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EUREKA ERGONOMIC L Shaped Gaming Desk, 60 Inch Corner Gaming Desk, Large Computer Desk, PC Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad and Cable Management for Gift,Space Saving, Easy to Assemble,Black

This is an updated, review. I initially left 3 stars and a review of the desk, as the desktop had a couple of chips. Expecting to live with it, I simply posted the review that I was upset my desk came chipped but otherwise we'll made.Eureka reached out to me, I did not create a return or open communication with them, they did with me, and offered to replace the desk. I gladly accepted the replacement. So kudos to them for standing behind their product and putting forth the effort to make things right in my eyes.Now that that's over with. The dry carbon on this desk is visually very appealing, however is a fingerprint magnet. They do include a very nice large mousepad that feels like a speed pad, more than a control pad. I however am not using it as I prefer control pass that feel like moving through mud(think zowie gsr/Asus sheath)The desk is very sturdy and easily leveled.The tray for the power strip is a little small, and you will have a hard time finding a power strip that fits into it with enough plugs, so I utilized it as a tray to hold cable excess. And then purchased a power strip(seen in photos) and mounted it to the underside of the desk using the extra 4 screws that came with the desk(it's almost like they provided these screws to mount a power strip)Tldr, this is a really great desk, with good cable management built in, and easily customized to fit you and your devices, and customer service was top notch doing all the leg work. Well worth the $ Read more


Eureka Gaming Desk

Perfectly Meeting Your Need To Work Or Game

This revolutionary design offers an unique experience unlike any other, changing the mood of your entire setup all at the touch of your fingertip.

The desks intelligent operating system is controlled by a user-friendly application that is supported by both Android and IOS systems.

With ultra durable stitched edges and premium rubber zero-slip base, this mouse pad creates a top notched user experience.

Eureka gaming desks incorporate premium rubber locking collars and adjustable desk feet, stabilizing your gaming station on any surface.

The desk's support structure comes with a combination of robust load-bearing and structural engineering design, without compromising on aesthetics.

The unique I shaped CRS support frame is covered by metallic coating to create a delicate texture finishing


  • Comes equppped with over lighting effects
  • Smart algorithms allows its RGB lighting to react with your music
  • Comes with a tailored mouse pad
  • Adjustable desk feet for stabilizing your gaming station on any surface
  • Supports both Android and IOS operating systems


  • Overall DImensions: Length cm
  • Depth 60cm
  • Height 76cm
  • Weight Capacity: 80kgs

This product is not on display or sold in stores. This product is only available for delivery.

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RGB Gaming Desk -Eureka Ergonomic No Commentary Unboxing and Assembly

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