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Blox Fruits

Date of Addition:



Combat, Grinding and Traveling


First Sea, Second Sea, Third Sea

Under Trees (First, Second and Third Sea)

Shop (First, Second and Third Sea)

Factory Raids (Second Sea)

Pirate Raids (Third Sea)

Objects Affected:

Players, Destructable Objects and NPCs

Blox Fruits (aka Devil Fruits) can be obtained by finding them randomly in the game (mostly under trees/plants), buying them from the Blox Fruit Dealer using Beli or Robux, and do the most damage in a Factory Raid. You can also pay Beli to get a random fruit from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin, however, the price varies on your level. Max Level players price of fruits are around , Beli, and for level 1 players/ lower level players, they cost 25, Beli. You can also obtain it from pirates raiding the Castle of the Sea by killing the last pirate in the raid.

A Devil fruit will spawn every 60 minutes after a server starts and despawns after 20 minutes if not picked up. Here are the chances of each devil fruit spawning into the game.

If you fall into the sea while having a devil fruit power, you will take a lot of damage and very quickly (Sand users take 2x damage from Water). Having the FishmanRace decreases that damage (you become immune to Water damage if you have V2 or V3 of The FishmanRace). Logia fruits will make you immune to an NPC or player's attacks once your level is higher than them by 5% (bosses are an exception).

To be able to hit and damage a Logia user without using a Devil fruit, you need to use Buso Haki(Enhancement). It can be bought at the Frozen Village island for 25, Beli from the Ability Teacher in the cave.

Logia, Zoan and very few Paramecia devil fruits have the ability to travel at high speed / fly with an F move which are usually unlocked at a low mastery level.

Devil fruits flight speed (Slowest to Fastest) (only flight and not travel skills)

Devil fruits travel skill speed (Slowest to Fastest)

There are currently 9 fruits that can be awakened: Flame, Ice, Quake, Dark, Light, String, Rumble, Magma and Buddha.

Fun Facts

  • If you pick up a Blox Fruit & then drop it, the Blox Fruit will never despawn.
  • Only 2 Blox Fruits can spawn in a VIP server at a time unless one is picked up.
  • If you want to remove your fruit, pay 50, Beli to an NPC called Blox Fruit Remover who is located at Impel Down or at the top of Castle on the Sea.
  • Ice users will create a small pile of Ice when they land on Water.
  • Magma users are immune to lava pits.
  • Chop users are immune to all sword attacks (except for Ice And Light sword), even if the enemies have the Buso Haki Enhancement
  • Rubber users have immunity to all Guns, Electric and Rumble. This includes stun, click attacks, and all moves.
  • Ice and Light swords at DF Stats and Mastery deal damage.

Types of Devil Fruits

  • Paramecia (Natural) This type of fruit usually has no passive ability. It is the most common type of devil fruit.
  • Logia (Elemental) This type has a passive ability that allows users to bypass any damage if the enemy has a lower level and does not use Buso Haki or a Devil Fruit.
  • Zoan (Mythological) This type of fruit allows users to transform to a beast or an animal.

Blox Fruit Dealer (Prices, Types and Abilities)

The list below displays the order of Devil Fruits according to the price the Blox Fruit Dealer charges for them. Click here for current fruits that are on stock.

