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Best Outdoor Glider

A swing on your patio isn’t just an exciting prospect for a kid but also for grown-ups. After all, the comfort and joy that can be derived out of relaxing on a gently rocking swing are unparalleled. And then there are simple patio chairs that rock back and forth without the need for swings.

No matter what type of glider you prefer, you can rest assured that if you invest in one, you’ll get the most relaxed outdoor seating experience. At the same time, you can enjoy the company of your family and friends who can sit beside you on these multiple-person seaters.

There are several options out there for someone looking for a good glider. Yet, if you want the best of the lot, you might have to do some extra research and we all know how tough it can seem. To ease the process for you, we have filtered the top 9 products based on quality, features, and value for money offered. 

Here is a list, if you want to make a quick purchase.

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for The Best Outdoor Gliders

For lovers of detailed analysis, we have done the hard work on that front as well. Read on to know more about the best outdoor glider reviews down below.

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Detailed Reviews for the Best Outdoor Gliders

1. Best Choice Products 3-Seater Outdoor Glider

Best Choice Products 3-Seater Outdoor Glider
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This outdoor swing seat from Best Choice Products comes highly recommended and loaded with features, that too at a reasonable price. As such, it is not wrong to term it the best outdoor glider in the market.

What’s interesting about this glider is that its seat can be converted to a flatbed in no time with a simple lock and release mechanism. This allows you to have hours of rest and relaxation with no need to bring out extra furniture. For adequate sun-protection when you sit outdoors during the day, the canopy is adjustable. It can be tilted forward as well as back up to 45 degrees to block the sun from multiple angles.

Because the glider is meant to seat three people, it helps that it can support as much as pounds of weight and has a wide seating area of 51 inches. Durability-wise, the product is built on a powder-coated steel frame which houses the cushions as well as the canopy. 

Plus, the material of the canopy is polyester. This makes it weather-resistant as well as fade-resistant to ensure you can keep it outdoors without worrying about damage. Additionally, you can remove the cushions when you don’t need to use them.

What We Liked

  • 2-in-1 convertible seat can be changed into a flatbed in a jiffy
  • Three seats with plush and comfortable cushions
  • Powder-coated steel frame to provide rust-resistance
  • Adjustable canopy for blocking the sun
  • Heavy-duty steel spring to hold the chairs

What We Didn’t Like

  • Improper assembly instructions

2. Outsunny 3-Person Outdoor Patio Sling

Outsunny 3-Person Outdoor Patio Sling
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This patio sling is beautifully designed with a beige canopy as well as a beige fabric that makes up the seats. These are fitted on a curved steel frame that is colored in an elegant metallic shade.

But that is not the only attraction of this product. For one, it is extremely comfortable and has adequate seating space for up to three individuals. The total weight this piece of outdoor furniture can take is pounds which is more than enough for seating three adults.

Moving along, the fabric is smooth and resistant to ordinary wear and tear, besides being fairly easy to clean. On top of that, it provides sufficient weather-resistance, unlike some gliders with thick-cushioned seats. When exposed to rains, the fabric can be dried easily in a matter of a few hours without any enduring damage to the material.

Similarly, the powder-coated steel frame is also resistant to rust formation on coming in contact with moisture. These factors enhance the durability of the product. Moreover, the glider is built to last with steady joints and two hard-wearing but flexible steel springs that hold the swinging seat from the top.

In addition to this, you can effortlessly adjust the canopy for optimum shade at all times. And when you do want to enjoy the sun, you can just as easily remove the canopy from the top. All these features combine to make this one of the best outdoor glider seats available for purchase.

What We Liked

  • Smooth gliding and swinging mechanism
  • Skid-resistant feet
  • Removable and adjustable canopy
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Fabric is wear and tear-resistant and can be cleaned with ease

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lack of proper instructions for assembly

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3. MCombo Outdoor Patio Swing Chair

MCombo Outdoor Patio Swing Chair
Check Latest Price on Amazon

The MCombo Outdoor Patio Swing Chair is built to make your outdoor experience during the summer a relaxing and comfortable one. This is made possible by the breathable Teslin fabric that is used to construct the seating. You can sit in the swing seat for hours on end, even on hot and humid days, without getting sweaty and uncomfortable as the mesh design of the fabric allows free passage of air. What’s more, you will have no trouble while cleaning it too.

In terms of shade, the chair has an adjustable canopy that can be tilted to block the sun from various directions. This can be done with the push of a button that is readily accessible at the side of the canopy. 

Made from a polyester fabric, the canopy is resistant to damage by UV rays and doesn’t fade easily. Also, if you want to sit in the sun for a while, you can remove the canopy altogether.

The seat hangs from steel rods on the top with two heavy-duty steel springs. These are capable of carrying pounds of weight without any strain whatsoever. Protective powder-coating on the steel frame makes it wear-resistant as well as rust-resistant and the anti-skid and anti-scratch foot pads allow it to be stable even on wet surfaces.

These features on a triangular frame make for a highly steady outdoor glider that multiple members of your family can enjoy at the same time.

What We Liked

  • Waterproof and weatherproof shade
  • Adjustable and convertible canopy
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Breathable and easy-to-clean mesh fabric
  • Non-skid feet pads

What We Didn’t Like

  • Seats could have longer under-the-thigh support to accommodate taller people

4. BELLEZE Porch Swing Glider

BELLEZE Porch Swing Glider
Check Latest Price on Amazon

With an arching steel frame, contemporary colors, and a curved handrail, this Porch Swing from BELLEZE is for lovers of modern design. It looks beautiful and perfectly accentuates your backyard or patio.

The swing features a strong heavy-duty steel frame that holds up to pounds of weight. Plus, the wide and sturdy base and the triangular design of the frame ensure the glider is stable even in strong windy conditions.

Assembling the glider is no trouble at all with clear and precise instructions that accompany it. There aren’t a lot of different parts which again enables you to put it together with ease. Simply fit the pieces through pre-drilled holes, hang the swing on the hooks on the top rail, and put the canopy on top.

