gas Station pumps to be exploded.

Jean Paul.png

Pierre Paul

Pierre Paul is a Cadet for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #505.


Norm Andy

Norm Andy is a "Taxi Driver" that knows no fear except hitting the brakes. He is a one life character.



Jean-Pierre Baptiste

Jean Pierre is said to have been the brother of Jean Paul. He is currently deceased.

Sours: https://nopixel.fandom.com/wiki/XQcOW

Gta 5 xqc

xQc Announces A New GTA Online Role-Playing Server, Similar to NoPixel

Twitch streamer xQc has announced a new GTA Online roleplaying server similar to NoPixel, featuring less rules and more rewards for criminal activity.

Controversial Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel has announced the imminent arrival of a new Grand Theft Auto: V Online roleplaying server featuring fewer rules – and will serve as a sister server to NoPixel. The streamer exclusive roleplaying server NoPixel received its 3.0 update in February this year, which reinvigorated the GTA Online player base, piquing the interests of popular streamers and famous celebrities such as Travis Scott, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James.

xQc was recently handed his fifth and permanent ban from the NoPixel server, which was due to the streamer randomly killing another player in the server. Since the altercation occurred without prior roleplaying leading up to the killing, this violated the server rules. With the permanent ban came Lengyel’s announcement of his departure from GTA Online roleplay, stating that while he would miss roleplaying on the server, he felt he did not deserve another chance due to the previous leniency provided by NoPixel admins.

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Almost a week since his ban from the NoPixel servers, Lengyel has announced during a stream the creation of a new GTA Online roleplaying server, which will feature fewer restrictions, fewer fines, and more rewards for the criminally minded. Aside from these features, xQc also revealed that he would be safe from the wrath of the ban hammer in the new server. The NoPixel sister server is expected to go live in the next few days and will be free to play with the option to pay for higher priority. The upcoming server has already garnered tremendous interest and success, with xQc stating that “It literally is a sell out server.

Although the second server may seem more attractive to those who want to wreak havoc in Los Santos, Lengyel reassured fans that the quality of roleplay would not be affected by the relaxed rules. The streamer added that his sentiment was also shared by Koil, the creator of NoPixel, who expects the roleplaying quality on the sister server to be close to the same as the original server. Since the overwhelming popularity of the original NoPixel server means that many players often face wait times of several hours, Lengyel stated that the sister server will make GTA Online RP more accessible.

Despite xQc's tumultuous relationship with the original NoPixel server and its residents, the new sister server sounds like it will be a perfect match for the streamer. Without the threat of being banned, Lengyel will now be free to roleplay to his heart's content. Those who were tired of the streamer’s antics on the original NoPixel server can now rest easy knowing that xQc will be returning to GTA Online roleplay in a more appropriate space.

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Grand Theft Auto: VOnlineis available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Sources: xQcOW/Twitch, xQcOWUpdates/Twitter


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