Propane tank painting ideas

Propane tank painting ideas DEFAULT

Hank Hill might look askance at any artistic affectation of “propane and propane accessories” but give the big fella his due: propane is America’s grilling gas of choice. These days propane gas tanks have found a place in urban, suburban and rural settings with some owners choosing to beautify them so they’ll fit in even better.


(images via: Instructables and That’s Nerdalicious)

Ever notice how those dime a dozen 20lb portable propane tanks look sorta like LEGO heads? Will painting one yellow and adding minimalist facial features help? Yes and yes – and the gang at Instructables shows you exactly how to get ahead, so to speak, in the LEGO head lookalike propane tank game.

Make Mine Melon

(images via: Junk Market Style)

Watermelons give you gas, who knew? All it takes is a little imagination (plus a couple of old coat hangers and some wooden beads) and that rusty old propane tank will be looking as cool as a cucumber… or, well, some other large green edible.

Darwin’s Designs

(images via: and Darwin Design)

Is T.J. Darwin really “The Propane Picasso”? Undoubtedly the late Spanish artist would be impressed by the colorful and elaborate tableaux Darwin displays on water and propane tanks. The year-old Darwin finds plenty of tanks to practice on in propane-dependent Idyllwild, CA, and a previous stint in the art department at FAO Schwartz allowed him to hone his illustrating skills. “I like the three-dimensional surface,” stated Darwin to a reporter from the local Press-Enterprise newspaper. “It tells a story.” Even more so once Darwin finishes with it.

Tank in Sheep’s Clothing

(images via: Zan’s Art)

Who says painted propane tanks have to be wild & wooly when merely wooly is more than enough? Alexandra Orton whipped up “Fluffy” for the All the King’s Horses Children’s Ranch in Benson, AZ.

Rocky Mountain High

(image via: Sally Cruikshank)

Artist Sally Cruikshank isn’t exactly a jet-setter but her hand-painted propane tank sure is and it’s anything but “plane”. Better keep that tank filled with propane and not Red Bull – all it needs is wings and it’s gone, man.

Grillin’ & Grinnin’

(images via: GrabCAD)

The talented folks at GrabCAD show that the art of propane tank decoration need not be a low-tech endeavor. According to Kastle at GrabCAD, the basic concept was downloaded from 3dcontentcentral and modified for use in a personal project. Sure hope this terrific tank sees the light of day someday!

Hotter Than Halloween

(image via: Instructables)

The creative crew from Instructables is at it again, this time transforming a clapped out but still serviceable propane tank into the hottest jack-o-lantern this side of Halloweentown. Word to the wise: this is one “pumpkin” you’ll NOT want to light up with a lit candle.

Tailgater Aid

(images via: Tailgating Ideas)

You gotta support the team and where face-painting leaves off, propane tank painting picks up… or maybe that should be, kick’s off. Tailgating Ideas’ reader Mike from Severn, Maryland, shared his tank decorating technique and as you might guess, it takes both time and talent. Especially the former, as applying the pigskin-like dimples to the tank took hours using the blunt end of a toothpick.

Highway Tankers

(images via:

If you’re determined to restore a Shasta “canned ham” style trailer the right way, then leaving out the twin propane tanks is not an option. Don’t these look great all decked out in Mint Green & White divided by a staggered silver stripe?

We All Live In A…

(images via: Forever Decorating)

Don’t tell Mitt Romney but propane-powered submarines went out with horses and bayonets. There’s one cheerfully painted holdover, however, deep in the heart of Texas and as pretty as a yellow rose. A little Plaid acrylic paint topped with Valspar outdoor sealer ensures this sweet sub will sail on through any type of weather.

Flames On!

(images via: crb and

Chuck Bauman’s famed for his flames and deservedly so – the dude’s a master of the art of Realistic Flames Airbrushing! Some might say painting a propane tank with realistic flames is just asking for trouble but we disagree: it’s more like asking for admiring comments, and getting them.

Got Propane?

(images via: LJWorld and Coal Creek Farm)

If your cow emits propane instead of methane, you just might be drawing a combustible concoction from a moo-tifully modified storage tank. If not, you’ve just plugged the grill fueling hose into a very unhappy bull.

Bigger Bird

(images via: Plaid Red)

It’s a bird, it’s a tank, it’s a… tank painted up to look like a bird. Won’t be the first time someone’s had to gas up the T-bird but anyway, this tank was originally supposed to be a rooster but the artist’s unchecked creativity soon led her off the beaten track into a very different place. Not that we’re complaining, the end result looks anything but cheep.

If You Pilled It, They Will Come

(images via: You Tour Like a Girl and Lomojunkie71)

Lessee now, propane or Prozac? You’re gonna need a whole lot of the latter if you just filled your gallon propane tank and the grill decides to self-destruct. Luckily there’s a solution – sitting on somebody’s lawn in Milan (some say Red Hook), New York is the world’s biggest Prozac pill. You might think you’ll need a BIG glass of water to get that sucker down but good news everyone… it’s a suppository.