The canopy itself is adjustable and provides ample shade apart from being water and UV-resistant.

What We Liked

  • Modern design with plain and contemporary colors, black and brown
  • Adequate backrest
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Sturdy and stable triangular frame
  • Adjustable sunshade

What We Didn’t Like

  • Canopy is not fade-resistant and might start losing color in prolonged sunlight

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5. Esright 2-Seats Outdoor Glider

Esright 2-Seats Outdoor Glider
Check Latest Price on Amazon

Moving on to designs that feature a rocking bench as opposed to a swing, this product from Esright is a glider you’ll love to have if space is a constraint on your deck. The compact structure of the seat makes maneuvering it effortless and it also won’t take up a lot of room on your deck. Having said that, it does not compromise with the seating and allows two people to be comfortably seated.

More on the topic of comfort, the fabric of the chairs is smooth, light, and breathable. As such, it allows you to stay cool in your seat even when it is uncomfortably warm outside. Additionally, owing to the mesh-design, the chair dries quickly as well.

The glider has a sturdy build, with a steel frame especially coated to provide weather resistance. Even the seats with their light fabrics do not get worn on normal day-to-day usage. They have curved back support to provide extra comfort and relaxation.

What We Liked

  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Supports up to pounds
  • Breathable mesh fabric seats
  • Water-resistant, UV-resistant, and rust-resistant
  • Smooth gliding mechanism

What We Didn’t Like

  • Prone to squeaking while it glides

6. Outsunny 2-Person Sling Outdoor Glider

Outsunny 2-Person Sling Outdoor Glider
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Outsunny’s Sling Rocker is the best outdoor glider for those looking to have independently swinging chairs for their backyard or patio. The two seats glide separately from each other and can support up to pounds, making them ideal for seating two adults.

Attached in between the two chairs is a glass tabletop resting on steel legs. This acts as a simple, accessible, and practical coffee table. It can carry a weight of around 33 pounds, so you can keep your mugs, bottles, bowls, or even your books on top of it. And it is as stable as it is sturdy. Your chairs will swing, but the table will stay rock-solid in the middle, another advantage of the independent locking mechanism.

Coming to the seating itself, the mesh that makes them is comfortable to sit on, so you won’t require cushions. Because of this, you will find the glider easy-to-maintain. Plus, since cushions might get soaked and damaged with water, their exclusion in outdoor furniture is convenient for those who stay in areas that see a lot of rainy days.

In addition to this, the material used in the construction of the mesh is Textilene, which is highly durable and weather-proof. It is UV-resistant and as such is excellent for outdoor use. 

The protective pads on the feet of the glider serve to protect not only the ends of its legs from getting worn out but also prevent scratches on the deck. A similar function is derived from the protective end covers of the steel arms.

What We Liked

  • Two independently sliding chairs on one glider
  • Low maintenance seating
  • Durable and weather-resistant construction
  • Quick-to-assemble
  • Convenient central table

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some customers report that the chairs tend to squeak a little while gliding

7. Incbruce Outdoor Swing Glider

Incbruce Outdoor Swing Glider
Check Latest Price on Amazon

If comfort is what you are looking for, this is the best outdoor glider for you. With its ultra-plush seat, great quality and breathable fabric, and smooth gliding mechanism, it is sure to give your outdoor seating experience an appealing boost.

The cushions are filled with environment-friendly PP cotton and covered with Olefin fabric that is better than fiber or polyester in terms of colorfastness. So even if you leave your chair outdoors for many days under the sun, the colors will not fade. Also, the wrought-iron frame will not rust and helps prolong the life of the glider.

Artistically crafted, the Incbruce outdoor glider features a unique gourd-shaped steel connector between the armrests and the gliding rails. What’s more, you have three color options to choose from, bright red, peacock blue, and beige. All of them look stunning, the peacock blue being the most sought after.

What We Liked

  • Choice between three elegant colors
  • Plush cushions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fade-resistant fabric
  • Sturdy wrought-iron frame

What We Didn’t Like

  • Gliding motion could have been longer

8. Tangkula 3-Seater Canopy Outdoor Patio Swing

Check Latest Price on Amazon

The Tangkula Patio Swing is fit to accommodate three individuals with the utmost comfort and that too in a simplistic fashion. Its sufficiently wide seats come in handy if you want to add cushions of your choice to the back. The canopy can be adjusted from zero to forty-five degrees with a simple tilting mechanism. And you can also remove it without breaking a sweat when you need to.

To prevent skidding on rainy days or on smooth decks, there are plastic pads on the glider’s feet. As a plus, they also save your patio floor from getting scratched and damaged when you move the chair around. Additional stability is achieved through an A-shaped frame with a wide base.

Polyester and oxford cloth of the seats and canopy is waterproof and also provides adequate UV protection. Summing up, this is one of the best outdoor glider seats you can buy, with all the necessary features at an attractive price.

What We Liked

  • Sufficient weight capacity ( pounds)
  • Durable steel frame
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant canopy on top
  • Spacious and wide seats
  • Anti-skid feet

9. Best Choice Products 2-Person Outdoor Glider

Best Choice Products 2-Person Outdoor Glider
Check Latest Price on Amazon

Another offering by Best Choice Products, this glider is designed for lounging outdoors. With a raised glass table at the center, it is suitable for keeping books, food bowls, and bottles while you relax on your patio.

Designed with ergonomic armrests and a high backrest, the glider is extremely cozy to sit in. There is a foot rail to support your feet when you are not rocking the chair back and forth. 

The steel frame is powder-coated for a durable and weather-resistant finish. Apart from this, the center table is built of tempered glass, to make it resistant to scratching and cracking. And the mesh fabric allows hassle-free cleaning and quick drying.