Fruit Price (Beli) Price (Robux) Type Ability Levels
Bomb$5, R$50 Paramecia/Natural 1, 15
Spike$7, R$75 Paramecia/Natural 1, 15
Chop$30, R$ Paramecia/Natural 1, 20, 50
Spring$60, R$ Paramecia/Natural 1, 20, 60, 80
Kilo$80, R$ Paramecia/Natural 1, 20, 50, 75
Smoke$, R$ Logia/Elemental 1, 20, 50, 10
Spin$, R$ Paramecia/Natural 1, 50, 90, 25
Flame$, R$ Logia/Elemental 1, 1, 50, , 10
Falcon$, R$ Zoan/Beast 1, 1, 80, , 20
Ice$, R$ Logia/Elemental 1, 25, 50,
Sand$, R$ Logia/Elemental 1, 40, 80, , 15
Dark$, R$ Logia/Elemental 1, 40, 80, ,
Diamond$, R$1, Paramecia/Natural 1, 1, 80,
Light$, R$1, Logia/Elemental 1, 40, 80, , 10
Love$, R$1, Paramecia/Natural 1, 25, 50,
Rubber$, R$1, Paramecia/Natural 1, 20, 50,
Barrier$, R$1, Paramecia/Natural 1, 45, 90, , 10
Magma$, R$1, Logia/Elemental 1, 45, 95, , 10
Door$, R$1, Paramecia/Natural 1, 50, ,
Quake$1,, R$1, Paramecia/Natural 1, 50, ,
Buddha$1,, R$1, Zoan/Beast 1, 1, ,
String$1,, R$1, Paramecia/Natural 1, 50, , , 15
Phoenix$1,, R$2, Zoan/Beast 1, 90, , , 30
Rumble$2,, R$2, Logia/Elemental 1, 90, , , 30
Paw$2,, R$2, Paramecia/Natural 1, , , , 50
Gravity$2,, R$2, Paramecia/Natural 1, , , , 50
Dough$2,, R$2, Paramecia/Natural, can be turned into Logia with Ken Haki/Observation on 1, , , , 50
Venom$3,, R$2, Paramecia/Natural 1, , , , 50
Control$3,, R$2, Paramecia/Natural 1, 1, , ,
Dragon$3,, R$2, Zoan/Beast 1, , , , 75

20 Blox Fruits Tier List

The user will turn into a freezing human and will be able to manipulate ice for attacks or also to walk on water. All the valid blox fruits codes roblox game by go play eclipsis previously blox piece.

Blox Piece Swords Tier List Community Rank Tiermaker

Blox fruits is the old blox piece the name changed in update 9.

Blox fruits tier list. Use our blox fruits tier list template to create your own tier list. Frutas tier list template. The blox fruits fruits tier list below is created by community voting and is the cumulative average rankings from 12 submitted tier lists.

Frutas tier list generated from the blox fruits. In order for your ranking to count you need to be logged in and publish the list to the site not simply downloading the tier list image. Sensei maui views.

Blox fruit update 11 devil fruit tier list thank you for watching guys like and sub comment for more. Blox fruit dealer prices types and abilities the list shown below displays the order of demon fruit according to the price the demon fruit dealer charges for them. The list is always updated check if we have added new codes and redeem them before they expire.

Some blox fruits can now be awakened as of update 11 flame ice and quaketremor. Is a logia rare devil fruit you can buy it for k in any devil fruit dealer and you can also find it in snow island. All devil fruit in blox piece full list ice ice devil fruit.

Click here for current fruits that are on the stock. Blox fruits codes full list. Board blox fruits trello.

How to get it. Ranking all the devil fruits on blox fruits updated duration. This list is for people who main devil fruit this list is also not for top tier pvp its for average players things in the same rank are listed in order of how good they are top bottom.

Awakened quake awakened flame.

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Blox Fruits Best Fruits Tier List (October )

Fruits, also known as Devil Fruits, are influential in determining the abilities and boosts your character will possess in Blox Fruits. Because of this, it is very important to know which fruit you need to acquire to enhance your strength in the game. It can be difficult to determine which fruit is best for you. That&#;s why we&#;ve compiled this Blox Fruits tier list. Scroll below to know our ranking.

Blox Fruits Tier List Best Devil Fruits Ranked

The rank in Devils Fruits vary from S to F, with S being the highest rank and F being the lowest.


blox fruits devil fruit sand

As you can see, Devil Fruits are divided into three different types in Blox Fruits. Each type determines the boosts you will receive upon using them. Check out the three different types here.