King Of The Hills

(image via: The Feral Irishman)

You don’t have to love propane (and propane accessories) as much as Strickland Propane’s Hank Hill but a little TLC can go a long way towards beautifying your yard. Propane tanks whether portable or permanent are easily visible so make sure they’re visually appealing – with a little imagination and some elbow grease who knows how your tank or tanks will end up?


Can I Paint My Propane Tank?

Large or small, a propane tank can sometimes be an obvious addition to a home’s landscape. It’s only natural that a homeowner would want his landscape to be attractive, and a propane tank can seem quite an obstacle in this instance.

Because of this, one question we frequently field is “can I paint my propane tank?”

The short answer is YES, you can paint your propane tank. It’s important to remember, however, that you can’t paint it just any color, nor can you use just any paint.

Propane Tank Lego Head

Photo courtesy of Instructables

What colors?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has set standards for the color of propane tanks. At the most basic, these standards state that tanks should be painted a light, reflective color. In fact, there are several restrictions on the color and type of paint that should be used. Not only does the NFPA set standards, there are also federal and state laws (the latter of which depend on where you live) that also figure into safety and serviceability of your propane tank. Common colors used for propane tanks include silver, white, and light gray. Other light colors such as beige or pastel colors may also be acceptable; contact your propane supplier for guidance on this issue.


Think back to science class. You likely learned that dark colors absorb heat, while lighter colors reflect it. As a compressed gas, propane is affected by expansion and contraction based on temperature. A dark-colored tank surface absorbs heat and causes expansion of the gas, the pressure of which can lead to the safety valve on your tank opening, causing gas to escape. Another issue is the combustibility of propane; exposing the contents of a propane tank to high temperatures through the absorption of heat due to a dark paint color can create a significant risk for combustion.

What type of paint should I use?

Only paint designed specifically for metal surfaces should be used to paint your propane tank. This paint includes a rust inhibitor, which is important for the structural integrity of your tank. Keeping your tank rust-free or arresting the development of rust on your tank will go a long way toward the safety and longevity of your tank.

What if my tank has rust?

Rust on a propane tank should be addressed before you paint. Rust is a dark color and will contribute to the absorption of heat, as well as lead to pitting of the tank’s surface, which can damage the structural integrity of the tank. Rust should be removed with a wire brush or sandpaper before painting. An excessively rusted tank may need to be replaced – consult your propane supplier if you have any question about what constitutes too much rust.

What if I want to do more than paint my tank?

There are other methods to help your propane tank blend in with your landscape, but you should discuss these with your propane supplier before you use them. Decorative fencing, landscape shrubbery, trellis structures, and designs painted on your tank may have an effect on tank safety and the ability of your supplier to service your tank. Safety is of utmost importance, and your supplier can help to guide you in making your tank both safe and attractive in its environment.

Want some help with your propane? We have locations in Henderson, Bicknell, Livermore, and more!

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Maybe you’ve seen the pictures of propane tanks painted and decorated to match landscaping and a backyard.

Aesthetically pleasing? Creative and fun?Possibly.

But safe? Notexactly.Unfortunately, there are safety concerns when considering painting your propane tank. Don’t get us wrong, you cancertainlypaint a propane tank, butit’s important tobe aware of certain restrictions on some colors and paint.

Why? Because, according to NFPA 58, propane tanks must be painted a heat reflective color, unless in an extremely cold climate. A dark color absorbs heat and causes the expansion of gas, which can lead to theopening of thesafety valve and gaspotentially being releasedfrom the tank.

With the color restrictions in mind, what color might fit best for your property and landscaping? The most common tank colors are silver, white, and light gray. Give it a Ferrellgas look and feel with our classic baby blue color.

Ahead of painting, be aware of additional rules and regulations at the state and local levels.

What paint to use for your tank?

There area fewoptions when considering what type of paintto use for your propane tank.From spray paint to rust-inhibiting metal paint to a paint roller,we recommend using whichever paint you’re most comfortable with.

In all those forms, there is paint specifically made for propane tanks that can be found at your local hardware store.

Steps to painting a propane tank

Before you begin perfecting your paint strokes, you'll want to make sure your propane tank is ready for that fresh look. To do so, follow these steps on how to paint your propane tank:

  1. Remove rust – Use a wire brush or sandpaper, scrubbing the rust off the surface. If it’s unfixable, contact your propane supplier
  2. Keep it smooth –Once the surface is smooth, wash the tank with dish detergent and water to remove any grease. Then, rinse with clean water
  3. Be on the lookout –There are areas of the tank that you might want to avoid paining, like the data tag area. In this case, utilize painter’s tape
  4. Paint! – On to the fun part, apply a primer with a side-to-side motionbefore adhering to the paint’s directions and recommendations on the appropriate amount of time to dry. Once the time’s expired, paint the entirety of the tank
  5. Want to find your creative side? You can customize your tank with images or lettering by using a paint brush 

That’s the nuts and bolts on how to paint your propane tank.It’s always a good idea to consider re-painting your propane tank every few years. And it’s definitely wise to clean your tank as often as possible. No one wants to have an old and rusted looking propane tank. 

We hope that you’re able to still put your personal touch on your propane tank, even with a couple ofrestrictionson colors. But, trust us,those restrictions are in placefor everyone’s safety.

Choose Ferrellgas for your propane needs

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