What We Liked

  • Convenient tempered glass center table
  • High back support
  • Smooth and stable gliding
  • Weather-resistant and durable construction

What We Didn’t Like

  • Table glides along with the chairs so you can’t place beverages on top while it moves


Choosing the best outdoor glider is difficult with the multiple options flooding the market. Yet, if you select one with a strong and durable frame, comfortable and spacious seating, weather-resistant materials, and adequate capacity, you can’t go wrong with your choice.

Our guide with the 9 best outdoor glider reviews features a detailed analysis of the top quality products that you can buy. Select the one you like the best and have the ultimate relaxing experience while you sit in your backyard or patio.

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Porch swings add instant appeal to any home. But more importantly, they upgrade your life, especially during the summer months. Whether you use that swing to read a book in or spend time with a loved one, the effect of gently swinging to and fro can be at once joyful and soothing.

Porch swings, in addition to being a lot cozier and more fun than a standard stationary bench, are also an opportunity to express your design mojo and target your household’s specific needs, thanks to the vast range of sizes and looks available.

What to Consider

When shopping for a porch swing, there are several options and styles to consider, including the shaded canopy, a classic chain-hung swing for two, a drop hanger ideal for one and a gliding option.

Porch swings can be a perfect fit for singles or families, but you should consider who will be using it when making your purchase. Some swings only fit one person, while others would be too hard for the youngest or oldest members of the family to get into easily (and once there, swing comfortably and safely).

How We Selected

When selecting the porch swings for this guide, we carefully considered aesthetics and safety. We picked items made with a range of materials, colors and styles, with different accoutrements.

Our final picks have been highly rated by hundreds of happy porch swingers, and all come from reputable brands with solid warranty plans and customer service. All of the products here have an average customer rating of stars or above, and many have ratings of stars and up.

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Best Classic Swinger

Vineyard Porch Swing



This porch swing is a precise evocation of the universal porch swing ideal. It looks like a stationary bench, but is hung from chains; simple, streamlined, unfussy. 

The swing is made from Polywood lumber, an environmentally friendly blend of plastics sourced from recycled milk jugs and detergent bottles. It looks like wood, but doesn’t have any of the cracking, peeling or rotting issues that wood can have; best of all, it is made in America and comes in a range of colors, from black to green to sand. This swing seats three, making it a great option for families. While the bench is contoured for comfort, there are no cushions included.


Best Glider

Patio Glider for Two



This is the porch swing for home-owners who don’t want to—or can’t, for logistical reasons—physically hang a bench from their porch.  The outdoor glider bench is made from solid wood designed to withstand the elements. 

The chair for two offers wide armrests, slatted high-back design and a slatted deep curved seat, with gliding construction that allows you to relax and smoothly rock back and forth. While the gliding bench could go anywhere, from the patio, to a deck to a nook in the backyard, its size— inches wide, inches tall, inches deep—makes moving it around impractical.


Stylish Canopy Swing

Two-Seater Canopy Porch Swing



This canopy swing provides big style, and like the glider above, doesn’t call for installation. The swing looks like it was beamed in from the beach circa , with a large green awning over its steel frame, and a cheerful green-and-white striped chair. The polyester-oxford cloth is waterproofed and sun-resistant, and the powder-coated paint finish is rust-resistant. The angle of the canopy can be adjusted to adapt to the sun’s slanting rays. 

The seat fits two and includes soft cushions, making it great for big families who spend a lot of time relaxing outside. This canopy would be at home on a porch, a patio, or stationed near a pool or barbecue.


Solo Swinger

Tear Drop Swing Chair



This solo swinger is charming and unique, and will add a sense of whimsy to any porch or backyard. Built from thick brown meshed wicker, the rounded hammock-chair resembles a cocoon, with thick and plush cushions for a deliciously cozy feel. The swinging chair descends from a built-in stand. 

At just 55 pounds, it’s light enough to move around, though the unwieldy shape will call for more than mover. Because this chair just seats one, and it might be harder for younger customers to get into easily, it isn’t a good bet for young families.


Most Luxurious

Conyers Hanging Daybed Rope Porch Swing
Millwood Pineswayfair.com



This porch swing is for serious relaxation enthusiasts. By far the most expensive option on the list, it also the most luxurious and comfortable. Available in a range of sizes, from twin the king, this swinging day bed hung from ropes and made from cedar wood in the U.S.A. received rave reviews for its quality of construction and “amazing” design. 

One issue—in addition to the cost—that may make it impractical for many, is its sheer size. At its grandest proportions, it weighs pounds and takes up inches in width and inches in depth.


Family-Friendly Wicker

Topsham Hanging Wicker Porch Swing
Ebern Designswayfair.com



If you gravitate toward wicker for porch furniture, this one is for you. This hanging wicker porch swing bench is dark brown, seats two, and has a wonderfully cushiony padded ivory seat. The seats are also curve for extra comfort, and the sitting angle of the back bench makes it an ideal resting place for hours of quiet swinging. 

The PE Rattan construction makes it weather-resistant and safe to keep outside year-round in most climates. Also, because of its solid but light galvanized-steel construction, this swing is durable and can withstand the most exuberant young swingers in your crew.


Best Budget Buy

Cushioned Outdoor Porch Swing



This wooden outdoor porch swing comes with large navy-blue cushions that feel like firm pillows; an ideal set-up for swinging the day away. The material is UV protected and water-resistant, making it appropriate for all climates. While it will seat two comfortably, it’s slightly smaller than many two seaters—it’s 48 inches long and 28 inches wide—making it less-than-ideal for stretching out and napping on. This porch swing is perfect for families or singles more intent on comfort and practicality than chasing trends.


Best Small-Space Swing

Langley Street Hanging Porch Swing
Langley Streetwayfair.com



This swing fits one adult with plenty of room, and two kiddos for a cozy fit. This playful grey cotton porch swing has a round circumference and bottom, with grey hanging ropes and a sturdy steel frame. The addition of some pillows or other accessories would make this the go-to comfortable seat on your porch. 

