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Wilson Company has been in the business of pneumatic and hydraulic pumps, valves, motors, and pumps for over 55 years. We provide quality solutions for fluid power distribution, offering all our customers innovative products and supplies from top industry manufacturers.

As Certified Fluid Power Specialists and experts in the motion control industry, Wilson Company helps businesses harness the full power of hydraulic and pneumatic motors. Our services include custom design, fabrication, kitting, and assembly help.

Wilson Company’s technical services include:

  • Custom construction of hydraulic and pneumatic valves, assemblies, and systems
  • Electrical controls
  • Custom manifold assemblies
  • Filter carts
  • Hydraulic equipment including pumps, parts, and power units

With our $ million inventory of hydraulic and pneumatic supplies, Wilson Company has the tools and solutions you need, with exceptional customer service in a family-oriented atmosphere.


Wilson Company carries a deep inventory of pneumatic and hydraulic parts and supplies. We’re your one-stop source for motion control products, systems solutions. Whatever components or designs you need for your business or project, Wilson Company has all the answers you’re looking for.

We provide cost-effective motion control systems and products of the highest quality for all applications. Our experts and staff offer the best customer service and support, from ordering and design to delivery and implementation.

Family owned and operated since , Wilson Company has expanded to six locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Texarkana, Austin, and San Antonio. In addition to designing and installing fluid power systems and components, we’ve also offered education programs about hydraulic and pneumatic principles and system design.

Pneumatic pumps, valves, parts, and supplies

When your business needs a safe and effective power source, systems that use pneumatic parts may be the answer. Pneumatic tools use compressed air or gases to generate sufficient mechanical energy in several industrial implementations, including blow guns, air tools, and pick-and-place applications.

Pneumatic systems are ideal for situations that don’t require the same force that hydraulic pumps and systems typically generate. Since they don’t have a lot of complex moving parts or rely on electricity, pneumatic tools are safer and easier to maintain than electric sources of energy, and usually much less expensive.

Wilson Company offers a broad range of pneumatic equipment and supplies, including:

  • Pneumatic pumps to take in and compress outside air
  • Pneumatic cylinders for conduction of compressed air
  • Pneumatic valves to manage airflow and prevent leakage
  • Pneumatic actuators to trigger motion control
  • Pneumatic seals and tubes to stop leakage of air
  • Pneumatic fittings that give operators more control over the process


Hydraulic motors, pumps, parts, and supplies

When a project needs an energy source with more force or one that allows for better accuracy, many companies turn to hydraulic power. Hydraulics use pressurized liquids and fluids to generate and transfer energy, moving liquids through tubes, actuators, filters, and pressurizers to help move and activate automated components and mechanisms.

Hydraulic systems are frequently used in heavy construction applications. Hydraulic pumps are powered by large equipment like bulldozers, cranes, and diggers to pressurize incoming fluids, which in turn put arms, blades, and lifting devices in motion. Industrial companies also use hydraulic power to operate robotic arms, lathes, and presses.

Wilson Company carries a complete lineup of hydraulic equipment, including:

  • Hydraulic valves and control cables to regulate flow
  • Hydraulic motors to convert pressure to motion
  • Hydraulic pumps to convert power to hydrostatic energy
  • Hydraulic couplings to send out mechanical power
  • Hydraulic hoses to carry fluid and substances, including air hoses, chemical hoses, concrete hoses, flexible metal hoses, and hose crimping machines
  • Hydraulic filters and filtration systems to remove dirt and debris
  • Hydraulic fluid controls to monitor liquid flow, including flow dividers, meters, and analytical equipment
  • Hydraulic cylinders to guide unidirectional force
  • Hydraulic fittings and adapters to retrofit hoses, tubes, and pumps
  • Hydraulic accumulators to combine fluids with gas


Technical training programs

Wilson Company’s services go beyond supplying and installing equipment. We offer hands-on training courses in hydraulic technology and pneumatic operations, in which classmates build, adjust, inspect and analyze energy circuits from schematic designs. Students with technical backgrounds or basic aptitude learn all about the maintenance and operation of heavy industrial equipment through textbooks and laboratory work.

Our technical training programs are currently on hold due to the COVID pandemic. To be alerted when our training programs resume, contact us for more information on course availability and enrollment dates.


Hydraulic and pneumatic power systems are suitable for a broad range of companies, industries, and businesses. With Wilson Company's vast experience and technical know-how, we give our customers power solutions that are efficient and cost-effective, along with extensive product support and customer service.