Natural Devil Fruits

These fruits provide the least boosts among the three types of Devil Fruits. However, certain natural fruits have boosts that are similar to the other two types of Devil Fruits.

Elemental Devil Fruits

Using these types of Devil Fruits will help any attacks pass right through your body. This is because the body of your character begins to become the element of the selected fruit. You need to remember that attacks will only pass through your body if you have a higher level than your attacker.

Beast Devil Fruit

These types of fruits help you transform into the beast or creature of the particular fruit you choose.

Upon using a Devil Fruit, you automatically gain access to its abilities. To unlock each fruit, you will need to reach the required Mastery for the particular fruit. To switch between Devil fruits in the game, you need to speak to the Devil Fruit Remover in the Prison. The more powerful Devil Fruits are often the hardest to find as they rarely spawn naturally.

So this was the tier list for the different Devils Fruits in Blox Fruit. As you now know, fruits ranked S will help you achieve the best boosts in the game. While these fruits may be difficult to come by because of their rarity, they are well and truly worth the patience and effort.

If you liked this tier list, check out the Roblox Project XL Devil Fruit Tier List.


Blox Fruits Best Fruits - Devil Fruit Tier List

Looking for Blox Fruits' best fruits? This pirate-adventure game is based around the iconic anime and manga One Piece, and like many other Roblox games, uses its concept of Devil Fruits. The only real difference is that they're also called Blox Fruits here. These mysterious fruits are scattered around the world, and just as in One Piece, they grant powerful abilities to whoever consumes them.

You can search for them while exploring the world, or purchase them using Beli and Robux from your friendly neighbourhood fruit vendor. But what are Blox Fruits' best fruits? As these items do anything from granting you explosive attacks to letting you teleport huge distances, creating a tier list is a challenge. But we thought we'd give it a try anyway.

In this Blox Fruits tier list,we round up all of the Devil Fruits and rank them based on how good they are. We also explain how categories work, how much each fruit costs, and where you can get your hands on them.

Here Are Blox Fruits' Best Fruits

Tier Fruit
SDough, Light, Rumble, Quake, Dragon, Dark, Venom
APhoenix, Magma, Flame, Buddha, Diamond, String, Falcon,
BBarrier, Rubber, Gravity, Control, Door
CSand, Chop, Smoke, Spring, Kilo, Spin, Love, Ice, Paw
DBomb, Spike
A pirate hat wearing character in Blox Fruits.
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+ 2

What Are Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits (or devil fruits as they are also known) are items that you can get in-game, granting you powerful abilities. There are three categories of devil fruit:

  • Paramecia - This natural fruit is the most common kind and usually doesn't have a passive ability
  • Zoan - This beast fruit lets you transform into another creature
  • Logia - This fruit allows its user to harness elemental abilities

Each of these categories contains a number of different fruits that players can use.

Every Devil Fruit In Blox Fruits

Here is every Devil Fruit in Blox Fruits, along with its cost in Beli and Robux:

Paramecia Fruits

Fruit Price (Beli) Price (Robux)

Zoan Fruits

Fruit Price (Beli) Price (Robux)

Logia Fruits

Fruit Price (Beli) Price (Robux)
Two devil fruit-empowered characters fight in Blox Fruits.
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How Do I Get Blox Fruits?

There are multiple ways to get Blox Fruits, but the best method is from the Blox Fruit Merchant, who appears in the game's starting area and sells the fruits for Beli and Robux. You can also pay Beli to the Blox Fruit Merchant's cousin for a random fruit depending on your level, or raid the Castle in the Sea.

The final method is to find Blox Fruits out in the world, as they spawn every 45 minutes. If you explore and search under trees and plants, you should be able to find one.

And that's our Blox Fruits best fruits tier list. If you're looking for some Roblox game freebies, we have lists for All Star Tower Defence codes, Shindo Life codes, Anime Fighting Simulator codes, and many more.

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