This smaller swing—32 inches wide, 24 inches deep—is great for singles, families with young children and swing enthusiasts with small porches.


Best Swing With Built-In Stand

Isiah Porch Swing with Stand
Arlmont & Co.wayfair.com



This sustainably produced swing is made from solid and manufactured wood, and comes with a built-in frame. Overall, the swing is 77 inches high, 75 inches wide and 55 inches deep. This type of swing is ideal for homes without classic front porches. Because of its size, it takes up serious real estate, so it would work best on a roomy deck or near a pool; reviewers touted its stylish and high-quality construction, and ease of assembly. The curved back makes it comfortable for swinging, but some swingers may miss a cushion.


Best Wooden Swinger

Solid Wood Hanging Porch Swing
Millwood Pineswayfair.com



This budget-friendly swinger is crafted of solid wood, and is suspended from rust-resistant galvanized steel chains. The simple slatted seat comfortably fits two people. The design is Adirondack-chic, with simple lines evoking forest and mountain scenes; it is built to last and will blend in with a variety of porch and deck styles. Reviewers raved about the “fantastic” customer service, “cute” design and “great” quality, but advises that you buy a few throw pillows for maximum comfort.

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Best Glider Swing with Canopy: Comfort and Skin Safety


Best Glider Swing with Canopy

Glider swings, whether used on the porch or as an accompanying piece in your yard or patio, are the perfect way to kick back and enjoy a summer day. The built-in canopies that you will see in the following selection of swings help provide shade and UV protection during the hottest of days and are a huge asset. They vary from the material they are made with, weight capacity, and overall design. We found that the Best Glider Swing with Canopy is the Azalea Ridge 3-person woven swing [Amazon Link] from Better Home and Gardens.

With its all-weather wicker, steel frame, and dark orange/red cushion and canopy, it is perfect in almost any setting and should last quite a long time.

No products found.

For a complete review of the BHG Azalea Ridge swing, please see below.

Runner Up Best Glider Swing with Canopy

The runner-up to Better Home and Garden’s Azalea Ridge is the SunLife Porch Lawn Glider [Amazon Link].

This glider from SunLife has a more subtle, contemporary look to it than Azalea Ridge, while still seating three. It is made of high-quality PE wicker and steel and has a great weight capacity.

It&#;s also a little cheaper, which is always nice!

No products found.

For a full review, please see below.

Budget Pick: Best Patio Swing with Canopy

For a low maintenance, worry-free glider at a great price point, check out Blossomz Outdoor Porch Swing [Amazon Link]. It is just the basics; a wrought iron swing with no cushions or pillows, although it does still have the canopy.

Its simple black color will fit in anywhere, and the benefit is that you can add your own pillows or cushions as you see fit, depending on the time of year and what fits your needs.

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For more information, see below.

Glider Swing with Cover Reviews

In this section, we look at five of our favorite covered glider swings. We compare and contrast the features and benefits of each, and pick our favorites. We&#;ll start with a comparison table to get the lay of the land, and then look at each in depth.

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Blossomz Outdoor Porch Swing Deck Furniture with Adjustable Canopy Awning.

Blossomz Glider Swing with Canopy

The Blossomz Outdoor Porch Swing is a pretty basic wrought iron porch swing, with a look that feels very late s-early s. There is some unnecessarily frilly metal work (see below), but at the price point this is positioned, it really is a great deal for those looking for a covered swing that has good weight capacity and a low price point.

Key Points at a Glance

  • Weight capacity: pounds
  • Wrought iron metal frame
  • Perfect size for two people
  • Canopy can tilt and can be removed


  • Dimensions: &#; x &#; x &#;
  • Seating Area Dimensions: 38 1/2&#; x 17&#;
  • Seat Height: 16&#;
  • Shipping weight: 65 pounds

The Details

Blossomz Frame Detail

This simple wrought iron canopy comes with an adjustable awning. With its sturdy and It definitely won&#;t fit in an ultra-modern decor, but it will likely work in some transitional or traditional patio spaces.

Unlike some of the other glider swings we’ll review, this canopy has the capability to be removed at will.

As a stand-alone wrought iron frame and canopy, the downside is if you are looking for a glider swing with more comfort (like having cushions included), this may not be a good fit.

However, with its low price, it&#;s certainly possible to go out and buy your own cushions to add to it, and its solid black design will ensure any color will fit with it.

The Bottom Line

This is the perfect budget option glider swing. It has an elegant design, is easy to assemble, and has low upkeep.

Unless you add your own accessories and cushions, this is likely better in warmer climates, where the wrought iron won’t feel frigid against the skin after retaining the cold from a cool night. Adding pillows will likely bring this up closer to many of the other swings on our list.

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Best ChoiceProducts Outdoor 2 Person Canopy Swing Glider Hammock Patio Furniture Backyard Porch

Best ChoiceProducts Glider Swing

The Best ChoiceProducts two-person glider swing has very simple, utilitarian lines, and a canopy with a valence that brings to mind early 20th-century Europe. The look is decent, though it is certainly not our favorite.

Key Points at a Glance

  • Weight capacity: pounds
  • Sits two people
  • Adjustable and removable polyester cushions
  • Weather resistant powder coated finish
  • Convertible, adjustable canopy


  • Dimensions: ” L x 41” W x ” H
  •  Seat Dimensions: 47&#; L x 21&#;W x 36&#;H
  • Seat Height: Approx 20&#;
  • Item weight: pounds
  • Shipping weight: pounds

The Details

Best ChoiceProducts Glider Swing Seat Detail

This weather resistant, powder coated canopy swing is made for two, but can possibly hold up to three. Made with an overall beige color for the fabrics, and rustic design for the metal, it should fit decently in most settings.

Compared to the outdoor porch swing by Blossomz that we just reviewed, this is a bit on the larger side and can hold pounds as opposed to pounds.

Due to the nature of the fabric, this may not be the most suitable outdoor glider swing. Some have found that the cushions have a serious knack for retaining water after a storm, and are stubborn about drying up. Occasionally they can take over 24 hours to dry!