Some of the industries that stand to benefit the most from hydraulic or pneumatic power include:

  • Oil & gas: Car washes, special machinery, transportation fittings, mobile hydraulics
  • Agriculture: Powering tractors, sprayers, combine harvesters, seeders, and track loaders
  • Industrial & construction: Moving bulldozers and other heavy equipment, digging sewer trenches, using backhoes for loading dump trucks, powering excavators, pressing, directing underground drills, and more
  • Marine: Powering capstans, ramps, elevators, ship stabilization systems, steering, passenger and cargo lifts, automation, pressure cleaning, and maintenance
  • Mining: Hydraulic mining systems including lifters, excavators, and rock movers, as well as pneumatic power for drills, wrenches, loaders, and mining equipment
  • Hydroelectric equipment: Turbines for converting water to energy, and other hydraulic system components
  • Government defense & security: Hydraulic lifting of jets for construction, integrated systems for intrusion detection, power for unmanned vehicles, fluid purification, and more
  • Transportation: Moving natural resources, hydraulic systems for aircraft, spike drivers and ballast regulators for railroad companies, pneumatic couplers for rail cars and vehicles, and more

These are just a few examples of industries that use hydraulics and pneumatics for common operations — the possibilities are endless.




Texas industries choose Wilson Company for their hydraulic and pneumatic power needs for several reasons:

  • Experience. Few companies can match Wilson Company’s 55 years of experience providing fluid power solutions to a broad range of industries and customers.
  • Customer service. From initial design and construction to implementation and troubleshooting, Wilson Company customers enjoy unmatchable and consistent employee support.
  • Family-oriented, human interaction. Wilson Company is a family-owned business that depends on our relationships with other businesses. Anytime you contact us, you’ll be helped by an actual, live human being who’s an expert in fluid power.
  • Knowledge. Our engineering specialists know all about traditional hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and are always on top of the latest trends and technologies that can help your business.
  • Convenience. With offices in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Texarkana, Wilson Company easily handles the hydraulic and pneumatic power needs for all of Eastern Texas.


To find out more about what Wilson Company does and how we can help you take advantage of hydraulic or pneumatic power solutions, contact us using our online form, or call us toll-free at Our certified experts will guide you through all your options, help you decide what solution is right for you, and get started ordering the supplies and installation for hydraulic or pneumatic power.

Like us on Facebookto keep up with Wilson Company’s daily business, and visit our YouTube channel for instructive content about solutions and applications for fluid power.


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We, ARVI HITECH is in Trading, dealers and distributors of Hydraulics and Pneumatic Cylinder and Control Valve & Distributor of Parker Products is used to create mechanical motion through generating pressure. It has vast application in Car and Hydraulic brake system and heavily used in automotive car System. Some of the products offered by us are Autorotors, Parker Electromechanical Parker Fluid Connector, Parker Hydraulic, Parker Pneumatics, Parker Control Valve and Parker Control Valve. We incepted in year.

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Dealers and Distributors of Hydraulics, Pneumatic Cylinder and Control Valve & Distributor of Parker Products

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Dealers and Dstributors of Hydraulics, Pneumatic Cylinder and Control Valve & Distributor of Parker Products

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Dealers and Distributors of Hydraulics, Pneumatic Cylinder and Control Valve & Distributor of Parker Products

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Chennai, India WHY US

In our decade old tenure in the domain we have created a sense of trust and dependability among our clients. This has been possible as much for the high quality of the product range comprising Autorotors, Parker Electro-mechanical, Parker Fluid Connector, Parker Hydraulic, Parker Pneumatics, Parker Control Valve and Parker Control Valve etc. as for other features that our organization follows. Some of these features are as follows: Timely delivery User-friendly designs Reputed vendor base Easy payment modes Product Customization Prompt after sales services Prompt, efficient, professional in-store services Knowledgeable, locally based support A safe, friendly and comfortable shopping environment A greater range of parts options so you get exactly what you're looking for

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To know more details of Our Products, Contact to the Details Mentioned below: Arvi Hitech Mr.K.R. MANOJ ,Anna Street, Devar Nagar,Padi Chennai, Tamil Nadu,India

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Parker Pneumatics

Official UK Parker Pneumatics distributor MK Air Controls provides the range of products that the market has grown to expect from one of the world’s leading motion control companies.

MK Air Controls, can also assist with our Value Added assembly service, reducing time and costs by delivering completed control technology systems directly to you.

Parker pneumatics provides innovative, quality products and maintains a leading edge expertise by concentrating on a number of market segments such as Road and Rail Transport, Food Industry, and Aluminium Smelters. Parker has also developed pneumatic components that withstand abrasive Aluminium oxide, desert heat, Nordic Cold and strong detergents used in washdown applications.

Massive range of Pneumatic and Electromechanical Components and systems.

Products for extreme conditions.

Continual development of Innovative products.

Global Technical support and product availability.


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