This can lead to mold growth.

Compounding the problem further is that the rain easily seeps through the canopy, so there’s no surefire way to keep your cushions dry.

There are two ways to go about fixing this problem: move the canopy to a screened in porch or attempt to waterproof the fabric with a Scotchgard fabric spray [Amazon Link].

Despite being impacted by rain, it does hold some level of UV resistance so it would certainly fair better in dry, hot climates as opposed to areas with more adverse weather.

If you do live in a place with decent year round rain, consider the wrought iron canopy and swing from Blossomz instead. As for the overall canvas, it can vary by item; some buyers have noted a shorter lifespan with it, having it rip early on.

The Bottom Line

This canopy is best when used in an indoor porch or a place with a warm, dry climate. Its beige design and powder coated metal finish look decent, but are not anything out of the ordinary.

While this is certainly a fine budget option for a glider swing, there may be better fits depending on your needs.

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Next, we will review the porch lawn glider from SunLife, introducing the first of the higher end, non-budget options.

SunLife Porch Lawn Glider Swing 3-Seat Hammock Chair with Arc Stand,Steel Frame Garden Canopy Lounger

SunLife Porch Glider with Canopy

The SunLife Porch Lawn Glider Swing is definitely a step up in looks and quality from the previous selections. It features a fairly attractive, contemporary design and PE wicker material choice, which feels much more current than the metal covered gliders we have looked at thus far.

Key Points at a Glance

  • Weight capacity: pounds
  • 3 person capacity; 3 separate cushions
  • Powder coated steel tube
  • PE Wicker Design


  • Seat Dimensions: &#; x &#; x &#;
  • Item weight: pounds

The Details

SunLife Glider Swing with Cover, Side View

With a capacity built for 3 people and over a pound capacity, this is a larger option glider. It comes with a powder coated finish on its steel tubes, which are wrapped in PE Wicker in some areas.

Compared to the previous two gliders we’ve reviewed, this definitely has a noticeable difference in overall quality. Reddish cushions and canopy sit on its dark grey steel frame and navy swing.

Its canopy is heavier overall and should be suitable in any environment, including areas with rain. The swing is connected to the frame via heavy springs, allowing for a smooth rocking motion.

Compared to the budget options we’ve reviewed thus far, this swing is considerably more difficult to assemble. Whereas most can be completed in roughly an hour, this may take longer, and more than 1 person is recommended.

As with the others, maintenance can be achieved with light soap and water, taking it inside during periods of non-use like the winter, and making sure it dries out after rainstorms.

The Bottom Line

The first of the higher end options we reviewed, this has considerable upgrades with an overall smoother design, easier uptake for a cushion based swing, and is a larger model overall.

The ability to sit 3 means overall more space, but keep that in mind when deciding where to to place it.

Its craftsmanship and design are the biggest reasons to choose this glider swing over the others. With its woven fabric, the capability to seat 3, and hints of red, it is our runner-up choice for the best glider swing with canopy.

No products found.

Better Homes and Gardens Azalea Ridge 3-Person Woven Swing with Canopy made with Super Sturdy Steel Frame

Better Homes and Gardens Azalea Ridge, the Best Glider Swing with Canopy

The Better Homes and Gardens Azalea Ridge glider swing is our favorite option on our list. It has a great look, high-quality material choice, elegant cushions, and the BHG name is always a plus!

This swing can seat three people and has a very high-end feel.

Key Points at a Glance

  • Weight capacity: pounds
  • 3 person capacity; 3 separate cushions
  • All-weather wicker cushions
  • Polyolefin cushion fabric; fill is polyester polyurethane
  • Treated for additional UV protection


  • Dimensions: &#; x &#; x &#;
  • Seat depth: &#;
  • Seat height: &#;
  • Seat width: &#; (to the inside of armrests)

The Details

BHG Azalea Ridge Wicker Frame Detail

The Azalea Ridge by BHG is a substantial glider swing with a stylish canopy and bold color selection. It has a maximum capacity of pounds, compared to the pounds from SunLife above. It is a mix of steel frame and all-weather wicker.

Also distinct from Sunlife is a relatively much easier assembly time, clocking in at as little as 30 minutes to get it up and ready to go.

Whereas Sunlife has much subtler colors, the dark orange and red cushions may be a bit more noticeable.

The Azalea Ridge canopy swing from Better Home and Gardens has a few advantages over some of the budget options we first reviewed. Notably, it is listed as water, stain, and mildew resistant, which can help with overall maintenance and cleaning.

Speaking of which, Better Home and Gardens does provide cleaning tips for the cushions, ensuring this glider swing lasts a while. They suggest a solution of 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap with 1 gallon of water, rising well and letting air dry. This should be safe advice to follow for all of the glider canopies.

The Bottom Line

The wicker seen with both this glider as well as SunLife’s is one of the major factors giving it an advantage over budget and mid tier options.

All-weather wicker provides great durability and a long lifespan.

Combined with the fact that it is treated for UV protection, this should likely have the greatest durability out of the reviewed gliders.

It is one of the more expensive choices on our list, but it is the best covered patio swing around!

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Outsunny Covered Outdoor Porch Swing/Bed with Frame, Sand

Outsunny Covered Porch Glider Swing

The Outsunny Outdoor Porch Swing has a design that is very much reminiscent of the Best ChoiceProducts listing above, but lager and nicer with a few extra features that are significant advantages.

It can convert into a lay down bed, which is really cool, and it has two cup holder trays that make life a little more comfortable on the swing!

Key Points at a Glance

  • Weight capacity: pounds
  • Steel frame
  • Built-in cupholders
  • 2 pillows included
  • Adjustable seat with the ability to convert to a lay down bed


  • Frame: 75&#; x 44&#; x 65&#;
  • Cover: 77&#; w x 46&#; d
  • Seat (regular position): 62&#; x 19&#; x 19&#;
  • Seat (bed position): 62&#; w x 38&#; d
  • Pillows: 14&#; x 14&#;

The Details

The last two gliders we reviewed were on the higher end with wicker, wrought iron, and steel. This is a mid-range option that reverts back to simple fabric with a steel frame.

This swing can best be described as the 3-person version of BestChoice’s glider, boasting a similar beige color and canopy. It comes standard with a few extra features for an overall quality of life boost compared to the budget options, such as cupholders and a lay down bed, which you can adjust it to.

Unfortunately, there are a few noted problems with its overall design and functionality. The pillows may not extend to the very edge of the swing, making for an awkward fit if you are using most of the space. Also, the material for the fabric and pillows may not be the best fit for an outside set.

With that said, if you are looking for a budget version that fits three, this may be a good choice and the fact that it converts to a bed is pretty cool.

The Bottom Line

Outsunny Covered Porch Glider Swing

It&#;s not as expensive as the other 3 seat canopy gliders on our list today, but the Outsunny Glider lacks wicker and the overall high quality feel as well.

It&#;s definitely worth checking out, especially if you think you may enjoy the built in bed that comes with it.

Coupled with a very average aesthetic and no defining features as far as its looks go, there may be better options.

It is not currently available on Amazon Primedo but is offered with free shipping.

Glider Swing with Canopy Buyers Guide

When it comes to glider swings, there are a few important aspects to consider before making your purchase.

Size and Functionality

For functionality, you first must consider if you need a glider that sits 2 or 3, as well as how much weight capacity would be right. For example, are there kids that might jump up and join you when you sit on it? If so, that should be a factor when looking at weight capacity.


Consider the material and how it will hold up to heavy rain, wind, sun, etc. Depending on your particular outdoor environment, you may want a glider with cushions, or without. If you get one with cushions, you may want to store them in a deck box, storage bench, outdoor shed, etc. when not in use to keep the cushions looking as nice as possible.


Always consider how much you want to deal with cleaning, painting, etc. If you don&#;t want to do any painting in the future, the PE wicker selections may be particularly appealing to you.


For durability, consider what it is made out of, for overall durability and minor problems; powder coating may have peel and rust while wicker will last much longer.


None of the glider swings with canopies on our list today have super modern designs, and some will go better in certain environments than others. Consider how the swing will fit with your overall aesthetic and go from there.


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Nothing elevates a space quite like sharing it with your closest loved ones. Swings and gliders add a new dimension to traditional outdoor seating, providing a soothing and fun motion that will make children laugh and pets snore with equal enjoyment. Benches are versatile seating options that provide a great deal of room for multiple people at a low cost.

Navigating through the many options in order to decide on the right swing, bench, or glider for your space can prove frustrating. Take the headache out of your shopping experience by following the Trex® Outdoor Furniture&#x; guide to buying an outdoor seating option the whole family will love.

Step 1: Why Would You Want a Bench vs. a Swing or Glider?

Benches, swings, and gliders can fit two to four people depending on the size. While most gliders and swings are designed for two adults, a park or garden bench on your property can measure up to 72” if you purchase from Trex® Outdoor Furniture&#x;. Choosing between the three types of outdoor seating boils down to desired use and location. Here are the main advantages of each type of seating:


Standard benches are versatile outdoor seating options that can provide a resting place in a garden, accessorize your patio seating, or provide the perfect lookout on your balcony. Benches are more affordable than swings and gliders due to their simple construction and offer a wider range of options for length.


A swing must be affixed to a ceiling or beam for solid support. Because of this restriction swings are often installed on front porches or underneath structures in backyards. Kids and pets love the swinging motion that a swing provides, so if you regularly watch the grandkids or prefer a gentle motion as you relax swings are a great choice.


Most gliders can comfortably seat two people. They enable you to enjoy the gentle rocking motion of a swing but can be installed free-standing anywhere outdoors. Because of this capability, they’re a bit more expensive than a swing. Gliders also require extra room in front and behind to accommodate movement.

Step 2: Determine What Will Fit in Your Space

Benches, swings, and gliders all differ in the amount of space they require. Benches are shallow and long, needing the least amount of total space in order to fit in a patio, deck, or under a poolside cabana. A swing necessitates a good deal of space to account for the swinging motion, and a glider needs space to glide as well.

As a basic principle, consider swings and gliders as a standalone seating unit, with a possible side table for function. The additional space needed for these options means you’ll be investing in an experience — the single piece of furniture is all you need. However, a bench is great as a piece of a larger seating area, paired with deep seating chairs, Adirondack chairs, or rockers to add variety to a social gathering spot on the patio or around a firepit.

About how much space will you need to fit a bench? Not too much — even our Yacht Club 60” Bench only measures about 60” by 24”. Account for an additional three feet in front of your bench for access and you’ll be good to go. With a glider, you want to add four total feet (two feet in front and two behind) of access space to accommodate the range of motion.

With a swing you need a minimum of five feet in front of your swing and four feet behind the swing. Measure your space and ensure you have plenty of room, and that your new outdoor seating won’t overwhelm or crowd the other elements on your patio or porch.

Step 3: Know the Difference in Materials

Most benches, swings, or gliders become central components of your outdoor design. Because of this it is important to choose a weather-resistant material that is supportive, comfy, and will withstand years of exposure to the elements without breaking down or falling apart. There are many popular types of materials to choose from depending on your budget.

Here are the main points to consider for each of these material types:


Pine and other softwoods are among the most affordable outdoor furniture material options, making them appealing at first glance. However, softwoods do not age well in outdoor environments, and dent, crack, and scratch easily. You will need to restain and revarnish softwoods on a regular basis in order for them to last longer than a year. Serious buyers should avoid softwoods.


Hardwoods like oak are a sturdier option than softwoods and can last for years. Because of this, they are also more expensive. Hardwoods are fairly resilient and durable but must be treated and protected if kept outside. Owners of hardwood furniture should restain and revarnish hardwoods on a semi-regular basis.



Aluminum is rising in popularity as a material choice for outdoor furniture because it is durable yet lightweight, so you can move the furniture around easily. Aluminum is easy to maintain and is resistant to many aging and damaging effects of weather exposure. But, aluminum is vulnerable to wind gusts due to its lightweight quality.

HDPE Lumber

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber is an extremely durable plastic used to build furniture that will last season after season. HDPE lumber can be left outside year-round without cracking, splitting, rotting, peeling, or fading. Maintenance is minimal and the material is available in a wide variety of attractive colors. These benefits are reflected in the higher price of HDPE lumber.

At Trex® Outdoor Furniture&#x;, we build all of our gliders, benches, and swings using genuine POLYWOOD® HDPE lumber to create luxury furniture that’s both durable and practical. Best of all, our furniture is backed by a year residential warranty.

Step 4: Choose the Right Style for Your Home

We stock several sizes and styles of outdoor seating based on your needs. Choose between any of the options below, and browse our full selection of benches, swings, and gliders to find what you’re looking for:

  • Yacht Club 48” Bench  &#; The slatted back and comfortable contours of the coastal-inspired Yacht Club collection makes this 48” bench a terrific choice for cozy nooks or as part of a larger seating set. The clean, straight lines and unique headboard will allow it to fit right in with any patio or deck. Also available in a longer 60” bench style.
  • Yacht Club Swing – Our flagship swing option is inspired by the design elements of the Yacht Club 60” Bench but modified to create an irresistible and sturdy swing set. Drift off after a long day at work with a stylish yet casual swing design that will brighten any porch.
  • Cape Cod 48” Adirondack Glider — This romantic and rustic glider features two arches in the classic Adirondack design, boasting slatted, contoured backs with gentle sloping curves. This version is best for two people, but you can also order Cape Cod Adirondack Glider Chair for solo use or to expand your seating area for more people. The Cape Cod 48” Adirondack Bench utilizes the same design but offers a timeless bench experience at a lower price point.
  • Surf City 68” Bench — Upgrade your dining or socializing area with a fresh, modern look with the minimalist and eye-catching design of the Surf City 68” Bench. The generous length allows plenty of friends and family to sit at your dining table or simply relax and chat away the evening with a drink in hand under a canopy of stars. 

When ordering a bench, glider, or swing from Trex® Outdoor Furniture&#x; you can choose between several rich earth tones or neutral hues to complement the existing furniture and design elements of your home’s exterior.

Step 5: Accessorize as Needed

Depending on who is planning to use your bench, swing, or glider you may want to add a cushion for additional padding. Our contoured seats are comfortable as is, but for daylong relaxation, a cushion can’t be beat. Our all-weather performance fabric cushions are resistant to weather, providing a quick-dry solution that looks terrific and can stand up to rain and wind without degrading. Choose between a variety of vibrant color options to provide an eye-popping accent to your outdoor seating.

Of course, when reading, swinging, chatting, or dozing you’ll inevitably need a place to set your drink or book down. Adding a convenient side table next to your swing, bench, or glider allows you to take full advantage of outdoor relaxation.

Adding a bench, swing, or glider to your outdoor furniture seating will open up new possibilities for you to make new memories or simply snooze the afternoon away wrapped in a blanket of sun. Shop today to find the best swing, glider, or bench for your space.

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Glider swing outdoor

If there’s one thing better than enjoying your outdoor space, it’s enjoying your space with friends and family. From the traditional bench to a swing or glider, the perfect outdoor seating option will make a big difference to how you enjoy your patio, deck, or yard.

When choosing the right seating for two people, you have three main options:

  1. Benches: available in a variety of designs and lengths.
  2. Gliders: move gently backward and forward on a fixed frame.
  3. Swings: typically hang on a porch or freestanding frame and sway gently back and forth.

Step 1 — Decide on Whether You Want a Bench, Swing, or Glider

Your most important choice is going to be the type of seating you want to invest in. Below are a few tips to help you choose the perfect seating for your space.

A few things to consider:

  • Benches are ideal if you need to seat two or more people — most swings and gliders are designed to comfortably seat two, so if you have three or more sitting together, a larger stationary bench is your best option.
  • You can only install a swing if you have an effective ceiling or beam you can hang it from (or a freestanding swing frame).
  • Gliders and swings need a few feet of open space behind and in front to accommodate the backward and forward motion.
  • Due to their simpler construction, benches are lower-priced than equivalent swings or gliders.
  • Although kids may enjoy the novelty of a swing or glider more than a bench, smaller children will require supervision when they&#;re using a swing or glider.
  • Swings and gliders are great places for companion animals to snooze!

Step 2 — Choose the Right Materials for Your Bench, Swing, or Glider

Benches, swings, and gliders are available in a wide variety of materials. Softwoods like pine, hardwoods like oak and teak, aluminum, wicker, HDPE lumber, and more. Your choice of materials will have a big influence on several areas:

  • Durability — how well will your seating last when it&#;s left outside?
  • Maintenance — how easy will your seating be to look after?
  • Appearance — how will your seating look over time?
  • Comfort — how comfortable and luxurious will your seating be?
  • Weight — how easy is it to move the seating around, and how resilient is it to weather?
  • Price — how much value for money will you get from the seating?

Pine and Other Softwoods as Material for Benches, Swings, or Gliders

Although hardwoods are often more popular, some outdoor seating is made of pine or other softwoods. Softwoods are abundant and inexpensive but are not great choices for outdoor seating, as they don’t tend to weather very well.

Softwoods — Points to Consider

  • Softwood isn’t very resilient or durable; it is easily scratched or dented, which can impact the appearance of your seating.
  • Softwood must be varnished and protected if it is going to stay outside — even then, the elements can quickly impact how good the seating looks.
  • Softwood seating will typically need to be restained or revarnished on a semi-regular basis.
  • Softwood is an inexpensive choice when it comes to outdoor furniture.

Oak and Other Hardwoods as Material for Benches, Swings, or Gliders

Hardwoods are a better choice than softwoods for well-crafted, lasting seating, but they are not without issues. Like softwoods, they need to be regularly maintained to look their best.

Hardwoods — Points to Consider

  • Hardwoods are quite resilient and durable, and it is difficult to scratch, dent, or damage them.
  • Hardwood must be varnished and protected if it is going to stay outside.
  • Hardwood seating will typically need to be restained or revarnished on a semi-regular basis.
  • Hardwood seating is more resilient to outdoor elements.
  • Hardwood is a moderately expensive choice as a material for outdoor seating.

Teak as a Material for Benches, Swings, or Gliders

Teak is a popular choice for outdoor furniture and seating. It is better than other woods like pine, oak, bamboo, or wicker.

Teak — Points to Consider

  • Teak is durable and resilient, as it produces its own oil. It’s a hardwood, so isn’t easy to dent or scratch.
  • It’s completely resistant to wind, water, and rust and can stay outside all year-round.
  • It’s only available in one “color,” teak.
  • It is difficult to maintain and needs to be regularly rubbed down and treated to avoid “silver patina.&#;
  • Teak is one of the pricier options when it comes to outside furniture.

Wicker as a Material for Benches, Swings, or Gliders

Wicker is sometimes used as a material in seating. Although wicker can sometimes be a good material for furniture, it doesn’t really have the durability for outside use.

Wicker — Points to Consider

  • Wicker is not very resilient and it can be easily damaged, especially if you use the seating often.
  • When used outside, wicker can lose its appearance quickly, as it is not weather-resistant.
  • Wicker is very light and vulnerable to wind gusts.
  • The way wicker is woven means that dirt can get into the gaps, spoiling the appearance of the seating.
  • Wicker is not easy to maintain.

Aluminum as a Material for Benches, Swings, or Gliders

Although not as popular as the other choices, some outdoor communal seating is available in aluminum. It’s a lightweight, durable metal.

Aluminum — Points to Consider

  • Aluminum is tough, resilient, and easy to maintain.
  • Your seating can be left outside all year round, with no ill effects.
  • It is highly durable and completely resistant to water and rust.
  • Lightweight construction means it can be vulnerable to gusts of wind.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Lumber as a Material for Benches, Swings, or Gliders

HDPE is a synthetic resin for building solid, high-quality, durable outdoor furniture. Its cost is offset by the luxury, comfort, and resilience it provides. It’s a perfect material for stylish outdoor seating.

HDPE Lumber — Points to Consider

  • It is easy to maintain, needing just a soft-bristle brush with a simple solution of water and mild dish soap.
  • Medium weight, HDPE is sturdy and resistant to wind so your seating can stay outside all year-round.
  • HDPE is highly durable and completely resistant to wind, water, and rust.
  • Your seating will be comfortable, stylish, and luxurious with a high-quality, strong, and sturdy construction.
  • HDPE is recyclable and is often made from recycled ocean-bound and landfill-bound plastics.
  • HDPE lumber is available in a wide variety of colors.
  • HDPE lumber is manufactured to last a lifetime and its price reflects that.

Step 3 — Ensure That Your Seating&#;s Hardware is Safe and Durable

When it comes to swings and gliders, you want the hardware used to build the furniture to be safe, resilient, and reliable in all weather conditions. For swings, that means the hardware used to attach the swing to a ceiling or beam, for gliders, that means the hardware the gliding mechanism runs on.

In all cases, we recommend marine-grade hardware. This is similar to the metal used in boats and ships — it’s weather- and rust-resistant and is the material you want to keep your swings and gliders safe to use.

You will also want to carry out a little maintenance on your swing or glider from time to time. Swings should be checked to ensure that all the nuts and bolts are still tight, and gliders will benefit from ensuring the mechanism continues to work well.

Step 4 — Work Out How Much Room You Have

Take a look at the variety of seating available. When you know the style and type of seating you want, make a careful note of the dimensions — you want to ensure your bench, swing, or glider will easily fit into your outdoor space.

  • Carefully measure your outdoor space and use tape or some other way to mark the size of the seating before you buy it.
  • You will want some space between seating and around the outside of each furniture piece to allow people to move around easily.
  • If you’re not keeping your bench or glider outside all year-round you’ll need to consider how much space you&#;ll need to store it.
  • Choose colors and styles that will complement your outdoor space as a whole.

Step 5 — Choose the Right Style of Bench, Swing, or Glider

Seating is available in a wide variety of colors and styles, and you will want to choose the perfect piece to complement your deck, patio, or yard. From more formal seating to fun and laid-back options, you&#;ll find the right piece for your own sense of style.

Below is a breakdown of POLYWOOD&#;s Bench, Swing, and Glider options:

Step 6 — Choose the Right Color for your Bench, Swing, or Glider

If you’re buying pine, oak, teak, or wicker seating, you will be limited in your choice of colors and finishes. If you’re going for HDPE lumber, you will have plenty of colors to choose from. Most of our seating is available in a wide variety of traditional lumber colors. 

Step 7 — Accessorize Your Bench, Swing, or Glider

Once you&#;ve chosen the perfect seating for your outdoor space you can accessorize with colorful cushions and/or pillows — ours are made with durable all-weather performance fabric.

All-weather performance fabric is weather-, moisture-, and fade-resistant, so they&#;ll continue looking great from season to season and they&#;ll dry out fast after a passing rainstorm. Add in a huge variety of colorways and patterns, and you’re sure to find the perfect seatingcushion or pillow.

Another must-have accessory is a coordinating side table — create the perfect spot to hold snacks, drinks, or rest a great book.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the perfect seating, there’s plenty to consider. We hope this buyer’s guide has given you all the information you need to make an informed choice. If you’ve still got questions, we have answers; feel free to call us at () or email us at [email protected] and one of our experts will be delighted to help you out!

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Wooden Glider Swing with Stand

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